A Clean Slate

Psssst. Hey, kid. Over here.

I have to admit, I’ve been conducting a blogging experiment, and it’s been shockingly spry considering my blogging track-record of the past couple years. It’s true that the only apparent difference between what’s been happening there and this blog in its more active moments is that the layout over there is bare-bones and those 9+ years of archives are non-existent. Also, nobody’s had the chance to follow what I write yet (which…maybe that’s silly, because I know the point of blogging is so that people can READ what you write on the internet, but honestly, maybe I just wanted a chance to write, and simply that). I really hesitate to use the words “blog baggage” but…let’s face it. I was a really different person when I started writing in this blog under this title. For christ sake, I was sixteen. I have changed dramatically in those nine years (okay, almost 9.5 years). So has the internet. So has the world. That weighs some weird weight on my conscience. Perhaps a clean slate was the thing I needed, even though I realize just how stupidly psychological that is. The human brain is a silly thing, I’ll remind you.

More than anything, though, I need to write. Somewhere. It’s this incessant need of mine, and it’s been neglected so much in the last few years.

So follow my internet adventures. Or don’t. I’m opening the link up because I decided that this time around, I really don’t care if people read, or who reads, and I don’t intend to keep track. I’m more thrilled and satisfied by the act of writing. The nice thing about the rise of Twitter and Facebook is that people don’t blog as much, nor do they read blogs as much. I have a much-diminished readership on sheer principal of the fact that nobody cares, woo! Certainly, switching URLs twice in the last couple years has also helped.

And! I am leaving melody of certain three here. Forever. So that random people can play in my archives.

Also, in the news: What the eff.