I Knew This Would Happen

That the very next day, my fingers would start to twitch. And certain neurons in my brain would fire. And lo, I WOULD WANT TO BLOG.

But it’s like I had to believe it was gone, like really gone, before I could want more. Or some nonsense.

I didn’t really come back to say much. Just to share a few photos from my recent crazy-ass roadtrip to Colorado. Also, to kind of be all publicly slack-jawed at the Nikon D7000’s autofocusing abilities. Behold, this!

Colorado: South on US-287

And maybe this:

Colorado: RMNP

But especially this:

Colorado: In Motion, Somewhere Above Boulder

In fact, look at this again. Bigger. On black.

I can’t totally give the camera all the credit. I was behind the camera, after all, so that’s something. Whatever. I just know that of all the photos I’ve taken on my D7000, the third is one of my favorites so far.

So there you have it.

I’ll be back. Maybe. Maaaybe. If the internet is nice to me.