Not Feeling It

So there’s this thing where…I just don’t feel like blogging anymore.

I mean, maybe my 15 total entries over the course of four months, half of which started off with something along the lines of “look at me, I’m blogging!” or “I’m not dead, I swear!” tipped you off.

There are a few reasons, I think. There’s me. I feel like my life got suddenly kind of weird, and that unlike every other point in my life from the age of 16 when something got weird, I just didn’t WANT to share it ¬†on my blog or let people in to see what was going on. There’s also the internet. Which is just so…annoying. I am just so perpetually annoyed at the internet. Just as I’ve become ambivalent about blogging, I’ve become ambivalent about all forms of social networking and in general the instant gratification and increasingly un-private made-up universe that is the internet. And if I wasn’t feeling it before embarking on a mostly-internet-free two-week-long roadtrip that was very much needed, I sure was feeling it after.

Also, I get so frustrated when I think about how much I abuse the comma. Commas are far too frequently abused. I don’t want to further add to that!

I will keep my blog here, for the entertainment (a term I use loosely in reference to the 8+ years of brain-garbage that have accumulated here) of others and maybe in case I shake this blog-ambivalence, or in case I just want to post some things about music. Or maybe I’ll come back in November for National Blog Posting Month, just to test the waters and see if my push-button publishing-ways are really dead.