Hi blog. How are you? I’m doing alright. But you look…different.

I’ve been having a tough time sitting back while yet another old obsession comes back to hit me in the face and then run rampant circles around me. This happens every so often. I shouldn’t be surprised.

Because this wouldn’t have happened if Buffalo Daughter hadn’t released an album recently, titled Weapons of Math Destruction (which in itself is AWESOME), and if it hadn’t been ridiculously good and demented. I’ve been particularly obsessing over this track:

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This song is either about alien life or the singularity. So good.

Buffalo Daughter does that juxtaposition between electronics and typical band instrumentation so well. I LOVE the Moog-y bass line. And that flirtation between the guitar and Moog in the very opening in which you sort of can’t tell if it’s the Moog or a guitar. And it’s all just so delightfully dissonant. HOW COULD A PERSON RESIST?

Ugh. And I know this is where I get particularly…delightfully obsessive, but I spend way too much time thinking about the music I like and why I like it, and that can be difficult! After all, if you like something, shouldn’t that be enough? Shouldn’t one be able to just enjoy something one likes without all the stupid intellectualization of that thing you like?! Not me, apparently. I blame every music theory course I’ve ever taken.

I’m trying to refrain from turning this into a post about why I love Buffalo Daughter including about six audio examples of exactly why I love them. It is proving to be difficult. I am getting all fidgety. Hurrrrr.

At the same time, though, I want to blog more. I also want to share more music, and in general talk more about music, to get it out of my system, yes, but also to encourage people’s ears. I know my ear enjoys some weird aural shit, but somebody out there is probably looking for some weird aural shit and I’d just love to be the person to help them find it.

P.S. The new WordPress full-screen entry-entering function is FANCY.