Oh, But I’m Not Done Yet!

Ways in which I am ridiculous:

Measuring parts and placements of things having to do with my cello. Yes. I am doing that. Just to have an idea!!

I love my cello. It and I get along swimmingly. And since it had that cosmic love-at-first-sight encounter with this Swiss bow back in March, we three have gotten on very very well, indeed. And then one day my cello had some intensive finger-board planing work done and lo, when it came back, things were not right. The sound was tight. The sound had some weird difficult-to-describe, gravelly surface noise…stuff. I went crazy! I whined to my mother! I whined to anyone who would listen! I moved the bridge, and while variables in the sound changed, the problem remained. WOE WAS ME.

During this workshop I learned exactly what I wanted to learn: where the bridge and soundpost need to be in relation to one another and how to get them there (it’s not so hard unless your soundpost is smaller than your f-hole, at which point you swear a lot and realize that wow, it’s easy to hear something like “put your soundpost in the f-hole” and go HURR HURR), and that’s not to say that every instrument should follow these exact measurements, as there are variables, and stuff. But through the measuring of things on my cello I’m pretty sure I know that this tight sound is soundpost-related, and I’m pretty sure I know how the soundpost should be adjusted. I am going to let my trusty luthier do this adjustment because I can’t risk causing something really bad to happen like, say, my entire cello collapse in on itself. But this knowledge of where things should be for optimal sound is empowering. My plan is to have the instrument adjusted and then yet again measure the soundpost position after the adjustment is finished to my liking, so that I can not only have my suspicions confirmed but then also know what the optimal placement for my soundpost is.