What The Hell Is Going On?!

I am looking at grinders on Woodcraft.com and BY JOVE I MIGHT BUY THIS ONE, that is what is going on.

That string instrument repair workshop kicked ass, by the way. Things I was reminded of immediately: I am not a master. I have not put in my 10,000 hours. In fact, I mostly feel like a bumbling idiot who can’t even manage to sharpen blades without also grinding my own knuckles on the slow-moving wet grinder. But by god, I have some kind of know-how I didn’t before, even if I’m going to have to practice the hell out of these skills if I want to use any of them practically and not just mess around on some junk-instruments. I know how to glue an open seam closed again. I know how to sharpen and fit pegs. I know how to set a sound-post and find the technically “correct” spot for it. I know how to plane a fingerboard. I know how to carve a freaking bridge to the right size (okay, actually, I think that by the time we got to that point my brain had reached maximum saturation, so I’m not sure I actually do know how to do that). And maybe one day, with lots and lots of patience and practice and obsessiveness, I will not just have the know-how but the ability to physically accomplish these things!

Honestly, it was a lot of trial and error and that humbling experience of being completely new to a set of very precise skills, which I think is actually a good thing to experience at times.

But more than anything? All I want to do right now is sharpen knives. I would be a little freaked out, but then I remember that I am the daughter of musicians who depend on knives and probably have some weird deep-seated obsession with them, whether it’s a good obsession or a bad obsession, so. You know.

And now I know where the effing bridge is supposed to be positioned on the front of any string instrument from the violin family!! SUCCESS!!

Also? I want to write an open letter to the city of Madison. I’m going to do that right now.

Dear city of Madison,

Thank you. For being excellent, and for showing me a good time, and for helping me to feel peace after a year of uneasy memories of you filled with anxiety and panic attacks and bro apartments and giant aquatic rats. Thank you for your hospitality and food and good people (um, and also, thank you for vastly kick-ass concerts on the Capitol Square in which the entire square is simply packed with human beings who are there to enjoy themselves and partake of LIVE SYMPHONIC MUSIC. HELL YES).