WordPress Draft Onslaught

According to the all-knowing WordPress Dashboard, there are 489 unpublished drafts (i.e., entries that were started and then never published) in my blog’s name. This is insane.

I’m sure a number of those are blank entries, or duplicates (WordPress has a tendency to do that sometimes). But I know that the majority of those were things I actually wrote and abandoned, something that has been happening with alarming frequency in the past probably three years.

I would like to make it my summer project to go through the drafts, delete the blanks and duplicates, and maybe share with you some stuff I never published. It is, after all, occasionally completely delightful to re-read old and forgotten things.

And, let me just point out, this is why blogging is stupid and writing by hand is maybe good if only for the fact that you can’t just UNWRITE four hundred entries that you might have started to write in a real journal. Not that I’ve been keeping much of an actual journal lately, either. What is happening to the world? I used to write obsessively all the time. Man.