One And Five

There are things. They are happening. All over the place, the things are happening.

1) The most ridiculous thing just occurred on my Facebook wall.

What. I thought you weren’t logging onto Facebook, you twit.

Oh. Except for sometimes, where I do and…shut up!

2) It’s been over two years since I last watched a complete episode of MST3k. This is wrong, and bad. [additional note: actually…it’s occurred to me that I have watched exactly two episodes of MST3k in the last 2 + years, so I guess I lied. Except that’s still really sad. Man, you’d think that grad school would have been a time where I’d NEED more insane hilarity, but apparently I shunned happy things entirely for that period. There you go.]

3) My cello continues to have some kind of existential sound crisis.

4) I continue to be frustrated by the fact that I have no idea how to adjust or change or do anything about my own instrument and its existential sound crisis.

5) I can’t wait for July.

6) I need to update this thing more often. I’m not berating myself for lack of quality entries, as I have done constantly and annoyingly in the past. I AM JUST STATING A FACT. Jeeze. You people are so serious.