Touch The Pedal, Sing Along

Occasionally if I set my iTunes library loose on random play, I will discover a new love for one or two or sometimes seven songs that I was previously less than familiar with or maybe just hadn’t given a fair chance. That said…


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Yeah, my obsessions run around me in devilish circles. It’s been established again and again. And again.

I will probably never not love something containing ridiculous, unpredictable and meandering harmonic chord progressions. I mean. Seriously. Did you know that I have an iTunes playlist filled entirely with music that fits that very description? Because I do! I MUST BE STOPPED.

Also, while I’m on the subject of iTunes, I have to express how annoyed I am that they changed the “show in finder” hot key combination from command + R to shift + command + R. I am never going to remember that on the first try and am instead going to press hit command + R and swear under my breath. EVERY TIME.