Sci-Fi Judgment

*written 6/29/2010*

Okay, I am not one to openly judge other people’s sci-fi reading material preference (what with me being little miss Deathstalker and all that), but —

jjacques: you like robert jordan and not terry pratchett
jjacques: that’s like hating tacos but loving urine-soaked napkins

— this made me happy. Thank you, Jeph Jacques.

Relics. Things.

I’ll have you know that I’m down to 400 drafts according to the all-knowing WordPress Dashboard.

I’m finding some pretty hilarious forgotten entries. Truly, if I had actually published all of these little saved drafts in the past year, it would have been like I was actually blogging on a regular basis. Just like the good old days.

I will post some of these relics, and their original dates of being written, and maybe leave comments. I will do this until the apathy sets in. So, like, not for very long.

WordPress Draft Onslaught

According to the all-knowing WordPress Dashboard, there are 489 unpublished drafts (i.e., entries that were started and then never published) in my blog’s name. This is insane.

I’m sure a number of those are blank entries, or duplicates (WordPress has a tendency to do that sometimes). But I know that the majority of those were things I actually wrote and abandoned, something that has been happening with alarming frequency in the past probably three years.

I would like to make it my summer project to go through the drafts, delete the blanks and duplicates, and maybe share with you some stuff I never published. It is, after all, occasionally completely delightful to re-read old and forgotten things.

And, let me just point out, this is why blogging is stupid and writing by hand is maybe good if only for the fact that you can’t just UNWRITE four hundred entries that you might have started to write in a real journal. Not that I’ve been keeping much of an actual journal lately, either. What is happening to the world? I used to write obsessively all the time. Man.

One And Five

There are things. They are happening. All over the place, the things are happening.

1) The most ridiculous thing just occurred on my Facebook wall.

What. I thought you weren’t logging onto Facebook, you twit.

Oh. Except for sometimes, where I do and…shut up!

2) It’s been over two years since I last watched a complete episode of MST3k. This is wrong, and bad. [additional note: actually…it’s occurred to me that I have watched exactly two episodes of MST3k in the last 2 + years, so I guess I lied. Except that’s still really sad. Man, you’d think that grad school would have been a time where I’d NEED more insane hilarity, but apparently I shunned happy things entirely for that period. There you go.]

3) My cello continues to have some kind of existential sound crisis.

4) I continue to be frustrated by the fact that I have no idea how to adjust or change or do anything about my own instrument and its existential sound crisis.

5) I can’t wait for July.

6) I need to update this thing more often. I’m not berating myself for lack of quality entries, as I have done constantly and annoyingly in the past. I AM JUST STATING A FACT. Jeeze. You people are so serious.

Touch The Pedal, Sing Along

Occasionally if I set my iTunes library loose on random play, I will discover a new love for one or two or sometimes seven songs that I was previously less than familiar with or maybe just hadn’t given a fair chance. That said…


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Yeah, my obsessions run around me in devilish circles. It’s been established again and again. And again.

I will probably never not love something containing ridiculous, unpredictable and meandering harmonic chord progressions. I mean. Seriously. Did you know that I have an iTunes playlist filled entirely with music that fits that very description? Because I do! I MUST BE STOPPED.

Also, while I’m on the subject of iTunes, I have to express how annoyed I am that they changed the “show in finder” hot key combination from command + R to shift + command + R. I am never going to remember that on the first try and am instead going to press hit command + R and swear under my breath. EVERY TIME.

Quality Assurance

Well. It’s official. That thing I do where approximately once every two years I re-read blog archives, think the things I wrote were funny and then go “why aren’t I funny anymore I’m obviously a terrible writer and am becoming STUPIDER the older I get!”? IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD! I KNEW IT!

I was just re-reading some of those old entries. And in 2009, in the very same entry in which I am complaining about how obviously the quality of my writing is dwindling and I’m no longer funny, I refer to birth control as “starts with B and rhymes with Earth Control” and YOU GUYS.

Okay, but actually, that is probably funny to nobody but me. So.

Carry on.