I’m Okay. No, I’m Great. No, I’m Just Crazy.

Okay, look, I’ve been away. Visiting my sister in New York and eating ridiculous food and walking like GOD KNOWS how many miles per day. And so I’ve been taking the blogging and the internet easy. But I had to come back to share and freak out because

CIBO MATTO IS HAVING A REUNION TOUR and I have to go to one of these shows or I will have failed as a human being. Because seriously. Dismemberment Plan reuniting? Good, though not the end of the world if I miss it. Cibo Matto reuniting? Definitely the end of the world if I miss this. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the survival of the planet depends on my going to see Cibo Matto. So, I’d better get my ass to one of those shows. For the sake of the world.