Layout Crisis — Send Help


It’s being slippery and difficult and HRRRRNG! It keeps being unhappy with the way it looks, and so I change it again and it just WHINES SOME MORE.

Okay, though, a serious question for people who are good with their eyes and can assist with my kind of design-clueless ones: what the hell font should I be using so that nobody’s eyes spontaneously bleed from reading my blog? WHAT FONT OH GOD HELP ME DESIGN-SAVVY FRIENDS.

So yes. Old header/design is back. It’s okay. I guess. I wish I were better at the WordPress. And the php. And the CSS. Alas, I do believe I give up. As much as I would love to get totally OCD on web-design’s ass, there are just too many things that rank higher on the list of things to be OCD about and…let’s face it. Meh.

Plants: Soiled, v. iPhone

Heeey, Talia, how’s it going?

Oh, you know. Alright. Actually, wait, I mean it’s going FRICKING AMAZING because I now have an iPhone, on which I can play Plants vs. Zombies WHENEVER I WANT.

Also? It is worth mentioning the this game is perhaps even more amazing on the iPhone than it is on a regular old computer.

So yeah.

What’s The Business, Yeah

Hello, blog. How are you?

I just wanted to take a moment to say, somewhere in space, that my parents are awesome. So awesome. I love them. I am so lucky.

And, in case you are needing more filler youtube video posts, blog, here is another great one for you:

I frickin’ love Merrill Garbus.