That One Time When I Said I’d Blog About That One Thing…


Once upon a time there was a very bad blogger named Talia. She promised the scant few readers of her blog that she would update on the crazy happenings of a certain week during October and then never really followed through on said promise. BIG EFFIN’ SURPRISE, ‘m I right?

Here is the slightly briefer version than the one I started writing eons ago.

My Grand-dad passed away at age 94. It was a sad thing, yes, but the theme of all this funerary visitation and ceremony and family together-ness was honestly, seriously celebrating his life. My Grand-dad did a lot for the people in his family and his community, and being able to hear about all of his personal and family accomplishments and discover all sorts of things about my family that I hadn’t a clue about was truly rewarding. It’s always hard to pinpoint where certain traits and family-likenesses occur but I can easily say that my appreciation for agricultural matters and the out-of-doors is something that comes from my Grand-dad. So to be honest, for a funeral, it was a pretty uplifting event.

Also, there was a lot of Polish food. Hell’s bells. A lot of Polish food. So much Polish food, in fact, that I have about a week’s worth of Gołąbki in my freezer.

While all of this family gathering stuff was going on, though, I caught the flu. Fuck me, I caught the flu. I don’t think I’ve had the flu since perhaps my freshman year of college, but I basically plan never to get the flu again. I’m a little reluctant to admit how much driving I did during this period of sickness, but there wasn’t much choice with that one. I did end up staying a day or two extra up in the hills, but I wasn’t sleeping well and was just sharing a household with MORE sick people and being cranky that I couldn’t contribute usefulness to the world in the sick state, I finally drove back to Rochester, sat out of school for a couple days and am fortunately about fully recovered. I’m also a little reluctant to admit that I still don’t know whether or not it was H1N1, because the last thing I wanted to do while I was sick was haul my ass out of bed and endanger more healthy drivers and Samaritans with my plague. Or really, move at all.

I’m better now. And have somehow fixed some structural issues with my cello-playing. I am about 90% convinced this has to do with some advice given to me that when I shift notes upward, to think about someone dangling a Ritter Sport bar in front of my face. Chocolate fixes everything!

Oh. But wait. I totally forgot to mention that part where I played a show with the band La Strada in Canada and it was awesome except for the part where they DETAINED ME AT THE BORDER for nearly two hours! Jerks! They were saying that the band I was playing with needed some kind of written paperwork to get in and that my name would also have to be on it if I wanted to join them — even though I was just subbing for another cellist! And then it turned out the venue in question was exempt from said ordinance. I don’t know, something to do with the fact that the venue was a MUSIC venue and not just a bar. So even though I said about three times to the border-patrol person that it was a MUUUSIC LOUUUNGE, it didn’t register that it was actually a Music Lounge until the manager of the band sent him the exemption email, he looks up the venue on the internet and goes “Ooooh. It’s a Music Lounge.” Gah.

So the moral of the story is, if you’re crossing the border and might earn as much as a whole $30? LIE.

My General Understanding

Is that people, on a whole, are weird.

Me, too.

And no matter how much I wish I could change a situation or help someone or understand how a person feels, I can’t get inside anyone’s head and know what’s really going on.


….Gone Tomorrow!

Nope. No entry. I’m halfway there, you one reader, you! You can wait it out!

My right-hand is basically fine now. Happy day!

Nothing’s very interesting.

Except I got a haircut. Everyone seems to find that interesting. This is possibly the shortest I have ever had my hair cut. Ever. But it also coincides with my finding a stylist I really really like who talked my ear off about music things. And I also happen to really like said haircut.

Anyway. It’s short. And now if you want a shocking contrast, here is what my hair was doing three years ago. Now run around being shocked! Gasp!

Not Dead Yet

I am cooking up a large entry about stuff. I guess all you need to know is that I’ve pretty much been knocked the fuck out with the flu for the last couple days, but also trying to cope with sad family happenings, oppositely hilarious and fun family happenings, lots (LOTS) of Polish food, being held at the Canadian border for stupid reasons, and what I can only describe as a “funny” right-hand pain that I think has been aggravated into existence by equal parts computing and cello playing. Appropriately, I now mostly type with one hand plus one index finger. How very pre 6th-grade of me.

Please send good vibes towards my right hand and its upcoming recital!

We Would Love To Have You For Dinner!

Playing with the band La Strada tonight in Hamilton, Ontario (which is bound to be fun! have not played live band-show in almost 1.5 years!), then pretty much straightaway headed out East for some family gathering time, the occasion for which is less happy than any of us would like.

Am not dead yet. Will be back one day with happy and adventurous things to contribute. Probably.

In the meantime, Happy Crappy (and belated) Canadian Thanksgiving! This is one of the things that has cheered me right up lately (this being the other thing). IloveyouJustinLongandEllenPage!

Does Not Bode Well For More Wintery Months Yet To Come

You know that saying, “when it rains, it pours?” That’s basically this week except when it rains, it pours and SNOWS. WHAAAT.

Anyway. According to various people, it was snowing this morning, just a little. And Rochester weather needs to stop that, this instant. Because it’s only mid-October and gah!

So yeah. Carry on.

Maybe It’s The Chocolate Talking, But EVERYTHING IS HILARIOUS

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had a very relaxing kind of fall break with my older sibling…or the fact that it’s beautifully fall out…or that I’m workin’ some CSS magic…or that I’m finally fully recovered from all the crappy side-effects of medication stuff…or the fact that I was almost attacked by two leash-less and somewhat aggressive poodles in the grove behind Cobb’s Hill Park in my very wonderful Rochester trek today…but I’m feeling pretty damned good lately. Wait. What?

Okay seriously. What is it with stupid pet-owners? I have no idea where these full-sized poodles came from, or what the HELL they were doing leash-less in these woods. But they bolted up to me, barked, growled, circled around me, and then ran off. One of them was wearing a muzzle. They seemed kind of aggressive. I am becoming more and more fond of dogs, the more I interact with the really nice ones and watch all the completely beauteous ones being walked around the area by their owners and read about Tamaskans and wolf-dogs on the internet. But I am definitely more of a cat person on the inside. Dogs make me a little nervous. I know any well-trained dog, even if they are on the loose, is usually friendly and well-mannered enough that nothing crazy happens. But loose dogs running around, barking and growling at me DO make me pretty nervous. And standard poodles are…not the smallest dogs in the world. Good thing I know not to run in that kind of situation.

Still, though. Walking around Cobbs Hill Park there are some pretty amazing dogs.

At this point, I don’t really want a dog of my own, because I have a nice enough time watching and interacting with other people’s dogs.

In other things, check out the fruits of my css labor! I realize this is pretty barebones and lacking a LOT OF THINGS RIGHT NOW (namely content), but I’m really proud of my ability to actually use and understand css this time around developing a design. I think things will only improve from this point.

I am definitely open to comments, suggestions, advice, etc. So…you know. Gimme some!

Warning Sign Goes Here

This cold dreary crap needs to end.

I have this constant, weird voice in the back of my head that tells me that the older I get, the dumber I get. I’m sure there’s clear evidence to disprove this, such as my weird and new-found ability to understand music theory, or…something like that.

But I think I jump to ridiculous conclusions based on one thing that bugs me a lot lately: my writing. I feel that (disclaimer: I am my own worst critic) my writing has become lackluster and uninspired and EXTREMELY un-funny. Occasionally I glance back through a few entries of blog archives or look at old things I’ve written in my book (a journal that I just tend to refer to as Book — its name is Book) through various years, and I am amazed at how funny I could be (at least, to myself — which is important! not sad!), or how I sucked up stylistic tendencies from outside books or blogs I was reading, or how I could very eloquently express my feelings. And now it’s like…I can’t do any of those.

After thinking about it a little more, I’ve realized what’s actually going on is that for about a year I STOPPED WRITING. In no way am I overstating this. Sometime around 2008 where I was all busy taking auditions, moving, and going slightly crazy, I stopped writing, in all senses. I always like seeing exactly how many pages I wrote per year in my book. Some years are more than others, but generally I get a few good pages in a month. But…let’s make an extreme comparison: In 2005 I wrote 101 pages. In 2008 I wrote 3 pages. These are the extremes, yes, but while other years were less active than 2005, none where anywhere NEAR as bad as last. Blog readers will also note that Not So Much With The Blogging. I am in fact pretty out of practice, when it comes to writing. I’m not used to it anymore. My ever-changing views of audience and awareness of readers has also been in a pretty bad place. Unfortunately the things that I enjoy writing and are fun to re-read are those things that come straight out of my brain little-or-no editing, and I just for the life of me haven’t been comfortable sharing that stuff. This was also a period of complete lack of inspiration in basically all aspects of life (And I know why! I don’t want to like…go off on this topic again? But…it starts with B and rhymes with Earth Control).

So I don’t know. There’s been a recent very ridiculous reawakening of my writing urges. I think that’s a good step in the direction I want to go in. Expect to see some acts of radical expression occurring here and there. You’ve been waaaaarned.