Tech-ish Things To Accomplish: Fall Semester 09

1. Get music-blogging. For. Serious.
2. Major redesign for this here blog.
3. Switch-over for this here blog. Blogger and I have had a good run, but all good things, yadda yadda.
4. Switching to Snow Leopard. Probably. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows.
5. Maybe consider having this whole computer-WiFi problem checked out and maybe fixed if it costs under $50.

We’ll see if any of this happens. Ever.


My summer adventuring is officially over. School starts tomorrow. Kill me now?!

I’m back in Rochester. M.E.D.’s wedding was yesterday, and I really just have to say it, but I had sooooooooo much fun. See all the extraneous “o”s? They represent fun. FUN.

I had one pretty awesome week, in all honesty. I saw Jamie and Megan and they made me a CAKE for my birthday. A CAKE. There was also Sticky Chicken somewhere in there. And perhaps ice-cream. But most importantly, there was frolicking. I also had a lesson and a good old nostalgic time at the U of I. And I saw Inglorious Basterds.



That’s really all I have to say. More will be detailed later. I’m really really really tired. I don’t think I’ll be driving long distances for a while.

I am not looking forward to school starting. See last entry.

End of entry.

One’A These Days…

Yeah, I don’t know. Blogging is awesome, but I’m home and constantly distracted by Project Runway any time I actually sit down at a computer. Ugh. I know. I want to hit me in the face, too.

I was back in Champaign-Urbana yesterday and a very small and spastic reunion of my studio occurred. It was awesome and sort of weird.

I miss it there. I miss a campus. I miss not being worried about walking home and being mugged. I miss fewer instrumentalists and more college-students interested in many various things. Blah blah blah. Miss miss miss. I want to hit me in the face even more now.

But I keep telling myself that this year is going to be better than last. And I have faith that it is. If not because last year sucked enough that it HAS to get better, then because I know what’s what now, as opposed to last year where I knew…less. That sounded important in my head.

But there are a lot of valid reasons this year will be better than last. For example:
– There is now a Chipotle in Rochester. It’s sad how excited that makes me.
– I will have my bike! True, it won’t help when there is snow and ice and shit, but at least I have like…the month of September to enjoy!
– Hiking.
– Yak Traks. For. Serious.
– Not having to play in Phil. I never thought I’d see the day in which NOT having to play in orchestra would make me this happy.

I was about to put “lesser ridiculous amounts of social anxiety” but……..that would be a lie. But. At least I am now playing with the prospect of my being a ridiculous human-being when I think everyone hates me, as opposed to just thinking everyone hates me.

One’a these days, we’re going to have a big’ol chat about anxiety, you and me here, blog.

I Did Not Injure Myself On My Birthday!

Already, this year is showing improvement.

Man. I just had the freakiest experience. I bought some leeks at the Farmer’s Market. Because leeks are awesome and generally not as severe with the whole “crying while chopping” phenomenon that onions make happen. So anyway. I was preparing and freezing these leeks for future use, as I will be gone for the next week, anyway.

And you know. Leeks are difficult to clean. Dirt particles like to crawl wedge themselves between the layers. It requires cutting the leeks (usually in half), washing and letting them soak. So I cut this one leek in half, and notice a little bit of discoloration. Which is no big deal. And then I notice there’s something weird and white on the discoloration. And it’s a WORM, a tiny worm that is STILL MOVING even though I CHOPPED IT IN HALF when I cut the leek.

And this should be no big deal. This happens, critters in vegetables! And doesn’t really effect fruits or vegetables that much if it’s just one worm.

But I still squeal and like drop the leek and flail before you know, just cutting out the bad part with the worm.

I think I’ve figured out the secret to my being freaked out by crawly things. I tend to dislike crawly things that have A) Too many legs (i.e., centipedes, silverfish) or B) no legs (worms, slugs).

So anyway. I’m ridiculous. You heard it here first!

Golden Birthdays Are Not All That Golden, Really

Aw, shit. It’s my birthday.

Chalk it up to superstition, or whatever, but I am so not going running today. Seriously. Last year on the day of my Golden Birthday, I went for a run, fell and busted open my knee. In related news, I will no longer listen to the song “Stella was a diver and she was always down” by Interpol while out on a run. Really. I mean, seriously. Falling through the street into a manhole and/or the ocean? If that doesn’t spell “weird and random falling-down” karma, I don’t know what does.

Anyway. Birthdays.

I don’t know. Last year’s birthday marked a rough beginning to what was in essence a pretty crappy year. I know I’m now sounding OVERLY superstitious here, but I almost feel like my Golden Birthday year was maybe not so lucky or great after all? I guess if I could have one thing for my birthday this year, it would be a totally less sucky year. This also happens to be the year of my Jupiter Return, so maybe stuff will happen? Like, the good sort of stuff? I don’t know. I don’t even really believe in that crap. Mostly.

Also…things not to do at 2am whilst unable to sleep on one’s birthday…listen to So. Central Rain by R.E.M. and contemplate how there is always an R.E.M. song that seem to applicable to my life at any given moment and this one seems to be the one that comes back. Also, how I have Michael Stipe hair back when he still had hair.


Worry Hat Engage!

All things quiet on the Rochester front.

During the past week I’ve managed to read all of Questionable Content, which is an infinitely entertaining and occasionally very real webcomic. I’m not hugely into webcomics (the only ones I read consistently are Toothpaste for Dinner, XKCD and Penny Arcade), but I think this one is becoming part of my regular internet-rounds. I pretty much love it. I recommend it to others. You, even.

Also, as soon as I have money, I’m buying this shirt. There is probably no shirt more appropriate for me than this shirt. And not surprisingly, if I was any character from Questionable Content it would be Hannelore. I think Hannelore was actually the “German” name I chose for myself in 8th grade German class, so….HAH.

In other things…beware my RANDOM GRUMPY ACTION. If only I had a real worry hat, maybe life would be better.

Hooray, A List

I am no longer in the Adirondack Foothills.

Today was one of those days. I don’t know what “those days” even refer to. I guess I’ll just make a list out of it.

Today I:

– Was cranky. Irrationally so. In what I am guessing is a PMS-related manner. Still. Irrationally cranky beats unfeeling and depressed, hands down.

– Practiced for TWO WHOLE HOURS. This is amazing, considering I’ve been skipping around the stupid State of New York and to random areas on the complete opposite side of the country so much that I actually have not practiced in something like two weeks. Don’t act so shocked. This pretty much resembles my entire year, minus the traveling.

– Did some kind of injury to my foot (note: isn’t it a lot more fun to say that I did myself an injury than “I HAVE an injury”? It is. Don’t deny it). Man. I don’t know what I did, but it hurts. I actually suspect it has something to do with random intensive hiking. Or flip-flops which are truthfully terrible for your feet and posture, according to inside sources (I know this but decided to ignore it). Or my running-shoes are really really not for my type of foot and I need to get mine ass to a store specializing in that stuff.

– Decided today will be the one day of the year in which I DESPERATELY wish my apartment was equipped with an AC unit. Holy god. Due to crankiness and lack of sleep, I randomly fell asleep and then woke up disoriented and stuck to my sheets. There is no worse way to wake up.

– Discovered that I have finally lost that stupid five lbs that has not wanted to go the hell away since like a year ago? I blame the birth-control. And as awesome as it is to have lost five lbs, it mostly just means that pants don’t fit, which is…way too annoying. I need to buy BELTS, dammit.

In any case, I had a pretty great time out hiking and hanging out and eating really amazing food on Starr Hill with my friend Cory, who came in to Utica on a train from NYC. There’s a lot to explore in the Adirondacks. I’ve only ever really spent time in the central-western part, and I still feel like I haven’t seen all that I want to see.

Anyway. Expect an SF update…sometime.

Total Sleep In Last 36 Hours: 1.5 Hours

So, my trip to San Francisco was indeed awesome.

I had so much fun. I don’t know when I last had fun like that. Well over a year ago. And in a social situation with a LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE, at that, some of whom I had never met in person before. I got to see Jamie and Megan after way too long. And hang out with Rebecca in her natural (though maybe stressed out) habitat. Notably, I also met my estranged Washingtonian, photo-taking twin, Jill. Seriously. BRRRR!

Also, there are now 3 videos of me on Facebook imitating a loon. Which only maybe four people can see. Maybe I’ll change my privacy settings. What do I have to hide?!

I can’t think of a single truly negative part of the trip, unless you count my flight last night out of SF at 10:15 pm, into Philly at 6:10am, and into Buffalo at 8:40am, and then an hour-long drive to Rochester. Important to note here: I do not sleep on planes. Ever.

I don’t count that part, though.

In any case, this has been a weird but rewarding summer. I started off in a pretty bad place after school finished. More like a completely shitty place. I really had to evaluate the way I felt and take action, as opposed to just do nothing and hope things would get better. This required deconstructing. Talking about things I’m not comfortable talking about. Making decisions and changes with chemical/hormonal balances of my body. Trying to fix some major self-esteem issues. And I feel like San Francisco was as great as it was because I had to go through all of this and get through the crappy.

In any case, I will talk more about SF later (with pictures, I promise). I will also talk more about mental health and anxiety later, too, as I am occasionally wont to do. But you totally want to hear about the former, yes you do.


Phantom Cello-Hauling Syndrome

Alright, I’m about to head out the door to Buffalo and from there SF. I am excited, yes, but also tired and disgruntled and may have gotten a haircut yesterday which…….annoys me maybe a lot. It’s so short in some places that I can’t even put it up, which ARRRRRRG. So, good going, me!

Anyway. I’m trying to be happy and not whiny, but traveling stresses me out in so many ways. I think I have phantom-cello syndrome in this instance, because I don’t remember the last time I’ve flown somewhere without one of those large expensive buggers, and lugging something so big around and having airport/airplane people be all like “you can’t bring that on the plane!” or “you can’t put that under the plane!” usually makes want to 1) cry and 2) dump it in a garbage-bin, not necessarily in that order. It’s a stressful ordeal and is the primary reason that I will not hesitate to drive pretty much everywhere on this damn continent as opposed to fly.

So…..deep breaths!

Because I’m pretty sure that in the end, this is going to be awesome.

I Am Not Asleep

But I will be soon.

Did you know that it was my blog’s 3,000th post 32 posts ago?! [important note from the future: Blogger counts even drafts and non-published posts in its total entry number. WordPress does not. So technically I did not have 3,000 published entries at this point.] I almost don’t like thinking about that.

I’m back from Brooklyn. I really like Brooklyn. I really like Brooklyn’s food. I really like Brooklyn’s experimental music scene. I really like Prospect Park.

I really don’t like Brooklyn’s cockroaches, though. Not only did I see one, I aided in the flushing of one.

But, back to food…while in Brooklyn, I ate: bluefish cakes (which I’m pretty sure consisted primarily of butter and fish) with poached eggs ontop, a falafel sandwich located like 200 feet from where my sister lives, tebouleh, some weird hippie rice-pasta concoction that was pretty great, probably other things.

I also drove through Brooklyn and parts of Manhattan and lived through the experience. Though I realize I haven’t driven in New York City nearly enough, I am pretty certain that New York drivers are at least somewhat more decent than Chicago drivers. Seriously. I guess the main problem with driving in New York City is just that it’s confusing and crowded and easy to get lost in. But the drivers could be worse.

So yeah. This is like my vacation week. Sort of. Next stop: San Francisco.

Come For The Brunch

All I really have to say is HOLY SHIT IT IS HUMID IN BROOKLYN.

Also raining and nasty.

But I had bluefish cakes with poached eggs for brunch and never have I eaten a better brunch. Never.

Agh, So Many Things


So my sister and her boyfriend came to Rochester yesterday, just to hang out and do fun things. And fun things we did!! Like eat food. And see Moon (oh…man. Good. And…good!). And today they’re driving back to Brooklyn with me. And Monday I’ll drive Erica’s car back here for the time that she’s in Europe, which I realize sounds like a ridiculous thing, but I guess finding a place for one’s car for an extended period of time in that area is difficult and expensive. It’s also good because my car is making thumping noises that I believe have to do with the CV-boot and axle-part I was told are leaking but not a major issue yet when I last got my oil changed. So…I’ll still have a car when mine goes to get fixed and requires some ridiculous part that takes a day or more to order!

And, I haven’t actually been in NYC since a choir/orchestra trip during high school, in which we did some stuff and saw some things. But it’s much different being amongst a large group of people with an extremely rigid schedule. Also to note: Rochester, while located in New York State, is practically on the other side of the state, and actually 330 some-odd miles from New York City. Whenever people are like “it’s so cool that you’re close to the city!” I usually respond with “I’ll probably just go to Cleveland instead.” Or Toronto. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m only just realizing that I’ll have a day. A. Day. Which was part of the reason I whined about going to NYC when Tim was here. “We’ll only have two days! We won’t have time to do the really awesome things!” But I guess part of this trip is also doing a car-related favor that I am more than happy to do.

And…augh. I leave for San Francisco next Friday and…that’s so soon. I’m really excited to go, but I feel like minor details such as packing and what’s going on while I’m there are still vague and unfortunately that’s just enough to make me…vaguely stressed! Also the fact that this is a substantial city which I’ve never ever been to or traveled in before. New things are scary. At least it’s an English-speaking place that I’ll be wandering around in, lost. I also need to practice, in more ways than I can really impress. But when the hell am I going to find time to practice when I’m all out of town or preparing for being out of town?! I also need to do some serious T.A. duty-related work, getting ready for the school-year.

In other things, I need to not worry or feel bad when I feel I’m not practicing enough, because there’s nothing I can do to change how much I have gotten done practice-wise after all is said and done. Especially during the summer, which is…um, now. I need to accept that I didn’t spend 3 hours a day 6 days a week playing, or that I took a ridiculous amount of time off from playing and am maybe better-off for it. I’m not one of those high-maintenance people that benefits from an exact number of hours practicing or strives to do many minutes. I get done what I need to get done and then I stop before I get tired or frustrated, and that way I always feel good about what I’ve accomplished when I do accomplish it.

But even thinking about school and needing to get stuff done in that setting inadvertently stresses me out and even before it starts makes me feel like I don’t practice enough.

Anyway. This has been a ramble. I’ll blog again sometime after Sunday.