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I knew my day was going too well. I knew something was going to happen to change that.

How? How can they rotate one orchestra player out for a cycle, and then email them the day of the second rehearsal of that cycle and tell them they’re actually playing in that cycle? How? How? How?

I simultaneously love this school and am so frustrated I want to like…I don’t know. Yell excessively. I think I’ll go do that now.

Goes Around, Goes Around

From Friday, 10/24

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So, for one thing: HAH. Yes, I have been listening to NPR’s Planet Money podcast. Mainly because I’m neurotic, true. But it’s honestly given me a great amount of insight in regards to the economy in a time when the presidential candidates are really getting a move-on. And this podcast in which they interviewed two economists and asked them what was wrong with each candidate’s plan kind of ground my beans. The person speaking against Obama pretty much had nothing to say other than “there’s no way he can do everything he’s proposing to do.” Well, so what. If he can do half, hell, even 1/4 of what he’s proposing to do, that’s a hell of a lot better than other options.

This is probably the most obvious statement ever, but I feel like the only thing McCain is actually doing is failing to bad-mouth Obama. And in all that time and effort spent, he could be trying to show people what he can do, not what Obama can’t do. Meanwhile, Obama just kind of keeps doing what he’s doing and trying to sell his own plan. Mostly, it just makes McCain look like a much, much older bully.

So that first link, and the fact that a difference could actually be made, made me happy.

And: There’s also that thing about Powell endorsing Obama. Heeeellz yeah:

For another thing: OW, MY RIGHT ARM. Exams are hard. And I did not see a quote (apparently about Schumann) coming amongst that list of terms we were supposed to know. At least I wrote a substantial and arm-numbing amount for the essays.


Missed The Boat

Hey, so remember that one time when I was asked to tour with Jens Lekman for a whole month but turned the opportunity down because I felt like it was important to finish my fifth and final year of undergrad even though that’s the kind of thing I want to do?

Me, too. Sigh.

One Big Continuous Circle Of Bow

Yeah. I’m doing that thing again here, where I blog about my lessons so my tendency to forget stuff is hopefully not as great.

Sooooo, lesson: AWESOME.

Contrary motion! Contra-lateral motion! Bow circles! I can have it all!

Yeah. Maybe that’s all, really.

A List, A List!

Unexpected things that made today fairly awesome:

1. The weather. Mid-60’s? Blue skies? Changing leaves? No way, Western New York.

2. Who’s cut for our next cycle of orchestra? I AM, I AM!

3. Canceled lesson. I mean, yes lessons are good. But I’m not complaining about that extra hour I might have spent outside with my camera.

Things that slightly rained on the aforementioned parade of fairly awesome:

1. Prescription drugs and how the hell one is actually able to transfer one into New York from an outside state (as it turns out, you pretty much can’t).

2. The state of things in terms of economy, the world, the universe (on a related note, I need to STOP paying this much attention to radio, internet, news. I should go on some kind of holiday involving absolutely no outside news, unlimited shibuya kei-pop and…uh…I dunno. The Office? Chocolate? Both?)

Yes, things.

The Current Shtick

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What’s up? I am tired of music theory.

So we have these things called “keyboard audits” in which one basically has to incorporate theory skills learned since the beginning of the semester into basic keyboard. Mine was today. It was awkward and slow-motiony. I mean, for one thing, why were my hands shaking? I just had to play the piano! And moreover, why did exclaim to the proctor that my hands were shaky?! Lameness in excess.

Apparently I did fine, though, despite my ineptitude at speaking names of chords as I am playing them.

Anne and I also made a brief excursion to Lake Ontario. It was kind of dirty and gull-infested but still lovely and a nice change of scenery from where we live. I have photos! Which I will probably never upload! Huzzah.

I need to blog more. But I need to not blog if I’m going to blog crap. And I need to be a far more careful about grammar and error-checking with regards to things I blog. Yes.

Ugh, The Links I Stumble Upon…

I am making a public vow, right here, in my very own blog, to not read depressing or morbid things on the internet. Indefinitely. Really. Seriously. I had enough of the morbid crap through that stupid (or awesome) Archeology of Death class last Spring. I don’t need anymore. Ever.

So the next time I stumble across any kind of link to an article including the words “dead body” and “how to embalm,” I will NOT read it. Ever (link to aforementioned article — you have been sufficiently warned).

Though…I will probably still watch Ghost Hunters.

Yes. Fall break came and went. School remains a tiring ordeal.

The End. For now.

Things I Might Be Thankful For:

That extra set of keys for my car, so I can actually get to my car and take it home after the Ford dealer closes, as has been arranged.

Yes, that’s right. My automotive karma has been very slowly turning bad, to the point where I should maybe consider not having a car at all. For like a year. Maybe two. So it’s a great idea that I’m driving to Indianapolis for my four-day Fall Break, am I right?

Am I right?!

Here’s what happened. Starting from maybe mid-August. We were driving outside of Cleveland, headed toward Rochester, and the car suddenly got no power. We pulled over on the side of I-90, were towed to a pretty great Ford dealer, where it turned out to be the fuel pump that had gone bad. Yeehaw, right?

Everything was fixed, though. Good as new. If anything, I will always own a Ford because of the service, yadda yadda.

So about three weeks ago, I’m driving along and all of a sudden the “check gas cap” light goes on. And I kind of go “what the hell” and check to be sure it’s closed (it is). The manual indicates that it’ll take a few cycles of gas before the thing goes off, I assume it’s just a fluke.

One week ago, I’m driving along and all of a sudden the “check engine” light goes on. I kind of go “omgwtf,” freak out, call my Dad who assures me it’s fine, could just be electrical or even random and not a real problem. I calm down but vow to take the car in first thing Monday morning. In the meantime I stop at a gas station to check my tire air pressure (sidenote: I found free air in Rochester! …or I guess, in Victor!) and decide that maybe the check gas cap thing will go away if I actually put gas in my car (it was down to a little less than 1/4 a tank). So I’m putting gas in my tank which only holds ten gallons and realize that for that original 1/4 gas in the tank, the thing should be full and have clicked off by this point. So I finish up, stroke my chin, and go “whatever.” Following this occurrence, I experience what I assume to be phantom gasoline smells emitting from the back (trunk of my car). I figure “oh, there’s a gas station across the street. Or four blocks away. Or whatever.”

Monday morning (7am) I took the car in. I detailed all of the car’s “sick symptoms.” Sure enough, I got a call back later in the afternoon, telling me that the belt and the pulley that holds the belt need replacing. Great. They do it, I pick it up, I can tell something is awesome-er. However, as it turns out, some kind of vapor is escaping from my gas tank and they can’t actually tell me what’s going on until the tank is down to 1/4. Uhhhhrg. Somehow, though, it doesn’t take much. Here’s to a 10 gallon gas tank. And I take the car back in this morning and wham-o. The o-ring on the tank was busted. The whole ordeal is very costly, as it turns out, but it is fixed and that’s what counts. Right?

But I’m going to Indianapolis tomorrow! Yay! And yeah. I’ve needed a break, if my random constant whining entries haven’t indicated as much.

So hooray for things.


School, you are killin’ me.

I don’t even know how this is possible. It’s like, I’m still doing the same things I was doing last year. And four years before that. How is it so stressful? Still? Nearly a month into it?

I think I really am too concerned with what other people think about my progress and my playing. I know a lot of this is because I’m new and stuff and I’m still not quite certain of expectations that are had for me. I never realized just how comfortable I was before, and how far back in time the discomfort of being new and not knowing was I was doing was.

I also think I need to make sure not to let my obsession with pleasing other people bleed into the non-school moments in my life. Dammit. What I need to be sure to do is actually chill out once in a while, and not feel guilty about “wasting time” when I chill out. I hate guilt. Guilt ruins everything.

Another big problem is: sleep and how to get a good night of it. I’ve forgotten how, apparently. I would just enjoy sleeping a solid 7 hours without waking up three or four times in one night, but I’m somehow doubtful that’s ever going to happen again.

Oh well. In the meantime, fall break is an entire three days away and I’ve replaced yogurt with kefir. Maybe kefir grains and a larger variety of live active cultures will improve digestion and also the quality of life.