Joke’s On Me

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Remember how last year should actually have been my final year of undergrad and how I’m way past holding onto work ethic and motivation for things other than practicing and I guess that what I’m officially doing now could be known as “phoning in?”

Because I do.

Ooooh man. I have this midterm tomorrow morning at 8am, and it’s for a math class (which isn’t completely difficult, though the latest assignment kept me up late and made me cranky), and I am definitely considering NOT STUDYING. Even though I know I at least need to go over a few bits from my notes. It’s BAD. What’s WRONG WITH ME?!

But at the same time I’m wondering why I’m so stupid and not studying and how it’s not like me, I’m recalling a very similar feeling from about five years ago that also involved math. High school math.

Let us never speak of it again.

But The Office!!! Good god! I only saw about….3/4 the whole episode due to the ineptitude of my tv antennae, but what I did see?!!!?!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Some fans on messageboards (yes, I am one of those crazy people now…the tv messageboard-reading type) have indicated that they really didn’t think the episode had what it took, and I have to very moderately agree…it felt a bit unfocused and all over the place and LONG. Those hour-long episodes, they are LONG. But seriously…there are some lines. I can’t remember them. I’ll get back to quoting hilarity when the torrent has downloaded in say….three hours… …

Shit. Gotta study.

String pedagogy today (which is a TOTTAAAAAALLY different class than last semester’s string pedagogy and was taught by the music ed head honcho) was…well…it doesn’t require hands-on work in the sense of preparing portfolio things and beating small children er I mean giving lessons to small children. It’s more “in order to teach young people, you need to be taught well first, so…let’s just do that…with life lessons.” Wait. I’m losing my focus. Basically, we were informed that in order to succeed as a performing artist, we need to be interesting people. We need to be able to do other things, not only to color our music with the brain-power and emotion of those “other things,” but to be able to make connections with the audience in a more accessible way.

So we ended up having to say what was interesting about ourselves. Just like…a hobby. And I had problems trying to state exactly where my non-music hobbies lay. I wanted to make perfectly clear that the nerdliness is completely important but I had no idea where to even begin with that. We were running short on time and this was in front of like…10 fellow string students, so I ended up saying something like “I like…cooking…and running…and books.” An extended, less public version of this might have gone a little something like: “I like the internet and videogames and books and public radio and creating content and JOSS WHEDON and Penny Arcade. And MST3k. I really like that. And Japan. And I once spent about three days staring at Flickr Food Porn Pool. And I have all these other various TV obsessions.” And it made me realize what a well-rounded nerd I am.

One thing about this class that frustrates me is that it’s basically a weekly lecture on how to succeed as a performer. And while everything that’s being said is completely valid and I enjoy listening to it, it’s from a very limited perspective of one performer. Not all of us in there want solo or chamber careers. I somehow wish it could be focused slightly more on…pedagogy. And not how to succeed. I mean, we talk about pedagogy. But everyone’s different, and I feel like the information I’m receiving is not the most beneficial for me in my current state. It could also just be that I’m tightly-wound about a lot of performance-related things since I’m secretly convinced I’m not going to get into grad school. HAH!!!!!!!!!! The joke’s on…me.

And…Forrest just called and asked if I wanted to see a Led Zeppelin cover-band tonight and I had to say NO. I hate math.

Check out my latest 365 photo. It’s cool. I suspect it would be cooler if you could see the hallway being photographed a little better. The reflection is over-taking.


Brain Vomit!!

It sucks when there are things.

I woke up at 6:20 this morning, for reasons that I don’t want to talk about but will admit had to do with math things. Oh math, I never liked you, and as has been pointed out before, you rhyme with wrath.

Oh my godddddddddd how am I going to survive another 20-something hours until the season premier of The Office?! Waiting for season premiers is craaappppppy!

Fortunately, though, I have friends who actually get real channels on their televisions! Not just PBS, FOX, QVC and the Catholic Channel. So I’m going to watch the premier at Joe’s (yaaaay!!) and not have to wait to bit-torrent it until like midnight when I need to be studying for a math midterm. Oh fuck. Math midterm.

Oh, school. I tire of you. I’m starting to wonder if I’m actually as enthusiastic for another 2-6 years as I’ve thought.

I don’t know. I’ve felt really awesome about the things I’m good at with instrumental performance, namely working with teachers and being super-adaptable and completely willing to try anything within my capabilities. Really. Nothings beats being flexible!!

But I’ve been thinking. I know there are extreme benefits to technical and academic flexibility but…how is it going to win me an audition? How is it going to get me a job? It used to be a joy to know that I could latch onto anything or impress a teacher with fast application. It doesn’t change the fact that when I first get up in front of someone and I’m nervous, my nerves own me and I sound like crap. I’m not sure if I should motivate myself to think “but hey! just the fact that you CAN sound awesome is a sign that you’re capable of sounding awesome all the time and you should strive to own your nerves!” or “your nerves have been getting worse at an alarming rate in the last 3 years! you should give up now!”

I just feel like…I don’t go the whole mile. And I don’t know how to go the whole mile. I worry that I’m too stupid or too lazy to figure out how to go that whole mile, even though I think about a lot of things and worry incessantly all the time.

Basically, I don’t know what I want anymore. Or if I somehow do know what I want, I convince myself that I’m incapable of just not worthy of dealing with that want.

I think another problem is that I only know one possibility in my head, when there are others that I just don’t know about. And that fact alone annoys me to no end, too.

Oh god. The 6:20am wakeup is melting my brain.

Yay, being neurotic! I mean, and stuff.

Nevermind. I’m starting to wonder if it’s just because I’m being confronted with all these “you have to figure out what you want to DOOOOO” questions and now I’m confused and doubtful. Haven’t my parents learned anything by now about how it’s easier and more efficient to GUILT me into doing things rather than trying to talk all sense-like at me?! Pah.


Also, this is the coolest flash plugin, ever. Period.

But yeah. At first I thought this song sounded kind of Sufjan Stevens-y, and I’m not that huge of fan of Sufjan Stevens, shiny and melancholy and minimalistic and ballad-y as his music may be. But then I realized that the only real similarity would have to be the wind/brass arrangement. And…pah. It’s a Sean O’Hagan kind of thing! That’s his deal. He arranges things for winds or strings, for many people, not only The High Llamas. Also, a lounge kind of groove is adapted towards the end, which is never a bad thing.

So…best song ever.

I have a lesson at 9am. Goodnight.

Congratulations, Universe. You Win.

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This song makes me happy. Usually. Not now, though.

Okay. I have to rant about something that really…really…makes me angry. Like…the speechless kind of angry. The choked-up, hopeless kind of angry. So so angry. And it all starts with a question:

What the bloody effing hell is my problem and why do I have to lose EVERYTHING that ever falls into my possession?!

No. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. If it’s smaller than a cello, I will somehow lose it. Keys. Glasses. Books. Electronic things. Sheet music. Phone. Articles of clothing. What is it about me?? WHAT IS IT??! And of course, I find all these things later on in either the most OBVIOUS or the most FUCKING RIDICULOUS place possible (unless they’re articles of clothing which more often than not just disappear for the hell of it and never return). And just…what the hell!!

It’s just…like…I’m only fucking 21! Not 80!! What’s the problem?! Is it my brain?! Is it poor luck?!! I’m starting to think it’s poor luck, because, gee! I sure have been all fortunate and full of luck lately, with all the walking into stuff, and the tripping on things, and the kitchen accidents!! And, okay, I admit, that’s not so much bad luck as ridiculous clumsiness. Maybe it’s my biorhythms! Maybe they’re just…bad!

But…moreover, how does a box-set of DVDs disappear (no ordinary DVDs, mind you. Ones that I am OBSESSED with. Ones that I need to survive the cruel cruel existence in this cruel cruel world)?! When it’s basically been sitting on TOP of my tv for two weeks straight!! Did it grow legs and just walk off?! Did someone craftily wait in the bushes or bamboo or whatever the hell is growing out there to jump into my back door while I was taking the trash out and steal Season 3 of The Office?! Just…what the fuck?!

I’m sick of it. My losing things is going to be my downfall. I’m going to be a hobo before you know it. And all because I have some weird black hole following me around which sucks in things I need the moment I need them and then regurgitates them into this plane of existence once I don’t need them or once whatever God in the universe has gotten enough amusement out of my suffering. SUFFERING, YOU HEAR ME?!

Augh. I’m really upset. Tongue-in-cheek as I may sound, this is sad. =(

*ETA* Oh… bitchcakes. I don’t want to talk about where it was.

Also, I am totally not 21 anymore.


listening to: towa tei – different nu nu


I wish I had gotten to see him perform. In Krannert. But alas, I was playing an awesome symphony concert. Seriously. Awesome. My parents concur.

I won’t go all batshit crazy over Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet here. I’ll just say that it used to freak me out until I hit around age 10, where I started to gain some appreciation for weird and demented chromaticism. And also stopped associating it with some weird video they showed us in 2nd grade involving some Indian Ghost drum thing.

Uh, nevermind.

Today has officially been the weirdest day. Ever. That’s all I need to say.

Ding Ding Ding

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It occurs to me that I am being WAAAY hard on myself.

It also occurs to me that JEWISH/CATHOLIC MARRIAGES resulting in GUILT-LADEN CHILDREN are a BAD IDEA.

Anyway. I received a good word or two today. And I thought about it a little. And I realized that nervousness is okay and that wasn’t your average performance experience. And that one thing about being a really good student and wanting to learn so much is that I am flexible like one could hardly believe in lesson/masterclass experiences. And I’ve known that. But I think I’ve been convincing myself that it doesn’t count for anything. When I guess that maybe it signals good things, that I can change things about my playing that fast.

In case you’re wondering, it’s also a bad idea to practice octaves after playing in a masterclass with which you were not totally happy. Because OW. It’s not like those octaves did anything to me. Octaves had nothing to do with that Bach prelude. In fact, nothing technical and warm-upish did. So I just took my frustration out on octaves.

Amit pointed out over the summer that the biggest source of tension in the left hand is the muscle where the thumb attaches to the hand. And that in thumb-position, if the thumb is not curved in a natural position (a difficult thing to maintain when stress is being put on the thumb), you kind of maybe hurt yourself. So…lesson learned.

Anyway. Ridiculously grumpy does not suit me. Occasionally cranky, yes. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.


It turns out there’s this tiny tiny space in the organic/foreign foods aisle where they keep the gluten-free things. And I somehow just never saw it before.


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Hey, remember that one time in high school where my mom made one of her off-hand critical comments about the fact that I spend more time listening to rock-music than classical (meant to imply that my musical interests don’t lie enough with traditional stuff I should be into for someone who is training to be a classical musician)? Well guess what. She was totally right.

Don’t get me wrong. I am very into classical music. But that mostly stems from getting really into the things I play (and Russian stuff that I actually do obsess over). Basically, I am studious, and I always grow great appreciation for the things I play.

But it’s true. My energies lie in more popular forms of music, and maybe occasionally new music.

I guess this has occurred to me a for awhile, but now that I’ve uh…typed it out loud, it’s especially true.

Maybe it’s okay for me to listen to what I do in my spare time, but I feel that every other musician or person training to become a performer has this emphasis on listening to things and being familiar with recordings that I lack. I feel like I’m only there 50% of the time because I only aurally invest myself in the things that I’m playing (and also the obsessed-over Russian junk). I feel like it kind of means I’m not really invested where I should be.

Is that in any way acceptable??

Glbaaaaaaah. It has been a frustrating couple of days. Do you have any idea how often I LOSE IMPORTANT CRAP?!

Also, do you have any idea how HARD IT IS FOR ME TO PERFORM IN FRONT OF PEOPLE?!

(Hah, here we go)

This is sort of like the listening-to-music thing…I feel like I’m a really really good student. Not just I’m naturally a good student. Because I really work hard at it. I think a lot about technical things. A LOT. Plus, I am open to changes in a way that is actually kind of problematic in that I am kind of the student doormat and will adapt to ANYTHING that ANYONE tells me when really I need to be making decisions. But…I can’t be a professional student for my whole life.

Basically, I feel like when it comes to performing, there is this big wall that is continually being built up, that keeps me from playing the way I’ve practiced and the way I know I can. And it just gets worse. Every time. Every single time. And I wish more than anything that my awareness of people and my inability to relax myself weren’t so great. And that they weren’t getting worse. But what can I do?!

It’s true. The masterclass yesterday was good and extremely helpful and I learned a lot from everyone who played, and am really thankful I had such an amazing opportunity. But I played like crap, to be blatantly honest. And it used to not bother me so much that in a masterclass or studio or lesson situation that I would improve about 50% after relaxing and having someone tell me something else to think about. But it’s starting to, a lot.

This is a really competitive field. Think of how many people are THAT MUCH better than I am and think of how the job competition is increasing for jobs that are starting to disappear. And in the meantime I can’t even get onto a stage and enjoy myself, or listen to what I’m supposed to be playing outside of practicing and care. As awesome as it would be and as great as I would be at it, I can’t keep being a student for my whole life. I don’t think people really get paid to do that sort of thing. And that leaves me…hooo boy, with a lot of questions and feelings of ambiguity in life. Which isn’t a thing which typically makes a person happy.

I’ve just got to wonder if there’s something I could work at that utilizes more of what I’ve done with music, not just cello.

You know, if my parents hadn’t given me those Beatles cassette tapes when I was 6 and 7…if I hadn’t discovered that tape of R.E.M.’s Life’s Rich Pagaent in my sister’s room when I was 11…my parents had let me extend myself in a high school sport like I’d wanted to (cross country) and gained my general discipline for how to handle myself instead of feeing bored with cello and joining every single freakin’ music group at U-High and wasting my time there…maybe things would be different right now. Maybe I’d be a better cellist and a better performer and I’d gotten into a better undergrad school and know how to perform.

Then again, I’d also hear bass-lines way less and my Bach would be less interesting for it.

Whoops! That’s called the dreaded “what-if” paragraph, and it’s unhealthy and counterproductive and we’ll just leave it at that.

Man. That kind of felt awesome. I need to randomly blog inconsistently for three months and then just pour it all out in one entry more often!!!

Or not.

I’m Tired Of Making Titles For My Freakin Entries

listening to: the high llamas – janet jangle

Hey, so I think I remember writing about half of that last entry. And consequently, all that I remember had to do with The High Llamas. Mmmmmmm, Llamas.

I read somewhere that mono (you know, the crappy virus) has very rarely been known to reoccur later in a person’s body. And I’m wondering. Just a bit. JUST A BIT. I mean, the only really sort of alarming experience I had was this afternoon where I came back from my bass lesson and orchestral audition meeting and somehow gave in to this absurd urge to take a two-hour nap.

That could also just be because I’ve been ignoring my body’s needs of going to bed before 11 for the last few nights.

I also think I am physically feeling gloppy because of BUILDUP OF CRAP THINGS LIKE WHEAT.

Today is a no wheat/sugar/dairy day. Tomorrow may be, too. There is still glop in my throat, but I am confident that by tomorrow morning it will be better. I hate the glop in my throa t, and the puffy eyes, and the acne (yep, no wheat and sugar are the key to clear skin for me).

See? I knew I would start blogging more regularly if I was ranting about my various not-severe health ailments. HYPOCHONDRIA FTW!

In other things, go me. And why am I so damn hard on myself? Apparently my orchestral audition for this year was adequate! Even good! And my phrasing in Brahms 2 was really good, though my intonation was maybe not (in everything, not just Brahms 2). And I still have this stupid habit of randomly making note-values different over the same repeated durations.

The intonation thing — apparently in the Beethoven 5 variations, the intonation was always shaky in the first measure or two of each variation and then was mostly fine for the rest. And apparently I have this problem in everything I play. Same with the Bach prelude I’m working on right now. It’s like, my nerves always get the better of me for 2-6 measures, and then I’m fine. And I must say, as crappy as intonation problems are, the fact that there are patterns of intonation problems relating to nerves is AWESOME because there’s a slight chance I can consistently work on and fix those problems. As opposed to something completely sporadic that happens while I’m nervous (shaky hands, I’m looking at YOU).

Augh. Practice/rehearse quartet.

More Obsessing

listening to: the high llamas – up the hills

All I have to say is…

That I love the High Llamas. Yes, I love them 205-listens-per-week’s worth.

And….the Blogger text window just went all wonky.

Where was I? The High Llamas. They’re kind of like Stereolab. Kind of.
Sean O’Hagan, their lead-man, was a member of Stereolab for a short while. And you can hear some definite qualities that are present in both bands. The ideas of sounds are a lot the same. But the High Llamas are like Stereolab’s non-guitar-distorted, accoustic-dream-pop, folkish, string-arranged accompaniments counterparts (I originally typed “counterpoints”). In general, I feel like Stereolab are more composers and experimenters in sound. A lot more dense. Much more occurring. High Llamas seem to be more song-writers, and choose fewer differing sounds (keyboards), sticks with them, and write something melodically gleaming to go over those sounds. With an occasional quirk or seven.

I also happen to be in love with Sean O’Hagan. There are a lot of male singer-people with interesting voices out there. But his might be my favorite. Maybe because it’s not a higher-pitch, piercing whine and there are no unnecessary bells and whistles to it that make me go “oh” or “huh.” It’s smooth (but not completely imperfect) tenor-y goodness. Mmm. Tenor-y.


In general, I am left feeling…something. Good. Good, after listening to them.

3 sound-files:

The High Llamas – Honeytrop

The High Llamas – Up In The Hills (anything with slide-y guitar solos juxtaposed with something fairly different gets me. usually)

The High Llamas – Apricots

These are three of my completely favorite songs and if you don’t at least listen to them (though not necessarily like them, you’re not at all required to do that) I will jab you in the eye.

So aside from that, there’s life. And stuff.

All I do anymore is practice, cook, clean and run. It’s all fine and dandy, except for the part where the cleaning is directly related to the cooking and DAMN. DAMN the kitchen messes. It’s like…the more proficient I become with working fast in the kitchen, the more messy things become. It’s insane. And I never realized these things before because I never really cooked recipe-type things that didn’t involve MacGuyvering something fairly easy together without much fuss until last Winter or so. Sad as that truly is.

Aaaaaand in other sad things that make all of my baker ancestors cry, I need to cut out the wheat again. The puffy eyes and gloppy throat support this statement. Sigh. it’s so hard, though, when bread and anything dough-related has this tendency to be extremely enjoyable.

I am tired. I should not be typing. It’s all nonsense.

Katz masterclass on Wednesday. I am no longer terrified. Maybe just…working hard and ready for some butt-kicking. I played for Brandon and Ross today after orchestra and memory doesn’t seem to be an issue. But making sure my fingers are constantly releasing in the fast run passages do.

Some days I question my abilities as a student, though. There are also these things that I feel I should be aware of that keep coming up in lessons (arm/hand position, vibrato on every note, not getting all accenty with random notes) that I feel like I’ve somehow just not thought about for the last four months. I mean, I’m sure it’s because I’ve been thinking of other things, and I know some other things have gotten better. But still. It’s like…what good am I?

But that might be the lack of sleep talking.

Ye gods, I need sleep. Cheers to editing poor typing in the morning.

Don’t Say My Name In Vain, Dad!

listening to: the high llamas – green coaster

Standard blog entry to follow….after this!

Two hilariously suggestive things that just sort of slipped out of my mouth in conversation, proving that I don’t always think before I speak:

1) “Man! I want a job! I feel like I have all these services to offer the world and I I should be paid for them!” — To Keturah, who was informing me about her campus catering job.

2) “At least I can think about that and it will make me happy…the idea that we could just throw each other on the floor…” To Rachel, of Judo. Rachel did judo a lot as a kid. Her response: “That’s lesbian.”

I must be stopped.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog entry.

Man. Life is boring. But also exciting!!! Boring as in all I did today was clean, practice, and cook. But exciting!!! in that I had my first knife-related incident in the kitchen (in which I was mincing garlic and minced my index finger but fortunately hit a part of the index finger which was tough from cello so I didn’t even bleed but MAN did I freak out momentarily) as well as a spilling pepper-flakes all over the kitchen incident. That one was hilarious.

Seriously, though. I made the most insane dish for dinner. It wasn’t even that complicated, it’s just that it took about a million hours to prepare when you factor in dried beans. Yikes. But it was good. And now I have a LOT of leftovers, which I will need for this upcoming week. Sadly, though, I also made some poor decisions later in the evening. Decisions involving pizza and ice-cream and maybe a margarita. I think I owe it to myself to splurge every once in a while, though, so there’s that. I accept my not-great decisions.

I think I completely failed to mention since I’ve been completely failing to blog, that I went to JUDO club on Wednesday. It was pretty awesome, but also pretty intensive and my muscles felt like HELL IN A HANDBASKET for two days straight following the experience. It’s really cool and I really think I would get a lot out of it for many reasons, but I don’t want to half-ass an experience like that, which it may be hard not to do when it doesn’t look like I’ll have more than one day next week to go to a practice. Sigh.

There is a crazy masterclass next Wednesday, in the freakin’ Great Hall. And I”m playing Bach, memorized. And I’m kind of nervous. Kind of. I was very very nervous until two days ago when I played in studio class. It’s the memorization issue that worries me. When I’m nervous, I just…get lost. But everything in studio was okay, so hmmm.

Jeezy Chreezy.

More Things That Are Awkward

When the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door and ask you about your thoughts on the problems with the environment and the end of the world.

Just another spiritually ambiguous and awkward day in the life of a Jewtholic. I mean Heathen.

Extreme Disorganized Ramble

listening to: why? – speech bubbles

Oh school. You make me tired.

Oh Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You are way too entertaining for my own good.

Remember how I used to avoid even the idea of watching Buffy, because many my cohorts in my high school were avid watchers and loud fans and I simply chalked it up to hype? Well, now that I’ve been there done that, I completely understand what all the hype was about. And also, why people were constantly talking about how either Angel or Spike was ridiculously hot (even if I am more in the camp that Angel is a chunk-head, though an endearing one).

I think one thing that draws me to Buffy though is the whole High School focus. Television and movies that are centered around high school are completely ridiculous things, because they are nothing like what high school was like. Especially the high school I went to. But I think that’s actually part of the reason that I go for them, even now.

But anyway. Watching Buffy, as well as one of my favorite movies being Heathers and having recently ended up randomly watching Mean Girls, I realized that college for me has been far more like that entertainment-glazed version of high school. For me, high school was a pretty good experience. The academics were for the most part boring, yes, but I was very lucky in that I got to shine in the field of music. I was so involved. And that’s how I love it. In college, it’s just been cello. And cello is great, but I’ve always known there’s more to life than just that, and I that I would rather do a handful of different things rather than just one thing when it came to music.

Also, there were stereotypes and cliques in high school, yes, but I feel like as a social floater, I got along really well with the majority of my peers, and really had some pretty amazing friends. The only problems I had socially were the ones I brought upon myself by being…you know. An introverted social failure. College, though. Hello, cliques and stereotypes. College actually has made me feel like one of those sad types of loner nerds, even if I’m actually not wholly uncomfortable with that idea (hmmm). College has also had a good deal of discrimination and weird harassment that…well…seemed more like something that ought to be in high school. People cornering people in hallways in cussing them out. Things like that!

I’m just rambling. I haven’t blogged in a while so I’m just rambling.

I think a lot of this has to do with the high school I went to versus the university where I am currently enrolled. U-High was extremely small, as far as schools go, with just 600 students. Reasonably tight-knit. A lot of opportunity to get involved and not feel smothered. A real “there is no I in team” atmosphere. And U of I is…40,000 students? And a music school of course has weird competition and attitude and bunches of other stuff that have been new to me as a college student. There’s also a weird aspect of being really isolated in the music school, and in the midwest, for that matter. I’ve gotten a lot of comments that I’d have done better at a small liberal arts school or someplace like Oberlin. And sometimes I wonder if people are right about that.

But life is funny that way. In that you end up at a school you swore from the ages of 13 to 19 you would never attend, after going to school somewhere else for a year. Ha ha.

End disorganized ramble. I’m tired. I don’t even know what that was about. It started with Buffy.

I promise I’m going to blog more.

BUT ONLY IF YOU GO LOOK AT MY LATEST 365 PHOTO. Maybe it’s because I’m ridiculous, but I am somewhat proud of this photo for being moderately interesting. Moderately, anyway.

Einstein On The Beach

listening to: philip glass – knee 4

I am not the hugest fan in the world of Philip Glass. I like his music, yes, but if I had to choose listening to one over the other I would choose Steve Reich.

But Einstein on the Beach? Is really really really something I like.

You know what else I like? Legos. That’s why this is perfect.

I Is For Industrious (With Some Quality Time-Wasting)

listening to: lark quartet – shickele piano quintet

I am procrastinating. It is late, and I am procrastinating.

I hate math homework. It’s like high school all over again except there’s this inherent need to do extremely well and CARE about things like math now (it’s true. I hated math back then and had less will-power for getting things done).

It’s hard to get things done with Season 3 of The Office just came out and the deleted scenes are INSANE and I haven’t seen ANY of them.

I happened to have a good lesson today. I happen to be able to play Bach really well for some reason. I happen to kind of be able to play Haydn well. These are both surprising and good things.

I also got my hair cut.
Whistling (Not) In The Dark
This is the haircut I had hoped for when I first had all my hair chopped off. Even though you can’t really tell in that photo. But trust me. It’s awesome.

I also happen to really really love Peter Shickele’s string chamber works.

That is all. Carry on.