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Aaah, sleep, I love you. But it’s so hard to get up when the outside temp is something like 8 degrees F.

I am fine now. I woke up this morning to realize gigs are lame and I shouldn’t pay attention to them. And also that I kick ass at fast passages, namely Mozartian ones. Dear bow hand, how I love you. I also kind of realized that Opera is going to eat my SOUL. I miss D.S.

Do you realize how long it is that I have had some stupid, miserable, nearly-angsty post in my blog? A while. I actually think I need to do it more often. I’ve gotten myself so used to ignoring things that make me unhappy and not talking about them. When I’ve started to realize that a) nobody is going to be offended by what I say (I mean, unless of course I say something offensive…) and b) it’s good to get that stuff out.


Mediocrity And Nothing

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Hmm, what exactly is there to say?

I am tired. Already too-long days should not be followed up with driving and mediocrity and more driving until around 11pm. The driving part was good, though. There are a lot of things to talk about in 2 hours cumulative driving time. Actually, yelling. It’s good to have someone in the car with me who I am comfortable enough to yell around (that takes a fair amount of trust).

I am also empty-feeling.

Enigma Variations brings back too many weird nostalgic moments. It was the first real symphonic piece I played during my first semester at Iowa. But the Nimrod variation from that same piece was the very last piece we played with YOA. And I don’t know why, but it makes me ask myself what the hell I’m doing.

What am I doing? I always go through a short period of self-doubt occasionally about what the hell it is I’m doing, but when what I’m doing is channeling all I’ve worked on and cultivated into mediocrity and being paid for it, that doesn’t exactly make me want to jump for joy.

This along with the fact that…well…someone recently pointed out to me that this is not the ideal atmosphere or location to make emotional connections with people. And it’s true, at least for me. This is something that people have been trying to tell me for a while, but I guess it didn’t hit me until a few days back how true it really is. I think this must be the first time in a while that I am saying “I want to get out of here,” and it’s no longer because I don’t like the aesthetics of the town.

I don’t know. It’s both those things. It’s like…one minute I have an ideal set in my mind about where I would like to go or what I might like to do, but then somebody throws a curve-ball at me. One further reason that being an idealist sucks.

I would like to think this is just something that a good night of sleep can’t fix. Or maybe a hug. Or just knowing somebody gives a hoot.

I am being stupid. It will pass.

Boring As Is Just Big Freaking Ramble

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Holy freaking Man, it is COLD. Outside and inside. In case you missed the whole ordeal last year about how my apartment lacks insulation and likes to be very cold and how I was not expecting this and how I cried in one of my lessons because I was stressed out and cold and my teacher gave me a blanket because he is probably the best teacher in the whole world, my apartment can get a little bit chilly. And in case you missed the whole ordeal earlier this winter where I almost died of fumes, I did in fact seal the cracks on the windows, and it has helped, but only some. And today it has been in the single-digits and teens. Thus…cold. It is kind of fun to walk around wearing three layers plus my amazingly wonderful bathrobe, though.

Aside from being cold, today I practiced SO MUCH and shook my fist at Tanglewood. Why? Well a) the obscure nature of the excerpts (i.e. unavailability) and the “prepared piece” (a pdf file of about two lines, with only note-heads. No dynamics, or note values or anything. I am supposed to make up my own two-line…thing. This admittedly should be fun, I say begrudgingly. Grumble mutter). Anyway. I forgot how much of a bitch it is to get ahold of any Shostakovich symphony part. Simply because one party owns all the parts to all the symphonies (which are unreadable pieces of crap) and you must rent these parts for 8-million dollars (I have no idea how much you actually need to pay. A lot). Fortunately, there are such things as full orchestra scores that happen to exist in our library. Ha-ha!

I still don’t know what to do with the prepared piece. Make some crap up, I guess. Put in some dynamics. Make it sound pretty.

It also just hit me how much chromatic junk they want to hear, between Shostakovich and Hindemith.

Also, new web-log to grace my bookmarked food collection: Cereal Blogger.

Fairly Ridiculous

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Two links of innovation for the moment:

1) Stringfever – Bolero. This is the most ridiculous thing in the entire world.

2) Andrew Bird – Plasticities. What one man can do with a loop pedal. I love this song so very very much. I am looking forward to the official release. Thank you, Internet Archive.

Oh man. Pancetta. The stuff is awesome. If there is one thing I gained from the few weeks in Europe over the summer, it is an appreciation of all things cured Italian pork (save for pork cutlet, which I don’t think I will ever be able to stomach again in my entire life). Seriously. Pancetta, prosciutto. Whichever. It was everywhere (except for maybe Germany). I am actually kind of amazed that during that trip, I came out of my pork shell while I remember others weren’t so hot on the non-cooked pig thing. Mmm.

Yes, I ate pancetta last night.

I also got to play with a Wii. And…my god. I want one. I would buy one this very instant if they weren’t so ridiculously impossible to get ahold of. It was just…I think I’m speechless in regards to the awesome. I guess for now that I will just say that I made a Neil Gaiman Mii. So yeah. It’s probably for the better that I not have a Wii of my very own. I need to maintain my grip on productivity. And uh, reality.

Things. Stuff. Junk.


Kerry: Yes, but I keep forgetting. Because it’s weird. Hosea. Those weird Germans and their weird names.

Renata: Yay! Penny-Arcade!

Colin: A Game Genie for real life would basically be the best thing, ever.

It’s Cute How The Universe Hates Me

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It’s kind of a humbling experience to get yourself completely lost in a building you think you know. Today, I was trying to locate the Orchestra and Choral library, which is supposedly in Smith Memorial Hall. I use the word “supposedly” because I’ll be DAMNED if the room 306 Smith actually exists. I guess I could admit that I’ve only been on the 3rd floor of Smith hall twice before, and that was just to the piano practice corridor to rehearse with someone. And that piano practice corridor is locked, so you can’t get behind it unless you have a key or can teleport. Or walk through walls. Take your pick. But it turns out there’s this weird little hallway with steps that takes you pretty much nowhere, except to some lockers. So I left Smith thinking “maybe I misread and it’s really in 306 of the Music Building?” Except for the part where it totally wasn’t.

But I guess it’s good that I’m as loud and whiny as I am. I was standing on the third floor of the Music Building just after this, explaining loudly to a few people that I could not figure out where in Samuel Langhorn Hell the freaking Orchestra and Choral library is. And some…guy (who I did not know) overheard and informed me that it was on the third floor of Smith “by the radiator” and also “near the cage.” And then I realized that you can probably get to the unapproachable back area of the third floor of Smith by way of elevator. So tomorrow I’ll have to try this. Wish me luck.

I think it’s kind of hilarious that I got lost again, today, in a building I thought I knew well, ONE YEAR AND A DAY after I randomly wandered up some stairs in the MB basement and found myself in a nameless corridor.

I would now like to point out the ridiculosity of orchestral excerpt books edited in whole collections for instruments. Really. Buy the individual parts, in their entirety. Not just excerpts. You’ll thank yourself when somebody asks you to prepare part of a movement that is NOT known for being a standard excerpt which doesn’t happen to be in the excerpt collection because they just don’t do that. And then you have to buy new parts or freak out or punch someone or something. It also frustrates me that the excerpts that ARE included do not come with any indication of where in the piece they take place. No movements, rehearsal numbers, measure numbers, anything. Because they usually include three or four little excerpts from each piece, depending on the length of the work and level of insanity (i.e. difficulty).

Also: today in Renaissance history, we talked a little bit about the Bubonic Plague. My new Black Death t-shirt has made me way too excitable about the plague.

Also: I guess I’m not participating in the laptop ensemble this semester. Hmmm.

Bang on a Can at Krannert tonight!

Witty Thing Goes Here: I Practiced A Crap-ton Today

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First and foremost: I bought gasoline for $1.86 a gallon yesterday!!! I never thought I was see the day that prices went anywhere near $2 again.

Adding to the list of things I do that I just don’t understand: getting home from a rehearsal around 11pm and then deciding that I absolutely had to make banana bread. Why, Talia, why? I was up until something close to 2:30 last night, just because I’m stupid. But then again, those over-ripe bananas weren’t going to dispose of themselves, right? Anyway. The bread is quite good. Especially considering I was kind of guessing about half the recipe.

I guess I should mention that it sucks being a klutz. I was putting my cello back in its locker last night, and as I was walking away, I somehow completely bashed my hand into one of the neighboring locks. It hurt. So much. It looks pretty awesome, today. I need to stop getting hurt out of klutziness.

Something else awesome must be going on. Hmm. Sometimes I just don’t have a lot to say.

Aurally Pleasing Things

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Can’t. Stop. Listening to Cocteau Twins.

There is a particular 80’s sound that I’m fond of, and I suspect it has to do with guitar. It’s more…twangy? And distorted in a certain manner? Or something (tidbit: somewhere, Robin Guthrie said that the guitar effects sounded the way they did because he had no idea what he was doing)? I’m not certain. All I know is that between Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals and Robin Guthrie’s guitar (and all the other various things going on), my ears are pleased.

I did in fact make pizza the other night. Completely independent of a parental guardian. It was delectable. Also: my oven didn’t set me on fire or anything, and I had leftovers. Plus, the recipe merits two pizzas, so I have leftover dough in my fridge which will probably be used tomorrow at some point.

In related news, I just joined Slashfood and Food Porn over on Flickr. Mmm, looking at food.

So okay. I have to say. The start of this semester has been way better than the last, in terms of practicing. Mainly because this semester, I am actually practicing. The start of last semester had me whining and not practicing. And now, things are actually getting done. It’s also interesting to see how different the technical issues of my playing are even from last semester. I just wish my “attack and kill” technique mentality didn’t keep me from hammering out the repertoire. It’s a problem. When will I be able to balance working on technique and learning repertoire without completely ignoring one or the other? I guess it helps that my technical problems are definitely becoming less of the impending-doom type. They’re more “if you can fix these few things, it will make life that much easier for your fingers and your body.”

Also, my tentative recital date is April 21st. Mark your calendars. Program (subjects to change…still) is Beethoven A major sonata, Piazolla’s Le Grand Tango and Debussy sonata. And possibly a jazzy number called Julie-O. This is so exciting, I’m sitting on the edge of my coma.

I would also like to mention that in the past week, I have lost 8 lbs. WHAT THE HELL. Admittedly, I gained 5 lbs through the holiday, so it’s no seriously huge deal. It just…always freaks me out to lose that much in such a short span of time. I think it’s a) being at school, moving around more b) eating appropriately sized meals (a lot of breakfast, moderate amount at lunch, smaller dinner, less before-bed snacking) and not eating Christmas crap anymore. Hooo, boy. This is also good because…running has been sucking. I think shedding a few pounds is going to help a good deal. End entry of things you really didn’t need to know.

*edit* Someday, I will be a better typist.

Maybe YOU’RE In The Ceiling!

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I wish I were a normal person and didn’t have a sudden urge to clean shit when I have actual work I could be doing. So at around 12:30am, I cleaned my oven. Awesome. Except it turns out cleaning your oven kind of sucks.

But anyway. There was a purpose to the cleaning of the oven. I’m going to make pizza tonight. I’ve never done anything quite like this in my oven before, so I guess I’m just testing the waters, or something? I’m just nervous because it’s a gas oven with kind of sketchy (ie, inaccurate) knobs so…we’ll see.

I’m also going to make this sometime soon. Oooooh boy.

Oh, so, Office last night? Awesome. I’m so happy they put a Producer’s Cut online. Further proof that this show really needs a full hour. And I’ve gotta say, I still totally love Ed Helms and his singing (what’s in your heeeeaaad, in your heaaa-ie-eaaad) but my God, the crazy that is Andy. Also, I miiisssed you, Jim from season 2. Please stay.

Love, Talia

This Just In: I Flaked Out

And canceled my Aspen audition. Oh, but they still get to hear my crappy recording. Instead of a crappy live audition to supplement a crappy recording for a fellowship they give to I think one person.

Also, string pedagogy today revolved around discussing how one would teach the musical saw.


Patience, My Pet

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random amusing quotes: “Yeah, the young theory guys are always fun. Like Professor Taylor”
“Professor Taylor isn’t that young…”
“He’s like seven!”

Durrr!! If I were a lesser person (or something), I wouldn’t even BOTHER auditioning for Aspen. Way to specify exactly how much of the excerpts we need to know on the audition requirements pages!! Graah! So between Schumann sounding spaz-tastic and not having the entire part of the Mendelssohn scherzo, I wish I were a lesser person at this point. Is it really worth it? Fortunately, Ann is providing me with music I wouldn’t otherwise have. And I don’t have to travel for this audition. I guess it’s still worth the experience. To some degree. Mega-frowl!

I don’t understand why people are so weirded out by my fascination with Catholicism. Catholicism is insane! Especially in Europe around the Renaissance and Baroque periods! If we continue talking more specifically about historical events and Catholicism in my History of Renaissance music class, this semester will officially be awesome. Oh, and also if we don’t talk about anything involving musical rhetoric. At all. Ever. Nope. No rhetoric allowed.

Asdf;lkjsdf. I need to be more patient. Long-term projects and ideas are appealing to me more these days. Which is good because learning and practicing music is about as long-term as they come. But I still need to just…relax. Patience, kid.


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Winter Break photos!

This was technically not taken during Winter Break, but I think it indulges the Christmas spirit enough that it should be included. The Christmas L!! The photo does no justice. Imagine two more cars decorated like that and a lot brighter, with living people dressed as elves on one empty car.

Dinner! That I made! Yay!

Yes, I actually got a Bubonic Plague t-shirt for Christmas.

Back of Bubonic Plague t-shirt

My sister and our bird-sitting subject. How can something so cute be so evil??

He stayed that way for five minutes.

M.E.D. is the queen of everything shifty-eyed!

Carry on.

I’m Sitting On The Edge Of My Coma!!!

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Aaaaah, yes. Here we go. Spring ’07.

Through a series of “what the hell classes qualify as the one gen-ed I need will possibly fit between my weird schedule?” moments, I’ve managed to come out with no classes on Tuesdays. That’s great for a few reasons. One: because my Tanglewood audition in Chicago is a Tuesday. Rock. And Two: stuff? Actually, an occasional week-day trip back to Bloomington might be required this semester. So it works.

Oh. So. I HAVE A CUISINART!!! No more chopping onions by hand for me.

I suppose there is nothing else to say. Except that some of the student interviews on the Verdi Requiem DVD are INSANE (in a good way. a funny way. really). I am getting kicks out of this.

More on the DVD, later.

Eat It, Time And Space

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Haaaaaaay guess what? I have a computer! How did I get my laptop back? Magic.

So that’s good. Especially considering the fact that I kind of maybe didn’t send Aspen all the stuff I needed to for their application. And by “stuff” I mean recordings. Heell.

When I got back to my apartment yesterday, I found a surprise in my mailbox. Namely, the DVD of the Verdi Requiem with Placido Domingo conducting Youth Orchestra of the Americas! More later.


I was going to post a moderate re-cap of Winter Break (especially all of the PEOPLE I’ve seen, omg), but time is of the essence and I must return to school. So I will get to it later. But for now……packing.

A general note: I will be computer-less for probably the next week or so. If you must reach me, your best bet is via cell-phone. Or just running around in the streets yelling my name loudly (though that probably won’t merit reaching me. It will just mean you’ll be running around the streets yelling a lot and I like the thought of that, so you should get on that. And then tell me about it).

Yay, yelling. Boo, computers.

"…Okay, Now I’m Laughing At You…"

listening to: cocteau twins – amelia

For the record, it is still hilarious to find livejournals of ridiculous people that I actually know.

And I know all too well that I am not the greatest of typists. But SPELLING PLZKTHNX.

Also……..I really really really like the Cocteau Twins.

Freaking Applications

I had a very Summer 2003 moment or two last night when I rediscovered how completely bad I am at first-person shooters. And also got to remind myself of my complicated PC Karma. Damn PC’s (And yes, I am aware that there are a handful of PC-users who are laughing at my weird randomly-shutting-down laptop right now. But I don’t care. Shut…it). Honestly, though, I’m pretty sure when it comes down to it, the only valuable video-game skills I have are leveling up for days at time (RPGs). Oh, and rolling shit up (Katamari Damacy).

Should I really be taking this audition next Friday? I still haven’t sent in my application, even though I have an audition scheduled. The application requires me put together a new resume, which I really don’t feel like doing. On top of it all, the fee for the application alone is $100. Is it worth it? I realize that I’m totally still under some sort of unmotivated funk. But I also realized yesterday that I can either take this in stride as one of those “this could really suck but it will be good for the experience” things, or that I can freak out about not embarrassing myself and work myself up into some tense state of being that is both unnecessary and hindering. I’ll go with the first one, I guess. I think most of the problem right now is that I’m too damn lazy.

*update* Resume for application-thing done. A pain in the ass. But done. It did make me fondly remember the YOA cello coach from last year, though, after adding his name to my “additional teachers” list. I’ll bet everyone wishes they were that trilingual. Financial Aid form almost done. Favorite question from said form: “Without a scholarship, will you be able to attend the Music Festival and School?” Har har. You know, that’s almost true. It’s rumored that independents (like me) get basically no money. Awesome. Will run to post office and send out application w/additional stuff once Financial Aid form is completed with help from Dad. Hmm. Hurry, Dad. So I can turn this thing in and stop feeling like a delinquent.

So. I’ve modified a few of my New Years Resolutions. Or maybe added more. For one, I am going to floss every day of the year. Possibly even twice in a day! Another is to cook something interesting that will render excellent leftovers, at least once a week (unless extraneous circumstances of busy get in the way). I don’t know. What were my original resolutions, anyway? Oh yeah. Using more bow and…something else. No wait. It was playing closer to the bridge. Well, whatever.


listening to: broadcast – corporeal

Wow. My body totally hates me. I woke up around 9 this morning so I could get things done. Practice! Fill out more applications! Run! And by about 10:30 I was rendered useless on the couch. Cramps are fun. Usually they’re not that bad. But at least once or twice a year, there is an absolutely craptastic day or so in which all I can do is whine and wonder why pain relievers do nothing. And I guess today is one of those days. I know people have it a lot worse than I do, but it’s hard not to feel a little helpless when it happens so RANDOMLY.

Guess what, body? I hate you back.

In other things, I am going to be computer-less as soon as I get back to school. I had to drop my MacBook off at Connecting Point because it was doing this….THING. That it’s really not allowed to do. Randomly shutting itself off. Sometimes once in two weeks. Sometimes a few times in one hour. And I finally last night, after making my first attempt at playing with software and mic levels for cello-recording, decided I needed to do something about it when the thing spontaneously shut itself off. I’m guessing it’s going to be at least a week before it’s fixed and ready to be retrieved, and that will only be whenever I have time to drive up and get it, but whatever. It will probably be good not to be able to waste hours of time on the internet when I could be practicing, especially the first week back (holy shit, audition in a week). So I will take it in stride. Or something.

In other exciting things, Green Tea Mochi ice cream is … so weird.

Fool Me Once, Strike One. Fool Me Twice…Strike Three

listening to: broadcast – corporeal

Passive-aggressive Office rant of the week:

Ten minutes after I swear I felt the gleeful cries of several hundred really idiotic fans, that gleeful cry was replaced by a chorus of universal “NOOOOOOOOES”. GOD DAMMIT. I HATE YOU, KAREN. I can’t wait to see what some people on some messageboards are saying. Not that I…read…messageboards. Shutup.

And Andy, I am vaguely annoyed by your not-niceness. And why is it that I continue to like Dwight so much?

Also, fan speculation is completely ridiculous. But my, how I enjoy it. Alright. Moving on.

I think I’m over the hype of the iPhone. I don’t know what it is. This whole Apple Computers becoming Apple Inc. It makes me slightly wary and suspicious and all that jazz. I guess in general, I hate hype. And right now, that’s basically all there is surrounding the thing. Kottke.org had an interesting something on the iPhone that I will link to later.

But right now? As support for my wariness, here is Smash My iPhone dot com. I would donate. If I weren’t cheap.


*edit* Dude. I just received confirmation that Jim was driving a SAAB. SAAAAB. In other news regarding Jim, he really clearly needs someone to give him a good beat-down. Really. Beat-down. Also, the more I think about it, the more I hate Andy. Even though he sang a song from Willy Wonka that he adjusted the lyrics to himself. For the record, none of this changes my feelings about Ed Helms.

Really Winging It

listening to: cibo matto – apple

Look alive.

Whoa. So hey, I am now officially scheduled for two auditions — one for Aspen and one in Chicago for Tanglewood. The Aspen audition is NEXT FRIDAY HOLY MAN. The rep isn’t bad, as I’ve played all of it before and I will certainly have Schumann ready by them. Oh, except for Ein Heldenleben by Strauss. Which I’ve never played before. Which I can’t find the music for. Hmm. Well, I think it’s certainly true that I do well in auditions where I just have to “wing-it.” Well, this will just be “REALLY winging-it.” We’ll see.

Dude. So on Tuesday, Renata came over! And we had amazing driving adventures! And we made lots of Asian cuisine! Include spring-rolls with weird-smelling noodles, and california rolls. And candy sushi. Mmm, candy. Renata also now has a lot of pictures of me looking upset about things that smell funny or have tentacles. We also watched MST3k, The Critic, and Little Britain (which is SOO WEIIIIRD but SOOO GOOOOOD). Overall, awesomeness.

Nothing else new. I’m being awesome and actually taking a gig when school starts up again. I am notorious for not-taking-gigs because I’m lazy and a lot of them just aren’t worth it and I’d rather have time to practice and do other things. But I have been recommended for this one. And I like money. And I think that all this sitting-at-home stuff has really made me anxious to sign myself up for anything. A-NY-THING. And so I’m not allowed to complain later on when something about the gig ends up being less-than-desirable. Here here.

New episode of the Office tonight. Excited.

Procrastinating: YES

listening to: r.e.m. – it’s the end of the world as we know it

I was going to write this completely idiotic post about how I love Ed Helms, but then I was watching an episode of The Office with commentary and at some point Steve Carell says something completely ridiculous on the commentary track and John Krasinski responds by saying “you know, you’re kind of like one of the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000” and I wanted to give myself a labotomy (in a good way. that doesn’t make sense. just smile and nod).

So I’m going to have to go with: I LOVE YOU JOHN KRASINSKI.

But, I really love Ed Helms, too. For the record, I am completely rendered useless by any and all falsetto singing. Ever. (note: It’s true. During madrigals in high school, we sang this weird little song that features all the different ranges and parts of the mixed madrigal choir, and…wow, I don’t even remember the solo I had. I just remember that Jeff always sang “Oh! Let me sing false-tto-o!” right before me and I think the few times I didn’t break during my solo right after that was during the actual dinners, mostly because I was afraid Mrs. Corpus would be less than tickled if 2-measure solo turned out to be — oh hey, I remember it now — “who brings the … *snort* mea…hahaha…sure?”) And I swear, there has only been one episode of The Office this season in which Ed Helms HASN’T done some falsetto thing.

Also? Plays the banjo. Also? Oberlin grad. Also? Former Daily Show news correspondant.

Here is some related (video)linkspam:

YouTube: Ed Helms singing to Yanni on Conan O’Brian

YouTube: Andy from The Office singing Rainbow Connection AAAND playing the banjo

YouTube: Daily Show, Ed Helms on Gay Marriage in Massachusets (……….I love the homometer)

Okay. So I’m really blogging because it’s an important part in procrastinating things like *gasp* summer festival applications. Boo.

In other things. Renata and I are going to make various sorts of food tomorrow. I am several kinds of excited! Like, really. Very excited. More on this later. Now: applications. Really. I promise. Hmmmm. Who should my 3 contact references in my Tanglewood aplication be…?


Kerry: that made me compulsively google “dental abscess” and then go brush my teeth. Brrrrrr. Teeth. Also, I ended up telling my mom about how you are immune to onions (ie eating them raw and chopping them) and she didn’t believe me. I think you may need to come to my house and chop onions in front of my mom…

Dental Fun!

listening to: björk – crying

Ew. Ew ew ew.

It turns out that the most unpleasant of all dental occurances would have to be having impressions of ones teeth taken. I experienced this very thing this morning and…..blarrrh. I’m not exactly sure what was worse, the moment they pulled the green gunk off of my teeth or the aftertaste of said green gunk. Yeah, that’s right. Green gunk. That gave off a weird aroma of fruit. And left little bits of gunk in my teeth. But yeah. The aftertaste was sort of awful. Like I’d been eating soap for a good portion of the morning. I had to work not to speed like mad on the way home, because I wanted a toothbrush just that badly. Blecch.

I love sharing things that I KNOW nobody wants to know. Eeeheeee.