Yay Internet Cafe

Greetings from Brussels. European keyboards are absurd and everything Blogger is in FRENCH. Insanity.

Things are busy. Busy busy busy.

Our first real string of concerts begins on Wednesday night, and then we take off for Italy. Huzzah.

But alas, I must now go to a sectional. Sob. I will hopefully update again soon!

<3, Taaalia

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I Hate Chocolate Friday!

So…there’s a been a vote that…I hate Chocolate Friday. And so does Michelle. And we don’t even really know what it means.

Hey, so were you aware that cellos are big and awkward? Yeah. I just sort of got wind of this fact, and I am FREAKED OUT about dealing with cello + heavy suitcase + being in foreign land/airport. OH MY GOD.

Anyway. Hi. I’m leaving very soon. I need to go practice a bit, because I sure as hell am not going to be doing any of that in the next…I don’t know how many hours. There’s also the thing where…I’m also pretty freaked out that something is going to happen to my cello. I’ve heard horror stories. I mean…it’s GOING UNDER THE PLANE. I’m also sort of freaked out because in general, I hate O’Hare. It’s huge and a zoo-house and the very idea of having to get through it kind of makes me want to cry.

But THAT’S OKAY. I’m sure in a number of hours, I will be in Belgium, and someone with a small sign that says “YOA” will have picked myself and 115 other people up, and I will take a seating audition and I will NOT CARE how it goes, because dammit, I made it into the orchestra! Who cares! And then I am going to eat pancakes WAFFLES. The end.

Alright. Okay. Bon Voyage! I will try to blog if I get the chance! You are all fabulous and we will all commune through the internet at a later time.

Lurve, Talia.

A Mystery

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+ I’m leaving tomorrow!!!

+ I am somehow really on top of the packing thing. It’s amazing. I made lists and I folded things and I crossed junk off the lists and I put stuff in piles and…yes.

+ I am not a Pocky fanatic. In fact, I prefer the other kind (Toppo). But. I found this weird flavor of Pocky, called Black Sesame. And it’s like HALVA! On a Pocky stick! Except way less horrible for you because of the whole “small pretzels don’t hold much” factor that forces moderation. Except…I noticed on the translated ingredients on the back that it contains “forbidden rice.” What the shit?

+ People still suck, and weird things I over-involve myself in are still bumming me out. But it doesn’t matter because I’m going to Europe tomorrow (pronounced Oy-roh-pa)!

+ I’ve been practicing massive amounts of orchestral music. The result is that I’ll get one bit from one symphony in my head, and two measures later it turns into a DIFFERENT piece entirely, until I’ve gone through up to four different pieces. It’s ridiculous. I’ve noticed that it goes something like this: Dvorak 9 –> Shostokovich 5 –> Tchaik 5, with some Berlioz Roman Carnival in there. GET IT OUT GET IT OUT.

You know you want to care.

+ Forrest: awesome!! I will read Ayn Rand! …When I get back.

+ Kerry: YES! My shirt is famous! That leaves me weirdly happy. Also, I was going to send you a couple songs via Gmail that I think might interest you, but sadly the internet is being wonky for me again. So…check out the band Maritime. I will force more awesome music onto you when I get back. WAHAHAHA.

You know, in general, I am mystified. This entire festival is a mystery to me. All I know is I am getting on a plane to a Brussels tomorrow with my cello, and somebody will (as it is worded exactly in the email) be holding a small sign with “YOA” on it when I get there. And frankly, I’m a little freaked out. All correspondence has been done via email. I know nothing of what is going on or taking place once I get there. I assume that something will occur along the lines of seating auditions, but after that WHO KNOWS. My friend Emmy and I aren’t even on the same flight, even though we’re both leaving from O’Hare. I don’t know living or travel details. WHO KNOWS.

I wish my mother would stop clumping around upstairs.

Perhaps I will update tomorrow before I leave. We shall see.

First Sporatic Entry Of The Day

listening to: maritime – german engineering

I am still incredibly bummed about the whole Rocketboom thing. I don’t know whether I should feel more ridiculous for being so emotionally over-involved in an internet matter that doesn’t specifically involve me, or if I should take this moment to go “…crap on that.” I think I’ll go with the later, especially after reading this.

Holy crap on mom’s shoes!! I leave tomorrow! I am completely freaking out about packing. I blame this on my mother (I mean, the general concept of my mother and the fact that I have her genes, not that she’s done anything to make me crazy, specifically). But it’s turning me into a semi-organized FREAK. Seriously. I’m writing lists like CRAZY. And they’re organized lists. I forgot that I actually am kind of a organizational freak when I’m not being mostly indifferent.

AAAAAAAAAAH I leave tomorrow…!

I think there is NO reason I should be blogging and not practicing/printing music/packing, at this moment. And if I do get a crapton done, maybe I’ll even have time to go stalk some people and wish them a happy month of July/week of August.

Don’t Mind Lai-Lai Boy!

listening to: buffalo daughter – bird song

This song would be so awesome. If it weren’t so DAMN RIDICULOUS. In general, though, Buffalo Daughter is the way to go. For moog. And WEIRD REICH-esque minimalist techniques shoved into standard pop-song format. Yes. Two tracks within this album sound very distinctly like Four Organs. What the.

I’m trying very hard to come up with something to say that isn’t “people suck!” But, hey! Look at that! I don’t think I can.

Really. I’m just…I’m kind of disheartened. Oh well.

Have you noticed how I am never open about anything on my blog anymore? I’m not even talking about super-crazy personal stuff that I just common-sense keep away from my blog. I’m talking about…everything. When did this happen? Honestly, I’ve been noticing it in places here and there for a while.

It wouldn’t matter anything to me except I just read this. At which point I realized that I am guilty of not posting things because I assume that those things will not be interesting or relevent or whatever to anybody. And other things. BUT WHO CARES?! Lame.

I’m also supremely bummed because…hey. Rocketboom as we know it is no more. Dammit, Amanda Congdon!

In other, happier (or ARE they happier??) things, I just took a moderately insane trip back to being like…14. You know how I’ve said in the past that I don’t own any embarassing CDs? Lies. All lies. Remember how I used to be OBSESSED with Ranma 1/2? And remember that one time when I went to Japan?! That’s all that needs saying.


Oh god. I don’t believe I remember all the words to I’m Ranma.

~Ranma, korosu! – Shanpuu!~

What’s An Adult?

listening to: buffalo daughter – i

I’m not sure but I think I might be… an adult. I can tell by the way people look at me, and don’t look at me. Someone the other day told me I should act more like one, but I don’t even know what it is. What’s an adult? I blame it on my parents, they caught it before I was even born. When I break things now I have to pay for them. I rarely get cake at parties anymore. When people give me sheets of paper I’m not supposed to draw on ’em. I’m just supposed to put the letters of my name on a line. Where’s the fun in that? People get funny when I say the obvious, like “you’ve got a big nose”. All of a sudden I’m supposed to know about the weather. And have plans! I even checked on the internet and no-one’s working on a cure. I’m not sure I like it. Help me.

Also!!! Tron really IS in Kingdom Hearts II! Yeah.

Also. Chris Sarandon. You know, the guy who did the voice for Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas. He was totally Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride and I SUCK at knowing things about people.

Happy Fourth.

*edit* D’oh.

Pleeease Save Me

listening to: buffalo daughter – i

Dear household members: CRAM IT.

I just…ARRRRRRH. I need to get out of here. I really need a hug.

In other, happier things, a glance to your right will reveal that the archives really exist. See? Existence! Yeah. You couldn’t really see them where they were hiding before, at the end of the right-hand link column. And so they MOVED. A whole …foot! Archives. Am I implying someting? Yes. Yes I am. I am implying major hiatus, so read some archives or something.

So…I’m pretty sure I don’t remember CSS anymore. It’s fortunate I’m still okay at copying and pasting, or the rearranging stuff would not have happened.

Also…should I read Ayn Rand?

I need out. And nobody cares. That’s life!


Dear YOA manager: for the love of God, SPECIFY. *jabs self in eye*

Sorry. I’m bitchy. I wasn’t kidding when I said I need a hug.

Aaaaaaaaaah She Doesn’t Know

listening to: enon – marbles explode

You know how sometimes I need to randomly blog in a different browser, for variety? This is one of those times. Except Safari + Blogger = SUCK. Yeah. Really. But the “Recover post” feature is available. I think I’m noticing that because it’s the ONLY thing available.

My Dad is getting me all freaked out. First of all, I didn’t realize until he pointed it out that it’s alarming that I didn’t get an actual flight ticket, or even an e-ticket, but a scan of my ticket. Second of all, there has been no word of what’s happening once I land in Brussels. Will someone be there to retrieve me? Where are we staying? Is there contact information? And I was all “meh, it’ll be fine,” until he said he was going to call the manager to find out what the deal is. Because…yes. There is a certain element of being stranded in the Brussels airport that SCARES THE BEJESUS out of me, yes.

And readers, I don’t speak French! La hole! Mai non! The extent of my French comes from Penny Arcade. That’s sad.

But anyway. So I’m a little bit like…”what’s going on? Does this festival even exist? Are they just sending all to Brussels with our instruments randomly to see what happens? To see if we figure out who everyone else is? To see if we manage to start our own sort of anarchist orchestra that is being monitored by the government? WHAT’S HAPPENING?!”

I haven’t heard much from Emmy, either. We’re on different flights. Mine is direct. I wonder if hers is. She leaves three hours earlier, and if her flight IS direct from O’Hare to Brussels, she’s totally going to be getting there at like…4:30am. So maybe not. Who knows. Aaaaaaaaaaaah I need to practice. Aaaaaaaaaah I am so not with-it for foreign travel and music-making. Aaaaaaaaah I don’t know.

I think I need to get out of here. It’s a very. Very. Very bad idea for me not to have anything real to do during any extended amount of time over the summer, I realize now, for the second summer in a row. I mean like…anything to work for. Musically. Academically. There’s a ton of random crap I’ve been trying to get done, but without motivation, why bother? It’s like…I’m taking part in this awesome traveling music festival starting next week!!!! …And…I don’t really care.

Whoa. It turns out that blogging with Safari makes me a lot more prone to gabbing my random anxiety to the internet. Whatever. Aaaaagh. I’ve got to get away from this machine.

Typing With Feeling

listening to: john cale – don’t go gentle into that good night

Wow. This song is awesome. Fifths and amazing orchestration rock.

YES!!! The system is not down!! The internet WORKS. Our connection CONNECTS. For more than 30 seconds at a time! It’s amazing. It’s colossal! I have no idea what happened to make it not work in the first place.

I’m also talking to the chat for the first time in maybe SEVERAL months. We’ve decided that mistypes are to be referred to from now on as “TYPING WITH FEELING.”

Tonight I was eaten alive. But I got to see Jeff!! Remember Jeff? He was my prom-date in high school. He also went to National Repertory Orchestra with my sister last summer. And he just graduated from Juillard. Do you want to know what Jeff is doing next year? Do you? Do you?! Jeff is probably going to be principal trumpet of the Seoul Symphony Orchestra. That’s right. As in Seoul, South Korea. Do you know how many people sign on for full-times jobs fresh out of their undergraduate studies? Well, at least one person we know of. Damn! That is so cool!

So…we were talking about siblings…and how some of them turn out so completely different from each other, particularly in the instance of three we went to high school with. And it kind of made me stop and think….holy crap, my sister and I are a lot alike for 7 years apart and not living together for nearly ten years! Jeff kind of vouched for this, having met her. He also vouched for the fact that we sound identical. You know, it really is irksome to pick up the phone to hear my own voice talking at me. It always takes a millisecond for me to not go “what the–” and then realize that it’s Erica.

It would also be less irksome if we didn’t look so damn different. (WARNING: The linked image is huge and contains excessive amounts of Elton John)

Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. I just wanted to blog something substantial, even if it was nonsense. NONSENSE.

Some Bitching

listening to: john cale – do not go gentle into that good night


(Hi. I know updates have been scarce. That’s kind of because our connection has been funky. But apparently it’s working at this moment. I hope. Anyway…)

So…do you know what the difference between Silver wound strings and Tungsten strings are? Apparently the former sounds like ASS on my cello. Which is GREAT because that’s what somehow got ordered from Shar instead of Tungsten. Fuck. Shit. Bitch.

But what can I do? There’s no way anything will get here on such short notice. I might just use my year-old strings, honestly. At least you can sort of hear notes on them. Sonuva…

(As for the sucky connection, meh.)