My Only Real Complaint About Music 408

listening to: dokaka – kuttsuki taro

Hey, hey, 408 exam. I have a question for you: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Seriously.

I mean, yeah. You were all doable, exam. Really you were. But not in the 1.5 hours we had. Two might have been more sufficient. Also, you had mistakes in you, of the mistransposition kind. And you were hand-written and missing question number five. I only hope that you are as laid-back in being graded as you seem to have been in how you were put together.

Thus ends my only complaint about 408. At all. Ever.

I am such an awesomely lucky freak. Today is a completely free day. No lesson. No rehearsals. No more classes. I intend to spend it running, practicing, sending out the last of my applications, and taking it easy. Tomorrow, the real fun begins.

Man. My wallet is about to explode. I hate excess change! I needed stamps, but the post office’s stamp machine was busted this morning, and the line at the counter was basically out the door. So I went to the stamp machine at the union, and gave it a $20 since that was all the cash I had. And it gave me all $12 of change in dollar coins! Why do you hate me, US Postal Service?!

My, how interesting I am.

Kerry – I don’t think I fully understood how you felt when you were telling me about Beck and his scientology thing. But now I do, and I’m sorry if I ever doubted you, and everything else like that.

m.e.d. – OF COURSE we will have a Chinese food/Heathers night (or several, if you like), you in all of your Shakespearefest fun.

Talia + Caffeine = Shut Your Noise-Hole, Bitch!

listening to: shiina ringo + utada hikaru – konnya wa boogie back (but why? WHY am I listening to this?!)

random amusing quotes: “Science…is…improving. We can destroy the world — that must be an improvement.” — Keeril

“The John Cage Coaster-Monster!!” — what I thought I heard, after Colleen referred to the article “John Cage — Ghost or Monster?”

“Question Number One: why does your phone meow when your wife calls?” — Colleen

I just got back from an emergency 408 exam study session at Perkins with Colleen. It was very very good. Because now I can discuss the technical and philosophical crap out of serialism. I still need to look over some stuff. So of course I am BLOGGING instead of studying.

In case you have been wondering of my whereabouts or have missed me ,or in case you just want to to make sure I haven’t died, the last few days have pretty much just been rehearsals or playing operas or feeling too tired to do anything but sleep and/or sit on my couch watching Anne of Green Gables being lazy. I am cool with this busy-ness, though. I agreed to play for all of these things because I knew I would enjoy them and get something out of them. So I have absolutely no reason to bitch. Except for the fact that scheduling sucks. A lot. I am also taking extreme care in the manner in which I play and practice, and so far I am happy to say that I do not hurt, anywhere. Yes, very good. I will hopefully keep this up in the following weeks of insanity.

You know, every time I cackle evily to myself, I remember that I need to email my sister.

Today the Jolivet harp ensemble had a coaching with the coolest man, ever. He danced around and shouted “Tiger! Tiger!” in rhythm, and told the strings that our absurdly fast and difficult triplet-passages were not important, and thus faking was acceptable.

I have been editing the format of old entries. For consistency sake. It is a tedious and painful process, because you know what? I was a twit when I was sixteen, and I don’t always enjoy reliving this through old entries.

Various things I promise to blog about when I have the proper attention-span/energy level for blogging: faking people out, various amusing happenings within rehearsals, adventures with Kerry (ADVENTURERS ARE WE).

Go Me!

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Holy shit! I just ran my regular 5k in under 30 minutes (29:48). My official time for the race last November was 33:31. Go me.

Hilarity. Everywhere you look.

I Enjoy Being Actively Oblivious

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random amusing quotes: “Kaaaaatheriiiinzoooeeeeeed”
“Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard all of our names spoken in one word.”
“What can I say. I always knew I had talent.”

Blogger now has its very own widget. I am using it this very moment. It is indeed shiny.

I think I’m just going to pretend that the last two hours did not happen. Yes, yes, that’s a very good plan. La-la-la, nothing! Opera what?

Stuff and things.

Too scatterbrained to actually blog. A compulsive wander is in order. Blogger widget…GO!

Reminiscent Of A Claw Shrimp Attack

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thinking: dear people, please learn how to spell the word “definitely.” DEF-IN-ITE-LY. Do you see any A’s in that word??

So…I’ve been obsessively re-reading Penny Arcade archives for most of the past week, in moments of boredom or procrastination. And this would naturally lead to various PA quotes ending up as my away messages. And so when I came back from eating dinner tonight to find this from Rob (who I basically never see/talk to on a regular basis anymore), it made me very, very happy:

fingerstastegood: Talia, you have no idea how happy you’re making me putting up random PA quotes. i love each and every one of them. and you.
kitsuneonna23 (Autoreply): Jesus Christ! What the hell happened? Did a Claw Shrimp get loose in here?
fingerstastegood: Mwah.

Awww, I love you too, Rob!

Actually, it’s funny, because I’ve been wondering if Rob in particular would notice and then yell at me for being boring enough to have to steal funny from PA. I like this reaction better.

P.S. Seriously. Penny Arcade? Makes me so happy.

This Entry Brought To You By An Opera-less Afternoon

listening to: pizzicato five – fortune cookie

random amusing quote: “so is that in 6/5? Or, wait. that’s 12/5. See, this is why we’re musicians. (to Schleicher) How’s your checkbook?” — My new hero, Bergonzi.

Hey! Renata has a new layout! And it’s totally tubular! Check it out.

Dear self,

Why are you dumb? And moreover, why must you agree to play for absolutely anything that is asked of you?! I mean, the last straw is being sent an email reminder about a recital this coming April that you agreed LAST April you would be willing to play, and have completely forgetten about at this point. Enough already!

Sincerely, Talia

It’s cool, though. This is why I’m only taking 13 credit hours. Also? I totally enjoy it, whine as I may about the difficulty of scheduling rehearsals…

If Opera has given me one thing, it is a free afternoon. Opera? I thank you for that much.

Delinquency Report

Hmm. I am possibly somewhat screwed for this test today. Because normally I actually…you know. Study.

Oh well. You can’t win ’em all. Or something.

Just thought I would share with you my current state of academic delinquency.

Dot Ent!

listening to: r.e.m – wind out (with friends)

In the continuing story of Talia Fails to Type, remember when I kept typing in “” as “frowl.orc,” and I laughed because I’m an idiot? Just now — JUST NOW! — I was attempting to visit boingboing, when I managed to type boingboing.ent. ENT! Again, laughter resulting from idiocy.

So, it turns out that I really need to haul my sorry butt out of bed at 6:30am more often. Gettings things done is very much worth it.

I was waiting outside of Brandon’s office for my lesson, and I was under the impression nobody was inside since I didn’t hear anything through the poorly sound-proofed door. So I was just standing there when all of the sudden, I hear the last movement of Britten coming through the door. And I was all “what the hell.” Later it was revealed that he was inside listening to the recording.

My lesson was REALLLLYYY GOOOOOOD. It was one of those highly tangent-inclusive lessons, wherein we’d just start talking about random and moderately related junk and then get off on a completely different cello-related matter. But at the same time, so very productive was my lesson. It’s exciting to think of what I’ve done technically to help my playing in the past few years. But then there is also more left to do, and that is also kind of exciting, because unlike three years before I have a vague idea of what needs fixing and how I can fix it. LEFT-HAND POSITIONING HURRAAH.

Also, I remain completely confident that I do not need to over-work myself to accomplish things and make progress, if I am efficient. I CANNOT REPEAT THIS ENOUGH. This is not something we talked about in my lesson. It’s just something I need to keep telling myself when I hear things like “Ooh! I already practiced THREE HOURS this morning alone! Just another few to go!” Dear people, I don’t understand you or your ridiculously focused attention-spans.

P.S. I totally have OCD, and I think I have the proof.

Plinka Plinka Plinka Plah

listening to: ligeti – string quartet no. 2

Do you enjoy Ligeti at 6:30 in the morning? Do you?! DO YOU?!

I always forget how not hard it is to get up at 6, when I have to. I say this will bring about my finest day of productivity, yet. Hahaaah. Aaah, I make me laugh.

Oh My Crap!

listening to: r.e.m. – tighten up

thinking: per-haps we should tie her up… (it’s funny cos it was the best line ever written for anybody in a madrigal dinner, evar)

So…have we talked about how there was an opera dress tonight and it ate all souls, everywhere? Or the fact that I have a cello lesson tomorrow morning and a test in ATMS 100 on Wednesday, or –oh my crap– a listening journal due for tomorrow, the music for which I have not yet listened to or looked at and how I really just don’t care about any of it even though, no! that’s a lie, I totally do care, and how I’m just not gonna sleep tonight? Or really just…how this song rocks? Well, now we have. Moving on.

LOOK! A real entry!!! Kind of with…content. I mean, content? Yes. A point? Never.

Uuuh, nevermind. I take that last part back. I honestly can’t remember half the things I meant to insert. Shame on me, for not writing junk down.

*edit* New plan of action in terms of getting crap done: go to bed. Seriously. It is currently 11:51. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone to bed before like…1. So I will go to bed now, get up early and write my stupid journal-thing, be at the music building hopefully-by-8:30 to do some serious warming up, go to class at 9:10, practice for a few more minutes starting around 10:30, lesson at 11. I usually am very good about being thoroughly warmed up and ready to play anything before my lessons, but meh. The ATMS test? I will worry about it tomorrow.

Yeah. This week is slightly crazy.

Sorry, Sonny

listening to: brian eno – third uncle

Stupid NAMCO.

So, stuff and junk. It just figures that…as soon as Blogger actually begins to work again, I don’t really feel like posting anything? Yes.

But at least Blogger works. Some people were fairly freaked out. I was just happy that it wasn’t my layout eating posts or…things, this time around.

Thump Thump Thump

listening to: dead can dance – ullyses

Man. I am such a bitchy, ice-queen twit and…and… I should be banned from everywhere. It sure took me long enough to realize this.

I am in quite a beating-people-up mood for having just played a fairly good audition. What the hell is my problem. I mean, aside from the above.

I am also in a beating-myself-up mood. Which, as always, I seem to be doing an okay job of. NGGBLAH.

Dear Anonymous, on the subject of Onmyouji again: so what if I do? Are you trying to be antagonistic or just snarky? Because if the former, it’s not really working and if the later, be my friend! I like snark!

Die, Motivational Problems!

listening to: matt haimovitz – menevse

I’ve been noticing I have problems writing about specific events, such as big days I’ve had. I highly suspect this is simply a motivational problem. Let’s see what happens…nnow!

Soooo. Today I had my audition for Youth Orch of the Americas, along with Beth and Anne. It was a good experience, and an especially good one for having other people along with you.

We left school around 11:30, after a fairly awesome session of 408. And drove the 3 hours to IU in Bloomington, Indiana. Because Anne and I are awesome, neither of us had written the 150-words-or-less essay on what we hoped to gain from being a member of YOA yet. At least half the drive over was spent with both of us doing so, and Beth helping us out with her mad word-sculpting skills. I did not write much, in my desire to avoid writing an overly verbose and ridiculous-sounding bit. I am okay with this. I’m sure nobody cares to read what I wrote, but you know something? This is my blog, and I enjoy subjecting the readers to ridiculousness, and sometimes even PAIN. So here is what I wrote:

What I hope to gain from being a member of YOA is a greater sense of community, cooperation and communication as both a musician and a person. Fostering the ability to work in a professional setting with one another is something I feel is extremely important to musicians at the collegiate level. I can imagine no better way to acquire this experience than to spend my summer working with over one hundred fellow musicians from around the world.

As Beth told me upon my reading it to her in the car, “that’s pleasant…”

We finally arrived (arove?) at IU. I have not been in Bloomington, IN since I was about 10, and their campus is lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. Just saying. The auditions were being held in a weird and carpeted auditorium in their gargantuum Memorial Union. We got there with about a half-hour for me to warm up, as I was going first. Some people may go “EEE! That’s not enough time!” But no. That was the perfect amount of time for me to play through everything, get my sound going, and then say “aaaaah. How very ready I am, to play an audition.”

And then I went and played an audition!

Okay. If you don’t like hearing about audition/performance nerves, just go away. Now. Nobody here likes you.

But…I have to say it. For the first time since before I was about nine years old and realized that people are actually listening to you and that’s occasionally scary, I was not nervous. At all. I was completely okay with this, except maybe a little bit “what the hell.” Because…yeah. I don’t know if this is just because…I’m finally getting over some of my weird performance/audition anxiety or just because I was randomly really just not paying much attention to life as I know it. But whatever it was, it was strange, but nice.

Being calm before and during the audition, however, did not mean that I did not get tense, and start letting my thoughts over-take my musical sense. I did some very nice things, musically. I stayed very rhythmic and in tempo and good in intonation except for a few RIDICULOUSLY STUPID shifts. But…something was missing. I couldn’t just sit down and make things flow. My brain was in a little bit of a “ooh, we’re being recorded!” lock-down, and this was a problem. But…my BODY! My body was okay!

So I don’t know. Overall, I played well. But not well enough. I did quite a few imperfect things. And I know, nobody’s perfect. But a few clean and more articulate notes can be the difference between touring Europe for a month in the summer and…not. What’s cool to realize is that I know that I can fix this stuff. I know that by taking more auditions, I can figure out how to let my slightly stiff arms go freely and make my stupid brain just SHUT UP. And maybe obtain the ability to play my very best in front of people who will be critically judging my playing. And not just in my practice-room.

After our audition, I experienced the joys and sorrows of moving harps. Those things are big. The drive back was very rainy, filled with cool lightning, but generally good.

At some point in the day, we stopped at a Walgreens in Indiana, and picked up extremely on-sale valentine’s day chocolate. I should have an internal warning buzzer to keep me from buying chocolate. Because with my ridiculous habits of the past week, I consumed too much of it in the car, and now I itch. Have I mentioned here that I’m slightly allergic to chocolate? Because in case I haven’t, I am, and that bites. Only because…I still eat it. And then I itch. Aieeee.

Longest entry ever.

I took a few pictures. Every single one of Beth is blurry. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Fucking Salsa!

listening to: einstürzende neubauten – dead friends

thinking: the weather is making my hair go all jewish on me

I am compulsively updating a lot today.

Practicing was good. Audition excerpts all sound good. THANK YOU, GOD, FOR NOT PUTTING DON JUAN ON THIS EXCERPT LIST. Honestly? Don Juan not being on YOA’s list is probably one of the main reasons I am auditioning for them. But yes. This will be a good experience, tomorrow. I may be rockin’ with these excerpts, and I may sound good, but there is NO WAY I will get in. Seriously. I’m not just saying that to be “Yeee, I suck I’ll never get in, because I’m a whiny little twit who wants assurance that I don’t suck!” No. No. And no. This is more like…that one time I auditioned for NEC. For undergrad. Do you remember that? I totally knew I wasn’t going to get in, but the experience was completely worth it. With this audition tomorrow, I am currently up against various awesome cellists between the ages of 18-26 living in all the Western Hemisphere. So yeah. Not so much, with the getting in. But the experience!! The experience!!

Ridiculously tired, but being stubborn and not going to bed yet, even though I really ought to and there’s nothing keeping me up. This is most of why I stay up late these days. I need somebody to watch over me and simply club me around 11:30 every night.

Also, I am addicted to this fucking salsa (see last entry). Sigh. See, this is why certain items are forbidden from purchase when doing grocery shopping. Because…if they are there, I will just eat them, out of boredom and because they taste really very good. Like, Nutella. I am never allowed to have Nutella under this roof. Ever. Because I’ll start eating it. And it’s quite possible I will not stop. It’s completely ridiculous, eating out of boredom, but it is something I occasionally do when I am stressed/whatever. I have been a lot better about it since school started up. But in the past week, I have been caring a lot less about everything, in addition to being busy as hell. And the result? Salsa binging. Bad. Very bad.

Oh crap. I need to write a journal-thing from our in-class performance of In C for 408. I will actually do that now.

I will report back on how the audition goes, eventually.

I Am…

listening to: 808 state – lopez

I am going to go practice. I am only going to do an hour or so, since I have already rehearsed and sat and destroyed my brain for up to five hours today. I am going to play through the excerpts a couple times, and then touch up the solo stuff I’ll be playing for the same audition. If there is time after this, I will continue work on Britten. I am not going to randomly fall asleep as I am playing, like I almost did in Opera. I am not going to wander around the music building hallways looking for distraction.

More than anything, I am going to take my umbrella. I am I am I am.

Bite Me, Opera

listening to: yuji oniki – elements

random amusing quotes: “So do you want me to put my lips on your hair, then?”
— Courtney

“Hey, do you still want to play for me tonight?”
“Yeah! Oh, and do you mind if I play for you sometime later? –Wait…”
— Kyra, Me

Oh my god. I think I may have discovered the best salsa, ever (my recent thing is salsa. i’ve been searching for the perfect one. i am also considering making my own). THIS STUFF IS A HUGE KICK IN THE TEETH. It’s like that Trader Joe’s Garden Patch Veggie Juice all over again. Painful, but impossible not to continue consuming.

So…my apologies to people who were misled when my blog turned up in a search for Onmyouji. To clear up any confusion or disappointment or wanting to gouge my eyes out, I have seen both the first movie and the sequel. I liked them both very much, but they are just cheesy enough in their way that I will make fun of them, and the possibility of any related fanfiction. This site contains no real information on the movies. Move along. This is not the blog you are looking for. I did not mean to bother people.

WE PLAYED IN C YESTERDAY! It was really cool. Except counting long notes is really difficult when you’re going from repeated bits of fast notes to really slow held-out stuff. Also, I’m not sure everybody got it. Errr, “got it” might be the wrong term. I think some people thought too much about it, and how to make it musically more “beautiful.” And…yeah. That’s one of the reasons I like minimalism. It’s not just about a beautiful sound.

Dear somebody who fixes things like coin slots: PLEEZE FIX OUR FREAKIN’ WASHER. THe coinslot has been jammed for like a week now. I finally became frustrated and in need of doing laundry enough that I called the 1-800 number and had the following exchange with some person on the other end, earlier this week:

Me: Hi. I’m calling to report a problem with the washer in my building.
Person: Alright. What is your address.
Me: 703 This Street, in Urbana.
Person: 703 This Street?
Me: That is correct.
Person: I’m…not seeing anything. Are you sure the address is 703?
Me: ………yes?
Person: I have an 803 This Street…
Me: No I’m…pretty sure i’m 703.
Person: …Well…sorry.
Me: That’s…okay. I’ll just call my landlord.

What the hell. So I went to check the machine-name/number again, found that everything was in order, and called my landlord. And the person I spoke with was like “hmmm. well, that’s odd. please allow me to call the 800 number and convince the suppliers that they do indeed provide us with a unit at the address.” But alas. It is later in the week and I still have no clean clothes! Somebody fix something! Please! Oh please! I have been waiting to do laundry

Yeah, I realize that nobody really gives a damn about my laundry woes. So please allow me to ramble about something you will TOTALLY care about: OPERA. Opera crushed my soul today. And my back. And that made for suckitude. Diazmunos, come baaack! We miss you! There you have it, folks. OPERA.

The next few days will probably not merit much blogging. Tomorrow = audition. I am feeling as ready as I could, at this point. Friday = another of these ridiculous 3 hour rehearsals. Saturday = something something.

The Wednesday Suck

listening to: voltaire – the headless waltz

Oh my god. Today is going to SUCK. I wish I could find some device or just…thing to help me get through the 3 HOUR OPERA REHEARSAL. WITHOUT OUR REGULAR DIRECTOR.

Audition tomorrow. I am prepared, and that is a good feeling.

Aside from that, stuff and things.

My Apathy Is Palpable…

listening to: number girl – tokyo freeze

thinking: 45 seconds?? What a freak of nature.

Do you know who I’m glad I’m not? Other people. Augh. Nevermind. I don’t care. The not caring is significant. MY APATHY IS PALPABLE AT THIS POINT. Hee. I love Crow.

Um, hi. Man. We’re playing IN C tomorrow in 408! Love! Love the minimalism! Love this class! Read about/check out the score to In C here.

In case you did not get the memo earlier, you should go participate in this describe-Talia-in-six-words meme thing, ganked from Renata. I mean, if you know me. Or think you might know me.

Oh my crap. I had such a weirdly huge and awesome break-through in the practice-room tonight. I was so excited I had to leave my room and look for people to spaz out at. Finding none, I just sat there playing things and listening to myself and going “AAAAAAH.” I have basically figured what I need to do in order to to eliminate another level of serious weird from my playing, while also injecting a more fluid sound. PRONATION? I MIGHT GET IT NOW! Thank you, guy from Arizona. You have officially contributed to my ability to bow and play lines. Watch me go into my lesson tomorrow and not know what I’m doing anymore.

You know, I worry about that. I worry that something will go very wrong in my brain, and I will lose abilities to be musical. This is partially because I am paranoid about really stupid and improbable things.

Also, audition stuff is going surprisingly well. Gone are the days where I’m learning this stuff for the first time. Also, my new-found pronating super-powers make life good. Great and good. GROOD.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. T-Rex said it. Manufactured holiday. Will simply ignore. Also, there’s this whole bitter-lonely-single shit, which I find ridiculous. I can understand feeling a little lonely, yes. But using it as an excuse to be whiny little bitches for a day? No. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just not something I can relate to much because…honestly? Truly? I don’t mind being single. I have not always felt this way, and I am sure there will be moments in the future in which I do not. But currently, and during this past year especially, I am just happy to do what I do. Also, there is more room to keep the lesbian rumors alive this way. You heard it here first! *runs off*

In Which I Stalk Some And Ramble Endlessly About Crap

listening to: towa tei – butterfly (cornelius)

Rrrrr, grooowl. Stupid bad mood. What can I say. When it comes down to it, people bother me. It’s true, I have good friends, and I like individuals. But as a whole, PEOPLE BOTHER ME. And on a scale of one to persons, my day has been PEOPLE. Mostly, I just hate idiocy. I hate it when people feel like boasting their idiocy to me as though I might care and be amused. Because I DON’T and I’m NOT. You know, as idiotic as I generally think the facebook is, I must admit that it is useful for times like this when I want to take out my frustration in some passive-aggressive manner, and so I can just join the Student Society of Shut the Fuck Up group. Which I did. Very well, I might add.

Alright. Bitchy part of the entry is done.

Aside from being a misanthropic twit who just wants to sit in her apartment and growl at the very sound of humans dwelling or moving or ANYTHING, lovely things. Recitals of the piano trio sort. With Greg’s Dad on piano, and the guy I worked with this morning, and a fabulous violinist. I sat next to Daina. And ANDREW was there! ANDREW BOUGHT MY SISTER’S CAR! Do you know how FABULOUS that is?! Do you know how hopeless we were becoming? Do you know how NOBODY wants a Focus in great condition with under 30,000 miles on it if it is also a FIVE-SPEED? Nobody except for Andrew, apparently. Also, the guy is just entertaining. Wouldn’t it be funny if he ended up moving to Germany next year, though? Because…that would mean that basically anybody who owns this car is going to end up moving to Germany within a year.

Speaking of which, I should email my sister and yak to her about junk.

(note: I stalk people. Andrew has a website. It features an IKEA chair.)

It’s looking like the remainder of February and first week of March are going to be pure HELL. I am playing for lots of stuff. And that is great and awesome, but then there’s also this opera crap, and the fact that…everybody needs to rehearse. I don’t mind rehearsing in the least. In fact, I endorse rehearsing. But there are only so many hours of the day in which groups of people in an ensemble are free at the same time. These free times between different ensembles occasionally overlap. A lot. And this leads to problems. I am mostly just worried about the two other groups that have not even SCHEDULED anything yet before their performances. Like Dvorak Serenade. Oh my god. And I love that group, so much. I don’t want to be the reason they end up rehearsing at like…10pm or later. Because, the wind players. THINK OF THE WIND PLAYERS. Who rock. Man, I love the wind players.

Honestly? I think I may just be stressing myself out needlessly. Which is not unusual for me. I anticipated I would be busy, and this is in fact the reason that I am only taking two real classes this semester. I may in fact remain peachy until the very end.

Yep. Being neurotic is fun.

Oh shit. I shouldn’t forget to do the first actual homework assignment I’ve been assigned so far this semester.

Yeah, Index Finger!

listening to: björk – isobel

Well. THAT was cool. And pretty much reaffirms everything about practice approach and the fact that playing the cello should be easy and not involve extraneous tension that I have occasionally bee thinking. Also, my left-hand index finger is awesome. I must encourage the other fingers to be more like that one.


Oh. And please ignore the last post. It is about as ridiculous as ridiculous could be.

I wanted to go running. But it is like 27 degrees outside, and snowing. And I detest running indoors. And there is a Krannert Art Museum concert at 2. I think I’ll just sit on my lazy rear end for a while.

The new layout makes me compulsively update more than usual.

A Barrel Full Of Talia

listening to: utada hikaru – traveling (bahiatronic mix)

thinking: I will not play Kingdom Hearts. I WILL NOT PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS.

Hmm. I apologize that I’m boring and don’t take any interesting in partying like there’s no tomorrow. But there’s this thing where…I just don’t care. was down! But then it was back up! Such excitement in my evening. Likewise for tomorrow, where I will get up before 7 and have a cello lesson! With the guy from Arizona State! Talia is in fact VERY excited.

Rebecca now retains the power to kill me, through laughter. But…I can still kick her armadillo down the stairs! *punt*

So…I was noticing that…everybody’s hair in Serenity is really good. I mean, it makes sense, since it was a movie and not just a dumpy series that was cancelled after half a season and not even shown in the correct order of episodes. Also, I can’t seem to choose my favorite character. Because I love them all. We sort of played the cliff game with prospective conducting-students the other day. But I was thinking…about it and…the cliff game with Firefly characters. Wash, Mal and Simon. How the hell do you sort through that one? It’s like when people ask me who my favorite Beatle is. But then again, I always have an answer to that one when people bug me enough about it. There must be an answer to this one, too. Uh…well, I’d definitely live with Wash. Because Wash is…Wash. Wash plays with plastic dinosaurs and provides with crew with innocent snark and argues with Mal while being quite literally tortured. But Simon and Mal? I can’t choose between them. Or can I? Let’s examine the situation. Simon just has bad luck, and is occasionally not as shoot-people-in-the-face as Mal. So really, I would cliff Simon in favor of Mal, but in secret, I would just hide Simon in my closet. Oh, but then there’s Jayne. Dammit. You just can’t win with this series, can you.

You know…I don’t think I quite knew what was going to happen when I started this entry. But…now that I’ve typed it, I don’t know if I can possibly NOT post it. Because it’s just that sad. Eh. But…uh. Ur.