Sonuva Bitch

What the hell.

My computer’s been acting a little bit weird in spots since I installed OS X 10.4, a ways back, but now it seems to be in denial of computer-life as we know it.

Anyway. I just thought I’d blog to say that I am concerned. And convinced that Mondays are BAD KARMA days. Seriously.


Jump Skip Cavort!

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Whuzbam! It’s Monday!

Lord Beccamorte ROCKS. Check out the Captain Tightpants Firefly icon she made! It’s true, I don’t really use lj for much of anything these days, but LOOK AT MY USER-PICS. LOOK. Yeah. The Voldemorte Anagrams icon will forevermore be my favorite. DIM LORD MOAT LOVER

Today starts opera/chamber stuff in orchestra. I am in opera. And GUESS where I’m sitting in the section?! Guess guess guess!


Yeeeah. I know I sound crazy. But I’m not. I think I am just excited to have a little break from decision-making/collaboration central. Because…something they don’t tell you is that, hee, sitting principal is stressful. Also, it doesn’t help when people not only do not agree with a lot of what you think, but do not like you in the least because you’re young. Yeah. It sucks being discriminated against just for being an undergrad. It doesn’t seem like this is going to be a problem in orchestra anymore, but dealing with such a situation for most of last semester made me…uh…completely insane? Yeah, I’ll go with that one.

Honestly? Sitting principal is an awesome awesome experience so far, and I very much hope I get to do more of it this year. I just think it’ll be nice not to be in the hellfire of first stand for a bit.

Also, we are doing cool operas. Ravel and Da Falla. How much less stereotypical opera could this be? But then, I’m not wholly familiar with either of the operas, so I should just shut my noise-hole.

Damn me. Do things.

Studio Marathon

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Today has somehow managed to be the longest Sunday. Ever. I got up. I left home (Normal home, I mean). I practiced. I did not run 6 miles. I might have run 1. We actually all stopped. So it’s not like I didn’t have it in me. We’ll never know if I had it in me. I practiced. I played in the studio class. I rehearsed. And now I am here. Completely avoiding serious attempts at organizing things. I need to schedule crap and figure out my recital date. Right now it’s looking to be May 9th, in the evening. Damn, that’s late in the year. But the main problem with scheduling my recital is that through all of April and May, Brandon is only going to be in town for a total of 5 days. So yes. May 9th it is.

Man. This piece is cool. Written for monks, by monks. And several hundred years later, performed by string quartet.

Anyway. Studio class. Which we might as well change the title of to studio MARATHON. Because…yeah. Two hours long. Kyra played. I played Roccoco. Ann played Roccoco. Adrian played his recital stuff. Let me say, it was fairly bizarre playing Roccoco and then having Ann get up and play it right after me. I guess for that matter, it must have been weird for the rest of the studio, in consideration of the fact that Ann and I are the antithesis of each other. What I do poorly, she does well. And then the reverse. Ann and I mutually agreed that next year, we are not going to play all the same repertoire.

The Roccoco performance. It was good. I was tired. I had played too much beforehand. I had NEVER played the whole thing with accompaniment before, except for perhaps a run-through right before-hand which made me…confused. But other than that, I am proud of myself for sitting down, playing it all through, actually performing. Word has it that my cello sounds AWESOME. I very much like that piece of lumber. You have no idea.

Unfortunately, recording-things did not happen the way they should have. I think it’s for the better, though. Thursday night I’m going to reserve 1152, record solo, make a CD, and have it sent out before the 6th (the first app/recording due-date).

My Dad helped me figure out about 3 more places to apply to for the summer. He also helped me do some recording yesterday. He told me that whatever Brandon is telling me to do with my playing, to keep doing it, and that I sound really good. You don’t need to tell me twice. I explained that one of the big focuses of my playing has been to relax the tension in my shoulders, and plant myself more on the ground (seriously. sound projection like whoa). My Dad responded by telling me that, not only does it help my actual playing, but my timing and musicality in Bach is much better than it was whenever he had heard me last. Basically, I plow through stuff a lot less. This is an unexpected side-effect. And a pleasing one.

Other than that, stuff.

Here In The Department Of Evil

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Mozart Shindig went spleeeendidly. And there quite a crowd, too. That’s always pleasing.

Random things:

*Dana was there. From CYSO. And I haven’t seen her for at least 2.5 years. And she totally had no idea who I was.

Me: Whoa. DANA!
Dana: Yeah?
Me: Hi!
Dana: Uh…hi. *looks slightly alarmed*
Me: …okay! Cello…CYSO…uh…
Dana: …Talia?
Me: YES!

It was awesome.

*My mom came! I sat with her for the first half, along with Rebecca and Erin (note: the orch was split into two, thus I did not play the first half). And Dana in front of us. And she entertained them with stories of how my sister ended up in Germany. My dad was running a booth at IMEA All-State, so no Mozart shindig for him.

*MAN we’re dumb. Because…there’s this thing where, the orchestra will be onstage before a piece actually starts, just playing. And suddenly, for no apparent reason, a couple people will stop playing at one time. And then other people hear that people are stopping and ALSO stop, which makes the ENTIRE ORCHESTRA QUIET. And then the audience gets all quiet, like we’re about to start, but the house-lights are STILL ON. And…that definitely happened tonight. And…some of us TRIED. Maybe…three of us! To just…start us all playing again. But do you know how hard it is in that hall, to start playing by yourself in front of a quiet orchestra and a quiet audience and not feel like the tooliest tool that ever tooled?! It is hard. Because…while you’re on-stage playing, all you can hear is yourself. Finally, after an entire awkward minute or so, we managed to start playing again for an entire 30 seconds before the house-lights went down.

*4th movement of the Haffner was BLOODY FAST. And I loved it. Yeah, Mozart.

*I know I am always going to make screw-ups in performances. I long ago accepted and laughed in the face of this fact. So I don’t really think much about them, or care of other people notice. But I only had ONE screw-up tonight (JUST ONE!1!) and it was a SPECIAL screw-up. I skipped a line. And I didn’t realize it for like…four measures. Becuse it was the exact same not as the previous line I should have been playing. Just…a quarter-note out of the measure instead of held. I really confused the b’jesus out of my stand-partner. It was fun.

*Boris and Natasha alert.

Tomorrow I’m going to make an attempt to get up early, in order to get things done. Things such as jump back into week 5 of this supposed marathon-training thing I’m doing with Katherine and Anne. I haven’t been free to run with them during the week, and thus am behind. So tomorrow I’m going out on my own to do 3 miles. Sunday we run 6 together. I think I should just mention that I don’t expect to actually run a marathon. Because that’s 26 miles and a LOT of commitment that I’m not sure I have. But I’ll stick with this for as long as I can. I’ll be pleased if I can get to 10 miles.

Following that, I’m grabbing the cello and heading home. And making a great many hopefully not-sucky recordings. I think that’s too much to hope for, actually. Non-suckiness, I mean.

P.S. Adrian informs me that he really likes Deathstalker. I’m glad to know I am fulfilling my duties in the department of EVIL.

Mozart Shindig

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Alright. Today is Mozart’s birthday. I’m going to advertise here one more time, for the few people that read my blog and actually live hereabouts…


Mozart’s 250th Birthday. Piano works. Haffner Symphony. One big wild romp. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE THERE.

7:30pm, in Krannert’s Great Hall. Rockin.

I hereby solemnly swear that in the extremely unlikely possibility there should be out of tune playing during the concert, I will NOT make unpleasant faces. I PROMISE. Because apparently today while the winds were having some tuning problems, I did not look pleased. I do not have control over the fact that I do not always look pleased. I just look scowly. Pretty much all of the time. I mean, they do call my grandfather “Old Stone Face.” If I’ve inherited anything from him, it’s probably that.

Anyway. COME.

And She Was Right There With It (And She Was)

listening to: stuart davis – and she was

Whoa. I love it when iTunes gets weird in shuffle mode and does stuff like play The Talking Heads’ version of this song FOLLOWED BY STU’s. Unthinkable.

Katie, I heart your away message.

Katie’s away message: “Crop circles are Chuck Norris’s way of saying sometimes corn needs to lie the fuck down.”

Right! 408. So…yeah. I think I made it out to be more absurdly awesome than it really was in the last post. But still. Cool. We watched the famed PBS documentary on John Cage, which I am pretty sure I have seen at least four times by now. Yeah. The one. With video-footage of a cellist performing some wild composition involving window-smashing and gong-ringing, the much-famed game of chess, and of course, mushroom hunting. John Cage, everyone!

We also recieved our next assignments. Which is to practice parts for a few Earle Brown pieces, which we will be performing in class as groups. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah. The score? A bunch of blocks in various lengths and thicknesses, running both horizontally and vertically on the page. The performance instructions with the piece explain that the performer can interpret this score as being 2-d or even 3-DIMENSIONAL. Excellent. This is the beauty of um…indeterminacy. Or something. I’m certain it’ll sound awesome. … Aaaaahahaha, oh, it’s funny. I’m funny. Give me a cookie.

Today I lent Adrian the first book of Deathstalker, officially making me a pretty bad friend. Seriously. Keep AWAY from this series. Simon R. Green will eat your soul. That is my promise to you.

I wish any of the stuff that was said during quartet rehearsal today was actually repeatable. Because…oh my god. My sides hurt just thinking about it. So. Entertaining. Just…none of it appropriate. EVER. We’re going to be giving one seriously kick-ass recital this semester. Beethoven op. 132 and Vaughan Williams. Now if only we had a coach…

The Pure Tenor Quality Of The Voice Of Harold

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I hate calling people. And asking them to accompany me in a studio class four days from now. And telling them I can’t play for crap.

And…remember how I was bitching about serialism last night? Well, guess what I’m playing at Eastern this February with faculty?! SCHOENBERG’S PIERROT LUNAIRE. Freakin’ A.

Actually, that’s a pretty cool piece. Psychotic, yes. But also cool.

Wow. Thursday is giving me the smackdown. I need to remember to blog about how insanely cool 408 was this morning. After I practice, go to my ATMS 100 lab, practice, rehearse, and rehearse some more.

Honey Bunches of DEATH!


listening to: vaughan williams – charter house suite

Tonight I realized that as of two days ago, I am acting like a total whackjob. It needs to stop. Now. Now now now.

Music of Changes is not helping. Little did I realize when we were assigned the piece two days ago and when I was throwing around the title like any other ‘ol 20th century piece, that this is actually the INDE-FRICKIN-TERMINACY piece we looked at in 202 last year. And the basis for the CHANCE-COMPOSITION assignment that I stayed up until like…4 in the morning throwing a die for. Yes, that’s right. The brilliancy that is John Cage, coming up with charts of possible pitches, note-lengths, and everything else based on the I-CHING, and then flipping a coin to determine which possibilities listed on the chart will be used. Mutated serialism at its best. I could pretty much write most of my listening-journal on what an interesting method of composition this is in consideration of the fact that the result is…not…really…all that nice to listen to. P.S. I got a 100% on that stupid chance composition assignment.

Yeah. Serialism. I just…don’t…know how much I can care for it. When everything is so arbitrary and devoid of composer-conscience (aside from the making of a 12-tone row). Indeterminacy is a little different, I suppose, but…yeah. I really like noise with a little soul to it. As in, something to latch on to.

So okay. Gonna stop acting like a whackjob. I promise. Sigh.

And They Call It Ecdemomania

This Friday happens to be Mozart’s 250th birthday. It also happens to be UISymphony’s first concert of the semester. So what’ll we play…? MOZART!!!

I must comment here, I must I must, that even through my explosive love and obsession with 20th century music (especially of the Russian and English variety), I will always love Mozart. The man was a genius, as Schleicher commented today in orchestra. As an instrumentalist who spends most of her time in an orchestra or quartet playing rich and elaborate pieces of romanticism or newer traditions, it is always a welcome opportunity to get to play a Mozart symphony or quartet. It’s not that it’s light, or excessively easy in comparison to other works we play. Not so at all. Symphony No. 35 (which we are playing) is home to one of the BIGGEST BITCHES of orchestral audition excerpts in existence. And yes, it’s true, lower instruments have a part to play in this style of music, and that it may not always be an exciting one by looking at the page of music in front of you. But honestly? I have to say that I have just as much fun contributing a small part to a larger idea of color and texture as I do playing big orchestral pieces with huge section solos and dense parts.

As a listener, Mozart is a lot like the Beatles for me. Both hugely influential and, quite simply put, appealing to the ear. In case you would like to know, Mozart and the Beatles were what my parents provided for me to listen to when I was very young. I actually had a random obsession with the piece Eine Kleine Nachtmusik at the age of three, which meant that EVERY extended car-trip or excursion meant Mozart (I have theorized that this was the reason my sister and I did not get along, early on. Because where I went, so did Eine Kleine. And I definitely don’t blame her for thinking me annoying for the following ten years because of that). To this day, I do not mind that piece.

But anyway. UISymphony concert!! Friday night. 7:30pm in Krannert’s Great Hall. $2 for students. Mozart’s 250th. COME!!! IT’LL BE AWESOME!!! Really, it will. It never fails to be awesome with this orchestra, and that is no exaggeration on my part.

Do you ever get those days where various things decide they need to go wrong, all within the span of few hours? This is what I like to call timing. Or karma. Or something. Well anyway, today was one of those days. Nothing too spectacularly stupid happened. Just a moderate series of isms and malfunctions. And a screw-up or two, on my part. That’s okay, though. Because stupid crap happens. It just makes you appreciate the days where things go alright even more.

Although…I think I have a compulsive wandering problem.

Tonight’s 20th Century piece of choice (or rather, assignment) for listening and journaling is John Cage’s Music of Changes. I’m actually pretty okay with this.

m.e.d. – can I send it to you in another format or some such?

A Very Belated Uh…Something!

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Attention M.E.D., Michelle and Eliz (who I am pretty sure doesn’t read my blog. SOMEBODY ALERT ELIZ!).

Remember that video I took in July? You know, the one with everyone alternating words in the song “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid? And me completely turning into an unruly three-year-old and blurting out the ONE WORD I REMEMBERED (give me a break, I hadn’t really watched that movie for at least ten years)?! And then me never posting it on my blog the way I said I was going to?


Note: I really don’t know what the deal is with me not being able to hold the camera. I think it was the hype, or something.

Good Lessons = Boring Technical Rambles

listening to: kronos quartet – elvis everywhere

Yeehaw! My lesson was really good! I played through all of Roccoco variations from memory, in one sitting. Hey, I didn’t know I could do that! Actually, I haven’t had the guisto to work on the last variation since I played it for my jury in December. So…that was interesting (and by interesting I really mean hilarious and completely bad). At least I warned Brandon ahead of time. Other than that, though, it sounded purrdy good.

But anyway. This was one of those amazing lessons where we figured out something else I need to fix, technically. And I love those. This time, it was that I don’t bring my left arm up enough when I am in around thumb-position, and that my hand is at a weird angle when I play up there in the first place. Which made my hands like very nervous mush, in trying to hit notes and be solid. And of course, hands are totally stupid, so if the left hand is nervous and mushy, then SO IS THE BOW-HAND. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THE HUMAN BRAIN?! I SURE DO.

So anyway. This was a huge thing to realize. Because…I hate playing in the range between regular position and thumb positions. It’s so awkward for me. And because, you know, there’s this variation in the Roccoco that is entirely in that range, it can be a problem. That variation is supposed to be smooth and lovely and I just…could never do it. It was jointed and accented and some notes weren’t sounding and…I think trying to work out this kink might help. Or at least give me a slightly better sound. Anything will do at this point. Hate that variation.

And then, after my lesson, I got to be TEH COFFEE BITCH!!

So anyway. Stuff.

And sudden wave of fatigue. Whoa.

Don’t Drop Dead Before I Go

listening to: jill sobule – don’t drop dead

It sucks. Getting the shaft. For the second time in the school-year. By a teacher you had always thought would go to the ends of the earth for their students.

I actually did not almost fall asleep in 20th Century Analysis this morning. Which was fairly amazing. We discussed Boulez. At some point, Keeril asked what a composer started with when beginning a piece. “Going for a particular sound or characteristic,” said one person. “Pure experimentation and discovery,” said another. Nobody else says much.

At this point in time, two parts of my brain started arguing with eachother. The rational part and the paranoid part. It goes a little something like this:
Rational Part: But wait. What about…you know. Just a few notes of something that get in your head? Because that happens to me pretty much every day.
Paranoid Part: But you’re crazy. Why will anybody take your answer seriously?
Rational Part: Because…that’s how people compose things? I mean…Paul McCartney said he just woke up one morning with the tune for “Yesterday” in his head. Right?
Paranoid Part: Maybe. But you suck and nobody loves you.
Rational Part: Shut up. Nobody loves YOU.

I raised my hand. “Just a short musical or rhythmic idea? Or…something?”. Yes, Keeril said. And went on to explain that this is why serialization is weird. So yes. I am finally starting to overcome my inability to share ideas in front of a class. Eat it.

I had a professor a while back who yelled at people that would never answer questions with an affirmative statement. Just because my current awesome professor is laid-back does not mean I am automatically allowed to sidestep this rule of answering in class.

Last night I dreamt that my family and I turned into demons and moved to Arizona. I also shut down my blog.

Still randomly hacked off.

Lesson later today. Hoping that it won’t be as randomly weird as everyone else’s seem to be. Going off to finish some work…nnnow.

Adrift, Un-Moored, Cast Off, Locationless…Lost?

listening to: r.e.m. – winged mammal

Oh. So I forgot to mention how today I managed to get completely randomly lost in the music building. I assure you that I am also going “wtf.” Still. Because…I’ve been running around that place for over three semesters now, and on top of that I am kind of a building-exploring-monger. And yet I manage to get my ass lost.

Well, okay. I present you with weird cubic hallway-structure. And also bizarre and randomly-placed stair-wells. I was completely used to this all of this building navegating hootenany, until today, where I decided I wanted to take the weird back stair-case up to the second floor from the basement. This is a stair-case right behind the recording studio, and not too far from another stair-case that leads to a corridor and entrance to the second floor south lobby. Because there is another door on the other side of the south lobby, I guess I had always just assumed this stair-case in back of the recording-studio led to that door.

I took this stair-case up. And ended up in a long hallway filled with lockers, and with absolutely nobody in it. And must have spent a good 30 seconds stuck in a “what the hell” stance. Because…weird.

It did not take me long to figure out that this was the locker-corridor that I had only really peeked into once. And since it just did not seem to fit into the structure of the building, I probably just imagined it out of my head completely.

So…there you have it! I is smrt!! And observant.

I Bought A Window Display And Married Her At Once

listening to: enon – window display

Oh. Ow.

I love the delay between my doing things like working my muscles and my body realizing that I might have worked my muscles. I think my limbs are finally getting wind of the fact that I ran five miles yesterday, because…ow. Interestingly enough, it’s actually my sides and around the abs that i HURT AH OW.

Still. I prefer this pain to 6.5-hours of rehearsal in one day pain. That pain sucked. And rendered me totally useless (moreso than normal, if that is at all possible).

For the record, professors who hate dumb kids and aren’t afraid to share this fact with the world make me happy. Because I also hate dumb kids. And I like snark.

Today felt like the first day that I actually got good practicing in, even though I’ve been trying since I got back to school. No matter, though. Because somehow, I still manage to sound good and make progress. Or something. I know that practicing methods vary on an individual basis, but I will never understand the need to cram in the practicing during every free moment of the day. Not only can I only take so much of the cello, but if I set moderate time limits for myself per piece (an hour, 45 minutes), I get so much more done than I would if I just…went into a room and played crap through until the end of eternity.

You know something? I sound really good. I think I need to admit this to myself more often. I’ve spent too much time bashing my own self-confidence in the last four years. Time to make up for it.

Go me.

Alright. So ends the musical-baggage unloading.

Crap. Crap on homework and practicing. To the music building…I suppose.

All Hail The King Of Fools

listening to: voltaire – dunce

I just realized that Alan Tudyk (Wash, from Firefly) reminds me of Matt Caplan (who was in RENT. Which I’ve never seen. But I like his music).

So last night, around 11, I noticed that I had missed a call from my Mom. This brought on a feeling of weird foreboding. My Mom calling me? On a Saturday? When I had talked to her less than two days prior? This could only mean one thing: I had screwed up. Left something important at home. Forgotten to do some unthinkable but important thing. My level of worry shot up a few more degrees when I saw that she had actually called around 2pm. Crap.

Then I listened to the message she left.

Message: Talia. It’s your mom. And I’m calling because I need to know the tempo marking for Holst’s Mars from the The Planets. Does it go like this? *proceeds to sing the opening rhythm kind of slowly* Anyway. I’ll be in my office for another hour, so just give me a call.
Me: …

Yeah. That was kind of a relief. I guess? And also entertaining. Even though I missed pretty much every window of opportunity to call her back (bad me. I need to not ignore my phone so much). But…why call me? There are musicians everywhere! And that piece is a big one. Maybe my cute little obsession with English composers just makes me special.

Oh crap. Kerry just signed off. And I meant to send her the link to an old post containing what might be the most entertaining exchange that she and I ever had, from last year. But because I would like to think that blog-readers also like entertainment, I will post the link here. Very bottom of the page, about pantslessness. Man. It kills me. The others quotes are also quite entertaining.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I also found the best blog, ever. Or at least, another one of the best. Methinks I need to add a few more links to the left-hand link column.


This Is Your Brain On Five Miles

listening to: number girl – teenage casualties

Holy shit. I just ran five miles.

I did not think I would be able to do that, after a Christmas break of not running and a good deal of sitting. But I did it! And with other people! I usually run alone, but I must say that it’s motivating to run with other people. It helps when those other people are girls with legs equally as short as mine. And not fairly tall boys, like Justin and Aaron, who I used to occasionally attempt running with during personal fitness at U-High. Man, that was not cool. Running with people 6 feet and over. Don’t do it.

Anyway. It was good. Kind of a struggle, towards the end. That’s the thing about running. It can be a struggle while you’re doing it, but when you finish, the feeling is so satisfying you just want to yell! Or, as I did, wobble a lot and nearly fall over.

Apparently we’re treating ourselves to sushi after we’ve run ten miles. That’s um kind of a ways off. I might just go treat myself to sushi sometime for the hell of it.

David’s recital was last night. Which was good. And perhaps now I’ll be able to make a transition back to a relatively non back-pain inclusive school-week, now that it’s over with.

Stuff. Things. Words. Brain not working.

The rest of the day needs to be spent accomplishing things. Really, it does. Things like a 408 listening journal and practicing. Maybe a coherent entry will follow later.

Torgo…I Just Met A Fellow Named Torgo

listening to: the microphones – i felt my size

random amusing quotes: “Oh, David. Did you get that email I sent about your head?” –Schleicher, during conducting seminar

Damn me, I should really be asleep.

Today was slow and painful. But also kind of awesome.

After orchestra, the studio met Brandon at Paradiso to plan out lessons and studio classes for the whole semester. It took a while, but I am now officially set for lessons this semester, and miraculously enough, about 75% of my lessons all occur on Tuesdays at 3. That is nearly unthinkable, considering how my past lessons have been scheduled. Also, I love our studio. Because we are all just so weird.

I also think I have the final program for my recital down (freakin’ A, it changes every month, doesn’t it). And I think it’s going to be in May. Blarn. I really wanted to have this recital out of the way by around April. But I suppose waiting until May will give me the chance to really work on something else besides Rococo and Britten, which it turns out will probably be…*drumroll* a Bach gamba sonata! So I’m going to have a Baroque/Rococo theme happening (the Britten suite may be 20th century, but the suite form is definitely Baroque), which is cool. Yeah, I know it keeps changing. But I really was not too excited about playing Beethoven. And I had no teacher to keep my random inability to make decisions in check. Man. My dad is going to FLIP OUT when I tell him I’m playing the gamba sonata. Now I just need to start working on it HA HA HA HA HA…aaah…

This meeting was followed by another 2.5 hour rehearsal for David’s recital completely killing my upper back. This rehearsal completed a full 6.5 hours of orchestral rehearsing for me in one day. And dear god, was it ever painful. Please remind me to not agree to play for things which will render me a pile of human rubble, in the future.

Today I also learned a very important lesson: do not accept carrots from strangers. Or even friends, if you’ve just had your wisdom teeth out. Because if you do, you’ll have carrot stuck in the holes in the back of your mouth through AAALL of conducting seminar. And it will drive you wack-o.

So…Kerry and I have officially been inducted into the true cult of MST3k. Because tonight, we watched Manos: the Hands of Fate. And…yeah. How that is classified as a movie is still outside my realm of comprehension. On that particular DVD is a collection of Poopie reels (basically, MST3k out-takes) which are quite hilarious. I think my favorite of all was where Joel walks onto the set with a plate of waffles, steps up to the camera and lifts the plate to acknowledge the waffles, and then says “pancakes.” For some reason, this was just so hilarious. Too hilarious. Basically about as hilarious as the time in the chat involving the mistypes “root bear” and “owmatl in my oatmeanl.” This pretty much equates to me laughing so hard I’m crying, unable to breathe, and possibly on the floor. For the record, that night with the chat was also the night that Kyra (who lives upstairs) heard me laughing in this manner and thought I was being robbed. Don’t do it, man.

And now I’m going to bed.

I’ll bet I’m going to wake up tomorrow, check out my blog, go “what the f–when did I write any of this??” Because…I’m tired. It’s been a long week. A long, freaking, four-day week.

Pity Me I’m Almost A Human Being

listening to: voltaire – almost human

Oh dear GOD how is it possible that I am in so much worse shape for a 9am class than I ever was an 8am last semester?! I thought I was going to DIE during 408 this morning. And the thing is that I want to know what’s going on. I CARE about 20th century music. I care a LOT. About Stockhausen! And his completely skewed methods of serialization. I think I just slept too much during break. And now my body refuses to comply with any waking time that is before 10am. Mleh. I don’t do well with loads of caffeine, but I think that reintroducing black tea into my morning ritual might be in order. Just for non-passing out purposes.

My cello is officially wonky. I need to try and contact the repair-guy when I have a chance. He was very very nice and did an awesome job (and I’ve only heard wonderful things about him), but I’m suspecting the little piece of wood that ended up under the crack as a support is doing something to the sound. It makes sense, since this thing was placed underneath the right-hand f-hole, and it’s my lower string that are acting weird. It wouldn’t be so urgent if it didn’t make is SO HARD TO PRACTICE AAAAAAH.

So apparently I’m training for a MARATHON? With other people, of course (or I wouldn’t be at all, becuase I would never have the guts or inspiration to just say “I’M TRAINING! ALL BY MYSELF. FOR A MARATHON!”). The first installment in our plan of action is to meet on Sunday and run five miles. Riiight, because I didn’t just return from a break of sitting on my ass and eating crap and running all of once. I’ll be surprised if I can run the regular 3 miles that I usually do.

Anyway. I’ll um…update as to how that’s going. Later. And stuff.

Ah, but I must think first of today: reading and practicing and class and practicing and then 8:30-11 rehearsal.



So…Agent Fox Mulder is…THE HULK.

And…I’m guessing this means…no X-Files movie? EVER?! Yeah. Pretty much. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Finally In Need Of The Pain-Killing Stuff

listening to: sean lennon – intermission

There’s a confirmation email sitting in inbox about an audition. It must mean I’m playing an AUDITION. Sigh? No. Not sigh. It will be awesome. Because I’ve played AAAALL the excerpts before and if anything it will be GOOD PRACTICE. HEAR ME, BRAIN? GOOD. PRACTICE.

The only possible reason that today sucked is that I’ve been in random rehearsal-type things for four hours already, and HA HA JUST ANOTHER 2.5 TO GO. But that’s okay. They invented pain-killers for a reason. I think I am going to take some now. Because…owmyback.

In terms of suckiness, though, there is also the fact that I fulfilled my klutzing-out quota for the rest of the week. And this is a problem if my body/brain happens to want to klutz out again before next Sunday. What is my DEAL?

“You know, with this digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity.”

Oh, MST3k.

Horaay, Because I Already Know The Excerpts

Well, it is official. I am driving to Bloomington, IN on the 16th of Feb to audition for Youth Orchestra of the Americas. Horaaaay, and stuff. Though not so much horaay because I’m skipping classes in order to do this. For the record, I probably wouldn’t have ended up playing a live audition if it weren’t for Anne and Beth also auditioning that same day. And of course, Rachel. Whose idea it was in the first place.

P.S. There is no way I will actually end up being accepted. But it will still be a good experience.


listening to: cibo matto – sugar water

Aaaaaah! Weather! MAKE UP YOUR MIND. So things like 1) the trunk of my car freezing shut and 2) my cello going crazy do not have to happen.

Actually. I think something weird is up with my cello. Since I had it fixed last week. The lower strings sound a little bit muffled. Tone-less. The harmonic-points don’t ring quite like they did before. Hmm. Is it maybe possible something like the sound-post got moved around? Or that the very slim and tiny bit of wood that was inserted for support is doing weird things to the sound? I am concerned. Maybe it’s just the weather. Regardless, I am going to ask someone. Like my teacher. Who is in Oregon right now. Rats.

So…classes! And junk. That’s right. My one class on Tuesdays. Will be awesome. Because first of all, it is not at 8am three times a week. It’s at 9(:10)!! Which is completely 100% doable after last semester. So, right. This is Form and Analysis of post-WWII 20th Century music…which is…yeah. I mentioned it was pre-WWII earlier, and I was lying. It’s cool that I can’t remember what classes I even registered for. But anyway. Keeril is the professor (whose name it turns out I’ve been pronouncing wrong for the past several months. Durrrrr, self!), and dear god. Sweet, wonderful, bizzarre, unexpected contemporary music. Berio and Riley and later TAN DUN! And…

Yes. It will be a good class. Also, because COLLEEN is in it, as well as Ann and Adrian and an entire ton of grad-students.

So that is my Tuesday. The rest of the day will be reserved for rehearsing and practicing and lessons and things that need to be done. Or none of those things, if I am a bad bad student, which I hope I will not be.

Okay, whoa. This (via is definitely not something we ever talked about in any of the Japan-related classes I’ve taken. So…yeah. Because…I know there are men who live at home and don’t get jobs, and they are called…something. Crap. I don’t remember. And I know there are women who haven’t started families and don’t have real jobs and spend money in a frivilous manner and still live at home, and they are called parasite-singles. But shut-ins. Huh.

Close Escape

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Former vice-president Al Gore is displeased.

But. But. I try not to open my political noise-hole here. Ever. Because it never works out the way I want it to. I mean–the blurbs, that is. They just never comes out the way I would hope.

But anyway. YEAH AL GORE and his speech on constitutional violation and privacy!


This wot I be sayin’!

In vaguely related political things, my sister sent me a link to a blog-entry written by an orchestral musician. If Orchestral Auditions were conducted in a manner similar to Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings. I found this terribly entertaining.

I really really really need to not slack on emailing people, especially if those people are my sister. And not just because she signed her last email to me with “[heart, spleen, duodenum], shapes of sisterly affection,” but because she rocks and is my sister and I am really bad at consistently emailing people and that needs to change. Really.

WORDS OF CURSING GO HERE. I just realized what I left at home and it was something that is of fair importance to me: MY SCHEDULEBOOK. Frack. Because it would be bad for me to make it through another semester with this overly-scribbled-on sheet of paper dictating my lesson-times and the recitals and concerts I am playing in. Which is how much of Spring ’05 went. BAD.

m.e.d. – I LIKE YOUR PLAN. And…wait. With the thing with Tim, which one of us was the mistress and which one was the wife…? Not like it matters now, as Tim is ENGAGED. Anyway, yes. Joss Whedon. I am all for it. P.S. Good luck with German. All those umlauts and…not eszetts, as they are officially no more. Boohoo. I am just jabbering mindlessly now. Oh, me.

Joss Whedon Co-Owns My Soul Along With Simon R. Green

listening to: the octopus project – malaria codes

Stupid…freakin’…people who decided that I needed to see Firefly and then actually let me borrow itAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Rrrrrrrr. I should have anticipated this. I know how I go when I get all obsessive over stuff. This is like Deathstalker all over again. Except a few less deaths (a FEW, I say). And more cattle. And a few more possible…uh…okay. Pairings. Except…*thinks* no. Nowhere near as many, actually. I forgot about all of the stupid sub-plots in those books.

Because now I’ve finished Firefly. And everything and its MOTHER is still up in the air (although we did get to see Simon run around in his jammies and make smart-ass talk with the weirdest bounty-hunter ever in the last episode. Man I like Simon). And…*sob*

Uuuhnnnnn must. see. Serenity. Man. I am SO screwed.

And lastly, DAMN you, Fox Network. DAMN you.

My Liver!

listening to: r.e.m. – crazy

I get so stuck on particular songs. But…my feet are shaking! ‘Cause the earth is shaking!

I still really don’t want to go back.

But my motivation is helped by finally looking at my grades (I know, this is ridiculous of me to wait for so long. But basically, last semester was so crazy, and my attitude towards academic things was so “whateverit’llhappenlater” that I wanted to put off dealing with the acceptance of…defeat…or whatever…until the last minute possible), and you know what? I DID FINE! I even ROCKED, in fact. I managed to totally surpass my own expectations for 313 comma holy crap. I must have done at least moderately well on the final, considering how freakin’ SCARY that exam was, and how poorly I did on the first exam. My grade in conducting was awesome, which is good since I worried I had missed one too many sessions, what with the absurd attendance policies. Judaism, I got what I deserved for the effort I put in. Which was simply a B. And honestly, considering other comp II classes I could have taken, I’m glad I took that one. All other music classes were fine. Fine. It was all fine. My GPA is as awesome as ever, especially considering that when I audition for grad-schools they’re going to be LISTENING TO MY PLAYING and not so much looking at my GPA. But in case they do look…they’ll go “Ah. Alright. We like this and will give her a full ride to our brilliant music school of [insert brilliant music-school name here].” So HAH! HAH! I WIN! BRING IT ON, SCHOOL.

Ugh. But actually, please no. Just go away, school.

And only another…3.5 semesters left of undergrad. Damn. Damn transferring.

Hey, look. I finally filled out a really pointless meme over on el-jay. What fun.

Okay. I have one more piece of “saved-post” zen to share. This is from the chat, sometime back in July, when we were all ranting about the idiocy of Tom Cruise on the Today Show. I definitely meant to post this earlier, because:

Rebecca: haha seriously, i love what he says at the end
Talia: haha, i like how he’s all
Amy: I know XD
Amy: OMG
Amy: i know what it means
Amy: tom <3's MATT
Serge: he likes what he did to his hair
Rebecca: lol
Amy: oh jesus tom I can answer this one:
Amy: tom: Where’s the blood test that says how much Ritalin you’re supposed to get?
Lor: hahah you dumbshit.
Amy: you will know if you are getting too much
Rebecca: yes, because blood tests can diagnose EVERYTHING
Lor: um how about the got knows how many documented cases of where it’s…helped…?
Lor: pls die
Amy: and you’ll say to yourself, “I’m getting too much ritalin!”. ritalin =/= valium. they blood test for valium because it can kill your LIVER dumbshit
Serge: *grabs crotch*
Amy: XD
Lor: rofl
Rebecca: haha
Amy: ok now THAT can go in my profile

Oh yeah. We rock.

The Sun’s As Warm As A Baked Potato

Oh jebus.

I was perusing through the “saved drafts” I’d composed with Blogger but never published. There was a general entertaining lot to be had, but this one made my day.

Originally from April, 20th 2005

Maaan. I was part of the best exchange today during sectionals. Jamie (cello-Jamie. Not cow-Jamie) had a can of mixed nuts she was sharing with the rest of the section during our “break”. Come ten minutes later when we’re about to start up again, we hear the door to the class-room we’re in being locked, since someone comes around to lock all the class-room doors at 4. The following was said:

Ivy: Oh no we’re all locked in together!
Amanda: At least we have the nuts!
Me: Man, if the nuts hadn’t been there, I was going to say “Oops, now it seems we’ll have to eat eachother.”
Kyra: Haha, I was about to say the same thing.
Me: Man, Kyra, that reminds me, there’s this movie you need to see…
Adrian: Is it a musical about cannibals called Cannibal the Musical?
Me: YES!! *sings* Let’s a build a snow-man! We can make him our best friend!
Adrian: “Fudge, Packer?”
Me and Adrian both: *singing* The sky is blue and all the leaves are green. The sun’s as warm as a baked potato
Everyone: *stare*

I love that that nobody thinks too much of the fact that I randomly burst into song.