Time To Open Up The Can Of…

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You know you’re still jetlagged when you jump out of bed to your alarm at 5:45am with energy to spare (yeah, I had to finish this other paper. I felt so crappy last night, what with the not having slept. I proceeded to give up on the paper and sleep for a full 4.5 hours last night. It felt almost good).

I’ve been thinking. And you know. I think it’s time to live up to my sister’s legacy of justice*, look at some policies, talk to some people. Get something done. Because this is ridiculous.

Dammit. I really want to see GoF. Naturally, everywhere I went in Germany, I would see “Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch” ads and headlines and…*sob* This weekend, I hope.

After tonight, in fact, I am good. Or at least better. I’ll have time to practice. Juries are next week and…screwed. I think right now, it’s most important that I begin sleeping like a normal person again. And not dream about writing papers or running around in German cities, completely lost.

I really can’t wait until I can blog entries that are more focused and less spontaneous sparks from my feeble and sleep-deprived and anxious brain. I can’t wait to blog about Germany.

*my sister has gotten a few people fired in her time, simply by exercising her right to freedom of speech and mentioning that something was very wrong with a particular situation. My sister rocks.


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The effects of jetlag + 2.5 hours of sleep last night are finally getting to me. Fortunately, it is much easier for me to write about the musical characteristics of Italian madrigals than it has been for me to write about American Judaism. Frowl.

I love how concerned for my well-being my teacher is. Really. It’s like I have parents a block away should I really need them for something. Oooh. That just makes me feel guilty for how unprepared I am for a lesson. I think I have other things I should think about right now. Heh.

I’m not going to have a heart-attack, I think. I’m going to pass out over the keyboard again. That damn Talia.


width=”240″ height=”180″ border=”0″>

Oh my god. Never again.

That was like…8 hours of un-fun. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter. I still haven’t, if 2.5 hours sleep counts for anything. I dreamt of Judaism.

If I thought my internal-clock was effed up when I got back from Germany on Sunday, how is it now? Interestingly enough, I feel fine.

Except…for the fact that the middle finger on my left hand went numb after I showered this morning. Wtf. Body, please don’t irritate my hypochondriach ways right now.

Seriously. F-U-K-T.

When I earlier mentioned that I was screwed? The seriousness of the situation has increased dramatically to: FUCKED.

That’s right. F-U-K-T. The fact that it is a 3am on a Tuesday might indicate approximately how not cool things are looking.

An interesting next two days will be had.

I know I really effing should not be blogging, but the blog is my friend, and I need to take a 60 second break to un-freak out.

Kerry –> Oh yes, we will frolic. Thank you for calming me down and not thinking I am an utter moron (or at least doing a very good job of not letting it on).

Zoom A Little Zoom In A Rocketship…

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As you may already know, I am screwed. So I thought I’d blog.

Today’s Rocketboom tickled me pink. I’ve never liked the X-Box. Also, I WAS WONDERING WHERE THE GLASSES WENT.

I could get used to this jetlag thing. At Young-Kyung’s recital during intermission, while Brandon and Amy –another local cello teacher with a cute kid– are exchanging baby-photos:

Kyra: Parents are so cute
Talia: *oblivious* Wait, why are Brandon and Amy exchanging pictures of their parents?

Everything is a lot more entertaining when you’re this nonsensical and MINDLESS.

In other things, I suspect that Germany might have hated my digestive system. Blarrn. Stomach, please work. And don’t even think of pulling that “I don’t like food!!” crap from last winter. That was so un-cool.

Replies to a zillion and one comments…in reverse order!

Kimb –> I am so going to tell him that during my lesson on Wednesday.

Kerry –> We drove through the snow-storm, but flew out of Frankfurt, which was out of the line of fire. Still. It was ridiculous. My parents said that in 5 years of living in that area, they had never seen such weird and chaotic weather.

A Barrel Full Of Justin –> DAMN STRAIGHT we’re going to hang out. And frolic. If I actually knew where you lived, I would have most certainly kidnapped you and dumped you in a ditch somewhere by now. I mean, after we had totally hung out. And stuff.

MED –> Don’t…hate me? I was either in Köln or Düsseldorf or somewhere in between. Or Holland. Anyway, it wasn’t really close to Freiburg. And the area around Freiburg is probably less disgustingly industrial. And prettier. Aw. I miss the MED-ness.

Jamie –> I’m such a crap friend. I can’t even send you guy’s postcards, and it’s just because I’m LAZY and FORGETFUL. So okay. You will get a postcard, dammit. And…stuff. Because if I recall right, December 17th is a slightly out-of-the-ordinary sort of day comma KE KE KE. And also, these are the below-mentioned shoes. In case you care to know my tight-ass-ness, I paid $28, as opposed to the marked $63.95. Being a tight-ass is such fun.

Oh hell. I really must get to work on this paper. Which…okay. My TA specifically informed my section that this madrigal paper-thing is due on Wednesday. But everyone else and their MOTHER who does not have my TA have their paper’s due TOMORROW, and nobody knows what’s going on. You can see why I am slightly alarmed, no? But…my TA’s paper guideline indicates Wednesday. This hurts my over-caffeinated brain (I don’t think I mentioned that methods of caffeination today have also included a lot of dark chocolate).

The Serum Of Awakedness…Is Something I Wish I Had

Today I learned that caffeine and I do not work well together. Specifically when jetlag is involved.

I slid into consciousness around 5:30 this morning. And I felt awesome. As though I had been injected with the serum of AWAKEDNESS. This feeling continued until just after 2 when my history lecture let out.

I had told myself before even leaving for Germany that, for the sake of productivity and the general keeping-with-it, I would administer caffeine the day after getting back. To, you know. Attempt to counter the jetlag. And if you are not aware, I don’t drink coffee. And rarely do I partake of caffienated soda. I’ve also been very bad about keeping up with my once daily black tea habits. But PRODUCTIVITY, I say. So after running into Masumi and spouting mindless nonsense at him, I stumbled (literally) into Espresso Royale and got myself a large cup of black tea. And I let the tea-bag sit, making it into possibly the world’s strongest cup of black tea. And I drank it. And…RANDOM LETTERS GO HERE.

You know how I am normally, right? Sort of jumpy. Kind of edgy. CAFFEINE DOES NOT HELP. Basically, what happened was that I injected caffeine into my system, resulting in my body going CRAZY but my brain still failing at life from the effects of jetlag. I spent most of orchestra shaking slightly and unable to form words (usually I’m just bad with complete sentences). I would rather have just been crazily tired, instead of brain-dead but hyper-active.

In other things, sc-REEEEWED.

I hate sectionals. Officially. Passionately. I mean, it would be fine if I didn’t have to lead them. I do, however, have a plan. And no longer care what people think. I am an awkward, stuttering, unable-to-count-us-in scatter-brain, and if there are problems with this then that’s just TOO EFFING BAD. We’re doing this shiz my way (…well…by “my way” I really mean “my way — unless someone has a better suggestion that makes more sense”). Harumph.

In…different things, my body hates traveling.


Hallo. I have returned, as of like…an hour ago. How the hell do I begin? Well, I am tired and confused and probably not at my most grammatically correct right now, so I think lists are in order. A real entry may happen at some point in time. Possibly.


-Germany was extremely cold.
-We stayed in Dusseldorf, and spent most of our time either visiting cool sites in the area or (sigh) tagging along as my Dad did…too much bassoon-related business, it seems.
-Heard 5 different concerts in the span of 8 days, including my sister’s Symphoniker. Rock.
-We visited like 8 million FREAKIN’ Christmas Markets in different towns and cities and OH MY GOD, REIBEKUCHEN. *eats*
-Visited the most unreal baroque palace
-Ate a lot, yes. But walked more. So much more. Oh God. You Germans, you.
-Lots more stuff I can’t remember right now.

So concludes one list. Here is another.

Reasons I Could Live In Germany:

-The stick-shift. Everybody drives it. Traffic lights even flash yellow before going back to green so people can get into gear.
-On a similar note, the cars. All of those 6 speed diesel thingies that seriously get like 45 mpg. My Dad rented this Audi A2, and it was awesome. It and my Dad were fast friends. GET IT?? FAST?? P.S. I would like to thank the U.S. Government and Oil Companies for conspiring to keep these insanely efficient cars out of our hands, YOU BASTARDS.
-I really like Reibekuchen. Really.
-The food there is of such good quality, not to say we’re all just absorbing fat in the States, just that over there you really seem to get your money’s worth.
-Cathedrals are pretty.
-Holland is just across the border, and the Euro makes it easy to go there without second thought and buy things/eat muscles.

So there’s that, but then there’s also…

Reasons I Could NOT Live In Germany:

-German, the language. Which, as my sister said, is really just so archaic and ridiculous. And I found that I had retained just enough Germany vocab to be even MORE confused by everything.
-The smoking. I hate it. Period.
-The fact that I do not drink coffee.
-The fact that, try as I might on my sister’s insistance, I simply don’t care for alcohol.
-The incessant autumn gloom
-The fact that it is not Holland

And other things. More later. Maybe.

As for school, resuming tomorrow: FUUUUUUK. I am sc-REEEEWED. So pardon my lack of blogging/AIM existence in the next couple days. I don’t know if I can deal with this and jetlag, oh my buckets.


*edit* I should have left all my type/grammar mistakes. For fun.

*edit* I was just checking out my lj-friends page, since I haven’t in you know, a week. And…alyson has the best entry titles ever (sorry, but her journal is friends-locked). I just read “dude, sometimes purin explodes. you gotta be ready!” and I lost it. But…ahahahahaha, purin. Exploding!

Alright. I’m officially blaming the jetlag.

Where In The Hell Is Talia?

listening to: some band called eltro?

MAN. I just bought the BEST SHOES EVER. Thank you, TJ Maxx, and your wonderful inexpensive crap. Inexpensive crap is the only crap I will buy. Because I am cheap. My Dad did say it would be handy to have the BEST WALKING SHOES EVER, but I never thought I would actually find said shoes two days later, in barely even trying.

About the Gilbert Blythe thing. I did join the group. Because…I couldn’t NOT join. It did cause me to go ten colors of Anne of Green Gables fangirly, which…I really need to find a way of recording these bouts of fangirling, because they must be RIDICULOUS. Also, yes we can start our own Harem of Gilbert Blythe, m.e.d. Few things would make me happier, it seems.

I really wish, in traveling abroad, that I could do my own session of Where in the Hell is Talia, a la Amanda Congdon and…this guy. Mostly because for some reason, I am really quite fond of the idea of frightening strangers in foreign countries. In front of my parents. It would require the assemblance of a some sort of catchy dance, though. As well as a parent to hold the camera. Damn. And they would never agree to that.

Alright. I need to finish packing and then sleep. So I will sign off for now. Everyone party hard! Have a good Thanksgiving wherein you eat way too much and do absolutely nothing! Go read some archives, or something. Blogging will resume…uh…someday.

P.S. I hate EVERY one of you that will be going to see GoF tonight. And tomorrow night. And every night for the following WEEK! My personal goal is to see it before Christmas. I’ll go alone if I must. *dramatic exit*


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A site that pays you $1 for every referred switch from IE to Firefox as well as a snarky list of why people should switch in the first place? COOL!

Also, this phoneswarm thing is fabulous, though I could never get myself to call a random payphone in the middle of nowhere and converse with whatever/whoever might pick up. I have too much phone anxiety as it is.

Need to stop updating and accomplishing stuff. Stupid Rocketboom.

*edit* oh my god. I just stumbled upon a “Harem of Gilbert Blythe” group on Facebook. I will not join I will not join I will not join…

The Pasta Of Procrastingatn

Oh my god. I hate it when Rebecca is entertaining when I need to get things done:

rebecca: man, why doesn’t my brain want to think about papers until i have barely enough time to finish them?
rebecca: i’ve actually been looking for a poem to write about all week, and stared at two for days without coming up with a single thing to say about them
talia: perocrastinatoni!@
talia: wtf
talia: stupid cold fingers
talia: haha,t ry saying that aloud
rebecca: what, perocrasti…i gove up
rebecca: *give
talia: haha!!
talia: oh my god, too amused
rebecca: …
talia: crap
talia: i can’t waste my time being this amused right now!
talia: baaahaha
rebecca: it could be a pasta
rebecca: the pasta of procastination!
rebecca: *procrastingatn
rebecca: shit
rebecca: i hate you
talia: HAHA
talia: *posts in blog*

*spreads inability to type to EVERYBODY*

Also, I just totally mistyped “QWEEM OF TYPSO” as “QEUWWM OF tYPSO,” and it’s sad that I mistype my own typos.

And then there was this:

rebecca: wow. remember when we were talking about dying alone and dripping through floors?
talia: how could i forget?
rebecca: http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/006998.html
talia: holy–
rebecca: yeah.
talia: where did you happen upon that.
talia: oh god
talia: *afraid of dying as she types*
rebecca: i read her rss feed occasionally
talia: wow
rebecca: well, every few days
talia: nod
rebecca: but…yes. IT HAPPENS.
rebecca: (you haven’t dropped dead yet, have you?)
*talia goes idle*
rebecca: o_o
*talia comes back like 25 minutes later*
talia: oh, shit!
talia: sorry
talia: my phonr rang
talia: *phone
talia: see? still properly alive and mistyping and everything
rebecca: oh XD
talia: haha
rebecca: good timing

That’s probably only amusing to me because I am a twit. Arg. Just go here.

I would just like to say that I have actually been accomplishing things in between posting ridiculous conversation excerpts in my blog. So SHADDUP.

Don’t Correct Me, Bitch!

listening to: pizzicato five – wild strawberries

Damn Beccamorte. Damn her for sending me to bash.org. Because right now I need to be doing things. Things like washing clothes. And vaccuming. And organizing. But no. Instead I am being helpelessly entertained by internet exchanges such as this. And this. It’s pretty much just like being in The Chat all the time with random people I don’t know. And — oh, hey look! It _IS_ the chat! Wild.

In the meantime, here is a list of things I am determined to do when I get back:

-Finish the new layout
-Determine where the mutant crickets are coming from and DESTROY THEM (I just found another one on the kitchen wall)
-Get somebody to do something about the temperature in my apt (today it hit below freezing outside, and dropped to approximately 55 inside)
-Continue running like crazy
-Maintain not being stressed out by people on a whole
-Perfect some ridiculously difficult passage in the last variation of Rococo, and continue to obsess with Britten

Maybe when I get back I will also have engaging things to blog. I don’t exactly have any of those right now, engaging things.


Getting Things Done

listening to: enon – grain of assault

If I live through orchestra today, it means I will be home-free until the 27th. I am admittedly a little freaked out that I am going to have to go a full 10 days without playing. And not just because it has been burnt into my brain that I need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! More like I’m freaked out that I’ll go into cello withdrawel and then completely forget how to play, as an added bonus. On the other hand, this is probably something I really need. A break. An extended break. Wherein I won’t have to worry or think about a single, god-damn BOWING.

Yeah. Because today has been WORRY WORRY WORRY, and will continue to be so until I know that I will have a handle on everything we are playing.

Okay. I skipped a class in order to get things done. So here I go to get things done.

A day!! A day!!

Regressing To Junior High School

listening to: the microphones – the glow pt. 2

I’m glad that people my age (and even older!) are capable of acting like mature adults. That’s right! Mature!!

Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to be facetious about things like this.

Oh well.

Sadly, that was all I wanted to um…insert. Aw. I should really attempt to be far more entertaining and informative considering the unavoidable blogging hiatus I will have to take starting Friday.

Alright. Practicing. And some last-minute travel shopping. And laundry. You know something sad? I had to give my score for the Britten cello suite to Diana so I wouldn’t practice it instead of other things I ought to be practicing. Maybe she’ll give it back to me tomorrow if I play well for her.

This Entry Brought To You By The Carrots I’m Eating As I Type

listening to: cranberries – forever yellow skies

Holy crap. How in Sam Hill am I going to get everything done that I’m supposed to today? I’m mainly speaking in terms of cello things. So far I’ve gotten an hour of practicing/Dvorak performance down. That’s good. But I need to go through and figure out how the hell to play/bow the rest of our orchestra music, in addition to miraculously being able to play the last variation of Rococo by tomorrow morning for my “lesson” with Diana. I’m nervous about this. Brandon actually left her NOTES. She knows things! And expects other things. This is all stuff happening in between my running around, trying to buy some last minute travel items and going fricking laundry.

You know, if I’m this behind in playing now, how is it going to be after I get back from a full 10 days of not playing? Interesting, that’s how it will be.

I guess I shouldn’t worry too excessively (mostly because that just gets me nowhere). I actually have Rococo memorized, somehow. It’s just a matter of fitting two and two together technically and being able to play absurd double-stops. Also, I continue to sound really good, regardless of how little work I think I get done.

Yeah. No worries. I think.

I have to say, though. The hardest part of this semester has definitely been finding a balance between staying on top of orchestral music and staying on top of solo crap, in between all the other going-ons of er…life. And stuff.

Thus ends frantic bout of “I need to get things done!”

P.S. Sony Music can suck it.

Not Anticipating At All

listening to: number girl – i don’t know

Before I say anything else about Kingdom Hearts II…before I even START thinking about its April release…

I am just going to say “what the–” and leave it at that.

Thank you. And goodnight.

I Know She’s Not That Foxy, But…

listening to: tori amos – in the springtime of his voodoo

I just typed “voodoo” with about three extra “o”s.

I don’t know what my problem is today. In music history, I kept copying notes from the powerpoint and adding about THREE EXTRA LETTERS to EVERY WORD. For instance, “significant” somehow turned into “signifreant.” And honestly, the rest isn’t legible. You know, a key factor in taking notes is probably making one’s handwriting legible enough that it is READIBLE later.

I’m going to attribute this to how weirdly tired I was today.

Also, in word/letter/printing things, I played this gig tonight in which our names were listed in a program, and in the program they had spelled my name “Thalia.” And then they ANNOUNCED us. And my name was suddenly said as “Thay-lee-uh.” You know, this was actually the reason my parents didn’t name me Talia-with-an-h. Because…the h is silent. It’s still “tah-lee-uh.” And I guess my parents anticipated this or something?

AAAH! Damn you, person who got to the washer before me! I need to wash whites!

Ugh. Feel likek crap. Am going to go to bed as soon as I finish this, as washer is taken and I am *walks into things*

YEEE! 3 more days until Germany…

4 More

listening to: björk – atlantic

There’s a live version of this song that I can’t find anywhere. It’s just Björk, harp, keyboard, and flute. And…Björk, Björk, were you brought by the stork? Or were you created from butter and cork? I love you so much that I act like a dork, oh Björk, oh Björk, oh Björk.

Sometimes I feel like everything I even think is WROOONG. This is one of those times. Worry not, self. It will pass.

Right. 5k. It was good. We paced ourselves and then kicked ass at the end. My final score was something like 33 minutes, which I am personally pleased with. I mean, this is my second 5k ever, after all. The race happened to be the same one I ran when I was 14. Which…well. Okay. I remember the race six years ago being painful to finish. I don’t think I actually paced myself, and ended up going between running and stopping for parts of it. It was a strain, and because of that strain, I guess I convinced myself to remember that my score was something close to 40 minutes. But…I found the archived race results last night, and it turns out that my score from six years ago is a WHOLE MINUTE BETTER than my score yesterday was. What the hell. Damn me.

I hate this. Having things I know I need to do and yet not just getting started with them because I’m lazy. And then beyond that, feeling INCREDIBLY guilty for being lazy. If I’m going to procrastinate and be lazy, then I might as well not feel bad about it. Right??

4 more days.

Too Tired For This

listening to: manu chao – welcome to tijuana

Fuuuuuuck. Can’t stop playing Kingdom Hearts.

But…man. Things are happening. The plot is finally coming into a string of Good Parts (and if you don’t know what I mean by Good Parts, then you obviously don’t read manga for 12-year-old girls), and…argh. I must restrain myself from even thinking of going to look for KH fanfic at this moment. Which…you see? It’s sad. Very sad.

Kairi just gave Sora this new Keyblade which…is totally not as strong as the Keyblade Sora won after fightning Cloud. Which is too bad for Kairi’s keyblad because — wait. Wait. Okay, I’ve blogged this before. Forget it.

I know I say that I can’t stop playing Kingdom Hearts, but I’m actually getting things done. I’m currently doing laundry. And I actually managed to practice for a good amount of time tonight (which was AWESOME. I can actually play things! I love this cello). Oh, right. And I also happened to run a 5k. Which I will detail tomorrow.

Crap. I’m too tired for this right now. Dear self, why did you feel the need to blog??

5k = No Brains

listening to: 808 state – oops

I ran a 5k today. And I have no brains for blogging.

*edit* Why do I keep pluralizing brain? Do I not only have one? AM I A ZOMBIE?? Dammit.

(…it would admittedly be pretty cool if I were actually a Zombie…)

Root Bear: Population 2,000

listening to: cornelius – star fruit surf rider

I was talking to Justin. Who I’m quite pleased hasn’t dropped off the face of the earth. And I think we were talking about typos, of which I make many, and proclaimed myself QWEEM OF TYPSO to him. But…we think it would be cool to make road-signs out of typos. Like…”village of TYPSO.” Or “town of ROOT BEAR.”

Man. If I ever get to name a town, it will definitely be the town of Root Bear.


No More Mutants In My Kitchen!

One of the infamous kitchen mutant-crickets has drowned itself in my sink. I found it floating in a sauce-pan sitting full of water, while I was doing my dishes just now. This distresses me.

That’s it. The mutant crickets HAVE GOT TO GO.