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Whoo! I just recovered from a brief moment of “Danger! Danger! I am an ass-hole!” Don’t worry, people, the situation is under control.

Not a whole lot to report. I have these MASSIVE scratches all over my arms from the bird crawling around on me with his unworldly sharp claws–no, TALONS. My stomach is also deciding to be a jerk, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that for the first time in several days, it is empty. Ahahahaha, take THAT, Thanksgiving Break. I will have revenge.

Hmm. I think that school may be the kryptonite to my blogging, because if you haven’t noticed, things have been weird here in the Talia-blog-verse, lately. It was less of a problem at home. I think mostly, it’s just that I’m distracted by the 8-million (do you notice how I always use “8-million” when expressing some ridiculously inflated number?) other things that I should be checking on and doing and…etc. I think I need to find that stupid, stupid book I would write blog-subjects down in. I hope it hasn’t fallen into one of those black-holes that like to follow me and swallow my stuff.

Ich schlafe.

German?! Aw man. What the hell, self…


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You know, “google” and “blogger” both have too many of the same letters. What with the ‘g’s and ‘l’s and ‘o’s and what have you. Still, it’s pretty sad that I end up confusing the two in my Ultimate Blogging Power.

Wow. So I started rereading AutoFocus (warning: shoujo manga ramble. abort abort!) and GAAH THE CUTE. This was after spending like two hours obsessing over Kodocha (also GAH THE CUTE), last night. My shoujo-manga conclusion for the time being is that it really doesn’t take much to make a shoujo manga story-line out of something. Ex: Girl takes pictures, boy runs around with dog called Nina; shoujo manga. Or, girl is child-star, boy is trouble-maker; shoujo manga. I mean, there’s usually a little more to it than that. There’s always some clincher or a random get-in-the-way-of-character-relations character, but the main-idea doesn’t consist of a whole lot. Also, the weird sci-fi shoujo series’ are fun (or just predictable). Because then it’s more like: girl gets sucked into alternate universe, boy finds girl and protects girl and they proceed to cry out “Miaka!!” “Tamahome!!” a lot and be angsty; shoujo manga. Then there’s the alternate: girl likes tea and acquires tea-prince boy, tea-prince boy takes 20+ volumes to make clear his feelings but things do happen; shoujo manga. Still. I do love shoujo manga.

I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, tonight and…aaagh I love you Tim Burton, Henry Selick and especially Danny Elfman. LOVE YOU. I also found and unmarked tape of MST3k, which may have been the maker of my weekend.

It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been spelling “babka” wrong. And also pronouncing it wrong, since the second “b” really becomes a “p”, and thus sounds like “bapka”. But…you know, I don’t think I care, being as Polish is one of the craziest languages ever, what with its “ski”s and “czy”s and grouped consenants. Anyway, went back and edited the mispellings of “babka”.


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EVERYBODY should have one of these…

Talia: i think you should be the official “TALIA STOP BEING DUMB” officer in my life.

Michelle: YAY!!!

Michelle: that sounds like a fun job

Michelle: can I PLEASE?!?!?!

Michelle: (imagine me begging and looking cute)

Talia: *waves fairy-wand at*

Talia: and so you shall!

Michelle: yay!!!


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I think I’m done wishing I were more Polish than I really am.

So in case you’re wondering about how completely awesome and exciting life is, you’d be utterly thrilled to know that today I once again did NOTHING. Okay, admittedly I did lose my watch, which left me completely disorriented after a series of afternoon naps. But just the fact that I am blogging about losing my watch being the most exciting thing to occur on this day in my life does NOT score me points in the department of awesomeness. Or blogging.

Wait, I DID end up going to the dress-rehearsal for the madrigal dinners. Which was –ahahahaha– cute. I have to say that I’m jealous, though, because at this point in time, all of the costumes are new and unbelievably AWESOME. They include things like bright colors and nice fabric and proper fit and…yeah. I guess I kind of lucked out junior-year where I got to dress as a boy. Definite plus in terms of mobility, breathing and above-all, comfort. Anyway, dress-rehearsal. They were using a non-student-written script, which was corny-but-fun. Overall I just enjoyed sitting and watching and seeing what sort of stuff they were doing. I miss madrigals.

Blah. Every fiber of my being is opposed to the thought of going back to school. I know there are only two weeks of classes left, yeah, and I know I only have two finals, yeah, but…I don’t know.


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Damn all! I wish I had a last name that ended in “ski”!! Or even just the “Stysh” name…but then…which last name is more ridiculous? Stysh or my ACTUAL last name??


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On list of things to do:

+ get life

Yep. That pretty much covers it.

Yeah, Talia’s loser status confirmed: I just discovered the MST3k livejournal community. Naturally, I had to join. I’ve been pretty much geeking out ever since. Still. WE LIKE IT VERY MUCH.

All I’ve been doing is sleeping. And eating. And, once again, sleeping. I mean, I know I’m entitled to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING being as this is break, but this is ridiculous. I need to at least practice. Or maybe move.

Tonight: Practice. Maybe. Something with Michelle, perhaps. If anything, I have an automatic date with Harry Potter, should all else fail in terms of entertainment.

Tomorrow: Practice. Hopefully. Uhigh madrigal dress-rehearsal at 1. Huzzah–er, I think. Going to try and track down Justin I. once again. Might possibly maybe perhaps consider trying to get ahold of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but highly doubt it.

Harry Potter is the back-up plan for pretty much…anything. God damn I love those books. And I’m 3/4 done with the first. Can’t wait until I get to PoA! Oh god, the movie’s out on DVD now, isn’t it…


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Thanksgiving dinner rocked. My parents and I drove to C-U to eat with our friends who we’ve never NOT eaten Thanksgiving dinner with. But…good god, I ate SO much. I spent a majority of the night asking myself why on earth I had decided to eat that second orange roll…bleh. Hmmm. There was another family eating with us, actually. An archivist and his family, from the University. And…they were cool. But not quite as over-zealous in all manners as my family plus our friends. I’m pretty sure we frightened and/or bored them into submission. Mostly I’m thinking this because my Dad would NOT SHUT UP ABOUT EUROPE. I mean, that’s okay. He’s allowed to do that. Especially because apparently he and my mom are going to Italy this summer (without me–if I may note BITTERLY). Um, nevermind. Anyway, yeah. Thanksgibbons. Good.

Oh man. What else was there for me to ramble about…

Oh–right. Something I started doing after Madeline Island was compiling all of my endlessly amusing private-book entries into one big blog entry that would eventually be posted. I mean, knowing me, I knew it probably wouldn’t end up finished, but I’ve sort of started entering some more, so maybe I can make up for my filthy-blogging-ways with that. I don’t know. Does anybody care? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My dad keeps peeking in every 5-or-so minutes, which I am going to take as a sign that he would also like to use the computer. So perhaps I should go.


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Wow. I just realized that I had the weirdest dream last night. Most of it encompassed me wandering around this dream-verse UIUC campus/downtown historical Boston area-place-thing. That was cool, as I was honestly just wandering around in this prefrabricated location my unconscious-mind threw at me. But suddenly I was at Iowa, and I was onstage with a bunch of other cellists from last year, preparing a cello-choir version of Strauss’s Don Juan. We were giving a concert that very day, apparently. I stood and talked to Will for a while. I think the only reason he was involved in my dream was because I recently ended up talking to somebody who vaguely reminded me of him. Oh–wait, no! I actually thought of him because I was telling somebody about how bitter it makes me when people have longer fingers than I do. And…yeah. Will took the cake for long fingers, last year. Stupid cello-sized-intervals. Hoo-hah. But then I was supposed to come back to the auditorium for the actual concert, but was somehow transported into the basement of Allen hall. Yeah. Whatever, brain. Okay, carry on.

So it turns out that “giant limb” that fell next to our house last night was actually half of our 12-year-old red-bud tree, having come down with the weight of the snow. Sigh. It’s so sad, as that was such a great tree. At least there’s half of it left.

Also, I’ve abandoned the hope of reading any crazy sci-fi/fantasy/humerous books for the moment, because my brain is in need of something else. Something purely delightful and fun to read. And so I am RE-READING HARRY POTTER!! wOOt!!!

+ Wow. Girl saved from rabbies by being put into coma. I mean, rabbies is SUPPOSED TO KILL YOUR BRAIN after a certain point, so…wow (via boingboing).

*edit* Okay, so I evidently don’t know how to spell the word “rabies”. Frowl. Ahaha, thanks Renata =)


*grumble grumble grumble* Blogger, I want to kick you. Constantly, relentlessly, obnoxiously. PUBLISH, DAMMIT.

I just watched Master and Commander with my parents. It made me squee. It also made me squirm. I don’t mind blood. That’s fine. I don’t mind violence. That’s fine. I do mind infested wounds and digging things out of flesh with possibly-dirty spoons. I mind that. Whatever. I need to read more Patrick O’Brian.

Whoa. A gigantic tree-limb has landed right beside our house, but we have no idea which tree it came from. Thanks, weather.

Now if perhaps Blogger’s filthy-publishing-ways would work, my night would be complete.

*edit* Ahahaha! I totally just saw that I wrote “infested”, instead of what I really meant as “festering”. But I did leave it because I enjoy chuckling over how stupid I am…


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Bear with me. I’m fidgety.

For some reason I am into reading people’s archives, lately. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been kind of interested in how a person’s writing evolves over time, and archives enable one to look at just that. I know that I sometimes obsess a little bit too much over my own writing, in that respect, which may or may not be an unhealthy thing for me. I’m definitely too critical of my own work in ANY field, so maybe I felt it was time to get over my own stupid writing and read somebody else’s archives. Rest assured, if you have a blog that I know about that has been up and running for over a year, I have probably read some of your archives. Wahahahaaah, blah.

I’ve actually sort of been forcing myself to write, all day. Mostly in my blue-book, which is good, as I consider writing in my private-book to be the most theraputic form of writing for me. But it’s kind of weird to force myself to write perpetually when I’m not completely in the mood for it. It’s almost just like writing for the sake of taking up space. But now might actually be one of those times where my brain is saying “NO OW STOP”, and just wants me to READ and LISTEN and ABSORB and not write. Arg. Too bad I couldn’t force myself into a perpetual-writing state with NaNoWriMo. Dammit.

I’m so fidgety. Stupid snow.

*edit* Hey, Blogger?! Publish or I will SHAKE YOU.


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All hell hath broken loose. The weather at current time is waging war upon the Midwest. I woke up (late), took one look out my window, and went “–what the crap?!”, as it was freaking SNOWING out. This isn’t just the regular harmless fluffy type, either. This is rather like TEH WINTER STORM OF DOOM. My mother and I tried to get chocolate babka at a bakery across town, but were thwarted as the weather really is having its fun and also because NOTHING IN NORMAL ILLINOIS IS PLOWED. So now I’m here blogging. Sigh. Babka would have been nice, though.

I broke out my storage-bin of thick socks, this morning. This pretty much signals the cold being an official thing. Despite the indications of the above whiney paragraph, I love winter.

I am slowly deleting the stupid crap from this iTunes library and putting good crap into it. Like Cornelius. And the Capitol Years. And the Natural Dreamers plus some weird-but-awesome band called the Electrolettes. I think I will officially let this computer’s iTunes library be known as the “Playlist of Weird-But-Good Crap”. Weird-But-Good is how I like it.

Today I’m going to attempt to tidy up my room and re-introduce myself to the moutainous pile of manga that resides there. I’ve been way too crazy and neurotic to Japanify myself on a regular basis, in the past month or so. Mmm, manga.


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I spent Sunday/Monday locationless in the Midwest. Which was um…fun. Basically, I went on a roadtrip with my dad, for the express purpose of retrieving one of our cars in Hicksville, OH. Earlier last week, my dad bought a used Focus for my sister at a dealer in Hicksville, and being as she needed the car immediately, he drove out to get it and left our tank-esque van out there for the week.

Sunday afternoon, we drove out to South Whitley, Indiana in my car. It was good. I never really get opportunities to talk with my dad, and he has a lot of good stories and observations about life in general? Yeah. Life in general. The thing about my dad is that he strongly believes that Fate had a hand in all of his life’s experiences, and that he is located where he is for a reason. Maybe it was the complete lack of religion in my life during my upbringing (I was…ALMOST raised Jewish, in case you wanted to know…), but it’s difficult for me to believe strongly that I am fated to end up in ONE PLACE. I believe in time (which sounds weird, but is kind of some weird philosophy I’ve developed on my own) and maybe…karma? I guess. Something related to karma, anyway. If anything, it’s just good to know that I have such a supportive family, as a musician. It always freaks me out to hear other students talking about how their parents don’t support the idea of being a professional musician, and won’t fund their college education based on that. I love my nerdy, musical family.

Anyway, Sunday night we went to see The Incredibles which…OH MY GOD GO SEE IT NOW. Then we went back to the Fox Double-Reed Products official apartment (haha, not kidding), where I read something other than adulterous East Asian Literature for the first time in a month or more. Neuromancer. Mmmm, books. I slept poorly that night, and was happy to get an early move-on to Hicksville, OH.

Originally, the plan was that I was just going to follow my Dad once he had gotten the car. But then he decided to go back to the Fox Products plant and do some business, thus leaving me on my own. The drive from Hicksville, OH to Normal is a 5-hour deal, making it the longest-ever independant road-trip I’ve taken. And, yeah. I did drive to Iowa in October, but that hardly counts being as it is the easiest interstate drive EVAR. Like, you could put your car on cruise and sleep for that drive–er, at least until you get to Interstate 80, you could. But this was all tiny high-ways and backroads. And…it was great! The weather was perfect, and I managed to take all the routes that stupid semi-trucks didn’t take. I also managed to pass my first vehicle on a two-lane highway, which I had always been TERRIFIED of doing up until that point. Mmm, adventurous.

As for mis-adventures, I had those, too. In Indiana at some point, I was on a four-lane highway, and somehow ended up missing the right-turn that led the route I was on West instead of South, and ended up driving an extra ten or so miles out of my way. I also managed to take a really crazy, curvey extension into Logansport, IN, but that was kind of fun. My last mis-adventure was when I very nearly hit a coyote just outside of Illinois.

I think I have also discovered some of the ultimate music for serious road-trips. Anything Modest Mouse, for one. I mean, their albums are MEANT as driving-music. Also, Stereolab and Tori Amos, specifically “Scarlet’s Walk”. Gah. Even thinking about road-tripping and that album make me want to read American Gods again. Droool, Neil Gaiman.

I’m so relieved I have still retained the ability to mindlessly detail less-than-exciting events, aka blog.


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I had the weirdest dream last night. And unfortunately, I only remember some of the particulars of it at this point. Anyway, in the dream, I was going to school as a music student in Leipzig. But there was some bizarre government conspiracy going on that was making the public crazy and unable to trust eachother. I wish my brain would have been a little more specific about said government conspiratorial thing, because those are cool. Somehow, I was a huge threat to the government, but was barely safe inside the school I was attending. That made me crazy and anxious and always-in-hiding. One day, another student passed on a message that they had been searching around the libraries, and had found somebody who would be able to help me. Okay, for one thing, the library was HUGE. Large enough that the person who wanted to help me was several days searching INTO the library. Also, he was trapped by some unknown force, kept as a library slave. So apparently he would help me if I helped him. I woke up around this point, and I recall remembering so much more of this dream right after I woke up. I should really keep a notebook for occasions like that. Harumph. Aaanyway…

I’m going to give the iTunes library on this computer a hand. Yes, there is some good stuff (such as an abundance of Tori and Stereolab), but there is also a plethora of crap that is hurting my brain. Juno? Some guy covering a song by the Pretenders, the original of which I don’t even like? Weird remixes of Dismemberment Plan? A band called “The Blessed Light”?!? I think not. You are gone. I am going to infiltrate this computer with good music starting now.



So, I’m back. From hiatus or insanity or whatever you want to call it. Hopefully that won’t happen ever again. EVAR.

So, about last week. Did I mention that it made me insane? Because it did. I was practicing so much, but I don’t think any of it was productive because my hands had disconnected from my brain and were refusing all communication. It was frustrating. I went into my Thursday lesson (the day before studio class where I ended up playing EVERYTHING) and I just wanted him to YELL at me and tell me that my playing SUCKED and he kept telling me it was good when I was honestly playing worse than I had been all year. YELL AT ME!! But studio class on Friday went really well. Three other cellists dropped out from playing for various reasons, and I was playing more than anybody so it was seriously like the TALIA SHOW. But it was cool. I would play (which I did pretty well if I may add), and then we would sit around and discuss various aspects of the repetoire or my technical playing, and it was like amusing and intellectual group-discussion for cello. I liked that. I love how open we can be with eachother. I could never have maintained such an open manner and recieved so much feedback like that, where I used to be. Aside from the cello crazies, though, I just went crazy because I’m an idiot, not to mention selfish. But whatever. I’ve recovered from that, as well.

Other things that happened last week, mostly good:

+Kerry and I went completely nerd-o over Kingdom of Loathing. All I will say is that ILLUSTRATIONS ARE INVOLVED and that I will post them later.

+Kerry and I also discovered that we are both obsessed with Dana Carvey’s stand-up routine that was playing on Comedy Central years ago. Most of the week was spent yelling random Dana Carvy-isms “Hey…we’re framin’ OJ. YOU IN?!”

+I discovered that Kingdom Hearts for GBA had been released way early (sources say December 7th?!!?!), and did not obtain it though it was within several inches of my grubby, needy fingers.

+Read lots of adulterous Asian literature for my East Asian Lit class. One of my favorites being from a Japanese work, 5 Women Who Loved Love. Basically, mid-class woman, Osen, marries a cooper. They love eachother and make a wonderful married-couple until several years later where Osen is helping out a neighbor in his house. A bowl falls on her head, knocking her hair loose, the neighbor’s wife comes in and starts accusing Osen of trying to seduce her husband. This makes Osen angry enough that she actually DOES seduce the neighbor-guy. However, her cooper-husband finds her in the middle of her adulterous act, she grabs his weapon and kills herself. The end.

+Kerry and I, both in need of some good cheer, went out for Chinese buffet. It was grand.

Fun stuff. But I’m really glad that I have escaped the evil clutches of last week.

Wow. Look at that. I blogged. And I enjoyed it. Hot diggity!


Dear blog-verse,

I know you and I have been distant recently, for which I am truly regretful. I find myself thinking about blogging about 10x more than I manage to blog recently. I actually spend good amounts of Music 110 lectures organizing thoughts and stories to go into entries. But when I finally manage to find myself with a keyboard and an open blogging-window, everything goes to hell in a hand-cart. I blank out, stare at the screen, and let myself be distracted.

I am telling myself it is the stress. Because I am completely stressed out right now. This month’s cello studio-class is giving my sanity and playing a run for their money. This Friday night, I am supposed to play the last movement of Haydn C, two movements of a Bach Suite, and an Etude. It’s not so much the actual playing that will be a problem. It’s playing well. That’s where lessons start to frustate me and wasteful hours are spent doing what I think must be hard work in the practice-rooms.

But aside from school and cello driving me completely batty, I feel as though I have lost my ability to express myself, as well as feed my omni-present creative appetite. As has been noted, blogging has declined. Progressive writing (ie, NaNoWriMo) has been non-existent. I haven’t been watching anything amusing or reading anything enjoyable. All I have been doing is practicing. And not always productively, either. Regardless, I am sick of coming back from the music building too fazed to express myself in any of the various forms I usually am capable of conveying myself through. I do believe that a good break from everything is in order.

I always feel bad just abandoning my blog for any period of time. I feel like I want to add something–ANYTHING to it at least once a day. So maybe this is just my official statement of apology to…myself, the world, whoever…for not upholding my own standards. So really, blog-verse, if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s not you. I still love you and will return to you when I get the chance and have collected the brain-power necessary. But for the moment, I am burnt out.

I hope you understand.


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Dammit. So screwed. It turns out that the GBA version of Kingdom Hearts HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED. So screwed.


listening to: the ancient greeks – center

I’ve decided that I’m going to stop blogging and start lurking. Yep. That’s all I’m gonna do. Lurk on the internet.

Lurk lurk lurk.


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I’ve been telling myself I ought to elaborate more on school and all of the major improvements that came along with transferring, for a while now. And while I still plan to do that, you must first allow me this entry in which I go AAAAGH.

Alright, so I’m trying to register for classes. And…already, you the reader must be going “oh my god, remember how crazy she went LAST time she had to register for courses?!” and the blogger goes “yes, yes. registering for classes two days before they actually began was definitely less-than-awesome. Me, the blogger also thought that spring semester registration would be better by about nine times but that GOES TO SHOW YOU WHAT I KNOW”.

One thing about Iowa was that the process of planning out and choosing courses greatly involved your academic advisor. It was a highly-organized routine that involved two visits to said academic advisor before the actual period of registration. I liked my advisor. He was familiar with music-students and really made it clear to me what I ought to be thinking about for the next four years in terms of music, and said to take gen-eds easy for my first year as music-students had a crazy amount of hours to fill. It is also notable to say that Gen-Ed requirements at Iowa were less rigorous and more easy to map-out at first-glance. It might also be worth mentioning that Iowa’s registration system didn’t SUCK and run two other large in-state Universities for side.

So anyway, back to the current registration situation. I know what music courses I need to be finishing in the next year. Or at least, I think I do (I’m going to talk the undergraduate academics person today, in fact, just to make sure). As for Gen-Eds, shoot me now. I mean, I’ve studied what I need to know. The problem is coordinating what classes I want to take with the ones I CAN take. The music courses in my schedule can’t exactly be rearranged at my leisure, so I have to work Gen-Eds in when I can, basically. But not having an advisor to help suggest the Gen-Eds I ought to try getting out of the way, or the Gen-Eds I should avoid, or just basically give me some direction made me a little bit freaked out. At first I didn’t think this would be a problem. Then when I started looking more in-depth at what Gen-Eds I might want to take, I discovered that a great number of the ones I wanted to take and would benefit me by covering multiple requirement-areas do not exist in Spring Semester ’05 in the first place. Damn. So then I finally manage to narrow down a few classes that would actually work and give me credit where I needed it the most. This is followed by my having to wait a day or so until I am eligible to register.

And about waiting-to-register period in time, that is another reason why I still shake my first at having transferred, because I got the shaft, again. I was able to finally register this morning at 10am, almost two weeks after the James scholars and days after most regular, non-freshman students were applicable. As I really should have expected, ALL THE CLASSES I WANTED WERE CLOSED. OMNI-FROWL. Since then, I’ve narrowed down some non-closed classes, and actually signed up for one (Intro to Japanese Culture, but I really need to take non-Japanese things someday…). I’m going to talk to my mom (who is an academic advisor to delinquint and non-delinquint music students, alike) and see what she thinks about this whole Gen-Ed situation. Because…well, yeah.

My deal is really just that I want to graduate. Because I want to graduate (and not be raped by Illinois’ Quantitative Reasoning classes), I am definitely opting for summer courses. Sometime. Hopefully this summer. This is despite what I am told by my cello-studio counterpart could be a problem, as my teacher is going to want me to go to like 8 festivals over the summer. And…music festivals are really important to me. I definitely get amazing things out of them. But this is where I will share with the world that for one reason or another (probably because this is my first year here and either that it takes longer for music-students to graduate, or I just didn’t take enough Gen-Eds at Iowa), my online-registration information has informed me that my estimated date of graduation is MAY OF 2009.

When I first saw this, it took all I had to not like…sob quasi-comically and shake things. I mean, I can see taking an extra semester. I can even see taking an extra year. But an extra TWO years?!

So in case you were wondering where all of that barely-audible maniacal laughter in the world is coming from, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that it’s me, laughing guffaws of insanity at my however-many years left of schooling I have left altogether.

In other things, don’t you like braaan muffins?


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Oh my god. This is SO. CREEPY. I think the people behind these are actually robots. Really just because AAAAAH.


Orchestra concert went well *decisive nod* Except, er, before the Chopin piano concerto (which in itself merrits a ;lkjasdf), they reset the stage, and my stand ended up floating out in cello hyper-space, and being a little bit close to the 2nd violins. So somewhere in the first movement, I totally whack my bow on a 2nd-violin chair. I mean, it was fine. Just loud. And totally remedied by my very quietly scooting my chair back two inches. Other than that, good concert.

Blaaarn. I can’t seem to find my “blog-me” book ANYWHERE. Which is unfortunate because I have about 8-million random amusing quotes in that thing, as well as blog-subject lists. But anyway, I have a list of a few specific things I keep meaning to blog about, but never have the brain-composure to pull off. They are as follows:

+voting. and crying. lots of crying.


+kingdom of loathing


+the 2.5 month post-transfer statement (don’t worry! It’s a positive, non-whiny thing! I swear to god! This is the least crazy I’ve been in over a year!!)

+the power of blogging

+random-but-fun adventures of driving in rural illinois

Stay on the look-out.

Marion) r0nk out! ~Hey! There must be, a devil, between us, or whores in my head~

Lucia) Oh man. You can’t be serious. Why aren’t you on the phone with me right now telling me why you’re going to Japan and how we are going to make me-stowing-away work? Also, this is what happened immediately after I read that comment:

Talia: *loudly, to herself* I’ll kill her!!

Talia: *briskly gets up from computer and walks towards door*

Kerry: *stares in moderate alarm*

Talia: Wha…??

Kerry: !!!

Talia: Oh!! Um, oops! I’m going to wash my hands. I’m not going to kill anybody. I promise!

I am the coolest room-mate. Ever.


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I am moderately crazy right now. But it must be okay because I’m listening to the Pixies, after all. And if it is any indication of how much trouble I’ve had with blogging in the last day or so, I have about three unfinished, one-paragraph entries that are just sitting as “drafts”. You (you really being me) know as well as I that they will never be published.

Last night Justin and I went out for Thai, and decided that all Thai food in Champaign-Urbana is laced with crack. Seriously. We also got into an extremely amusing conversation about octopus porn (which is just wrong), which resulted in Justin saying “I mean…you can love squid, but you can’t *love* squid!!”. I thought this was abso-fricking-lutely HILARIOUS.

I have a theory test today. And a chamber orch concert tonight. And…all I want to do is sit around and read and listen to Number Girl and forget about the fact that I suck. Oh, that’s right. Have I mentioned how I suck? Well, I do and it’s true and…um, I will present some solid proof of this in a later entry.

You know something? I would be able to totally deal with the fact that I suck if I had one of these. I am so serious that I will marry the person who gets me one (family members are exempt from said agreement to marriage).


listening to: stereo total – i love you, ono

I’ve been moderately cheered by up the announcement on Die Puny Humans that this week is New Music Week. Warren Ellis will be posting links to new music that is sent in by readers all week. Which rocks.

The first link was to a band called the Valhalla Kittens. I like. Hah, I might recommend the song “Space Booty”, if anything just for the title. I also enjoy that the “kittens” (aka backup girls) specialize in “vocals and sass”.

I hope weird internet crap will be the cure for my social-failure funk. Because there sure is a lot of it. I mean, a lot of internet crap. The social-failure funk is only moderate.

P.S. If you will notice, I updated the left-hand links *waves hand past* The random blog-links are getting out of hand. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a seperate link-page.


listening to: cornelius – tone twilight zone

Aaah I lose at life. But that might actually be partially remedied by the fact that I’m listening to Cornelius. Mmm, Cornelius. Also the fact that I am hopelessly and pathetically easily amused. I was feeling completely grumpy walking to Music 110 this morning — for obvious reasons being that I was actually going to 110 — until I tripped over a random but large piece of metal near the construction going on by Allen Hall. For some reason I thought this was hilarious. Especially because people were staring at me. I’m just glad somebody got to witness my awesomeness. Not like last year when I walked into a locker and sadly nobody was able to witness it.

But…argh. I still lose at life. I feel sorry for people who have to talk to me when I am less-than-witty at 10 in the morning. Sorry cool people I try to talk to. I want to be a hermit.