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Happy Halloweeeeen!!!! … Yeah. I definitely have a cello-lesson at 7.

Holy crap. NaNoWriMo starts in under 7 hours. Excuse me while I do the NaNoWriMo-starts-unbelievably-soon dance!!!! The unfortunate thing is that I definitely have a class at 10 tomorrow morning which I definitely need to go to, and I am so unbelievably busy for the entire day. Like, extra rehearsals and coachings make it so that I basically go from 10 to 5, but then at 7 there’s a Democratic Rally at which Barack Obama is speaking, and dammit! Barack Obama is awesome! After that is some meeting for a campus music promotion group that I’ve been invited to. I think for the moment, NaNoWriMo might hold priority because WHOOO!!! WRITING 50,000 WORDS!!!

In other things, I filled out what might have been the most inane blog/journal meme to exist on TEH INTARWEB, this morning. You can view it here.

And that is definitely all I have to say.

*goes off to stomp on Haydn C major concerto*


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My parents are tricky devils (of the good kind)! I had needed the Galamian scale method for cello (bleh), and my mother said she would order it for me from Shar and have it sent to me here. Today I recieved the package from Shar but instead of just the scale method, it seems they also bought “Seven Tunes Heard In China” by Bright Sheng. Awesome! But aren’t parents devious?

Today was Illinois’ homecoming. And guess who they were playing? Ahaha, yeah. Iowa. I have to admit that there is a tiny, barely-noticed and uncovered part of me that actually cares about Big Ten Football. And that part of me was yelling “Go Hawkeyes”. I mean, in my head. And apparently inaudably too, as none of this occured to me until about ten minutes ago, the game has long been finished and I still don’t know who won. Probably Iowa, just because Illinois isn’t known for its football team. Yeah, go away.

My Friday rocked. I was devious and decided against going to my East Asian Lit class. Later in the morning, I signed the lease to an apartment! Huzzah! I have a place to live next year that is not in a 10×10 cubic room with cinder-block walls! It’s a really nice place, too. An old house renovated and turned into four single apartments, not more than 10 minutes away from the music building. If that in itself isn’t cool enough, then I will also mention the fact that Kyra lives in the same building. So now when she is sick for three months in a row, I can nurse her back to health (fyi, Kyra has seriously been sick since August and I would love to see her not-sick). The house is also ridiculously close to where my teacher, Brandon lives.

After a generally good chamber rehearsal, I met up with Justin which was followed by our eating Thai, as we feel our Fridays should include from now on. On the way there, we got into the most heated argument about pants. Specifically men’s sizing vs. women’s. I can definitely see how men’s sizing makes more sense, but Justin’s blatant lack of respect for women’s sizing was frustrating enough that I kept arguing my point to be annoying. I really wonder what a conversation like that must have sounded like to passerbyers, as we were pretty into it and it was definitely about pants.

And speaking of pants, I’m a little bit freaked that my pants from the summer are, again this year, deciding to be too large. I don’t know if it’s because I just don’t eat as much during the school-year, or my stress causes me to lose moderate amounts of weight, but it angers me that I have so many pairs of pants that are likely to fall off. Mlrah!


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Frickin’ A! My favorite pair of pants from the summer are now officially TOO BIG FOR ME. Will my body never relent in the forcing me to buy new pairs of pants?!


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Some clever clever person out there has tampered with the sign in front of our dorm, Allen Hall, by marking out part of the second uppercase “L” and turning it into “ALIEN”. I saw this on my way back from Music 110 this morning and thought it was the most hilarious thing. Because I am awesome. But look I live in ALIEN Residence Hall!! Or at least I do until somebody fixes the sign. 100_0272_1

Another reason I am awesome: I finally friggin’ installed Movable Type!!! HUZZAH!! And it only took me like…a month. No, more like five days of inconsistent tampering with ftp and cgi files. Still. I feel like I have attained a new status of computer-geek, since dealing with ftp paths and cgi files and mysql made the experience a little, you know, puzzling.

Oh, but blah. I’m not packing up my blogging-belongings and switching to MT, by any means. I completely heart Blogger. But all of my favorite blog-authors use Movable Type and I want to know WHY IT’S SO OTHER-WORDLY, COSMIC, ETC. The switching over to MT might be an eventual thing to come down the line, but for the moment, I barely even have a blog set up (okay, which is mostly because there are still some massive problematic things happening with the cgi files I had to edit. I’ll fix them. Someday. Really I will). I pretty much just signed in, saw things were mostly in working order, threw my hands up in the air and started doing something else. Big thanks to Rebecca for helping me out with the database-locating…stuff.

I had a dream that my parents were speaking at me in German, only. As in, they refused to speak English at all. But that’s a little weird since I have retained absolutely no German from my three years of vague study from jr high/9th grade. I would like to think my subconscious mind is advanced enough that if it decides it wants a certain language in a dream, it just tells my parts of the brain “okay, here’s a language. you outrank the conscious-mind by far so you can basically just make up whatever you want and it will be convincingly that language”. But yeah. It’s rather sad being the only non-German-speaking in my family. My parents and sister lived there for some years before I was born, and thus have developed their use of the language to a point I couldn’t ever catch up to unless I lived there for five years, too. I actually mind less now that I don’t have anything to do with German. I feel exclusive and secretive with my Japanese-experience. And stuff.

100_0277Augh. The weather is making my hair completely crazy. It’s unbelievably humid out, and the humidity is saying things to me. Things like “OMG YOUR HAIR IS CRAAAAAZY”. This photo was taken in a moment of relative calm, moments before stepping out into the fog. It is posted here because I’m a narcissistic weirdo.

*edit* I think Blogger is laughing at me quite cruelly, being as it just published this entry FOUR TIMES.


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All I’m going to say is WEST WING WHYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE?! and that is all. And also, I will start my NaNoWriMo countdown.

Days until NaNoWriMo: 4.

I think the countdown would be a lot more meaningful had I started with a few more days left than 4. Such as maybe12 or 20. I haven’t suffered through anxious waiting blog-inclusive count-down days for it to matter. Nonetheless, I am fricking excited.



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A little bit of election…stuff (not exactly what I’d call zen):

+ The hell?! Bush’s official campaign website is now blocking all non-US visitors!! Boingboing has all the links.

+ Kids who support Kerry are threatened with expulsion. My head hurts. Oh. Maybe that’s because I’ve been hitting it on my desk repeatedly. Here’s the boingboing entry.

+ Last but not least, Warren Ellis said it: “Isn’t this a really fucking disturbing picture?”

In other things, I had the weirdest dream last night. It was a U-High music concert of some sort, and Chorus was the main attraction. But the all the members of the Chorus were dead, and their ashes had been put in these IKEA boxes that were burried on this cliff overlooking Lake Superior. I was in in the Chorus, too, but everything seemed to be intact and ready for action in terms of having a body and whatnot, so I didn’t buy the whole “oh no we’re dead” thing. But then we sang Rachmaninaff’s Bogoroditse Devo and it made the audience cry miserably. Maybe we were dead afterall. I don’t know. I think this dream must be related to the messages Michelle and I have been leaving for each-other that consist of crazy versions of Madrigal/Choral stuff we’ve done.



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Life is so hard. But I swear, someday I will figure out how to locate a specific database on a webserver. I will I will I will.

I know Blogger and MT are two very different publishing dealies –MT being an open-source program and what have you–but I still feel like I’m commiting an act of treason by being so obsessively, obnoxiously determined to install Movable Type.

Cranky and tired are difficult to shake right now.


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I’m such a freaking tool for reasons I’m not qualified to mention now gaaaah! But…hey, check out how this is totally my second entry today! This supposed reverse-psychology entry-hiatus is doing wonders for my blogging.

I always get so confused when it comes to groups/artists that everybody else seems to like and then I finally hear them and go “uuh…I have to go listen to something completely spontaneous and weird and not this now”. One of those bands (other than Coldplay comma blah) is Deathcab for Cutie. Just…I don’t know. I can see how they appeal to a lot of people within the supposed Indie Rock genre, but…they lack something I need in my music. I’m still trying to pinpoint exactly what that might be. Currently, I feel that it could be a) pizzaz b) rhythmic insanity c) harmonic motion I find engaging or d) all of the above. I’m also not a fan of the lead-singer’s voice, call me a robobitch and an ass-hat and what have you.

This is where I start hating the fact that I have to live in a world of competative music-collecting freaks like the one I do (being as I am also one of those music-collectingi freaks), because I always feel bad saying I don’t like certain music in front of people who I know are fans. Which is probably why I never express an opinion about Coldplay to the people around me. But then why am I afraid of having an opinion? Er–um, I’m not. So…yeah. I’ll continue liking my psychotic Japanese and math-rock music, and you can have your Deathcab and Coldplay and whatever else in the emo/indie dept tickles your fancy. “You” really being “all those people out there who will never end up reading my blog, anyway”.

Aw, now I feel like even more of a tool.

In other things, Haydn C concerto hates me. Actually, I think having spent an entire hour working unbearible levels of intonation in the 5th Bach Suite resulted in my right and left hands not quite aware of what the other was doing for most of my practice-session. At least my fingers are slightly more in-tune, albiet still pretty stupid.

I ordered a NaNoWriMo shirt because I’m just that awesome. But…I can’t wait until November 1st at exactly Midnight. And I feel the need to cover myself in rhetoric to prove it, AHAHAHAHAHA–no.


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Check it out, people! I am blogging!!

So…I am blogging more when I am on supposed “hiatus” than when I’m not. Maybe this is some sort of reverse psychology scheme I’m playing on myself, and if I am on supposed hiatus all the time, I’ll end up blogging more because my unconscious-mind requires it of me. Hmm.

This next part is all on the subject of blogs. First of all…

1) Christ on a Cracker!! Matt updated. I never thought he would update ever again. HEART!!!!

2) Fussy. One of my new favorite blogs.

That’s all on the subject of that.

We’re starting to study Japanese theatre in my East Asian Lit class. Specifically Noh Theatre. I kept having to tell my brain to shut up and stop referring to the MST3k Noh Theatre skit. “Mike, I’m going to grab a step-ladder so you can JUMP UP MY BUTT”


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I think I am blogging deficient. I just can’t seem to open the blogging window and type anything into it, lately. It’s like my timing has been universally tampered with and I’ll never be able to coincide the urge to blog with the open blogger window again. But…I am the master of blogging! Just check out my ever-constant rambling since March of ’02! So why am I balking now?

The weekend was awesome. Went home. Saw Michelle. Was called an “easy lady” and fed pie. Left the message of all messages for MED in Oregon. Aside from seeing people and having fun, I found a frickin’ winter coat!! It’s lovely and sleek and long and I would live in it starting now where it not supposed to be something like 70 degrees for the next few days. But anyway, that pretty much concludes the telling of my weekend adventures.

Other than that, I’m really just trying to figure out why I’m having weird problems with blogging. It’s more than just my timing. Something I’m not always 100% conscious of when I am blogging, is who my audience is. As much as I would like to say that I am blogging only for myself, there will always be spontaneous readers, even if they only ended up stumbling across my blog from absurd internet searches (such as this…). And sometimes I’m more aware of this than other times. It’s also hard to read the completely mindboggling and fabulous blogs of awesome people out there and not feel a little bit bored with myself for all of my boring…ness. Consequently, I’m usually being distracted by eight million internet things at one time, a serious one of those internet things currently being NaNoWriMo (and just think, it hasn’t even officially STARTED yet! wOOt!). Then there are the 8 million non-internet things that are making me weird. Like school and the cello and other less-than-interesting things. Internet Browser publishing problems don’t seem to help.

Maybe I am in need of going on an actual blogging hiatus. If not because I actually want a break from taking a step every-which-way and going “omg, blogging materiel!!”, then because every other time I’ve said I was going to take a blogging break, I’ve always gone “screw it” and started blogging just as much as ever.

We’ll see. If I don’t blog tomorrow, that’s a sign that I might actually be on blogging hiatus.

In one final note, I am actually going to make an “end-a-sentence-in-a-preposition” jar. Seriously. I am. Because I hate that.


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Oatmeal? This is Rebecca with a package of Oatmeal. One that is addressed and stamped, if you’ll notice. Basically the Oatmeal was part of a bribe from several nights ago. A bribe in which Rebecca sends me a package of instant Oatmeal all by its lonesome via Ground Mail in exchange for my delaying sleep and staying online for another five or so minutes, no doubt to discuss the coolness of borborygmi (HAH, Google!).

Oatmeal?2 This is a close-up of said oatmeal, just so you know that Rebecca isn’t trying to pull crap with me. You may also note that this particular package of Oatmeal is flavored “Cinnamon Roll” and contains both natural and artificial flavors. That Rebecca sure is tricksy. They don’t call her Lord Beccamorte for nothing.

Oatmeal!!!As the picture on the right might indicate, I did indeed recieve the Oatmeal intact. This mostly involved my room-mate walking in after having checked the mail and going “Talia…there was um…oatmeal addressed to you in our mailbox…”. As you can see from the photo, I am beside myself with delight and amusement. As you can also see from the photo, I suck at taking pictures of myself while I’m holding packages of oatmeal. And how.

P.S. Yes, oatmeal is a valid bribe with me.


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I can’t remember any of the interesting things I wanted to blog about. Someday I’ll write things down.

Blaarn. I came so so close to getting Movable Type installed onto my (er rather, the) web-server. All the files were there. They all had the correct permissions mod. Apparently I can follow instructions and make sure proper files are where they should be stored and change the numbers, but I can’t figure out what the proper DataSource path is. The entire set of MT files took up 5.6MB of space, where I only have 10 for myself. My archives alone take up 3.3MB, so I can say that using MT might have to wait until I someday have more plentiful amounts of web-space. Nnn. My brains.

Okay, so no interesting things for the moment. Not even any weird internet crap. This is one of those times where I’m being distracted by the five or so non-homework things I’ve decided I want to get done. I think I may actually have overwhelmed myself this time around, too, because it didn’t occur to me until about five minutes ago that I haven’t checked my blog-roll all day. There’s bound to be good stuff to sort through. Anyway, I think I may have over-activated my brain with everything I’ve been going crazy about. One of those things being NaNoWriMo. I was unbelivably bored in Mus110 the other morning, so I dug out a scrap of paper and starting writing down all of my random ideas. Some of them are cool, such as “warped passage of time” and “different seasons being related to different forms of dementia”. One of them was actually just “listen to any Stuart Davis song and write crap about that”. I ought to try that at least once. I’ve been adding random ideas to it ever since.

Then there was the a cello-lesson thing. Those are always a headful. Especially when there’s an observer sitting through the entire lesson, doing a study on the Pacifica, supposedly. I actually had to sign papers and agree to terms in order to let him stay, but what can I say. I’m awesome. Afterwards, he started asking me about the origin of my name, and if my parents had named me for the Hebrew or the Greek Talia. It’s always been undecided, according to my parents. But for the record, the name Talia is also Aboriginal. And a shortened version of the Russian “Natalia”, meaning “born at Christmas”. I was not, however, born at Christmas, so whatever.

Then there was the whole Movable-Type installation thing. That was a brain-ful. And it actually happened after a very basic and miniscule self-prep in Unix Terminal for Mac OS X. I don’t even know why. Why not. I think part of me might have been moved by Beth and her adventures in C++. Whatever.

Then there’s an awful lot of crap that I won’t get into for reasons that are mostly just “my readers will be bored away from reading my blog”. I mean, what readers?

I think I am on the level of brainless-ness that is perfect for playing Kingdom of Loathing, so excuse me while I go slay some bar (I’m currently a Level 4 Accordion Thief! Specifically known as a Chord Horker! Teehee!)


listening to: rem – disturbance at the heron house

Hmm. This song really makes me want to read Nausicaa again and I don’t know why!!

Signed, the Chord Horker.


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Best electric organ solo EVAR.

–er, I mean hi.

Oh man. Look at what Blogger made me do. They told me to do it, in their latest Knowledge feature. And I am a participant of NaNoWriMo, so naturally here is my NaNoWriMo blog.

Tonight Kerry, Justin and I went out for Thai. It was good. So good. Like, thank you, concentrated population of Thai people in C-U for your Thai food. After food, Justin ended up buying Katamari Damacy, which I ended up playing for a while tonight and–if you have not heard of this game, all you need to know is that it is trippy and completely addicting. Like, there is a King who sends his princes out to collect crap that will eventually be made into stars. And you are this tiny prince with a tiny magical ball that sticks to stuff. So you start snow-balling all this crap you find laying around (and by crap i mean everything. birds. bottles of soy-sauce. cows. ocean-liners. people), but it’s actually a very slow and difficult process and…aah!

Also, I found out that they are releasing frickin’ KINGDOM HEARTS for GBA!!! AAAAAH!!! And…I actually have one of those, so YAY! Oh god, the guy behind the counter in the store must have thought I was such a nark.

Me: Oh my god! It’s the best game! Ever! I’m so happy! Aaahahaha! *dances around*

Guy: What is, Ever Quest?

Me: No! Kingdom Hearts

Guy: *stare*

Guy: Oh.

I googled the game itself, actually, and it turns out that it’s not the same Kingdom Hearts, but a continuaton of the first one and sort of a prequil to the second one. Nevertheless, AAH and I’m done. You readers are lucky that I hardly ever freak out about video-games.

In cello things, I’ve been practicing a lot, which is good. Kyra and I have found that we actually have this super-efficient method of attacking technical problems when we practice together, though it may not be the most productive method as we tend to sit around and talk for a good portion of the time. I played in studio class on Friday, which was a good experience since I was playing an entire Prelude and Fugue of Bach, memorized in front of an audience. Supposedly, Kyra and I are having a joint-recital in January. Exciting things, my friends.

I have lots more notable crap to blog about, but oh for the late-ness.


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Dear Blogger, for giving me an error and defacing my first veritible and awesome entry in days, I will inevitably kick your ass.

Sincerely, Mariachi Larcenist of teh intarweb.

Yeah. It wasn’t that important an entry. Just thought I’d let you know I actually did blog.

In any case, go view my newly re-written about page. And leave…feedback or complaints or silliness or something.


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Hey, look at me! I’m blogging!

Oh my god. I am such a freaking ass-hole. I mean, I don’t want to try and make a spectable of myself on my blog by pretending to be an ass-hole for flat-out attention. I just wanted to get that out to the public as a warning. And right now, you’re either thinking “Talia? Asshole?” or “whul yeah, you’re an ass-hole, how long did it take you to realize this?”, but it’s not what you think and you probably don’t need to know. Just know that I am an ass-hole. See? You know.

The end.


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The continuing story of mistypes. This starts in the chat with me trying to type “I definitely need to go to bed”.

Talia: i dinifelyte

Talia: whoa, you guys

Rebecca: HAHA

Serge: wow

Talia: i had to top and press enter to preserve the awesomeness of that mistype

Serge: you ARE tired

Rebecca: top, eh?

Talia: *stop

Talia: shat up

Serge: TOP!

Talia: god dammit

Rebecca: i’ll shat on your face

Jill: shathead

Talia: hahaha

Serge: before your reak my eart

Rebecca: you crapped on my heart!

Serge: ha, rake my art

Rebecca: i’ll rake YOUR art

Jill: you crapped on my heart!

Jill: “i what?!”

Talia: i’ll rake your MOM’s art

Jill: mommy ;_;

Serge: now you’ve gone and hurt Jilly

Serge: and her mom

Serge: and her mom’s art

Jill: and my poontang

Talia: that’s not what she said last NIGHT

Jill: ;_;

Serge: you really topped yourself this time!


Talia: at least i HAVE a mom’s…art

Rebecca: ahahahaha


Also, earlier…

Serge: Talia, will you dance with me?


listening to: kimono – japanese policeman (live)

My body hates me in quite a few ways at the moment. And it’s all because I went for a crazy run last night. Crazy but unbelievably good.

The internet is starting to own me in a frightening way. Apparently Kerry had a dream in which I went “hey, you need to see this internet video!!” and tried to make her watch some terrifying video not completely unlike the ring (it’s probably true that a lot of our interaction is “hey! you need to see this crazy internet THING!”). And then today I was trying to retell something I’d heard about switching waking-hours to night-time, and it freaked me out when I couldn’t remember if I’d heard an actual person say that, or if I’d read it on somebody’s blog. Aaah. Later I realized it was a Stuart something. I still can’t remember if he said this at a show or on his blog.

The urge to blog still sucks. But on the bright side, I have recently discovered four or five awesome new blogs. My blog-roll is going to be out of control, soon. If only I could find the will to blog interesting whatnots, myself.


listening to: pylon – stop it *convulses to music in chair*

Hey, I actually feel like blogging.

Okay, I love Pylon. And…I know why. Their specific era/branch of 80’s punk-rock is so good. They sound like the direct descendant of the band Television. But at the same time they’re very R.E.M.ish. And the lead singer is totally like pre-21st-century girl from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Okay. Done.

Most days I wonder why I go to my MUS 110 lecture in the first place. But today was made worse by the fact that a few particularly loud ass-hats decided to sit behind me. For the first half of the lecture they would not shut up. And the thing about me is I end up seething quietly to myself at the ridiculously obnoxious people that act this way, but never have the back-bone to actually turn around and yell at them. But anyway, we start looking at photos of period instruments from renaissance/baroque eras, and they start making fun of the costumes of the performers and instrumentalists. And…you know, I did madrigals for two years. I am ONE OF those dorkish people dressed in puffy sleeves and dresses that look like curtain-materiel. But so anyway, there was one photo of a guy playing a type of Cornett, and one of the idiot-sticks behind me says “…played by clowns…”, and me being me immediately murmurs “your MOM is played by clowns…”. And, it’s really sad how amused by my own self I am, because I had to like…physically constrain myself to keep from sniggering aloud. Yes. But those guys were ass-hats.

On the bright side of things, I totally got an A on our latest 110 test. Am I not the coolest, question mark.

There has always been this continuing story of “my hair sucks” going on. It may not always find its way to the blog, but here’s the latest installment. So the deal with my hair is that it’s a nice color, but completely randomly damaged even though I don’t ever do anything TO it. My hair also can’t decide whether it’s going to be happy and straight, or completely insanely wavy and JEWISH. But anyway, the condition of my hair was not-so-great, so on Sunday I hot-oiled it(few people seem to realize that it’s not a big procedure. you buy the hot-oil. you put the tube of oil in a cup of hot tap-water. you massage the actually-just-warm oil into your hair, and then you rinse it out. no FLAMING OIL TO THE SCALP or anything like that). This was actually my mother’s idea. I never would have actually thought of this on my own.

Anyway, the results: my hair is definitely a little bit less noticeably damaged and a little more shiny. However, where I used to have some inkling of how it would behave, it has now gone crazy. Officially. Like…if there’s a section of hair that’s not the same uniform length as the rest (and there is), it will be wavy and the rest will be straight, or vice versa. Gah. Anyway, that’s way too much information about my hair. It shall not happen twice.


listening to: pylon – feast on my heart

God frickin’ dammit! I don’t need another obsession but Pylon rocks and I can’t help my obsessions!

Also, my blogging has been weird lately (to me). Maybe I’ll just keep posting photos until the weird goes away.


This photo is officially known as the “Ducks come back, you’ll DIE!!” photo, a-la Nate (“…what ducks?”, say the viewers…).

Yep. Definitely better than any entry I could put forth into the world right now. WOOHOO!