Could You Repeat That One More Time?

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Aaah. I keep trying to blog. And then I keep not being able to. But aaack, so much to blog about. Okay. I’ll start from Tuesday.

Tuesday was a day that just did not want to stop improving. First of all, the room-mate did not spend Monday night/Tuesday morning in the room. No random cell-phones ringing between 1 and 4am. Aaa. Sleep.

Tuesday means Aural Skills. Which means my favoritest person in the world, Luke, gets to be my music-theory TA for a full 50 minutes. Also a good way to start of my Tuesdays.

Talking to Jamie, I learn that I will be visited by she and Megan on Thursday. This obviously makes me several varieties of excited and happy (I will detail the actual event in a later entry).

Later, I had to go talk to a Japanese TA about the fact that I do not yet own a workbook. I realized beforehand that this ought to occur in Japanese, of course. What I did was think about exactly what I wanted to say before having to say it, which made things easy for me. So I discussed the photocopying/ordering of my Japanese books with one of my TAs, completely in Japanese. Maybe people don’t understand that even if I’m good at listening/reading Japanese, I’m terrified at speaking it. So the fact that I managed to speak well to a TA with just having thought about what I was going to say beforehand made me practically giddy.

Back at the music building, a good hour before chamber orchestra started, I was walking up the stairs to the second floor, where I walked past one of the conducting students, John. I have amazing amounts of respect for John, because he’s basically done something akin of want to do in life. John studied Asian languages for a number of years, and actually lived in both China and Japan. Now he’s getting his DMA in conducting at the UofIowa. He’s conducted Philharmonia a couple times, and he’s undoubtedly the best conducting student I’ve experienced here. When I read that he was into Asian Languages on his program bio, I almost flipped out. It’s quietly hero-worship on my part. I really wanted to talk to him, just ask him about his experiences, but (contrary to the way it may seem from the blog) I’m rather shy, and lacking in any self-confidence necessary to talk to people much older than myself that I respect from a distance. After all, I’m just an undergrad student, so I didn’t feel it was necessary to draw attention to myself and blah blah blah.

Anyway, walking up the stairs of Voxman and I pass John. I make shy eye-contact (it’s hard to explain. I find myself doing it with people like that, looking up in brief, quiet acknowledgement and then sort of trying to get the hell out of the vacinity as quickly as humanly possible), and he nods back at me. So I’m about to start getting the hell out of there, when suddenly my ears catch “Talia! I hear you’re taking Japanese!” *ga—–n* “Yes!” I reply. So from there, I stand in the hallway talking to John for something like ten minutes about Japanese, Chinese, kanji stroke-order, more things including studying abroad. First of all, he knew my name. It still surprises me when people here know my name, so that pleased me quite a lot. Second of all, he knew I was taking Japanese. I must say, I haven’t the slightest idea how he could have known that. Unless he walked past me when I was talking to Michael about 2nd-year the other day or something? I don’t know. So yeah, that was also a pleased Talia. Best of all is what he had to say about music and study abroad. He said I should try to study music in Japan, since it was definitely possible. He is the first person to tell me that, but he did it. He freaking did it! And now he’s going to become a conductor, and a good one, if you ask me.

Needless to say, that threw my day into new highs. I think I honestly pranced to the practice-rooms after that conversation.

And just when I thought my Tuesday couldn’t get any better, I came back to the room after Philharmonia to be even more pleased. My room-mate was here with one of her friends, and they were discussing something having to do with the mass transfer of my room-mate’s posessions. As it turned out, my room-mate had decided to move to Mayflower (the all-suite dorm) to be close to her friends and be able to save money by canceling her meal-plan. This opened possibilities for [a] a new room-mate that I might actually really truly like, or (and my preference) [b] no room-mate for the remainder of the semester. Horaay.

Something shocking happens after this. The situation manages to improve itself even after this significantly promising piece of news. Karma payment plan?

I was getting ready for Japanese on Wednesday, brushing my teeth and just about ready to go out the door and be off to Phillips Hall when phone rings. I let the machine take it, but listen while I get my coat on. It’s a message from the Hall Coordinator of Currier/Stanley (my building/the attached building), specifically for me. She says she has singles open, a few in Currier and one in Stanley, and to come see her (let me explain: last semester, I complained about my living circumstances, particuarly the loud and up-all-night of my floor, to Eliza and Laura and the Dungeon Dining gang excessively. Eliza gets a brilliant idea that when she goes to France to study abroad in Spring Semester, she will sign her single room in the quiet of Stanley floor 10 over to me. Long story short, things didn’t work out. The housing offices were difficult. We were both frustrated. Somehow I ended up with my name on a waiting list for a single, even though at that point, I was too frustrated to care. This is how I am suddenly informed of the status of rooms open, two days ago). At first I shrug and go “hmm”, seeing as I may possibly have a double to myself. Then I kind of smack myself and go “self, you’re stupid. your floor is loud as hell and you like QUIET. You parents okayed this months ago. You’d still have a new room-mate if you stayed here. So two days later, the papers are signed, and I am moving into Stanley.


This room is the size of a double in Atkin-Colby, or any other dorm at ISU. It has a view of a lot of the campus, being the 10th floor. I have more space than I ever really wanted, and all to myself. Laura lives three doors down (hah). And best of all, it’s a quiet house. I had to sign a paper guaranteeing that I would follow the quiet-house rules (randomly thinks of Ciderhouse Rules). I am stupidly, absurdly happy.

I have to admit, I’m going to miss particular people on my floor. Especially since I was a total misanthrope (aka, cranky person) and anti-social freak for all of last semester. I never really got the chance to talk to a lot of them, and I know that when I did talk to them, I thought they were really cool. But then, ah. The wonders of modern communication. And living in a building a few hundred feet away from this one (it’s actually attached so I won’t have to go outside to move, yay!)

I will give $$$ to the people who actually read this entire entry from top to finish, the first time.

Um, okay, no I won’t. But I’ll give you my thanks for having the patience to read a friggin-long entry like this.

Signed, the Friggin Talia

Aaaah, My Braain!

Just blogging to say that music theory has consumed me almost completely.

I don’t think I’ll get another blog in until tomorrow. Which is a shame because a lot of really big things are happening/have happened. BUAHAHA *has power over readers*

Anyway, yeah. Must get back to making sure my 7th inversions resolve the right way, or shame my TA, Luke.


Hit The Nail On The Head, Did We?

Um, yeah. Woohoo, this test, since everyone’s taking it. I forgot my percentages, but auditory was higher, and I’m definitely right-sided in the brain

So this is me, exactly:

Talia, you are moderately right-hemisphere dominant and have even preferences between auditory and visual processing, traits that might make people perceive you as “slightly off balance.”

You are most likely to be slightly disorganized, a “dreamer” and a person who focuses more on the end result than the immediate task at hand. You are creative and spontaneous if somewhat lacking in direction and focus. You are a learner who is generally patient and a person for whom time is an ally, not an enemy.

You are more passionate than most people with regard to life and learning and recognize your own intuitive abilities. You have sufficient goal-direction to satisfy yourself and guarantee success without being or feeling driven. You are willing to be reflective about yourself and others without getting lost in rumination.

The balance of your sensory modes allows for both learning and expressive capabilities achieved by few. You are active and “seeing” while retaining an equally strong propensity for being reflective which slows you down a little but allows for a more comprehensive perception and analysis of situations and problems. You do not spend excessive time analyzing since you mostly trust your perceptions.

In all likelihood, you have a tendency to overcommit and cannot under- stand why others get upset since you operate on a different “time table” than they do. Your organizational abilities are frequently overwhelmed by the stimulation seeking and active nature of your mind as well as by the tendency to create new categories and gloss over details, making categorization and classification almost impossible at times.

To the extent that your career path allows for creativity and abstraction as well as a bit of disorganization, you should find yourself equipped to handle any learning that is required. Your own personal adjustment to your style should come naturally although you are likely to feel frus- trated by your own limited discipline and often wonder “Why?”

Wow. It’s so true. Except for the part about not feeling driven to achieve goals. Well, in some ways maybe, in some ways maybe not. Anyway, actual post to come later.


How is it my week keeps getting better? I don’t understand. I know it’s all coincidence but…HOLY CRAP.

More on this, later. Now? Finishing effing chapter 4 of KO. Damn distractions.

Damn You, Fruit Smoothie!

listening to: shiina ringo – marunouchi sadistic

Aw man. I’ve been translating like mad, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned. So today, I came across two sentances that just would not put themselves together in a logical form. The first one, I took all of the words, and pieced the sentance together fragment by fragment to come up with something that seemed to make relative sense. And then I get to the very next sentance, and it has me completely stumped, even fragmenting it like I’d done for the previous one isn’t do much to help out my understanding. And it’s something important, too. I can’t just leave it be. I was so desperate that I even typed it into Babelfish, only to realize that was probably a mistake when the English fragmentation of the sentance was completely wrong.

Anyway, I had that first impossible sentance down. And then somehow TextEdit quit and I lost AAALL my work. Aaah!. But I’m determined to finish Chapter 4 before I go to bed (which means I should start…oh…about an hour ago).

What else happened today?

Things I remember about today:

-Got an A on the Japanese test I was sure I did poorly on

-Had to restrain myself from wanting to give my TA a hug after she lost an overhead. She’s so damn cute.

-Actually enjoyed having Group Piano. Relaxation+Piano Productivity = good class

-Watched the Bald Eagles

-Listened to Tori

-Rejoiced in having a room to myself for a while

-Practiced the crap out of Piatti Caprice 11

-Wrote a new cello thing that surpassed my own expectations of cool-ness

-Talked to Aaron for a while

-Watched a really amusing episode of Futurama (HEART)

-Lost my translating work -___-

-Saw an interview with Christopher Paolini (19-year-old author of Eragon) on Letterman. He’s so nerdy it’s cute. But nerdy in a weirdly cool way. He enjoys sword-fighting, and forges his own weapons and armor. I would marry the guy, honestly.

It’s really weird, but I can’t remember anything about our music theory lectures once I get out of them. I remember a lot about other classes. But I can’t remember anything we talked about, or even form a picture in my head of the way things were visually placed.

Damn you, fruit smoothiieeee! It’s getting late and I want this stupid translation to be done NOW. NOW NOW NOW.

Nothing’s Shocking

listening to: jane’s addiction – ted just admit it (this song is so awesome. it was one of the first things I taught myself to play on bass)

I have time for a pre-theory blog entry…so…

It’s snowing. I guess that’s an improvement. If it’s going to be of a wintery temperature, it might as well snow.

Last night I was in such a good mood. I don’t even know why. It’s not like anything particularly fabulous is currently going. Then I found out that Sci-Fi is cancelling MST3k. I think, after this Saturday. This completely depressed me for a good hour. All meaning to my life had just left me. Just…ah! I love Mst3k terribly, and I’ve hardly even seen the episodes. Sob.

Then I went and wrote some really uplifting stuff in my book about how I’m currently feeling more myself than I have been in a while, and comparing things to two years ago (which I know is pointless) when I was at Ithaca. And just sort of thinking about Ithaca, for no reason other than that I wanted to.

Meh. Stupid addiction to blogger.

I’m Gonna Kick Tomorrow

listening to: jane’s addiction – ted just admit it


Has anyone seen Paul Poundstone do her act about eating poptarts? I was thinking about that and ended up eating two Quaker Oatmeal Toastables. I moved the box out of reach (it’s sad how that actually works in keeping me away from food) and tried to stop thinking about it, to keep myself from eating the whole box. Stupid Paula Poundstone. Sometimes I don’t think my stomach knows its limits. I take after my dad in that my stomach is an endless pit, and that I love rich foods. Mmm, cholestoral-goodness!

I’ve been translating the crap out of Koucha Ouji. Thinking about it, the first volume really is pretty boring. Except for maybe the two times in the entire volume that Assam is non-small. Anyway, I can’t not translate the first couple volumes. Sure, it’s boring, but that’s not the way it works. This is supposed to be my fandom, and I’m supposed to do this before “everybody else” finds outs about the awesomeness that is Koucha Ouji. This has got to be good for my Japanese somehow -_____- Anyway, I now know that when I try, I can do a chapter a day. I don’t think that’ll continue, considering my new weekly schedule…

Talia’s new weekly schedule:

Monday – 8:30 Theory

9:30 Piano

11:30 Japanese

2:30 Excerpt Class

3:30-5 Symphony

Tuesday – 8:30 Theory

11:30 Japanese

12:30 Chamber music

2:30 Chamber Orch

Wednesday – 8:30 Theory

9:30 Piano

11:30 Japanese

3:30-5 Symphony

Thursday – 8:30 Theory

11:30 Japanese

2:30 Chamber Orch

3:30 Cello lesson

Friday – 8:30 Theory

11:30 Japanese

12:30 Seminar

3:30-5 Orchestra

Dammit!! My Monday’s are straight from high school! And thanks to my being in chamber music, now, I get to haul ass from Phillips Hall to Voxman in 10 minutes twice a week. Oh well. As Mike would put it, Life is Pain.

I saw two bald eagles, today, circling spots on the river trying to fish. I love watching them. They’re beautiful.

I was planning on going running, but I don’t think running around this area in temperatures below 30 degrees is for me. The wind along the river is just too much, and the wind-chill isn’t being too generous. But I want to get out and move!! AAH!

I called home earlier, to rave about the graduate string quartet thing. I got my Dad, actually, which deep down relieved me, since I’m still quite weirded out about this surgical-thyroid-removal dream. Sigh. I love my Dad. Especially when he’s not freaking out about ridiculous things. Or really when I don’t have to live with him. Hmm. Although that’s not always true. I really have been getting along with my parents terribly, recently. Over break, the worst of it was the day my dad brought me back, since we had the big communication fall-out about what time we were leaving. But we seem to be on the same page about everything else in the world, momentarily.

"I Kind Of Like The Way It Is…Submarine Shaped…"

listening to: pizzicato five – darlin of discotheque

I AM AWESOME. SIMPLY AWESOME (and I will type in all caps to prove it).

I’ve been asked by one of the faculty to play in a Graduate string quartet this semester. So not only was one of the faculty out there thinking about me (Hannah), but the fact that they decided to let me play with gard-students is…oh, flailing begins now. I’ve missed chamber music sooo much. Part of the reason I’ve felt so musically dead and empty this semester is because I could just sit down and play music with other people. Sigh, grad students. They’re all in prime chairs of orchestral seating, too (although considering some of the orchestra string members, hmmm). Oh, musical competence! Not wimpy freshmen!

I watched Yellow Submarine last night. I haven’t watched that movie in so long, so it was good. It’s really great, and I don’t think I had the right kind of appreciation for it when I was younger, just because I never understood a lot of the puns and whatnot, or even the Beatles’ music as much as I would have liked. That’s the cool thing about advancing musically, you’re always finding more interesting things in the music you’ve listened to for years. It’s been a very Beatle-inclusive last week or so. I’m getting excited about them again. I can pinpoint this on my wild and enthusiastic conversation about them with Dan last week. Mmm, the Beatles.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that some lady who lived next door to us came over for the sole purpose of saying I needed my thyroid taken out. In the dream, it seemed to be a standard procedure. Much like the removal of an appendix or something. So she taught my mom how to surgically remove a thyroid, and my mom was going to perform surgery on me, that in itself really freaking me out. So anyway, my mom had a table for me to lay on, and a bunch of surgical tools sitting around. And…like…the setup of stuff and age of some of the tools reminded me a lot of the Cider House Rules, for some reason. But anyway, I was freaking out, and my mother and Erica were trying to tell me it would be okay. They told me “don’t worry, the hardest part is coughing up all of the blood that fills in your lungs”, which obviously did not help. It was just…weird. I think I woke up somewhere after that point, and sighed relief that it was obviously just a dream. Really, sometimes you aren’t sure everything’s not weird and freaky until you feel yourself laying in your bed and realize you’d been asleep.

But hell, I feel I need to reitterate that I AM AWESOME (does anyone else sense a pattern here?).

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular

listening to: shiina ringo – ringo no uta

I saw Stuart last night. It was aaawesome, but I think I’ll blog about Stuart later. Right now I’m feeling in a kind of random blog-entry type mood.

Mmm. I just hooked up my stereo system. So not only do I feel that I have been productive, mildly innovative (because my dad has always done the stereo hook-up work for me, and this was really my first gander at it without help/instructions), but I can now listen to my CDs at full-sound, instead of with only my not-too-bad but definitely not stereo-quality computer speakers. Mmm. Nothing beats this. And now I can actually have a hand at making my floor-mates think I’m completely insane by my absurd taste in music (which is a good thing).

Really. Nothing beats full sound. Stravinsky. Steve Reich. Kronos. Shiina Ringo. It’s a completely different listening experience this way. I’d been noticing I hadn’t really been enjoying listening to any of my CDs at the computer, or really in my room at all. And I think lacking the real sound of it had something to do with it. So this is nice. It will definitely continue, so long as the room-mate continues to be out with her friends for a majority of the time. It would probably be courtious for me to not freak her out too much, seeing as it’s probably pretty trying just to live with me in the first place (muah, I don’t know XD)

Happy Talia.

I’ve translated a lot of Koucha Ouji today. I’m almost done with the third chapter, which is good. I’m really into it right now, so I’m probably going to be doing a lot of chapters, if possible. I think it’s interesting how I thought I knew so much about the manga, but from carefully working through the first three chapters alone, I’ve learned so much more about the story and the characters. I mean, they’re little things, but they add up significantly. I can’t wait until I get to the stuff that’s always confused me. I know this has got to be doing something for my Japanese. I just wonder what.

Now I’m listening to my favorite album in existence, Karuki Zamen. So good. AaaaAAaah.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen a bald eagle, twice. The same one, I’m assuming. At first I thought I was going crazy, when I saw this giant black spot moving through the air aways away, but there’s no mistaking the bird when it gets close. I saw it first on my way back from the music building yesterday. These huge black wings and body with a white head and tail. Simply magnificent. Today I got an even closer view of it, as it flew right over the bridge. I stood on Hancher bridge and watched it go up and down the river twice, and then fly off somewhere else. I knew they were relatively close to this area in the winter, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to see one. I found it exciting. But this is probably because of my highly mundane way of living. Oh well.

Blah. My Shiina Ringo party has been crashed. Damn things.

More translating for me, I think.

Stuart blog will come later. I just didn’t feel like exerting my whole being into the rememberance of last night’s amazing show.

Well I Ain’t Sure But I Been Told He’s Baking Cakes Inside Our Souls

listening to: modest mouse – i came as a rat

Where to start? Where to start? Yesterday was kind of cold. Or rather, ass cold. I didn’t realize how ass cold it was until walking to breakfast, at which point my damp hair sort of um, froze. So I’ve learned not go outside in really cold winter directly after showering. This weather really hates my cello. For months I’ve been unsure if my tail-piece was buzzing, or if I had an open seam. Well, this weather has definitely made it clear that it is an open seam. I think my bridge is warping, too. Maybe my cello will mysteriously shatter and I’ll be able to buy a new one. Or…take out a lot of loans and…initially purchase a new cello.

What else? Discovered that Laura’s boyfriend, Michael (as he will be referred to from now on), is in 2nd year Japanese, as well. I actually talked to him about “shusshin” yesterday, and varioius loan-words (“amefuto”, “wappuro”). I ought to tell him of my first-year orange-soda/Holland mishap (Somehow I mistook “holland” for “orange soda” on a test. Oh, the joys of romanization. I can imagine that’s one of the weirder ones a teacher of Japanese will run into…).

I have a test in Japanese, today. I’m actually kind of worried, because I’ve only really had two days to review basically everything I’ve learned, with the aid of the book. I’ve forgetten an amazing amount of vocab, and my kanji recognition abilities have dropped. I got an email about the format of the test just last night, and now I’m even more worried. I know I’ll be fine with vocab/kanji in time, after reviewing more (I’ve been studying hardcore, but I just need more time), and getting a feel for the way the class/tests go. But for the moment, I’m concerned this test is going to throw me, completely. If anything, I can take comfort in the fact that our lowest test-grade will be dropped. Honestly. I’m determined. I know this stuff. I learned it legitimately, and I’m going to come away with an A, even if it means calling Hikari, the cello/piano TA, every night and making her practice speaking with me. Ack. If I could just have three days more, I’d be in good shape.

I did something a little bit compulsive two days ago. I bought the music for the Britten cello suites. They’re so hard. But I can play two of the movements. I love them, so much. So I’ve been messing around with those most constantly on the cello. I really hope I can get them into performance form, soon, because that’s just something I’d like to know I can do, to satisfy myself. The sad part is that I don’t think I even have the courage to tell Tony or anybody else that I’m working on them. They’re definitely out of my league when you come right down to it, and I have so many things I need to continue working on from last semester. I really don’t need to let my teachers know I’m wasting my time on other things when I could be doing Piatti and Shostokovich. Britten is like my own secret, then. And secrets can be awfully fun, and even motivating.

In other cello things, last night I tried doing what I said I should. I tried composing on the cello. As I had suspected, it went really well. I’m definitely capable of expressing myself more easily on the cello. Maybe it really is my instrument. It feels so comfortable. (I know people are going to be thinking I’m strange for questioning my instrument of study, the thing I’ve spent my time doing for the past thirteen years, but it’s happened. A lot). Things I’ve barely recognized to have manifested into musical thoughts just sort of come out, and make themselves apparent to my ear. I can say now that instrumentation was definitely the problem. I play all the wrong instruments for song-writing/performing. The mandolin is too twangy a sound for the style I want to produce. I’m not competent enough with it, either. The piano is beautiful, but I’m most certainly not competent enough to find what I want on it, yet. What I like about the cello is that I have the competency/skill ingrained in me, but aside from that, the instrument is capable of producing the style of music I want. And I’m not just talking one cello sound, I’m talking all of them. There are so many. I feel like with the mandolin, I’m almost stuck in a folky-sound that I don’t really want in expressing my music. I like it when I hear it in other things, but it’s just not the same.

You know, I could probably say that Rasputina is what made me realize I could do more with the cello. AAH! ERIK, THANK YOU FOR BURNING ME RASPUTINA ;___;

Note of rememberance to self…

Key of F. Bass: 1st measure F — 2nd measure beats 1+2 D; 3+4 A.

Just An Update

My new room-mate and I are this different: she is watching MTV (so it has been, constantly) and I am looking up sites about Yiddish.

That’s all I’m gonna say.

Your World Is Different From Mine…Got To Get Over It, Forget.

listening to: hooverphonic – battersea

This song reminds me of Boston. I think it’s about all I listened to last March when I was out in that neck of the woods for my audition/visit with Emily. I really really love that city. NYC is amazing and exhilirating in every way, but I’ll never be able to get over Boston and the experiences I had there, with and without parents. There is no smelly, cramped, condensed metropolitan area I would rather live in than Boston. I want to go back.

I guess I’m feeling less whiny about musical things. I just have to learn to be more reasonable with myself, and accept reality without my own inflated standards getting in the way. Easier said than done.

I’m feeling less whiny about Japanese, too. I have a text-book now, which has calmed most of my fears. I’ve been reviewing like a fiend, which his appropriate, since there’s a review-test on Friday. I’m excited I’ll be learning transitive/intransitive form and honorifics (especially honorifics) again. The worst part of Japanese is that it meets every day. AaaaAaah.

MED sent me a really lovely poem about cellos. I enjoyed it terribly. I’m going to have to find something fun to send her, too.

I hope to see Stuart on Friday. I really hope to see Renata and Miriam, too. I just need to know when the gig starts *is uninformed*

Pirates and things.


listening to: beatles – eleanor rigby

Sometimes I become horribly frustrated with myself for my lack of productivity in music. I get fixed on one thing and forget about other things. I hate it.

Right now, all I want to do is somehow produce the music that’s in my head. It’s there. I hear it in my dreams and when I’m not paying attention. So why can’t I seem to capture it? There are a few particular difficulties with this. Most of them being weird technical things. I’ve done some stuff with the mandolin. Mostly experimentation. But…I’m not technically adept enough with the instrument to do what I want with it. And instead of being patient and trying to teach myself more, I get frustrated and just give up. It’s a little bit similar with the piano. Also a problem is that every time I think I’ve just produced something interesting, I come back to it moments later, decide it’s absolute crap, and forget I ever came up with it. Theoretically, because I’m most comfortable with the cello, I should be able to express myself with more ease while playing it. I haven’t really tried. I shouldn’t be afraid to. I just doubt myself too much. I think my brain needs a good dose of reality, in that I can’t go from nothing to something immediately. There are all of the frustrating in-between stages of creativity. I’m putting pressure on myself to be something I’ve never really trained myself to do. Stop it, brain.

Another thing is that…I want to make music with other people. Other people with ideas. The way I work is complimenting other people and adding small ideas of my own to other large ones. I haven’t done that in so long. I feel like I’m living in some sort of dead world, just reproducing the same things that everyone else has reproduced so many times, for a few years, or hundreds of years. I really wish I could be musical the way I want to. I feel like there’s no hope I’ll ever be able to crawl out of my living music-replicating life.

Some issue that I’d like to try and help myself come to terms with is the fact that my brain says to me that my worth as a human being is directly tied to my worth as a musician. I really do enjoy being musical. Nothing beats being in a solid feel of rhythm, especially with other people. But part of me realized early on that other people took interest in my musical talents, and I think wanted to exploit that. This wasn’t the reason I took on so much. I’ve really deep down loved and appreciated all I’ve done. But somewhere beneath all of the fun and the pleasure, I think I put some sort of reliance on being so musically active because people would approve of me, want to be my friend, think of me as responsible and “special”. Honestly, that’s not all I am. I love music for what it is. But now I’m ashamed and frustrated with myself, and generally unhappy because I’m far less active than I used to be. I can’t please other people by helping or contributing, and I can’t please myself because I’m unable to live up to my absurd standards.

Augh. I hate it when I decide to think about things like these. I need friends. Or something akin to a social life. Or maybe an RPG or the Beatles. Hey, I have the last two on hand. Alright.

You’ve Been Possum-ed

Oh man. I am such a moron.

But it’s not my fault. I hate lofts. I hate really tall lofts. Nevermind. I said nothing. This isn’t the Talia you’re looking for. Move along.

Japanese is really weird. Good, of course. I like my teacher, and my class is pretty full. The TAs are…well…my jaw is dropping. Whichever TA taught our class today was just…so…energetic. She had us speaking aloud together and practicing with eachother in a way I’ve never experienced. She came around to listen to each one of the pairs, and corrected my awful awful speaking in the nicest but most responsive manner possible. Ah, Japanese people. Unlike my other class experiences, the teacher/TAs are very strict about the students speaking in Japanese, only. Yuasa-sensei spoke “nihongo de” for our entire class session, yesterday. Either she’s more clear and understandable than Thomas-sensei was, or by god, my listening-comprehension has improved!

The weird part is thinking of adjusting myself to the teaching/the things taught that I’ve missed in the other three semesters of Japanese here I obviously didn’t take. It seems there are things the students were taught (vocab-words, generally) that I’ve obviously not encountered before. But it’s likewise for them, too. I noticed myself using a lot of words to answer questions, mentally, the none of the other students used in answering aloud. When we were paired off, after finishing one of the grammer questions, my partner and I started asking eachother other questions, since I didn’t even know his name. Without really thinking, I asked about his “shuushin” (or hometown), and never have I recieved such a blank stare. Being one of the first vocab-words I ever learned at ISU, I was irked and confused by his not knowing such a word. Then I remembered hearing somewhere that shuushin was becoming a less and less common word in Japanese. Later in the lesson, we talked about going home for vacation. Instead of the word “shuushin”, we used “ryoushin no uchi” (parents’ house). Okay. Whatever.

Anyway, there’s no chance I’ll do poorly, being experienced enough and remembering all of the grammar work. But it’s a definite thing that the department is a pretty serious one. I think perhaps a text-book would help my case.

Theory lecture sucked Theory lecture was okay (I’m more used to typing the former). We did some preview for this semester. I actually paid thorough attention. I actually learned things. I’m going to assume it’s because this is the beginning of the semester and I’m still rejuvinated from break. Just wait two weeks. I’ll have dug my own grave and be waiting for someone to come along and push me in.

Group piano, I’m going to try and pass out of. The TA must think I’m really dumb. She had us using the “I-IV 6/4-I-V 6/5” pattern that is one of the first things I learned when taking piano in 5th grade. But I couldn’t remember that. Anyway, I finally figured out and and managed to recover from my own stupidity, which is the point at which I realized I may not be technically proficient, but dammit, I know how to play the piano. So I’m going to talk to Dr. Huckleberry, probably embarass myself in the test no matter HOW he sees it, and possibly get to excuse myself from two hours a week of piano.

Woo! I updated the photo page with some December photos. I’m kind of frustrated with myself for how vain I am to take pictures of myself, but oh well. Other people probably do far more of that sort of thing than I do…or so I hope. Enjoy, I guess.

Give Me A Leonard Cohen Afterworld

listening to: nirvana – pennyroyal tea

random amusing quotes: “Come on! Let’s ballerina our way to aural skills!”

“Wow, Talia, you have perfect pitch?”

“Freak of nature!!”

AAaaaAAAaah! It’s only 10 and I’m buoyant with energy! First of all, it was nice not to be in a class at 7:30. Second of all, we switched TAs in theory. I am now with Luke! Luke, who is said to be the best of the TAs! I am so so so happy! Being from the comp/theory department he really has to know what he’s doing. We talked about twelve-tone compositions, and actually made one of our own, which was interesting. Ah, learning. I like my class, too. Quentin and I both managed to be placed from the worst of the TAs to the best. We literally pranced our way to aural skills when we saw the list posted. The funny thing is that Mary (old TA) is gone. Perhaps she was busy? But I don’t know, she wasn’t too great. I suppose it’s possible that she was asked to give up her assistantship? I wish I had the nerve to ask the other TAs about this, but being me, I don’t. Fortunately, though, I think a lot of other people will have the nerve I lack. Wheee!

Hmm. Japanese at 11:30. I’ve stopped being nervous, and have approached the stage of absurd curiosity. I have a mental introduction prepared, and if my pronunciation is as smooth as it usually is, I’m sure people won’t think I suck. It’s just hard to know what this will be like. I’m not only joining in the middle of the first couple years, I’m joining in between fall and spring semesters. The teacher is different. The textbook is completely different. The standards are most definitely different. Yuasa-sensei told me that only second year students with an A or a B can go on to third-year, since third-year work is a lot more taxing and based on conversation/composition. True, third-year at ISU became rather a bitch for me, second semester, but it was mostly because of a problem with speaking skills/vocab absorption/kanji writing. I know I’m rusty right now. So I guess I am a tad on the worried side. Hmm.

About the caucuses: I guess I’m disappointed that Dean only had 18%. But I don’t know. For one thing, I was pretty bad about keeping up with candidates and following what was going on through all of last semester. I’d meant to, but every rally or meetup I could have attended for any of the candidates seemed to have some stupid orchestral conflict. I’ve looked at web-pages to a minimum, being my entirely lazy self. So I’m sure I’ve had a moderate enthusiasm for Dean, especially while being around everyone else’s enthusiasm for Dean, but I’ve been really neutral about everything so far, for the sake of trying to collect as much information as possible before acting, and I’m actually glad for it. Upon further inspection of all the candidates, recently, I have to say I don’t mind Kerry (*dodges fruit from Dean supporter friends*). Hmm. Even though I did sort of comment “boo, Kerry” on Renata’s blog. Anyway, I think his approach is clean, and that his goals are good ones. I realize he didn’t oppose the war in Iraq the same way that Dean did (which I like about Dean), but he did disagree with our government’s approach to the whole thing. Talking to some people, I realize that the War on Terror is a sort of…not fragile, but maybe somewhat difficult subject. There are too many opinions about the whole thing, and I think for a while I’ve been sitting around thinking about my anti-war opinion like there wasn’t another view in the world. But there are a lot of different views. I think finding someone who can please both the liberal voters and the more conservative ones is important. Or else it may not be possible to pull someone into office who can make changes that will benefit us at all. After all, I think when I think about the situation now, and reflect on what’s been happening over the past three years, the only thing I really want is for someone more compotent and capable than Bush to be in office. I would openly welcome Dean or Kerry to do their worst (or, you know, best)!

That’s just me. Feel free to throw fruit at me, any time now. I’m sure I’ve done something to deserve it, anyway.

Aside: My fire for Nirvana has been rekindled. Watch out.



Koucha Ouji is going insane! I haven’t quite come to understanding terms with the new chapter, but holy crap!! Ceylon is a “key” of some sort. And apparently if Taiko and Assam were to marry and live in the tea kingdom, Taiko would age about a month a day, and not live for more than five years, as Assam’s father experienced from his human wife. I don’t understand. But things are happening. It had better end well. If it doesn’t I’ll cry. If it does end well, I’ll probably cry, anyway.

For side-note, I translated three more pages of it today. I hope to have it finished soon.

I’ll also have december pictures up soon.

What happened today? I spent a lot of time with Suzanne. We talked about practicing and music and parents and driving. I’m going to make her watch Tim Burton movies this semester, because she needs to see them. No, they’re not about death. They’re just darkly filmed (Dr. Suess meets German Impressionism). That’s part of why I love him.

Talked briefly with Laura. I can’t wait to actually see her. She tells me that Eliza is in France, living with an elderly woman who tells her to watch TV and keeps her eating lots of chocolate.

More significant things to come.

Marion: That’s a really good idea. I’ll bet a katana would fit in one of the bow-holders. Damn it. You’re awesome.

The Sunspot Flares Of The Early 90’s Light Up Your Wings

listening to: rem – parakeet

I was checking out the ARIA International Summer Music Academy page. Not because I want to go back, but because why the hell not. And…pardon the language, but what the shit?! The director of the festival is a cellist, but this year, they are not having cellists. Instead, there will be bassoons. I truly wonder why! Maybe the cello program was just too small? I mean, there were only fourteen of us last year, compared to something like fifty violins, and at least twice as many of every other type of instrument. I’m just…shocked. And appalled. I wonder what whiny Texan girl will do. I wonder what crazy Canadian boy will do. I’ll be fine. Seeing as I wasn’t exactly dying to get back to practice boot-camp. If I go anywhere this summer, I’m determined that it will include fun.

Arg. Tried to get my Japanese books. But joining in the middle of second year is kind of…hard. I want to be absolutely positive that I need the huge Japanese book that costs $80 before I buy it. It’s the required buying for first-years, and I suspect that the second-years use it, too. Being unsure, I’m going to wait until I have a syllibus and a teacher to ask, even if that means looking off of somebody else’s book tomorrow. I’m planning on writing out things to say to introduce myself. I’m figuring that’s the only way I’m really going to learn, by practicing in that manner. Stupid speaking in other languages.

I have to say, I’m actually rather relieved to be back here. I’d obviously rather be home, but the prospect of getting things done and learning new things is really engaging a lot of my attention right now.

MED: Michelle is talking to me about this very thing right now. It is kind of weird that it was your sister, but to me, you and your sister are completely different entities in the first place. She was just sort of another person, there. It would have been uber-special if it had been YOOOOU.

Justin: HEEEE! I’m glad you appreciate my weird musical taste. Some time you should really force music onto me. I always look forward to experiencing new things and finding more music to obsess with. I wish you a happy return to Champaign!

What’s Up B, Wasabi! I’m Searching The City For Scifi Wasabi!

listening to: beastie boys – tough guy

Mrrr. Sitting here. Eating Ajizukushi (which are puffed shrimp flavored with very Nihon-esque things, or so I suspect). Kind of cold. I don’t know what else to do but blog. I have a really pretty orange clock staring at me. And a fretful printer producing angry printer-gurgles at me. I still have a lot of crap laying around the room.

I….I…really like the Beastie Boys. There is this entire category of random musicians I like that share or are related to the Grand Royal label. The Beastie Boys pretty much are the Grand Royal label. But they have counterparts that produce awesome music and sometimes appear as guests with them. For one, Luscious Jackson. Group of four girls making up a four-piece band with no extra players. All original. Nobody knows who the hell they are or what the hell they’ve done, except for the song “Naked Eye”, which was popular back in ’97 or so. Anyway, Naked Eye is from their second LP. The first LP, Natural Ingredients, is probably one of my favorite albums. I discovered it on side 2 of the tape that had REM’s Life’s Rich Pagaent on it, when I was like ten. Anyway, they produce the most original interpretation of Hip-Hop/R&B I’ve ever heard.

Next is Cibo Matto. Two engrish-spouting Japanese girls/Sean Lennon/some other random guys who produce music that really has no genre, no matter how hard you try. You can hear NYC. You can hear Japan. They wrote a freaking song called “Sci-fi Wasabi”. That calls for a listen. Vocalist has been used by the Beastie Boys numerous times. Sometimes they colaborate live. Yuka Honda knows her stuff. Pass the butter.

Cibo Matto I associate with Buffalo Daughter (Japanese/NYC based), which consists of a bassist, a guitarist, and Dr. mOOg. They also rock. In a Socks, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll sort of way, anyway.

I appreciate my absurdly wide musical tastes. I hope somebody else out there does, too.

Hmm. Toxic waste art.

I think I’m going to listen to The White Album now.

Liebst Du Mich? Beweise Est! Ar!

Alright. Back in Iowa City.

And trying to regain my competence as a human being.

My dad is a bi-polar freak. We went out to breakfast this morning. And that was great. We were all cheery and positively agreeable with eachother. But the moment we got home and I wasn’t ready to go, the dark cloud of doom loomed about the household. I cried twice between 9 and 10:30.

(Interlude: Some people think I’m a cold mean person. And I guess that’s true, but cold mean people cry, too. There aren’t many specific things that can make me cry, but whenever I encounter the specified things, I most definitely will cry. There are primarily two types of people who can make me cry. Type A: my parents. Type B: my cello teachers. My parents just know how to make me cry. They raised me, after all, it’s inevitable that they would know my ins and outs. Potentially they could purposefully make me cry. I don’t think they do. They just get angry and I feel guilty. Cello teachers are worse. I’ve generally trained myself not to take things personally, even if they sound that way. But sometimes, very little can eliminate what feels like a stab to my pride/emotional well-being that a teacher can produce. Greg has ALMOST gotten me to cry several times during lessons. A couple times after lessons. Greg’s scary Russian former teacher always gets me to cry. Not usually in front of him, but I leave his masterclasses and basically lose all self-control. Other people occasionally get me to cry. Not that they know they do)

Finally we left. I actually was relieved to leave. I hate it when my father becomes his impossibly jerkish self, and it actually made me want to leave all the sooner. I was not looking forward to the drive, but it was somehow really calming. Any sort of movement when I’m stressed helps, so maybe that’s what it was. Anyway, drive was made better by Public Radio.

After arriving in IC, we hauled my crappity crap up to the room, made a WalMart run, and since, I’ve been sitting here, playing with my much missed computer (computer name: Hiroshi).

More later, brain power faaailing.

Marion: okay…nobody calls me “sweetheart” and lives. Just…saying. And so what if I watch stupid TV? I’m dumb, so I’m entitled to do dumb things, right?

Got A Good Reason For Taking The Easy Way Out

listening to: beatles – day tripper

Wow. Absurd, such has been today. Weird dreams. Getting up later than intended. Organizing crap being taken back to school with me. I actually had some significantly cool ideas for a story while I was lying in bed last night, about one’s imagination and subconscious mind. More on that later.

I went to Wesleyan to see Rob (although primarily to give him music and retrieve my beloved Kronos Quartet CD. Yay! Arvo Part! And Phillip Glass! And especially Elvis…). That was nice. I’ve missed Rob, terribly. We chatted for quite some time about completely random stuff, including classes, stupid people, and why everybody hates Rob (all in good fun. but seriousness). I forced the Pixies and Rasputina onto him, which I’m sure he will grow to appreciate.

Then came the fun parts, where I organized most of the crap in my room and made a sad attempt at packing. Sigh. I always pack much more thoroughly when I have a narrow time limit, anyway. I burnt four CDs of Erica’s, and swiped some books from her shelf, as well, for future entertainment needs. I played with wires and things on my tuner/speakers. Mmm, playing with wires. I realized my CD collection is getting out of hand. Especially because I want to take all of my music with me everywhere I go. So I go beyond being a pack-rat. I’m like…a traveling crap-hauler. The worst kind of pack-rat. I’ll end up living in a VW bus with nothing but CDs and books, eliminating the problem of having to leave anything precious behind.

After a few phone-calls, I ended up at Martin’s house with *pause for recollection* Josh, Jesse, Martin, Emily, Dan and…Clayton, who I’d never met before, but goes to U-High. We sat around watching a really gory first-person-shooter type game for a while, and then ended up at Nick’s house watching “Event Horizon”. I don’t think I recommend the movie, but damn was it weird. I mean, it was something of a horror movie, obviously. And there were parts that nobody could watch, so it had its moments. But at the same time, there were some things that were completely laughable, and we did spend a portion of time mocking.

Afterwards we sat around listening to the Beatles, Dan and I bonding over our extremely strong love for the Beatles. I must say I’m impressed that the boy actually wrote a research paper on John Lennon. I love all four of the Beatles, terribly. It’s very hard for me to say that Paul is my favorite, but it’s true. I’d say his personality combined with the music he manages to produce make it that way for me. But then, I feel similarly about John and his personality, etc. So yeah. It’s hard. I remember when I gave a stupid 8th grade presentation on the Beatles, and Mr. Shackley asked which Beatle I would save if I could only save one. Sigh. That was so hard to answer in front of a class of 8th graders (even if they didn’t give a crap about the Beatles).

Now I’m depressing myself by thinking of the fact that George Harrison is dead. That half of the former Beatles are no longer in the world.

Aar. No more. Packing and sleeping over-rule Beatle angst right now. Oh my god. My dad has convinced us to go to Cracker Barrel at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I really need to pack and get crap done.

Next entry from IC. Normal, it’s been fun. We’ll see eachother again pretty soon, I suppose.

Why Why Why Why Why?!

Arg. I didn’t really get any of the other things done that I had wanted, but I did start getting my crap in order for school. I have a good sight more going back with me than I returned with. That’s okay, though. The room is large and I will have more space this time around, thanks to the new room-mate and her being so enthusiastic about moving stuff around.

Yes, new room-mate. Old room-mate had her single approved, so she’s left. New room-mate situation will hopefully be good. I’ve talked to her twice now, and I’m pretty excited to actually meet her. Especially after finding out that she’s been to Japan (nnkyaaaaa). She seems nice and agreeable, which will hopefully at least start us off on the right foot, as people who have to live together. Hee.

Boy am I taking a lot of crap back. I have a wire rack, a lamp, a TV stand. I’m taking back my AM/FM Tuner and speakers. Then there are the additional books and CDs I got for Xmas, and hopefully *crosses fingers* my electric bass and practice amp. I still have to figure out if I’m actually going to use it, but I’ve gone CRAZY without my bass for a whole semester. Then there’s all the regular crap. Clothes. Cello. VHS tapes I took home for the sake of being…really dumb. Maybe the mandolin. Especially the mandolin if the bass can’t come. Maybe there’s more. I’m sure there’s more.

I want to move my desk when I get back to school. Just for the hell of another change.

I want to not have to go back. How am I going to survive a whole semester?

Dear self, this is how you’ll survive the whole semester: playing the cello to pieces, Japanese, an actual share of the room space, the new GBA, your loveliest computer, translating manga. Stuff.

Down To Business. Or Crankiness.

listening to: tears for fears – head over heels

AAAARG. I’m really really cranky. I just yelled at my sister for opening a bag of rice-crackers my mom got for me to take back to school. My mom said I was making angry faces, too. Don’t mess with me. I might throw a pen at your forehead. Rrr. I should definitely stop staying up until 3 every morning reading Eragon.

I’m trying to get down to business and finish applications and crap up, today. This is probably another factor of my being so damn cranky. I hate this kind of work. But it must be done. Anyway, things I need to do:

  • send in Eastern Music Festival app
  • fill out information for some local American Federation of Musicians scholarship ($1500. I would like $1500 to support my college education, indeed I would)
  • email Tony about letters of recommendation
  • try to help Ms. Ehrlich with some Tchiak fingerings (-.-)
  • play Sword of Mana–er, I mean, practice the cello

Augh. And now I’m realizing that I really don’t want to go back to school, as opposed to what I originally stated.

Oh well. This is life. Stuart will be in Iowa City on the 23rd, and that’ll be wikked awesome. Then Chris O’Reilly will be playing with the UISymphony, and hosting From the Top. I love From The Top. That also excites me, even though it’s a good month away, yet.


This Is Cosmic!

The introduction of Sword of Mana into my life has completely ruined my will to blog anything possibly interesting (not implying that regular, non-GBA-influenced blogging is interesting…but…you get the point).

Well, okay. Stuff’n junk. Today’s been interesting. Actually, today’s been packed full of fun stuff. I got up at the crack of dawn so I could go play in my Dad’s music appreciation lecture, which has something like 300 students. The class itself was pretty cool. My Dad is a crazy lecturer, but he knows what he’s talking about and shows some cool music for examples. These kids will leave knowing something about music. But…in the end it all comes down to the fact that he’s crazy. It will be difficult to shake the image of my dad pounding his fist on the table, yelling “This is cosmic!! Cosmic!!”

Anyway, first mistake of the day: my dad asking me to make my strings out of tune before I go up on stage, so I can demonstrate tuning. Well, the room was cold, and I don’t have fine-tuners on my lower strings (ie, I can’t tune as carefully), which is bad. Second mistake of the day: not warming up. I was not going to get up any earlier just so I could practice before this. Too much effort. But my stiff idiotic fingers combined with my out-of-tune strings made the piece I played rather…well, for lack of better word, SHITTY. Third mistake of the day: my dad having me talk. In front of 300 college students. About the cello. At 8:30am. 8:30am, my brain is either on sleep-mode or attempting to tune in on music theory. In other words, my brain is not functional at 8:30am. It is not a good idea to ask me to explain each and every way the cello can produce a sound. I will end up taking removing the cello’s and scraping it on the floor to demonstrate a sound at 8:30am (that really didn’t happen, but I think it would have been funny if it had, actually). So it kind of sucked. But my dad was enthusiastic and supportive of me, nonetheless. Haha, I don’t think I did a very good job of representing the U of Iowa, though. Not that I care about that in the SLIGHTEST.

Then I went out to lunch with JaMeg. Mmm. Ming’s Wok. Then I went and shopped around a bit. I blew $30 on Sword of Mana, which is actually totally worth it. I love my new GBA unbelievably. Now I won’t have to feel so bad about not having a social-life.

After this (and playing a good hour of SoM), I met with Josh, Jesse, and (I think) Josh’s sister to see Big Fish. Let me say, the second time is only better. It’s such a great movie. Heart.

Then I came home and played lots of SoM while seeing if any of the mysterious unidentifiable callers would call my phone back tonight. Actually, that’s just a side-note. I was really playing SoM obsessively. I almost named my male character “Takeru”, and the female character “Yamato” (if you don’t know, then please don’t ask. You don’t need to be that disturbed). But I wouldn’t have been able to take anything about the game seriously, if that had happened. Yeah. So good. More later. Maybe this can go on the lj, to avoid people going “aargh, video-games?!”

Sooo, okay. Tweaked my links. Tura and Cali have been added ^^ Yaay!

Renata: Yeah. Stupid people indeed. Although I like the part where you go “raaaaar” =) What time are people going to see Big Fish on Friday? And…urh, where?

So…Marion has contributed some excellent names to the GBA-naming…thing? At the moment, it’s between “Talia II” and “Eugal”. I am especially fond of Eugal. Does anybody else have anything to say about this? It’s fun making other people be creative for me. Whee!

I think I’m going to name my computer at school Hiroshi, so I can be fangirlish and giggly a little more often. That and the idea is just kind of fun.

Now I’m goign to go play SoM and thank my lucky stars that I didn’t lose this effing long entry when I thought I might have. Fwee…

Stupid People. Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them.

listening to: luscious jackson – lp retreat

So, as many of us discovered last night, some people in the world are idiots. Some girl made a rather controversial post on a livejournal manga community, and then started making her own drama when other people decided to reply defending their own opinions. What she had to say was that manga being translated into English depressed her, because it cheapened the manga, and made her feel like people were invading what she referred to as her own “special club”. Alright, all fine and dandy. It’s great when people post controversial topics if they are trying to stimulate a debate of sorts in a community. However, as soon as people started defending their opinions, this girl became upset because everyone was taking what she said “so personally”, thus creating her own drama, because I think everyone else was more interested in discussing the matter of opinions. She didn’t even take time to defend the opinion she claimed in her post. She wasted so much time feeling personally attacked that she completely avoided what people were on the community to discuss: manga.

I hadn’t planned on making a reply, until she called Cali a moron in one of her replies. So I stated my opinion about the manga being translated, and then, very eloquently if I may say so, said that she had no right to become so upset that people were defending their own opinions seeing as she KNEW she was posting a rather stirring issue in a completely public area. I also said that she was completely ignoring any of the comments people were making having to do with manga. Her reply to me was “I didn’t call anybody a moron. I was only defending myself”. JERK.

It was so frustrating, but it was also so satisfying. Now I see the appeal of debating with people on anime boards and such, because there are so many people with extremely narrow views when it comes to anime and translations. Sometimes it just feels good to let other people know that you have yourself really together. And I did. Unlike when I blog, when I found myself getting all frustrated, I proof-read my reply a million times. Every sentence was strong and meaningful. If only my regular blogging would prove to be the same quality. Hah. I’d provide a link to the absurdity, but alas, the girl deleted it (also what I think was sort of a cowardly thing to do). Damn the man.

Oh man. Today, I did what I’ve been saying I would do for a few weeks now; I bought a Gameboy Advance SP. I love it. I worship it. I want to name it something. Suggestions?

I couldn’t just keep saying I was going to do it, and then not. Aside from having parental permission, feeling like I deserved something for being on the Dean’s list (the most meaningless, and yet conveniently timed thing ever), and having made $170 from a wedding. If that doesn’t say “buy a piece of video-gaming equipment”, I don’t know what does.

Now it’s time for West Wing fun. WHEEEEE!

I Am Talia. Or At Least We Should All Hope

I had a lesson with Greg, today. It was good. I miss the man. He has this exploratory technique to teaching that I like. If I don’t do something quite right, he makes me try it again and again until I understand what it is I’m trying to do. This used to make me so frustrated, but maybe musical maturity has helped or something? I don’t know.

But while I was in my lesson, somebody must have called my cell-phone. I can’t identify the number. They didn’t leave a message. AAAAAH! It drives me crazy when people try to reach me at unreachable times and I can’t figure out who it is, or if it was just some random person who somehow dialed the wrong number, and wanted to ask for roofing and siding. That’s why I’m afraid to call numbers back, too. Because I’ve been getting so many wrong numbers lately that I’m nervous I’ll be calling somebody back who never even intended to talk to me (or knew who they were calling).

What never fails to amaze me is how people who dialed the wrong number and ended up reaching my phone still leave voice-mail messages for the person they intended to reach despite the fact that my voice-mail message VERY CLEARLY states that I am Talia. I AM TALIA I AM TALIA! Will you people never understand that I am TALIA?! Not Dawn or Mark or whoever else you’ve asked for! TALIAAAA!

Mmm. I’m going to buy a gameboy advance tomorrow. Mm. Games. Not that I haven’t been having enough fun with Seiken Densetsu 3! WHEEE, rabites!!