First Flush

I nearly dropped out of my seat this morning in theory when I had an assignemnt returned to me from my TA.

*dance* I GOT AN A!!!!!!!!

Shut up. I know. It’s just a grade. But I have been suffering through music theory, and though I’ve felt I understand the material, this is a sign that I’m starting to understand the unclear homework standards of the TA and teachers, too!

I’ve translated about 40 pages of Koucha Ouji and…hmm. It’s a lot less painful than HanaKimi was when I did that so long ago. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to translate so much at one time if it weren’t (I swear to god it took me a whole month to do 40 pages, back then. And here it’s been three days). Generally, the dialogue wasn’t that hard. Well, until Assam came into the picture and started using all of this slang that is completely unrecognizable to me. So I’m kind of taking the context and…well, inserting things that I believe work. I mean, as much as I’d love to search through every web-site and ask every resource, I really want to get a move-on, so if one or two of my translations are not 100% accurate, that’s just too damn bad.

Another problem I have is that I come upon pages of dialogue that I don’t care about. I mean, boring stuff that I normally wouldn’t bother reading at all, if I were reading the manga for pleasure. Such as, arguments over cultural festival space. Who cares about that?!

But anyway, this is fun. This is not completely useless, as it’s at least testing my rusted Japanese skills (which actually aren’t as poor as I expected them to be). This is something I plan to continue doing, as nobody else has translated more than the first volume. Yay, things!

I’ll Igmore Your Mom!

listening to: blonde redhead – missile

random amusing quote: “if you don’t solve the leading tone by step them you can…disappear into hyperspace?” – prof nez

So…I was talking to an opera major from Wesleyan last night, who pretty much confirmed that if you teach theory, you must be crazy, on some level. The above quote is proof of that. So it’s true, I don’t know what a contrapuntal cadence is (or that even exists, really), but I am getting some random amusing quotes in.

I feel all…I don’t know. Alive. Fiery. It’s good. I haven’t felt alive and this myself in a while. I want to go out and do random things and laugh and be happy. And fiesty. I don’t even know what brought this change on. Well, wait. Yes I do. Hmm.

And…man! I had completely forgotten about how much fun it is to chat without any distractions:

Talia: *hands rebecca something…good*

Rebecca: and great?

Talia: or grood

I Couldn’t Not Do It

I couldn’t resist. I saw the “get your own livejournal haiku” on someone’s lj, entered my old lj name, and bingo. And yes, I did it twice because I didn’t feel the first was satisfactory for an actual haiku.

Okay, the first:

mean before i was

mildly wahahahaha

cough ha take the yeah

The second:

for the record in

case anybody in the

world happens yo you

Although I liked them both equally, I think I’ll have to go with the second one for the last two sylables being a V6 reference.

Alright, i’m cool. Here’s a third:

know how to play the

cello it stuff and waves hands

junk listening to

Mind you, this lj is from before the days of “stuff and junk”.

I’ll Be Ambivalent For One More Day…

listening to: corey dargel – ambivalent

Oooh, so much to blog about! So little time!

I talked to my mom and dad on the phone and…god! I feel so good now! Like…I’ve just breathed fresh air after a long period in a room with stagnant air! I just…blabbed to them, about everything. Everything that’s good. Everything that’s bad. But the way I told them was the way I was unable to talk to any of my friends about all of this. I really pulled myself back into reality, out of the little crevice of observation of the world, and told them about everything in a reasonable manner. The thing is…unlike my continuous whining and ranting to everybody else, they understood exactly what I was trying to get across. So they encouraged me to do what I felt was right in terms of absolutely everything, that I had a straight head on me, and am really an adult. This is good. I think things are going to improve, from here on out. Man. Pay me no mind. None of the above is really important.

Went shopping with Miriam. I got some good provisions. Moisturizing agent (or lotion, as most people prefer to call it), real (and incredibly good) food, VHS tapes (so I can now tape the WW, which I would otherwise miss because of our orchestra concert on Wednesday night). It was good fun. I heart Miriam, terribly.

Reverse order, we’re going in. Friday I bought Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes. Yeah. I’d say the last time I really read a Sandman graphic novel must have been junior year. And the last time I really read Preludes and Nocturnes was freshman year. I remembered and understood most of what happened, yes. But…god. This was like…renewing every ounce of appreciation for the books, every grain of respsect for Neil. How could I possibly think I loved Neil Gaiman so much, before now? Just…augh! I could spew all the reasons I love Neil Gaiman, but that would strain more eyes than I can imagine, and take so much of my time. Just. Augh. I’m kind of making myself wait to buy others, simply because I don’t have the money to go out and buy a $20 Sandman GN every week, as much as I would love to.

The stupid stuff in my life is completely at ridiculous peak of sorts, momentarily. Things are simply…insane. I’ll say nothing. Just point to my entry title. And wait…and see…and…fail to finish my sentences.

Hello Goodbye

listening to: bjork – karvel

I slept so well last night. Followed by this: “Aaaah, late Sunday morning after 9 hours of sleep! Yaay!” *stretch* *whack* “Oooh, my head!”

Stupid ceiling.

Going out into the real world with Miriam! To eat real food! Yay! I should actually probably start walking over to her vacinity of the campus. Just thought I’d leave a quick update that I survived another Saturday night of um…college. One in which I think I once stepped outside after like…6pm, anyway. Wow, I’m boring. Oh well!

Defying The Rules Of Music Theory…

Why does blogger have to…rrr…SUCK?! I mean…

listening to: voltaire – caught a lite sneeze

I didn’t believe it the first two times I listened to it. Why on earth is Voltaire covering Tori!? Well, anyway. As far as covers go, I guess this is pretty good. But you know I’m biased having listened to too many Tori covers when I say it sounds too much like the original. There’s even a harpsichord stuck in there somewhere.

Got in touch with my inner Tori fan. I went over to Voxman, with the initial idea that I should practice the cello. But I’d brought my “Tori Anthology” with me for kicks, and ended up reading a lot of stuff (incredibly slowly, again). And…god! Why did I never realize how much I love “Hey Jupiter”? It’s just…augh! So good! Considering it’s in a play-able key, and easier to read with a more definite lack of syncopation, I can actually kind of make it sound like an identifiable version of the song. So yeah. Woot.

No. I had nothing important to share.

Except…okay, Jamie, I hope you realize that I’m going to steal from you and over-use the word “nard”.

Now I’m done.

I promise.

I’m Sorry You Saw That

listening to: bjork – an echo, a stain

Do you ever notice that if you’re ever thoroughly upset or angered by something late at night (and when I say thoroughly, I do mean approaching a freak-out stage of sorts), everything really is better in the morning? That’s often true for me. I’ll be so tired that I’ll fall asleep without really being able to get any more angry or upset. Then I’ll wake up the next morning feeling completely refreshed. At first I won’t remember what was bothering me. Then slowly the realization will creep back that there’s something I should be horribly upset about, but it’s always dulled and minor and simply irritating, instead of nagging and horrible. And. Hmm. It’s true, maybe I was over-reacting to the thing in the first place, and maybe my fatigue only helped to spurn my anger. But…I feel better this morning.

I was feeling creative and mandolin-savvy last night. So I sat my ass down and wrote a tune. It’s really cool. I may not be the most creative person when it comes to playing the mandolin. My chord progressions don’t have much to them, but I’m starting to use kind of weird chords, and taking them into different inversions up the neck. It’s cool, or at least I think it is. And…hmmm, usually when I write stuff, I don’t do anything with lyrics. Sometimes I’ll just sort of sing melodic/whole tone thing over whatever I’m playing to try and get a good feel for how I’d want a vocal melody over the mandolin-playing to be. It always surprises me how weird the lyrics I manage to get out are, though. Weird and angry-sounding. That’s not how I really feel! But I’m really bad at putting how I really feel into words, in the first place. So I just use whatever comes out that sounds cool.

My reply to everybody’s comments: You guys rock ^^ Especially considering how much I seriously whine about crap in here, lately. So thanks for giving me feedback!! Yaaay!!

Rebecca: Monocrome, eh? That’s a really good song. Have you heard any of “The Black Session”? There’s this one song I have that’s absolutely amazing, but completely cut off before the end, in my mp3 *frowl* It’s called “Les Forges”. Then there’s another one that’s done with vocals by Noir Desir, and is actually originally written by him, but is done sooooo wonderfully, live! That one’s called “A ton etoile”. Wow, I’m glad I have someone to binge with! Those are always fun, shared binges.

A Whole Lot Of Nothing

listening to: interpol – obstacle 1

Yeah. Feeling a little better. A theory session in which I did not have to prove my voice leading skills in front of the the class, plus a good 45 minutes more of sleep improved me. Yay sleep.

Oooh. But I’m still tired. And really unable to think of anything cool to blog about (not that anything I ever blog is really “cool”). Except that I’m getting my bow back today (yaaay). Before orchestra (yaay–wait…no. I don’t want to go to orchestra). I think I may actually go to Prarie Lights to purchase reading materiel today, too, and perhaps look for a record store that isn’t Sam Goody in the downtown vacinity. Yaay.

Cello class in 20 minutes! Yay, cello family.

A Handshake Is Worthy If It’s All You’ve Got

listening to: kevin volans – white man sleeps #2 (kronos quartet)

Man. I went over to Voxman at 6:30, got my cello, set myself down in a practice room by about 6:45. I left the building around 9:20. What I actually did was in that practice room was…er…well, I started off by playing the piano. Like, I brought Roumanian Folk-Dances and just started reading through the music (unbelievably slowly). And then I actually started my music theory homework, which probably took me something like an hour-and-a-half, plus a lot of random stops for piano playing. I didn’t even touch my cello. Stupid inability to accomplish anything.

Whoohoo! I started translating the first chapter of Koucha Ouji. And I can confirm that my Japanese has definitely declined, even if it’s not too noticeble. The main problem I have is coming up with coherant English equivalents. I used to be…alright at that, but now I’m one hell of a lot slower. Oh well. Hopefully constantly doing something of this nature will help in keeping my abilities from declining any more. Whoa. If my read comprehension is noticably worse, my speaking and writing must really have gone right to hell! I hope I can still speak enough to convince the teacher here that I actually did take three years of college-level Japanese!

Renata: IC is about 70,000. B-N is something like 110,000. That’s not too much of a difference, I know. But…yeah. Um. My point is…uh…my point is pointless.

If I Knew (Or…My Neo Antiquae Playlist)

listening to: kevin volans – white many sleeps #4 (kronos quartet)

Repressing the urge to go Prarie Lights to buy any sort of random reading materiel. It’s not that shouldn’t spend the money. I really don’t spend money on unnecessary crap, so one book wouldn’t kill anyone. I’m repressing this urge because I have a music theory assignment due tomorrow, and though it’s only one problem, I think the reason it’s only one problem is because it’s a CRAPPY problem. I think the book gives you five measures of bass. And then you have to harmonize the other three parts from the bass. Nnnn.

I should really practice, too. Though I don’t have a good bow with which to practice. Wendy took me to Reck’s violin shop, the man working there being like…the nicest person I’ve encountered. What sucks is that my bow needs to be rehaired, and it’ll be a good $50. But it’ll be ready tomorrow. I was really surprised! In all of Bloomington-Normal, there is no good instrument repair person. But here in little ‘ol Iowa City, there’s this professional, thriving shop that seems like it should be somewhere in the FAB on Michigan Ave. It’ll be good for the coming weather. I can already hear my seams splitting. Sigh.

Maaan…I need to chat more often:

Megan: word
Megan: in
Megan: edge
Jamie: f
Talia: I think Jamie won, Megan =)
Megan: what’s with f?? ;p
Megan: you shush ;p
Jamie: first key I hit you nard >O
Talia: I think she meant to type “fuck”, as in “fuck you, megan”
Jamie: hahah

Har har…

Matuno? Mat’no? Matuino?

listening to: modest mouse – neverending math equation

Wow um. Have I ever taken the time to detail how much people bother me? I know I’ve mentioned my incredibly loud floor-mates, certainly. Well, by this time, they have this distinct group figured out, and they just like to sit in the middle of the hallway at any given time usually between the hours of 10:30pm and 1:30am. Generally, they’ve only bothered me with their noise. Other than that, I simply don’t care. I just ignore them, since they don’t really talk to me. Keep in mind that the key piece of information is this: I am wearing a black and red-striped sports-jacket. So there were like…eight of them sitting in the hall, making it difficult to walk through as I was making my way to the bathroom, just a few moments ago. And on my way back, as I walked through them, I did what I usually do and ignore them. Then I hear one of the guys yelling something about a black jacket.

Guy: Black Jacket!

Me: *walking past people without paying much attention*

Guy: Heey, Black Jacket!

Me: *hearing words, but completely failing to realize that I am wearing a black jacket*

So then as I’m walking in my door, some girl says “Her name is Talia”, and that’s when I realized he was trying to talk to me. But. Augh. I think I’m just being unnecessarily pissed, but now I have even less compassion for my floor. It’s just…kind of frustrating to be called “black jacket”, when certainly there must be a more specific way to get my attention. Such as “blonde girl”, “girl with glasses”, “four-eyes”? I don’t know. Also is the fact that these people never really pay attention to anyone who’s not in their hallway group of sorts, anyway. Someone remind me why I wanted to live on this specific supposed “performing arts floor” again?

On the other hand, my teacher is awesome. I received an email simply to say my bowing was great. And to apologize for having to run off after my lesson so quickly. And…that’s just so nice!

So Broken…In Pieces

listening to: bjork – so broken

And the reason I’m listening to this song is…

It must have been five minutes into orchestra, in which we were rehearsing Javelin and…suddenly I felt something tap my bow, or so I thought. Next thing I know, the hair at the tip has detached itself from the stick, entirely, and hanging quite limply. Katherine was completely floored, and of course so was I. So, knowing that something obviously had broken away from the bow, I looked around on the floor and found that the wooden piece that holds the hair together, and is actually inside the bow, has completely fallen free of the hair and the stick. Just…AAH! Why did this have to happen?!

According to a few people, there’s a violin shop in Coralville where I can get it repaired. I guess that’s good. So I’m going to confer with my parents, see what they think. I should probably ask Tony, too. He surely knows what the area repair shops are worth. Hmm. True, I do have a second bow, but there’s no comparison between it and my primary bow. That makes practicing a lot more frustrating, too. Oooh, this is so cryful. The same day I get really excited about bow-use, too. I don’t even feel like practicing.

Oooh, season premier of West Wing.

Natural Disasters Make It Hard To Mind Birthdaycake, Steak And Whine

listening to: enon – natural disasters

I have never experienced a cooler song than this. Like…wow. Those chord changes! Aah *head explodes*

God. I hate mornings. And…usually Wednesdays are good. I have cello lessons on Wednesdays. And those are like…the reason I’m here. But…arg! I didn’t feel like I had practiced enough at all, especially because I couldn’t take my cello home with me this weekend. So I went in actually feeling guilty for not practicing enough. And it never helps when you get in to the room with teacher and completely slaughter something you worked pretty hard with. Yeah. Popper #4 kicked my ass. Especially the first time through. I mean, Tony seemed pleased because it’s a technical bitch, and I had hand-position down, but my intonation was unbelievably bad. But…oh well. I graduated from Popper #2, and started #22 inaddition to 4, which makes me happy. At ARIA, I heard that when a cellist finishes the Popper etudes, their teacher is supposed to buy them a popcorn popper. I should mention this to Tony, because at the rate I’m going, I’m totally going to have the etudes nailed by senior year.

And then I played Bach. Which was okay, though I only chose to play it because I was trying to avoid Brahms. But then we actually got out the Brahms–at which point I realized there was absolutely no reason to be scared of Brahms! I practiced the bitch out of the first movement last night, so I don’t understand what my problem was. Tony introduced the concept of using my whole bow, which excited me greatly. It sucks to realize you’re completely constricted in the area of bow-use, just because you don’t realize you have a whole bow to use, at any speech you choose. You know, it was actually a really good lesson. Maybe I like…psychologically convince myself lessons are going to be awful when I’m actually prepared. Maybe I’m not actually used to being prepared.

Plan for the remainder of afternoon — lunch, shower, nap, orchestra, theory…oh. man. theory.

Struck Again

listening to: army of mars – why did it happen now

Gah! I must have a procrastination disease of sorts! I have this paper I need to revise parts of for my 7:30am class tomorrow. And I’m sitting here, blogging. Before that, I talked to Michelle about a lot of stuff. And then I had the best conversation with Aaron about making music. And now I’m here, in front of the computer that has this word processing file I need to be working with and…I’m blogging!?! What did I do to YOU, procrastination gods?!

Naw, apparently it’s just in my genetic nature, to be a procrastinator. I heard a Dad-story (and honestly, I don’t hear many of those. My dad’s done so much random stuff that I’ve never heard about that he never talks about) about how he didn’t have to do anything to get into UCBerkeley from high school, since students who graduated from Beverly Hills could go there automatically. But then he never turned in a housing application, and having no place to stay his freshman year, ended up living with a fraternity which he turned out to hate. So…really…I still have some place to live. And I have a good 8 hours. And this really shouldn’t take more than one. I don’t mind. I get so little sleep as it is, and naps are nice. Screw you, homework!

I mean…good homework. Nice homework.

Our Life Is Like A…

listening to: buffalo daughter – socks, drugs, and rock’n’roll

I’m way too cranky to be blogging. Nyah nyah. Whine whine whine. Life sucks, nyah!

I’m going to go eat chili, now.

Simply To Forget

listening to: joshua kobak – simply to remember (live)

I’ve been so spacey today. Like, physically I’ve felt fine. But arg, trying to read through orchestra was murder. But…before orchestra, the eight or so cellos who are taking orchestral excerpt class were practicing the Hannover symphony and…I don’t know what it sounds like, so I really couldn’t be fully knowledgable in the way of notes. But so anyway, one of the louder parts, I realize I’m hearing this one note being played wrong, over and over again, and I start to look around a little and wonder who the hell it could be that’s not getting the idea of the key signature. And then I realize — it’s me. Crikey, I’m just that cool. And ready to lay blame.

I burnt a copy of Kronos Quartet’s “Black Angels”, which is a piece by George Crumb (aka crazy contemporary composer) about experiences in Vietnam. It’s very effective. But later on the CD is a piece by a Middle-Eastern composer, entitled “Doom. A sigh”. I haven’t quite caught on to it yet, but the name is enough to make me listen to it more. Teehee.


"They’re Going Wild" The Call Came In…

Hah! My morning was interesting. I liked the part where I slept through my alarm clock *snerk* Like, the barely conscious part of my brain must have turned it off when it went off, and then went back to sleep. So my first conscious thought was “Hmm. It’s awfully bright outside for being before 6:30am–oh crap!!”. But anyway, I woke up at approximately 7:15, got dressed, brushed my teeth, jumped out the door and was five minutes early to rhetoric. It was awesome. I was snickering the whole way there, I was so amused. I mean, it obviously would have completely sucked to entirely sleep through class, and really, I pride myself in only having been late/missed one class ever (like last year, where I failed to wake up while my parents were out of town, and missed Shakespeare–oops). But somehow, seeing as I did get to class, and was much more alert and cheerful than usual, I was thoroughly entertained by my…er…misadventure.

So I thought I had managed to bring back all of Koucha Ouji. But…well, no. Not so much. Somehow I didn’t grab volumes 18 and 19, the best (aka cutest) of KO, in my opinion! Dagnabit! Oh well. Having the other 18 volumes is a great comfort. And…yeah.

I’m honestly not doing well, with the constructing sentences stuff, this morning. So I quit–er…yes.

I Don’t Need To Walk Around In Circles

listening to: greenhouse – pets (porno for pyros cover)

Ho hum. Back in IC. Everything’s more or less the same. Except I have like…three bags more food, now. It’s completely ridiculous, but oh-so nice, even if poor Renata and Miriam had to haul it all about for me. Agh, stupid school. But I am looking forward to is my lesson on Wednesday. And maybe my next theory assignment (X__________X no)

Being home was sooooooo nice, though.

In other things, I am never going to Borders again, if I can avoid it. At least not the one in Bloomington Normal. I decided to run in and see if I could find a recording of Popper’s “Hungarian Rhapsody”, which I’m playing. Well, for one thing, there is no “David Popper” section under composers, which, while I can understand, still frustrates me. But then it turns out that the have like…a total of four Yo-yo Ma recordings (like…about a million of them, but the same ones, over and over again), and that under Jacqueline Du Pre, there are recordings by a completely different artist!! Grar! So, frustrated at the classical section, I move on to other things. And like…every artist I like under R&B had at least four or five CDs that didn’t belong to that artist. Just…rrr! From now on, I’ll friggin wait to get Classical CDs from Tower Records or The Crow’s Nest in Chicago. And as for other stuff, independant record stores suit me fine. Just…AUGH. And honestly, at least in B-N, the selection of books is better at Barnes and Noble, anyway.

I’m tired. And whiny. I’m going to bed. Or…trying to, anyway. Stupid floor-mates.


Dude…I saw this movie, last night, Russian Ark, and even though I kept dozing off in the middle of it, it was incredibly cool! It’s like…a 90 minute film, done in one shot, and goes through the entire Hermitage in St. Petersburg, all 35 rooms of it. It’s kind of weird and spacey, but the actual footage is just…muah!

So yeah. Being incredibly lazy, currently. I burnt a lot of CDs this morning. But stuff I really felt I needed to have with me *nod* Lots of Kronos, Luscious Jackson (aka the female counterparts of the Beastie Boys). I’m taking back aaaaaall of Koucha Ouji, plus the art book, because I’m SOO going to make a page for it. That and I simply miss the cute. I’m pondering taking back Elfquest, but that’s a lot of bulk, and I don’t think I know exactly how desperate I am for it, yet. I want to take back a couple other novels I miss. Some Gakkou e Ikou/mst3k tapes. That’s a lot of stuff I don’t necessarily need. But…mweh. And…god! My mom gave me like…three bags of food to take with me! I mean, tha’ts awesome, but is it really necessary?

I have a Walmart Run I must make soon, plus I’m pondering going to Borders, because I need a recording of Hungarian Rhapsody, quite badly. That is all for now. I’ll blog once I’m back in IC. And stuff.

Vacation In Athens Is Calling Me

Currently, I am hooooooooome!!!! And man, does it ever feel good! Seriously, from the moment I set foot on my gravel driveway at 9:30 last night, I was ridiculously happy! I was even surprised at how happy it made me, being home! Everybody else from Iowa I’d talked to said going home was a weird and almost surreal, but this was nothing of the sort. I slept like a log. I never realized, before now, how terribly comfortable my 20-year-old German piece of foam excuse for a mattress is! After like…the best night’s sleep ever, I got up to go to breakfast with my family. At first I was a little tense, just because I felt like I needed to tell them specifically what I thought, but was unable to. There was too much mixed up and unable to come out of my mouth. But after a while, I forgot about anything specific having to do with college, simply from listening to what they had to say to me. It was good.

Then I went randomly shopping with my mother. Which was tiring, but I got pants that fit! Yay! And the coolest hat I’ve EEEEEVER seen! Seriously! I am completely my father’s daughter, and you can tell it with this hat! Buah! *sprints off to live in random parts of Western Europe*

Then I went to Wesleyan to meet Rob, which was um…fun. Justin, Adam and Mike showed up, too. We just sort of walked around for a while. Met a few of Rob’s friends. Heard some highly amusing Adam stories. Then I went on my merry way, back to my car which was parked outside of Presser, but ran into Ashvin and Molly studying!!! So I talked to them for a while. And then Molly said I should go talk to Andrew, who was practicing in Presser! And so I did! It was great! I hadn’t talked to Andrew in the longest time! It’s so much fun talking to one of my oldest cello comerades! And then I saw Mrs. Doran, and talked with her for a while and *happy sigh* It was just…so good. I’m trying to ignore the fact that I have to go back to school tomorrow, because the idea isn’t exactly the happiest of thoughts, at this moment.

In any case, I’m taking a lot of good crap back with me. Koucha Ouji…books…cds…winter clothes. I’m sure that in some way, this will leave me happy. And something that’s a little stupid, the activity for tonight that I look forward to more than anything is sleep. I’m so tired right now, despite my good-night’s sleep. I don’t know where anybody is, anyway, and I’m too frazzled to try contacting random people. I think I’ll be perfectly content to napping/walking about places, just sitting in my living-room and feeling like I’m home.

I know I’m an idiot for being this happy, and that it makes my current situation (I mean, when I’m not home) sound not so. But…just…don’t pay attention to me…when I’m like this. Eventually I’ll have to fess up and really enjoy things for what they are…

Ziggy Plays Guitar…

listening to: david bowie – ziggy stardust

I’m quite sure I had a dream about this song, last night. Although I slept pretty poorly last night. It could have been like…well…anything. Damn good song, though.

I really don’t have much to blog about. I was planning on kind of ranting about dorm-life. But now I’m way tired and don’t feel like it.

That and I’m going home tonight, horaay! Expect some sort of entry from there. Woot!

Then The Band Of Evil Joined In And It Sounded Something Like This…

listening to: yann tiersen – monochrome

Guess who didn’t fail last Friday’s theory test?! ME! I got an 86%! That’s not counting my 55/60 on sightsinging, too (but bah! stupid TA who I swear was not playing our dictation starting from “do”)! I never thought I’d be so excited to get a B ( <--girl who took lazy classes through high school), but considering the fact that I've been wondering if I might not even have what it takes to pass this class, it makes sense. And...yeah. The mistakes I DID make didn't have to do with tonal/chord make-up so much. It was more...well, my voice leading problem was in a slightly awkward range. But that's not the most immediate problem I could have had. Maybe I can pass theory after all! So after sight-singing I waited in Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop for like an hour, waiting to talk to my TA about my magazine-analysis rough-draft. She was talking to another girl from my class from about 9:30 until 10:20, talking about “Ms” magazine. So I listened to them for most of the hour. And then one of the teachers who works in the shop came and talked to me for a while, because he noted that I was looking at “the American Prospect”. But I was listening to my TA talk to this girl, and completely gearing myself for over-thorough analysis of paper, including telling myself that constructive criticism is nothing personal against me. So like…finally I get to talk to her, and she tells me that I was “obviously timid about making my point”, a few side-notes, and lets me go in all of ten minutes. Life is so hard. I know the over-thorough analysis would have been kind of sucky, but it sometimes disappoints me when I gear myself for the worst and then everything smooths itself over. And…gah! I could have spent that wasted hour practicing! I started Popper Etude #4 yesterday, the nutorious thumb-position/shifting etude of doom. And…yeah. It sounds soooo bad when I play it. Which can only be expected, because I’m not exactly accustomed to using my thumb the way #4 requires. But…arg! I warned Tony! He told me I “have the chops for it”, and said I ought to take it on. So…gah!

I’m Just Sitting Around Being Foolish While There Is Work To Be Done

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Doing the homework procrastinating thing…again! It’s okay, though. I did start my music theory, and think I understand what’s going on this time (although…I’ve thought that quite a few times already…). But…yeah. I did this speech proposal, but my printer was acting up and…woe!

I decided that I’m sick of all my homework being so…up in the air and blarg-ish. What I wouldn’t do for like…a kanji sheet or something. Something I know I can do. I mean…honestly, what am I learning? Very little, with music theory. Rhetoric is just sort of…making me think a lot about the war on terror (because that’s all we talk about), and maybe undust a little of my oral speaking skills. I am having awesome cello lessons, though, so okay.

Happy I’m going home on Friday. Hillari seems surprised by that. But like…she lives 20 minutes away. And all her friends are here. So yeah. Definitely looking forward to some things at home.

Oh man, I miss Megan(D) sooooo much. Behold–

Talia: Iiiiiii



Megan: *s





I assure you, that doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as it actually sounds…

…And The Earth Is Shaking…

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In rhetoric, we had to write an essay for the ACT. It was such a ridiculous waste of class-time. I hate standardized tests. I hate writing essays about whether or not I agree with making a year-long community service act a requirement for people ages 18 to 22 at 7:30 in the freaking morning. I talked to some girl last night who apparently had to take the same test in her rhetoric class, and in the middle of her’s, left “quack like a duck”, just because she could. I wish I’d thought of inserting something completely non-sensical in the middle of my essay, just because I hate writing them.

Then I went to music theory and came to the conclusion that I’m really better off reading from the book than listening during lectures. Like…we were discussing what you ought to do with the bass-notes after determining chords from the soprano line. And…like…Nez kept writing things down on the board that didn’t work, and ended up erasing and filling in crap sooo many different times that I gave up with writing altogether, after a while. And…for the first measure, we determined that the chords were I, V, I, and Tohm (TA) tried to point out that you should just leave it as a I chord for the whole measure, but Prof. Nez said that was being “too easy” on the students, but ended up changing it to a I chord in the end, anyway, because it was too “messy” if the bass note continued to change. And…aaaugh! Make up your freaking mind! It’s so hard to learn anything solid when the lessons are so…spontaneous! I really wish she would make a lesson plan, or something! Because as it is, I think i’d be much better off I had to work this by myself.

But then I went to my cello lesson, and that was only completly awesome. But…arg! Apparently Tony Elliot backed out of cello weekend (there’s an iowa cello society. and we’re having a cello weekend *nod*) on the 4th! So Tony’s trying to get someone else to come but we’re not exactly sure how it’s going to work. And then we got into this big completely pointless discussion on big ten football, and then marching band, and Woody Allen’s bit where he’s in a marching band with a cello, and he just keeps standing up and moving the chair forward a little bit. But yeah, for this week, I’m playing the most absurd Popper etude, which I think will be actually be fun if it doesn’t destroy my thumb (and brain, for that matter). And…Oooh, I’m starting Bach Suite #1 (which all you WW/Josh Lyman fans should know), which is kind of weird, since this is the suite that everybody starts off on. In fact, I’ve been told that practically the whole thing is in the Suzuki books (which I stopped playing after book like…4). So anyway, I have a looooot of cello stuff to work on, which is so nice compared to like…100% Shostokovich from this summer.

Renata: Koucha Ouji is a shoujo manga about tea princes =) And…it’s just really cute, and so far encompasses over 20 volumes, and I think I’ll save explanations for when I actually have something of a fan page thought up. In any case, I’m so serious about this. The first thing i’m going to do is delete my HanaKimi translations page, simply because it’s pointless to keep it going when there are about a zillion translations of the first volume, everywhere.