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Bad stuff first: BLAH! CHILDREN! I mean…I certainly do enjoy babysitting. Okay. Sometimes I lie. I love little kids. But not these little kids. And not the fact that I had to escort them to Fairview pool. I have had ill regards for that pool being so loud and close to my house for the last few summers. And generally I don’t care for publich ( <--look, ich spreche sehr sch�n Deutsch, ja?) pools in general just because of their being so very...public and chlorinated. I've been spoiled by my aunt and uncle always being at North Lake when we visit them in Upstate NY for the past five or so summers. But...ugh. Five hours. Hmm. Would I rather spend five hours watching kids or playing wedding music? Aah! I'll take a part-time job, please? Good stuff: this computer which I am typing on currently? This computer whcih I have shared with my family? It will very soon be mine mine mine! My dad is getting a new eMac for home use, and I can have this up in my room as soon as we take it to Connecting Point to have stuff done to it. And better than just being mine, we’re getting Mac OS X installed. That’s just…ah, so nice. It’s sad how lonely I’d be without a computer…

My recital is the 7th! At 7pm! In Kemp Recital hall! And if you’re having any doubts about coming, let me just mention the reception afterward, that will be cookie inclusive. Actually, up until today, I had doubts that this recital was going to happen, seeing as my accompanist was worried about being able to play the last movement of the Shostokovich. Which…is understandable, because it’s a bitch. Speaking of bitchy things to play, I have the Dance of the Elves nailed. Like, I remember before my auditions, I had a near-nervous breakdown or two because I had myself convinced it was physically impossible to play the entire thing. Well, hey, the wonders of psychology. I don’t know what it was, but when I ran through it today with my accompanist, it went excellently. What was my problem. I think I was concentrating on her part more than mine, which is weird, but managed to distract me from any physical distress.

Ow! My stomach-lining!

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I just had Emily over, and I made her watch *da dum* Spirited Away (good friends don’t let friends not see this movie). It was good times. Then I drove her home and got to hear the most excellent stories of the Harvard Rugby team. In exchange she got to hear stories about my senior year. Yessssindeed.

I started playing Kingdom Hearts again (which I didn’t do for something of twelve hours, be shocked). I made it through Halloween Town, after leveling up for an hour just for the hell of it. If I thought Halloween Town was great, I wonder at the expression on my face when we got to Neverland. >D I wish Renata could have been there when Captain Hook was talking to Riku. I don’t think one single sentence went without a potential pirate-crack!

Renata) Sorry about when you called me! I don’t know why, but somehow you managed to sound like one of my gigging colleagues, and thus I was confused. I didn’t mean to be a pain-in-the-ass if I sounded like one. I feel like such a bad friend!

JaMeg) Hey, um, I screwed up about Friday. I completely didn’t realize that I was scheduled to babysit for our friends o_O That and apparently my mom failed to inform me that I’m practicing with my accompanist before that. So um…we may have to find another time to watch the rest of P&P, though I’m guessing that may be a while…? Gomen!!

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Miriam came over last night. I made her watched Spirited Away (it’s just a hobby I have…forcing this particular movie onto people). She enjoyed it muchly, as naturally anyone would, thought I think there were a couple things that confused her. Though I remember being pretty confused about a couple things after first seeing it, myself. Anyway, yeah. That was cool. And then quite randomly Jamie and Megan and I decided to start watching Pride and Prejudice at my house. Which I can’t say I’ve watched since before X-mas vacation, so it was an extremely happy event.

I’ve been almost completely distracted from Kingdom Hearts by the arrival of my mandolin. It came yesterday afternoon, and since then, every moment of spare time has been devoted to playing it (or…well, trying to). Okay, though I’m barely competent with playing the thing, I can find my way around, thanks to the fact that the strings on a mandolin are strung in fifths, exactly like the violin, which I’m at least moderately familiar with. I’ve always been a huge fan of REM songs including the mandolin, but I find that playing those aren’t terribly hard, probably because Peter Buck is primarily a guitarist. So yeah, I have those to mess around with. Plus the fact that I’ve been listening to Short Trip Home and Uncommon Ritual, both of which are Edgar Meyer CDs including a lot of great Bluegrass and folk mandolin. And some of those are fun to attempt to play, but not without the heavy reminder that mandolin is far from my primary instrument.

Anyway, I’m musically adept enough to figure things out on my own. I think with persistent practicing, and perhaps some sort of beginner book, I may really be able to learn the basics. Something I can admit to having problems with is the right hand. Strumming chords isn’t hard, but picking notes is. I’m not used to a pick at all, and keeping a consistent moderate tempo with picking individual notes is not something I can do well. has only proceeded to confuse me on the direction of the stroke. At first I was thinking it might be worth finding somebody who plays mandolin, just to give me a technical lesson or something to go off of. But then, it shouldn’t even be that hard, should it? Don’t guitarists generally do the same thing? So, I’m pondering. Thinking that maybe I should coerce a guitar-playing friend into helping me out *glares at Josh and/or Aaron* Really. How would it be too much different on the mandolin than the guitar? Except for the fact that you’re hitting two strings instead of one. But…y’know…stuff!

That was my unnecessarily long mandolin-related ramble. I think I’m actually going to try and play Kingdom Hearts now, buahaha!

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Hmm. I would say I’m bored, but that’s absolutely not true. I’ve been extremely occupied. My day has gone a little like this: 7:00-wake up and take out garbage of neighbors who are in Hawaii. 8:00-after a losing battle to stay awake and do productive things, fall back asleep for three hours. From 11, I think everything consisted of practicing the cello and playing Kingdom Hearts. So I beat that hell-hound thing whose name I’ve been screwing up. That was a looong time ago. I feel the need to mention that Agrabah was cool, but only cooler still since I got to have Aladdin in my party for about half the time. And…gah, I heart Aladdin. I love it that all the characters that join my party are generally stronger than Sora and the others. Currently I’m in the under-sea whatever, about to battle Ursula, except for the fact that I can’t seem to find her. The crappy thing about Atlanticus is that there is only one save point in the whole world, so far, and it must have taken me a good hour to actually remember where the heck it was >_< Everything in this world looks the saaame! I hope to get out of there soon, and proceed onto happier things.

I watched One Hour Photo last night. I enjoyed it well enough, though I may not necessarily have been in the mood for it. I thought the directing and general artistic style of the film was very good. Admittedly, I couldn’t get over the fact that it was Robin Williams in there, being that frightening person. Okay and, the moral of the story is: if your photo-man becomes overly friendly with you, it might be a good idea to move to another country.


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I had my gig yesterday. It was a nice wedding, actually. Outdoors at the botanical gardens in Peoria. And I have to mention that usually I end up playing weddings with deeply religious ceremonies and stuff, just because…there are a lot of those in IL. But this minister was a Unitarian Universalist. Not to say it wasn’t religious or anything, but there was still a difference, and I thought it an interesting one to hear. Usually playing wedding music is boring, too. This was not the case at this gig. Since we were outdoors, we were kept on our toes by our music wanting to fly everywhere despite the holders on our stands and tape. It was actually rather funny when the wind brought down all but Jeff during a piece.

Then Phil and I did something very bad. Though we were supposed to go to the reception, not to play, but to eat, we just went home. And felt really bad about it. I don’t know what it is, but as nice as it is to offer me food and stuff, I just don’t care personally enough about the people to want to exert effort on meeting them and socializing with them. That’s just me. Weddings aren’t my favorite thing in the world, either. So I really just wanted to go home.

Made cookies last night with Jamie and Megan, then watched Law and Order, which I have found to heart very much. You’d think that with the program being on the air for fourteen years, I’d have discovered my love for it sooner. Oh well. No time like the present.

Kingdom Hearts: I spent like…a long time yesterday trying to beat Cerebres…but…apparently I’m live-battle deficient or something. It’s just so haaaaard! I’ve leveled up from L13 to L18, but that hasn’t made a terrible amount of difference. I’m determined, though. I will destroy it!

Okay, readers, prepare yourselves for the biggest ramble about something you may not care about in the least. I’ll start by saying that Justin L. has made me the happiest girl in the world, by lending me the use of his PS2 while he’s on the London trip. I mean, talk about awesome friends. So I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts. A lot, since yesterday. I mean, while I’ve wanted a PS2 for a really long time, and would still like to get one some day in the future, I’m almost scaring myself with my obsessive tendencies. The video-game obsessive me is a side of me I’ve never really encountered before, and it’s not exactly my most favorite me, either. So I’m starting to think that this is nice for a temporary time, but I’m kind of glad I don’t already own a PS2 for myself…criminy.

Aaaaanyway, Kingdom Hearts: I had a much less crappy time getting started this time, compared to when I played it with Kira around New Years. The first three bosses were moderately easy to beat by myself. Heck, I didn’t even have that hard of a time dueling the random FF characters standing around the island. I even beat Wakka (^^v)! First I was in Wonderland. Which was pretty cool, except I was having a problem knowing what to do when I randomly made myself big in the middle of a not very big forest. But finally, with a little help from a FAQ, it worked out. I next went to the Colosseum (Hercules), which turned out to suck intensely. I was not leveled up enough to take on Hades’s three-headed hell-hound. I died like three times before deciding to run back to Traverse Town to stock up on potions and level up on the shadows around there. So I’m thinking I’ll try to get up to level 20 or so before heading back. I’m really excited about seeing what Halloween Town and Agrabah are like *jumps around* I also want to mention that I think the monster designs are keen! All the shadows seem like something Tim Burton himself designed. So yeah. Great game. Justin’s getting back a week from next Tuesday, so I hope I’ll get the chance to finish it, or at least progress the story enough to satisfy myself. Ugh. Obsessions = scary.

I have to drive to Peoria for like…this incredibly long gig, today. With Phil. And then after the gig, we stupidly both agreed to go to the reception for dinner. So the wedding schedule goes something like this: 2:30 – leave for Peoria, 3:30 start to play at Botanical Gardens, 4:00 wedding starts, 6:00 finished playing, 7:00 reception. Dammit! I mean, it’s great I get paid, but I’m honestly so tired of driving. Especially with other people in the car. I’ve just gotta say I hope Phil doesn’t mind the music I play, because it’s NOT changing! XD

I should probably go do important things…

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I think I started blogging about this yesterday or…some day that my computer effed up during mid-entry, but somehow I managed to lose AAAAALLL the save files for my ROMs. Which is bad. I discovered this in a very unpleasant manner, too, by trying to continue into my game of Tales of Phantasia. It was sad. You’d be sad, too, if you lost 14+ hours of gaming. So I started a new game of Chrono Trigger, just for the hell of it. CT was an especially sad save file loss, too, considering I had one file that had been through the game something like three times. I believe the characters were approaching somewhere near Level 70. I can’t feel like…too violently mad seeing as it had to have been my fault in the first place. I don’t even know how I did it, really.

Some stupid person rear-ended my mom this morning. It wasn’t serious, but the bumper of our Jetta is cracked, and will need to be replaced. I can recall a much more angry and frantic entry to my lj after the ’01 madrigal dinners about a similar situation. It’s not like we’ll be paying for it in any way other than possibly slightly higher insurance rates. Stupid other drivers. Really, though, being rear-ended is scary. Like, you don’t know what the hell is happening to your car for a moment. Did a tire just go out? No. Did the engine just explode? No. Some guy behind me didn’t stop in time. It makes me frightened of what a serious accident would be like.

Now I have to tell the story of my graduation present, because it’s a damn good story (I gradumagated last night, by the way). Anyway, my dad was in L.A. visiting family this week. For some reason, he thought that graduation was Saturday night, not Friday night. So he hadn’t made plans to come back until very very late Friday night. Oops. I didn’t care, really. I’d rather that my family come see me do something that’s really important to me, personally. Like a concert or a recital or something. Graduation wasn’t really that important to me. I mean, my sister didn’t even go to her graduation, since she had graduated half a year early. I don’t know why I don’t care too terribly, but that’s just the way I am, I suppose. Anyway, back to story: my dad felt really bad. So he practically said “well, I’m out in L.A. and I feel really guilty. What will I do? I’ll buy you a mandolin”. Well that was enough to cover for missing graduation, several times over, if you ask me XD This made me extremely happy. But then he called Thursday afternoon saying “I goofed! I ordered the mandolin, only I ordered the wrong model. I meant to get a regular acoustic. I accidently ordered the acoustic/electric type”. Well, hot damn. If that’s not the type of mandolin I’ve been dreaming about for the past two years. So I told him not to do a thing, and there you have it. I talked my mom into getting me a keyboard amp, too, as a sort of early birthday/extra graduation gift thing. That will be extremely nice, because then I can practice bass with it, too, and not sound too much like crap. Just…aaah!

Damn good story.

KYAAAAAAA!!!! KO-KU-HA-KU SARETA~~~~!!! And for once it was actually “hakkiri iwareta”! Something has got to start happening now!!!

Okay. And while I’m in a crazy mood, here’s this!

Be courtious, kind and forgiving

Be gentle and peaceful each day

Be warm and human and grateful

And have a good thing to say

Be thoughtful and trustful and childlike

Be witty and happy and wise

Be honest and love all your neighbors

Be obsequious, purple and clairvoyant

Be pompous, obese and eat cactus

Be dull and boring and omnipresent

Criticize things you don’t know about

Be oblong and have your knees removed

Be tasteless, rude and offensive

Live in a swamp and be 3-dimensional

Put a live chicken in your underwear

Get all excited and go to a yawning festival

I heart Steve Martin. If you’ve never experience any of his old, banjo-inclusive standup comedy, you really don’t know what you’re missing. I spent a good hour yesterday, listening to “Let’s Get Small”, and laughing hysterically through most of it. Just…ah! Anyway, that’s all the blogging in me that I feel for the moment.

I had the most effed up dream last night. Given it was a rather cool effed up. Anyway, there was this field-trip to like…the Dark Ages or something. Someplace that reeked of what my brain imagines Medieval towns to have been, anyway. But…there were people from Hogwarts there! Specifically, Professor McGonogal and Dumbledore himself! So suddenly I wasn’t really part of the group of students on the field-trip, anymore. I was a student of Wizardry! I had the robes and broom and everything. But I think I was more like Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, really. Right there was like some secret operation of Hogwarts, away from the school. And I was suddenly part of it. It had something to do with killing a bunch of monsters that had invaded the town. The catch was that all the monsters were from Tales of Phantasia (XD), and some of them were really hard to kill. I even remember that there was specifically a Charon. Then, because I was a new student, I got a pseudo flying lesson (it would have been a serious one had there not been monsters swarming every inch of the town). There were about three flights of stairs in a row, and I had to jump from the top of each one, land in the landing between the next flight, and continue down in the same manner. It was really flying, but very slow falling. And then from there, I was a little better and could actually levitate myself a good distance, even if it did take a lot of effort. I have to explain something. People generally dream about flying. I dream about it, too, but for some reason, it’s never real flying. I can never get myself more than two feet off the ground. And never for very long at that. It’s never the type of nonchalant flight where i can simply do it without thinking about it. I wonder what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me…

I actually recall waking up at one point, walking across my room to look for a clock, and then going back to bed. To continue with the dream. At this point, I’m with the school again. And not a school of wizardry. And nobody can see the monsters, but I know they’re there. So I try to warn everybody, but they all ignore me. I remember specifically that I ran up to Rob and was like “Charon! Charon!”, and he blew me off. And I think Trina was the only one who believed me in the end. And then suddenly the main weird old building from DePauw University was there, and we were all inside it, and the staircases were this big maze that we all got rather lost in. And finally we found our way down to the bottom floor and were all just waiting. At the bottom, there were these three Japanese girls whose English skills ranged from poor to extreme suck. I recall that I stole a seat from one of them without realizing it, she looked thoroughly upset towards me and proceeded to say “thank you”. And…trust me, it wasn’t one of those malicious “thank you”s. It was almost funny. I woke up in a weird position and with my wisdom tooth having cut open the side of my mouth. *sigh*

*frowl* I have nothing else to say. Everything’s rather…quiet, currently. Though, I did play a concert at Metcalf for the 6th-8th grade choirs. It was very very cute, in all honesty, though I did hold up the entire concert five minutes by not being able to figure out the Roland keyboard amplifier. The concert was really short which prevented me from feeling too bad, but the set-up of that thing was just so…weird. In any case, I felt very undeserving to recieve the $25 gift certificate to the Music Shoppe that Mrs. Corpus gave me -_- It was so nice of her…but! AAH! She shouldn’t have! Gosh. Sometimes I wonder about myself and my stupid little guilt complex.

Gnyeh! I miss PE with Aaron!

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While I’m feeling less like utter crap, I want to blog. I have a cold now and my back hurts like a mother, but I’m not rehearsing and I’m not at school. So things could be much worse.

I think I said to like….five or so people that I had no plans of pracicting or even touching the cello for three days. But…um, I lied. I got a new tail-piece on my cello this morning (my teacher’s old tail-piece), and the difference is amazing! It sounds so much better. I couldn’t help but practice for something close to two hours. Just…oh my gosh! Though I realize that my cello still won’t take me professionally (should I decide to take that road), I want to be playing on it for at least two more years, as opposed to being willing to give it to random street people. Sooo gooood!

On a less enthusiastic note, there are random things terribly wrong with my computer. Aside from particular programs refusing to work, random strange things are going on with the display. Just…terribly unexplainable errors. So I cleaned out my own folder last night. I got rid of 300 megs of stuff. And this is after burning half of my mp3s onto once CD. There are no 9 gigs free on the computer. And…that’s not half bad. So I’m going to assume that I can’t fix whatever is wrong. Of course, I haven’t yet convinced my dad that it may be worth getting rid of some of his thousands of pics from the digital camera, despite the fact that he has BURNT them onto freaking disks already. I did mention something was weird and wrong with our computer. He says he’s going to take the thing into Connecting Point so they can reformat everything and install Mac OS X. This is great and everything, but he never specified when. And…if it hasn’t been specified, I’m going to assume that means it’ll be August or so.Unless I do some thorough bothering. Growf. Computers.

Yaaay! I was put into the Fine Arts dorm at Iowa! That makes me so haaappy! I was talking to Tessa after Plaid on Saturday, and she has only further excited me about U of Iowa. It’s good to already know a few people here and there on campus *nod*

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I feel like utter crap right now (originally typed “lick utter crap”). Today was the American Orchestras League conductor workshop, which the CYSO takes part in every year. So they split CYSO up into two groups, one in FAB, and the other at Symphony Center. I was put in the group in which none of my friends were placed. So it was a fairly lonely affair. Although it didn’t matter because it’s not like we did anything but rehearse for five hours. So, um, there were seventeen conductors total, each had fifteen minutes of rehearsal with the orchestra. And, you know, they weren’t even there to teach us. Because they had professional conductors giving them their own masterclass for fifteen minutes each. But it was fairly interesting to learn about conducting technique, anyway. Being a string musician, I never think much of conductors except “suck” or “know’s what he/she is doing”. Never “which part of the orchestra needs to be given signals, and what simplistic signals can the conductor give to that section while trying to control fifteen other parts?”. Anyway, there were a lot of them. And only the last half were really good.



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I played another wedding today, with ISU people. It went well, and I was paid $50. That’s all that is required for a good gig, really. Ease and money. Although, really. The very very Christian weddings (which seems to be all of them) make me feel so out of place with my well…lack of religion. And speaking of weddings…I’m floored! My friend, Dianne, at Weslyan, and barely 20, is going to be married at the end of this summer. Just…um…isn’t that a tad young? I think it was actually an arranged marriage. Dianne…just…doesn’t seem that type. But…I guess, in the end, whatever your family values are, you stick with them? Mweh.

Tonight’s Forever Plaid was amazing, and if you missed it, shame on you! But…okay, the very first thing that the Plaid’s sing is “testing, testing, 1 2 3 4 Plaa—aaaid”. But when I came in while the guys were warming up, I was hearing “testes, testes, 2 4 6 8 baaalls”. If that wasn’t enough in itself, the people in the sound booth (TJ, Pete, and Steve) had actually recorded this, and as they were trying to run through a song, were continuously playing it. For something like five minutes straight. So finally, Mike turns around and actually moons the people in the booth. As I was standing right there. It was umm…interesting. And then I was assaulted my Megan multiple times, backstage, though that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

As was mentioned before, the actual show was excellent. The best so far, and a great audience, to top it all off. Usually I try to keep my composure, being on stage and all, but it was sooo hard tonight. During “Heart and Soul”, Tim pulled up an audience member that didn’t know the top part. So he was like…hammering her finger down for her. But the second or so time, he gave up and just did it himself, and I don’t know why I found it so amusing, but I almost died. Then of course, Lady of Spain was the best thing, ever. My parents actually went (which thrills and amazes me), and my mother said she almost lost it then and there. Oh, it was so good. I’m going to miss Plaid so much.

Ooooh, I have to go to Chicago eeearly tomorrow. There’s this conductor workshop thing we’re doing. The orchestra is split in half. Unfortunately, it’s like…six hours with a group of people I’ve never made friends with. There’s this forty minute “lunch on your own” break, in which I can already visualize sitting by myself in the FAB, afraid of being seen by anybody. Oh, how social I am.

I’m reading the blog of someone who I don’t personally know, but have been following for a good year now. And…she’s really interesting, I thoroughly enjoy archives dating back to something like December, 2000. I kind of stumbled across her blog through one of my obsessive fits with HanaKimi–she used to maintain a really great translation site, which was actually one of my own inspirations for translating. Anyway, it was just funny to hear, in one particular entry, how she had been a thespian, and how the thespains at her school were looked down upon as the “weirdos”. And…I don’t know. Is this everywhere? I’m just thinking back to induction week, and how I keep hearing that we’re trying to “change our image” to something more positive. But…okay, what I think is that most of the people involved in drama have…this personality flare that you can’t simply supress by saying we’re going to stop induction ceremonies. It’s a completely natural thing. And I feel bad that people have to carry a bad name simply because they’re passionate about theatre. Same goes for anime geeks or music geeks. Now that I’ve experienced senior year, I understand what Jeff meant when he said that sometimes it’s not even worth trying to be social if people aren’t going to bother listening to what you have to say. Stupid high school stereotypes. I’m really afraid that stereotyping in this manner continues through college, too. Aaagh!

Coming back from my “outer-view” ramble, I got new strings for my electric bass! YAAAY! For those of you who don’t know, I have not changed the strings on my bass since I got the thing. When I was twelve. And I’m now…you know…seventeen. Which is almost a heinous sort of crime. The irony in this is that by the time I actually started to play the bass and really enjoy it was probably the time I needed new strings. Probably around when I was thirteen or so. So yeah. Anyway, I went into Pro-Sound without the slightest clue of what kind of strings were on my bass, or what I was supposed to get. So the guy was really nice, and very understanding about the fact that I had no clue what I was doing. It just makes me happy that in the end, musicians will respect other musicians no matter how clueless they can be. Anyway, he was very helpful in explaining the two main types of strings. And really, I’m a little too happy with myself for understanding that the best strings for a fretless bass are strung with flat winding, which I had no clue of before, though it does explain why playing on other people’s instruments makes my fingers hurt like a mother. Yeah. I’m cool.

I need to de-bird myself and then go to school -_-

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I am sooooo tired. But I absolutely must hang in until my parents get home! So then I can go to Jamie and Megan’s and watch WW with them. Where the hell are my parents, anyway? I just got out of a really long Forever Plaid rehearsal, so perhaps I’m a bit tired (COME SEE FOREVER PLAID!! 16th, 17th, Stroud Auditorium, 7:30!!).

We had our awards ceremony today, as well as the senior brunch. So um…I didn’t see this one coming at all, but I won the E.V. Scholarship (!!) for integrity, honesty, responsibility and trust. I never really thought of myself being any of these things, but I guess just because you have certain characteristics doesn’t mean you think about them. Anyway, I think Ms. Ehrlich nominated me for it, and it was so nice of her. I’m going to bake her banana-bread as a token of my appreciation. How much money I’m recieving, I do not know. Because, what was I doing when they were explaining the award? Not listening. I was just kind of…zoning. So all the sudden I hear this “Talia is a such and such student” and I was kind of like “wtf?”. In fact, I really didn’t now what I had won until I had a chance to examine my certificate. Cool beans. And—AAH MY PARENTS ARE HOME! This will be continued later!


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Woot! School’s almost over with!!! And at least six people have decided to have their graduation parties on the 24th. So um…good planning. And I’ll most likely only be at two or three of those six. Well, that is…if I have a vehicle with which to transport myself to these supposed parties. So, get this. We have three cars, not including my sister’s Audi. Three cars at home. Our VW jetta was making some sort of a “whir”ing noise, so my dad took it someplace, to be informed that the water pump isn’t working, and that the engine could catch fire at any time. That’s car situation number one. Our Saab is having problems with it’s belt. Meaning like, internally, everthing could fall apart. This is being fixed, and the car is in some shop. Car situation number two. And my personal favorite car situation, number three. In which my dad takes our van (the one I drive) to be checkup upon for some noise, and on an unrelated note, they tell us that a spring has come loose, could have punctured the back left tire at any time. So uh…I’m going to be asking for rides in the next couple days, I think…

Today was…really weird. And, the weirdness has nothing to do with the fact that this has been my last actual day of high school. It was more…weird in a sense of things that happened to me having to do with interactions with other people. It’s kind of hard to explain. Let’s just say I need to learn to shut up and analyze things less. Well, there’s actually been a lot less analysis of my future now that I have a vague idea of what’s going to happen to me next year. And knowing where I’m going to be next year has whiped out a lot of future future anxieties, and made me a lot more comfortable, generally. But…yeah. If only I weren’t so prone to…I don’t know. Nevermind. Not talking. Not talking.

Aaaaahahaha, my bird just pulled like everything out of my mom’s wallet!!

So um…it is definitely not necessary that you read the last entry before this one. I don’t know what my problem was, but it was just this overcoming urge to ramble about everything interesting that was possibly happening in any series that I am currently going crazy over. If you’d like, I can summarize the progress (or lack there-of) in Inuyasha, too, but I’m going to assume it’s easy enough to simply go here and do that.

I’d like to comment that Neil Gaiman has a hell of a lot of time to update his blog for a world famous author of sorts. Criminy.

I will , however, update the non-caring in my progress in Tales of Phantasia. I’m currently in Dhaos’s Castle, which is cool because every battle is worth something like 800-2000 experience points, but also crappy because those stupid little monsters you have to fight absorb elemental damage. What happened to me was I became rather dependant on this FAQ/Walkthrough. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it’s like, you need to know one thing. And then you might as well just keep reading about what you’ll need to know, since it’s there and convenient, and probably going to be difficult. For me, anyway. So yeah, i got to the save point before some boss, and I thought that you’d have to fight him right after the save point. So I equipped this moon-elemental sword that totally upped damage. But I didn’t realize you had a lot more stuff to go through before fighting the boss. And then you have to leave one of your charhacters behind. I left Arche behind, simply because. But then, it turns out, I come upon random monsters that absorb the damage from the moon-sword. Aw, shit. So I actually died, and got frustrated enough not to try again, last night. This was after spending a half-hour in the room where you’re supposed to have Arche and Cless touch four switches at the exact same time, while Arche flies and jumps and does things that any of the other two party members, wouldn’t. Really, I’m just happy I’m as far as I am. I remember how I was stuck on Demetel’s island like a month ago. Yeesh.

Um….you can ignore that, too.

listening to: shiina ringo – souretsu (it’s official. I’m now in love with every song on Ringo’s latest album)

Warning: fangirl ramble with exclusive bits in Japanese to follow. Read no further unless you care, like to torture yourself, or see how much of a nerd I truly am.

Okay. I’ll start with the thing that excites me the least of all (though not to say it doesn’t excite me greatly, anyway). I watched the first episode of a drama called “Kimi wa Pet” last night. Anyway, this drama stars Matsumoto Jun, and a female actress whose name has quite escaped me. And it’s…kind of weird, but generally really cute. Anyway, the exciting part is this: who else would play the ex-boyfriend who has impregnated another woman but NAGANO! Um… just because he’s impregnated another woman doesn’t mean he’s a direct asshole, or anything. Just…a rather sleazy but still very proper kind of guy. Anyway, this is the first drama he’s been in since ’96, not including Ultraman. He was only in the first episode, but I think it’s cool. Anyhow, onto part two of my ramble…

HANAKIMI! I’m up to date on the latest chapter, 124, after a few attempts at interpretting. Okay nothing has happened yet, exactly. I mean, it’s been a lot of the same old going on. Sano and Mizuki find themselves with numerous opportunities to express feelings to eachother, but are both incredible losers in that they don’t. Sano’s doing a better job than Mizuki, though. Mizuki is constantly thinking about how Sano had said something along the lines of “can I show you how I feel?”. Honestly, that is a sentance that can be translated about a billion ways, too. But we all know what Sano was really talking about. Anyway, so yeah, the end of chapter 124 is where Sano takes Mizuki by the hand and says “come with me”. This is after Mizuki has asked him what he meant by the above phrase. Maybe all the english sites I check suck, but I certainly am glad for two particular Japanese sites that do manage to sumarize chapters fairly soon after the chapters come out. -_- Dear god, I hope something actually happens this time…

The big exciting thing was Koucha Ouji!!!! KYAAAA! Over three chapters, Earl Grey and Assam came to argue over something that happened in the past, with Earl Grey having fallen in love with his master. Right in front of Taiko. Earl Grey is looking really upset, and Taiko starts to leave with her brother, but Assam grabs her arm and says to stay, and “mukankei janai yo!”, which is the double-negative sort of way of saying “this has to do with you”. Anyway, it was kind of vague, so after the whole arguement, Taiko goes up to Assam and asks him what he meant by that, and he looks kind of angry/taken aback, and never gets the chance to explain. After that, he acts rather weird around Taiko (though admittedly, her mother is rather starting to like Assam after that incredibly cute incident with him from a while back), dropping a dish and just generally being well…yeah, weird. But then, when a bunch of the gang are messing around with sparklers when Taiko somehow manages to burn herself, Assam sees from a ways away, becomes concerned, and starts to call out “Ta….TAIKO!”. It’s needless to say I was freaking out at this, absolutely balistic! He has never called her by her first name. And if you don’t understand the significance of this, let me say that before, all he ever called Taiko was “zou ashi”, which is literally “elephant legs” (doesn’t is sound a lot better in Japanese?). So I had a good few minutes of freak-out. With witnesses, at that.

I love Koucha Ouji, so much. Even the story before now was great. I can say I appreciate it on equal terms with HanaKimi, at this point. I don’t know if it makes me sad, or really pleased that there are absolutely no sites of Koucha Ouji fandom. Even in Japanese. I have only found one Koucha Ouji fanfic, ever, and it’s actually gone, now. And…I’ve been thinking. Last year, I started translating HanaKimi, but in the end, I felt my efforts had been kind of wasted with the consideration of translation projects that have half or more of the series. So…why don’t I give Koucha Ouji a wing? I actually did one chapters today, and I must say, my Japanese comprehension is much better than it was a year ago. Now the only things I really have problems with are vocab. But…the grammar isn’t hard anymore! It isn’t questionable! It’s generally possible for me to understand. This excites me terribly *jumps around*

Yeeeeah. So um. Maybe…you shouldn’t have read that XD

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I played a very amusing gig last night, for Richwoods’ prom. You wonder why the hell I was playing cello for a prom…right? Me, too, at first. Beverly, who goes to Richwoods, and was also going to prom, was the one who got us this gig. And…the thing was, she felt bad about making us come up to Peoria on such short notice, and for so little money, so she asked if we (we being myself and Phil) wanted to go out to eat someplace downtown before the gig. I was indifferent, but Phil wanted to, so we ended up doing this. Anyway…I was all confused, because usually, don’t you go out to eat with your friends or your date before prom? Why on earth would Beverly want to go out with two under-dressed musicians? Well, as it turns out, Richwoods has their own dinner at the Holiday Inn, which is included in the cost of a ticket ($55), which is what we were actually playing for. This made a lot more sense in the end, I suppose. I guess I can see the fun of eating dinner with your school, but from the two formal dance experiences I’ve had, it’s a lot of fun to go out to dinner with whomever you choose, wherever you choose to go. Anyway, the amusing part about this gig was that on account of a bail-out by our second violinist, Phil was asked to play violin. Now, if you don’t know Phil, then you don’t realize how much of a violist he is. And he never actually played the violin while growing up. It just so happened Beverly heard him playing Mendelsohn on a swiped violin before our CIYS concert, and thought “hmmm”. Anyway, it was just funny to watch. There was one point where he started reading alto clef, and we actually had to turn and remind him he was playing the violin. Buahahaha.

Anyway, the pay was pretty weak. $25 for an hour and a half. But I won’t turn down gigs just because the pay is lousy. I mean, hell, I drive up to Chicago once a week to play for three hours, and my parents pay the CYSO an actual yearly tuition for me to do that. One trip to Peoria to be paid $25 for doing something I really don’t have to think about doing is just fine with me. Heh. It was funny playing with the U-high quartet, though, which hadn’t done much with paying gigs before. Like, we played this wedding reception in Flanagan last May that got us $50 each. But everyone was so excited about it, I couldn’t say anything to ruin that excitement. I just kind of thought to myself “hmmm”, and then shut up. This was a good two moments before I almost backed into an SUV going 5mph. Man, am I cool.

From listening to B�la Fleck and the Flecktones, I have concluded that if I could be someone else for one day, I would be Victor Wooten. And maybe from this, I could retain some of the amazing things he does on the bass when I return to my own body. Then I would sell my cello and all my other posessions, and travel around with a band of excellent musicians for the rest of my life. Yep (Shut up, Talia).

Beware the fangirl rant that will follow.

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I spent quite a lot of time in the library, working on a sonnet video project. Okay, mine is potentially cool, but I haven’t had nearly enough time working with the software to figure it out. So I’m not exactly done with mine, and it’s due at 8 on Monday. I’m really hoping Clesson might consider giving an extension to the people who aren’t exactly done. I guess I’d be willing to turn mine in the way it is and get credit (it’s…pretty much finished, I suppose), except I’d really like her to see the final-finished product. I’m using the Brodsky Quartet version of Hyperballad, by Bjork, to accompany the video. But…okay, I have to mention that Lauren’s is the most incredible thing ever. Which may explain why I’m listening to the track she used, right now. Anyway, her pictures are actually in sync with a lot of the beats, and if you heard the song, you’d understand why this is so cool. So I feel kind of ashamed of my poor video now. But then, It was my own fault for not working on it earlier *sigh*

*dances* I saw X2 with Renata last night and AAAAAAAAAAH! It was just….sooo…good! Yeah! I mean, the first one was good, too, but I was really pleased that this one was more focused on all the X-men, as opposed to Wolverine and Rogue. Oh, man! I heart Ice-man! Aaa..and….I can’t help but hearting Magneto (aka, the diet coke of evil) and Mystique, even though Renata pointed out how there were all these…um…interesting references to those two characters. And then oh my god, NIGHTCRAWLER! So great! If it’s true he gets more involvement in the next movie, I can’t wait I can’t wait!! And then all I have to say about Jean is Phoenix, so eat it, Megan! It was just so great. And…I can’t wait for Matrix 2, even though there’s no possible way I’ll be able to see it next weekend because of Plaid *sigh*


So we’re all er, interested to learn the answer a certain question “Are you in love with Josh?”. Anyway, it’s not hard to say that last night’s West Wing was extremely good and full of potential for a possibly-maybe even more extremely good season finale. There were just..a lot of notable things in last night’s episode, right down to the way the Zoe/Jean-Paul/discotek part was directed. I mean, wow. Let me tell you, I don’t think I can wait until next Wednesday. I’m turning into a J/D list-whore as we speak.

Sooooo, from my very very poor interpretation of this summary, I can vaguely conclude that something is actually happening in HanaKimi! So…then, why on earth is nobody saying anything about it on the my stupid ml?! GAH! I mean, I know that if I wanted to know badly enough, I would pay to order my own monthly Hana to Yume. But…you’d just think that when progressive things happen, someone would jump on it and at least summarize what appeared to be going on, knowledgable in Japanese or no. There is simply no discussion of the actual story anymore *sigh*

Apparently CYSO audition music for this year includes freaking Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Simply unbelievable. Kayla showed me exactly what excerpt she needed to play, and I could immediatley pinpoint that it was one of the most famous violin audition excerpts, ever. Like, the unbelievably fast 16th passage in “Death of Tybalt”. My sister just had to play that recently. And…you know…just…what the hell?! I remember last before auditions, Steve came up to me and practically said “oh, for principal cello excerpt, you get to play Don Quixote! You know, Strauss? Who lived to slaughter cellists like yourself?”. I’m figuring he did this simply because I was the only cellist auditioning for principal chair. I guess he did it to make sure I was worthy of being principal cello like five times over. Well, I thought I had prepared it thoroughly enough, but lo and behold come audition time, Strauss or bust, and I somehow managed bust.

Aaaah! Little people have invaded the library. I must escape! YEEHEE!

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My dad bought one of those CD recorder doo-dads. Which I guess is cool. We have an external burner for this happy iMac, but I guess since we couldn’t figure out how to get mini-disc tracks onto CD, it was worth it? Mweh, I don’t know but that I really want to go play with it, maybe burning a random disc that I can very kindly give to somebody. Or something. What’s cool about the whole mini-disc thing is that I can record myself any time and then transfer it to CD almost immediately. Like, I could make my own recordings of entire Bach Suites and stuff. It boggles the mind.

I had the living b’jesus scared out of me last night. I was practicing the Shostokovich Sonata, which I hope to play on my possibly-maybe going to happen recital. Anyway, the first time I performed it, last July, there was this huge thunderstorm with horendous amounts of lightning and hail. Then when CIYS did Shostokovich 5th, it was a similar weather situation. So, it just figures that there was an approaching thunderstorm while I was playing. Anyway, I was really really playing it through, not just working on stupid technical junk. And memorized, at that. So one moment I’m kind of staring off to the left of me and going at the 2nd movement, and the next thing I see when I look up is my dad, standing directly over me, peering down at me. “That sounds really good! What is it?” he asked (which I really dislike hearing, why, I cannot say…). And, having just had the living b’jesus scared out of me, I managed “Shostakovich *heave heave* you know *heave* the one I played for my *heave* recital…”. I felt it best to just sit there and be shocked for 30 seconds. Just…ahhh! Weird!

I feel like I’m living in continuous anticipation of things that ought to happen at any given time. And I’m not just talking in my life. I’m talking about West Wing (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN NEXT WEEEEEK!), Hanakimi, Koucha Ouji, Inuyasha, all these stories with untied ends. Yeah, I suppose this is true in real life, too, to some extent. I’m just trying to ignore the things that bother me in real life (though I think I’m failing stupendously, in the end).

So tired. And number deficient.

listening to: shiina ringo – yattsuke shigoto

I just set my screen to 1024 x 768 for the hell of it. I like looking at things through a slightly different Mac perspective. Or something.

I’m uber jealous of Josh (who I heart for being one of my favorite orchestra people. And giving me rides home) and Martin and a bunch of other people who are going to see Phish this summer while I’m in Indiana. And then I thought about it. Going to a Phish concert is something I really want to do someday. Partly because I like their music. But for some reason, I’m imagining it to be something a lot more memorable and special than I’ve imagined other rock-concerts (I use the term “imagine” since I’ve never been to an actual concert). I don’t know why. Almost, well, I don’t want to sound obsessive, but religious in a twisted sort of way. But I don’t know, any rock concert could be similar if you’re that much of a fan of the artist. Just…the atmosphere of however many hundreds of people there, and seeing that artist or group in person, no matter how far from the stage you are. I mean, it’s got to be an exciting thing. *thinks* Maybe it’s not so much different for me than going to see the New York Philharmonic or Yo Yo Ma, etc. Anyway, enough about that…

Holy hell’s bells am I tired.


Hehe, i just got back from U-High’s final orchestra concert. It was a really cute concert, since there were 5th and 6th graders that we played with. Molly and I switched instruments. And then Addi and I somehow managed to confuse violin music for cello music. So we were reading cello music while playing on our violins. Lalalala. And then, yeah. There are only four seniors in orchestra. So Ms. Ehrlich decided to like…give a mini-presentation on each one of us. She somehow managed to slip into mine that I haven’t turned in a single theory assignment. To which I was like “…WHAT theory?”.

Then the high school orchestra played, and we did extremely well. I was very very very pleased with our performance. I’m really determined to come back for concerts next year! I want to hear every one if I can! I’d love to give sectionals and stuff, too, if I possibly could. Wow, I’m going to miss some of the poeple I’ve become friends with. Namely Molly, Josh, Phil and Jesse. I’m happy that Josh and I get to play for the musical Big together, this summer. For $$$$, at that. Woot!

Oh, but the surprise of the night was that I won the National String Orchesta Association Award! Though I didn’t know it until before I left, since Ms. Ehrlich completely forgot to announce awards of any sort…but…oh well, she had other things on her mind, obviously. Anyway, I hadn’t really expected much of anything, just because I don’t, really. But let me tell you, it feels so good to receive some materiel token of gratitude for a lot of effort and work. And really, I did exert a lot of effort. It’s just…like…”aaah”. It’s complete opposite of my post-concert feeling from last night. It makes me kind of forget about my psychological craziness with CYSO, or the very frustrating and seemingly reward-less work I did for CIYS. This is compleeeetely different.

Anyway, I don’t want to seem to overly…pleased with myself, so I’m capping it.

Yeah…whoo, concert! It was a good concert, generally. I was doing some awfully stupid things during the Schumann, which thoroughly confused my standpartner. Anyway, good concert. I don’t know. Sometimes I’m in a really bad mood after concerts, and I can’t explain why. It’s the combination of my not having played well with people not responding the way I imagined they might. So the thing finished around ten, and we left immediately. So it was a most spectacular of rainstorms for a good portion of the way home. And nearly 30 miles down I-55, they had lanes closed down and were doing construction! At freaking 10:30 at night! So we ended up in stand-still traffic for a very long time. Which kept us from getting home until about 12:40 or so. At which point I was still in a very foul mood. And, hey, remember how I blogged yesterday that I greatly appreciated my sister? Well, I didn’t so much appreciate the fact that she sifted through my room … again while I was gone. That’s just…not a thing I was in the mood for. I totally could have kept my cool about that had it been a different day, and had it not been so late but..RAAAAAR!

So I’d say I had a much more impressionable feeling of satisfaction after the last concert at Orchestra Hall. The Planets were just…so nice. We actually got our fully edited CDs of the Planets yesterday. They edited out most of the random applause, but there are still places at the beginning and ends of tracks where they couldn’t get rid of it. Like the beginning of my favorite movement, Jupiter *sob* But the quality is very much improved from the last recording (though you can still hear poor Samantha dropping her bow at one point)

Ooop, orchestra calls!

. . . the hell?! What happened to the entry I wrote this morning?! Fuwaa~~~h!

Anyway, there was this entry I typed this morning. And it went a little something like: I bought the DVD of Spirited Away, yesterday. Which includes an hour-long original Nippon-TV special on Studio Ghibli and the production of Sen to Chihiro. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as I naturally would. My sister got home from rehearsal at 11, but said she really wanted to watch it. So we did, and she loved it, which thrilled me greatly.

Drove myself and Phil to Peoria for a fairly pointless rehearsal with Beverly and a few others. I felt really bad calling Phil to ask if he wanted to practice, this morning. It figures the first really free Saturday for either of us, I call and said “heeeey, the weather’s great, we have no important rehearsals, lets drive to Peoria!”. Okay, that’s not really what I said, but it might as well have been. It was nice that I got to drive the Audi, though. It makes me disappointed that I don’t get a drive a real car more often *sob*

My sister’s home. And…well, I have come to appreciate my sister, greatly. We never really got along until she left for college, and now we share a lot more of the same interests. Spirited Away, for instance. And then she’s fiiinally reading the copy of The Golden Compass, which I gave her for Christmas. And…I don’t know. It’s a lot different than it used to be. When I first mentioned the Golden Compass and Philip Pullman, and her comment was “isn’t that the really weird Mormon author?” to which I was irked (because he is most definitely not), but couldn’t convince her it was worth getting off her lazy bum to read them. I’m glad that my years of being an obsessive freak are finally getting me somewhere in life, if I’m able to rub off even a few of my obsessions onto my older sister. So I’m feeling pretty good about my one sibling relationship, currently.