*blink* What the hell happened to my “akemashite omedetou?!” AH! Blogger, I knew there was something filthy about your ways! (*note: the above means “happy new year”)

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that we met Kira at Mitsuwa. And…I like to gush about what I bought, since I’m cool in this way. So, anyway, I got Hana to Yume 1, even though it didn’t have the latest chapter of HanaKimi in it. The furoku was a calendar, though, and there’s a very pleasing picture of Sano in there. Then I got a Porno Graffitti single I’ve been eyeing for a while, Shiawase something really long I can’t remember. Then *pause for effect* Yamada Nanpei’s artbook was actually for sale! The “display only” copy, that has been taunting me since somewhere back in August. It seemed rather dubious, but nobody asked any questions at the register, so I walked off happily with a really pretty art-book in the end (although Megan almost had it two seconds after I did but…well…too bad *lol*). Oooh, and then I got the first three of Mars at the used place. But, goddammit! They had 1-15! I should have gotten a good three more than a did. I paid six dollars for those three books!!!

And whoa, I have not practiced today. I was really really planning on it, but when I had actually worked up the nerve to go and work something out, my sister was in my practice-room. For an entire two hours. I realize that there’s a stand in there, but she could easily take that stand in to her room, and I could use a folding-crappy one or something. It’s just really a pain in the ass to play in any other upstairs room of our house aside from my good-ol practice room. The violin is much more portable than the cello. However, there is also my own little problem of being kind of a wuss, and not going in and suggesting this to her. So, I resolve to do that next time she’s home and taking up my practice-space/time. Muah! I have to learn Der Rosenkavalier!!! *sob* Strauss will be my downfall.

Something that sucks: For Chicago Youth Symphony on Sunday, I have a cello sectional from 2:30-4:30. Phil has a viola section from 4:30-6:30. We have chamber rehearsals starting at 11. And we’re carpooling together. That really sucks for both of us. I suppose it’ll be a good opportunity to get a lot of good reading done, though, in addition to the car-reading I always get done. And OH MY GOD! I just realized something totally catastrophic about my audition on the 12th! AAAAAH! *runs off to freak out*

Aaaaah. My faaaamily. We’re all craaaaazy. I sometimes forget that it is, in reality, not as hard to bear my family for long periods, as I may generally concieve. We went to Chicago rather early. For numerous reasons. But first and foremost, for my dad to hand a repaired bassoon off to his friend living up there. We stayed for coffee and a small brunch. This guy is really cool. He’s apparently a marvelous musician, capable of speaking five languages also, but he really is a professor of Ancient Latin. I noted that he didn’t really take much interest in me, probably because of my age and current position in life (I’m sorry for being in high schoool!). He was very interested in my sister, though that would make sense since she’s a grad-student who is considering studying the violin abroad. Like, I think this is what his conversation toward me was like…

Dad’s friend: So…what do you do, then?

Me: I uh…play the cello…er…lots!

Dad’s friend: Hmm…how about high school?

Me: Yep. That’s about it. Cello. Heh. heh…

Dad’s friend: Well…do you speak any other languages? German, also, like your sister?

Me: Uh…actually, I’m studying Japanese. Heheh. heh…

Dad’s friend: *pause* Ah, interesting*

(note: *interesting probably translates to a verbal and quizzical “frowl” of some sort) Yeah. So that was a little erm, weird. But I enjoyed listening to him talk, especially. Made me wanna tromp right into Bein and Fushi and demand to see their expensive cellos.

Then we went to Mitsuwa. Which is like…well…I’m just going there again on Tuesday *laugh*. But I shouldn’t complain. Before CYSO started, I’d have died to get up there twice in three days. Not that it’s bad or anything! I love going up there with friends, and meeting more friends! I would do that everyday if I could! But there’s just too much driving on I-55 for all cheer and merriment. But yeah, I picked up HanaKimi 19, and Hikaru no Go 5 and 6. So little, you wonder? Again, I’m going to be going up there again in two days. I figured I’d at least try and appear less of an obsessive-compulsive person, not trying to carry out 10 tankouban at one time. But–oh! We ate at the foodcourt! And…I had gyuudon, but that’s completely beside the point! Right, so seated right next to us was a rather “kakkoii” young Japanese man. But I couldn’t help but note he was reading a Terry Goodkind book. Muah! That’s like…akin to Sano as a fan of Star Trek.

Then we went to IKEA and bought random appliances and the most incredible cookies ever. And then we drove and drove and managed to get back here at not too bad an hour. And…tomorrow I’m going to record with Simple in Theory? I don’t know. I haven’t practiced with them in forever, which is pretty much my own damn fault. I feel bad, but at the same time, eh.

listening to: cibo matto/serge gainsbourg – je t’aime, moi non plus

It occurs to me that I have a lot to get done before New Years. And before my million auditions–how did I manage to get myself stuck with like three auditions in January, alone? Not even college auditions! Yeesh! Honestly, I don’t care about my CYSO audition. I figure, I’ve been in a mediochre chair for half the season, might as well continue doing the mediochre seating thing. I do, however, care about All-State. True, I’ve already misplaced my music, but that’s a minor detail. It’s somewhere. I’m almost almost almost finished with my applications. I just have one more to really check over and then all that’s left is to send them in and practice for those…auditions *sigh* And then I made a deal with my mother that I would clean my room and crap. Aside from that, there’s something else major I’ve gotta do, which will hopefully be present for all to see here, sometime very very soon (insert various evil cackles here).

And…what’s with me lately? I find that currently, I’m playing Final Fantasy, re-reading Fellowship of the Ring, and then also Nausica of the Valley of Wind. It’s crazy! Usually I balance one heavy fantasy/war something with a light manga or random rpg. But nooo! All of these at once! And I know it’s all to do with that bloody Helm’s Deep part of Two Towers!! Muah, so good! Yeah, Renata invited me to go see Two Towers with a few other people. And I reeeally wanted to go, I did! But I really thought it would be a better interest to try and get crap done, as well as save myself some money. So it was like…the most absurd inner-conflicting three minutes I’ve ever spent on the phone with anybody! But…stuff!!

Yay, Merry Christmas! Or…happy late hannukah, for any Jewish mothers out there…

Yay, Christmas! I got the most incredibly warm socks in existence! I got a couple really great CDs, and then *sob* the Tori Amos Anthology, with piano scores to 25 songs. I actually got a lot more food and food-related things than has been regular, from year to year.

It’s my own personal tradition to stay up really late reading/listening to music on Christmas eve. So, I settled for reading HP #4 for a good portion of the night. I only started it, so I’m right at the part about the World Cup, which I think is the most boring part of the book. So, I figured I could read as much of it as possible and move on to better things. Anyway, it’s getting late, and I’m starting to get tired, thinking “maybe now would be a good time to give in to sleep, seeing as it’s nearly 1:30am”, but no! I keep reading for a few minutes, and start to doze off. Until I notice something crawling up the bottom of the page. And it was a Silverfish (AAAH! If you do not already know how much I detest these creatures, let me inform you that they are the most DISGUSTING of all insects to slink across the planet. I hate hate hate silverfish!!)! So, before I could react in a calm and rational insect-squishing manner, I slam the book shut, just like that! I haven’t opened it since. I haven’t had the guts to open up to the page I left off, clean the silverfish remnants, and continue reading at any given point during the day.

I just got back from Two Towers for the second time and *sob* so good! My movie-going experience was not at it’s most pleasant, though. Aside from the random talking/getting up coming back at least six times people, I was sitting directly behind somebody tall, who would not sit back in his seat and hurt his posture, like the rest of the people in the theatre were doing. Ah well, you can’t win ’em all. But man oh man! I want a Hobbit! Any of them! All four of the main hobbits are just..well, they make me happy! I almost cried at a couple Sam/Frodo moments. When Frodo asks Sam what they have to “get them through this”, I was dying dying dying for Sam to say “eachother”. Oh, but, this is because I’m a big fan of friendships, the whole “buddy” ideal in stories is a big deal to me. Like Harry and Ron, for instance. That’s how I see Sam and Frodo, except maybe more-so because of their task. Please, do not get the wrong idea and think that I’m talking about slash. At all. There will be no Frodo/Sam slashing in my presence, please!

Gyahaha! I was playing Final Fantasy 1 today, because I was bored, and decided I needed to get myself to appreciate the simplicity of the original Nintendo (it worked, I couldn’t stop playing it most of the day, really…). But yeah, the second town you come to, pirates have taken over. So naturally, you have to fight them. But, when I was talking to the leader pirate, he called me a “scurvy dog”! And…I almost died! I’m going to go around and call people I dislike scurvy dogs now! FF1, great game for pirates! I mean, pirate-lovers…

It occurs to me that I need to blog more often. Sooo….

Let me start off by saying that our Christmas tree absolutely kicks ass this year. And it’s not just any old kick-ass Christmas tree. Okay, so we are always really late getting our Christmas tree. This is every year. It’s not saying we’re lazy or we don’t think about it until the last minute, we’re just not the type of family that gets our tree right after Thanksgiving, or even two weeks prior to Christmas. My parents went out to get a tree on Saturday. As it just so happened, we they were passing by Cub Foods, and noticed that the remaining trees in front of the store were being packed up, and the stand was closing. There were apparently quite a few good-looking trees left, so they inquired after one. The man told them that the trees there were all going to be shipped off and chopped up, so they could simply have one for free. But lord is it big! We had to cut a part of the top off so it would fit in our livingroom. It smells so nice and looks so good. How I love Christmas!

More HanaKimi fanfic. I found a few disgustingly cute works out there. Well, at least to a point. There’s this point where everything gets so impossibly far from the original story-line that I have problems reading further.

Went shopping today. Stalked Jason at World Market w/Jamie and Megan. Then it started to snooow! If there’s one thing I must do before break is over, it’s go sledding. It has been sooo long, and I sledding is one of the things I look forward to most, tagged along with snow.

Horaaay! Emily is home! And so is Justin! Yeah, Emily and Stephen were in school on Thursday, which was my day of sitting around for nearly four hours doing nothing while other people were taking finals. So that was fun. And, I have to say to everybody who’s seen Two Towers and hasn’t asked me if I’d like to go with them (that was *cough* everybody =P), or hasn’t even offered to go with me for a second time when I’ve whined and complained about the matter (which I’ve done a lot), MUH! Oh, stop glaring, it was a friendly muh. Honestly, I think almost everybody I’m acquanted with, whether they like LoTR or not, has seen it so far. So naturally I’m very, very jealous. It’s okay, really. I think I’m going to go with Emily and her family, since they offered so kindly. We watched Fellowship together on Thursday (bah, I had one final the next day. i had every right to waste time), and I managed to thoroughly excite myself about Two Towers, in the process. I started watching all the DVD extras when I got home, too. I just…think the movies are so great!

Last night, after I played my forty-five minute gig in Peoria, I dropped in on the madrigal party for a half-hour or so. There was literally a huge circle of people in the middle of Liz’s livingroom, so I didn’t really get the chance to worm my way into it or anything. In fact, I was just about planning to leave, when I found that for no apparent reason whatsoever, Justin was there! He and Matt and a few others were going to see Two Towers at 10:45 *frowl* I stood around and pretty much talked to him for the better of the half-hour I was there. I felt a little bad for not joining in on the madrigal/courtsinger group, but really I figured they didn’t care, and my plan had not been to stay for very long in the first place. That and I am not a fan of large gatherings. It’s easy for me to say I detest being among large groups of people. I left shortly thereafter, anyway. Came home and LoTRed myself to sleep.

Muah! Sounds of Christmas today. I really don’t feel like going and playing any more Christmas music than I had to last night. But hey, that’s what happens when you agree to do pretty much anything asked of you. I think I will now saunter vaguely off.

Bah! I was walking down a hallway this morning with my cello-case in hand, and suddenly the handle simply falls apart. Grrr! I’m really lucky it wasn’t while I was walking down Michigan Ave. or something. In any case, there are two other handles on the upper part of the case. So I have to carry it pretty much upright, which is a relative pain in the ass. Muah. Speaking of cello cases, I really really appreciate people who hold doors for me when I’m obviously having a tough time with it. I always thank them very gratuitously, and hope they realize how much I really really appreciate their small act of kindness. And on that note, it bothers the hell outta me when I go out of my way to hold doors for other people, who simply ignore my existence. I enjoy “thank you”s or hell, even head nods make my day. It amazes me how many people actually do ignore that sort of thing, and it frustrates me. There have been sociological tests done over this subject. They place a person out on the street, colapsed, and nobody does anything to assist them. Sigh.

You know what’s amazing? How many search referrals with the word “naked” that have come up on my site. And all of these searches have to do with Fukada Kyouko or Nanako Matsushima (especially Nanako Matsushima). I get a lot of Inuyasha slash stuff, too, I’ve noticed. But then, I should really think much of it. After all, Renata has gotten numerous referalls having to do with “Trina’s booty”. Aaah, I’ll bet anything I’m going to start getting referalls for that, too *sob*

Would it be funny if the government put all those people who tried to break into the army base in Roswell into human-sized boxes? Or file-folders? That would be such a horrible way to spend the remainder of one’s life (Renata drew a really entertaining picture of a human file-folder, though)! Just a thought, inspired by a Pixies song! New Mexico University!

Fuwaa! Okay, remember the Sesshoumaru doujinshi picture that I posted a while back, drawn by Nakajo Hisaya? I stumbled upon another auction of that same doujinshi, to find that it is a Sesshoumaru x Inuyasha yaoi. My initial reaction was “EEW”, but I have to respect the fact that it’s drawn by Nakajo-sensei, in the end. Still, the thought of those two characters doesn’t leave my stomach entirely sound. Mostly because they’re related, and Inuyasha…y’know…has someone already. Which he has practically admitted out loud, at this point. Ugh. I wonder how many volumes there will be in the end. Well, really, I don’t mind the actual number of tankouban that accumulate. More collecting for me. But really, how much longer is it going to take them to defeat Naraku?! I suppose I can consider the fact that Kikyou is gone and Naraku is now chibi as being progressive points. Oh, but how I hate the waiting.

Sigh of relief goes here. Kyra won the CIYS concerto competition. Yay for her! I loved the Bloch very much since I first heard Emily playing it. And Kyra’s not only my favorite person in the whole orchestra, but she’s such a great musician. Maybe it sounds stupid that I’m happy I didn’t win, but in the end, it would have been a lot more work for me than I already have to do next semester (It’s HAAARD). And frustration, because I’m not certain CIYS is of the caliber to play the orchestra parts for Saint-Seans, anyway. Plus, I’ve only gotten like one really big solo part every year since I returned as a sophomore. And…if I recall right from All-State two years back, Pines of Rome has this big ‘ol cello section feature again, one that was not exactly easy to play. *rolls eyes at lack of cellos* And…sure, Kyra’s gotten random solos and stuff, but I think if anybody deserves to be featured, it’s her.

Frowl…I need to take my own advice and freaking calm down, stop analyzing everything. I wish I still had phenominal amounts of energy to propell me through stuff. But then, no CYSO until January! Pardon me while I do the Christmas Break dance!

*snerk* I got Amy’s letter for Megan, and addressed to “c/o Talia ‘fwee'”. That pretty much made my day.

First off, I wanna start by saying KYAAAAAA!! Such a good chapter. Well, if you consider how far Ranma and Akane never got in Ranma 1/2, it is.

Yeah, I believe I tried to blogging a total of four times over the past three days, to lose every one of the entries I had intended to post. Through computer problems are simple stupidity. So that explains my lack of updates. So, right. Megan and Jamie’s gathering was great fun (Thanks to all who participated in the Megan Thompson-birthday-present-conspiracy, by the way…). It was pretty much six of us sitting around and eating, talking, watching Lilo and Stitch. I feel the need to reiterate how cool Katherine is. I could listen to her stories for hours. Even when the subjects of those stories are those that I know very little of. Like erm, Law and Order CSI slash fanfic, for example *snickers at memory of Kira and Kathering freaking out over some pairing*.

Our school concert was one hell of a lot shorter than it has been in the past. The only thing that really sucked about it was that I had four sections in a row, at the very end. But I got to all of them without much of a problem. The cello soloists in Song of the Birds all got flowers. Aaaw. We were listening to the MD recording of the performance today in orchestra, which had been recorded by Miriam, who was sitting next to Andrew. And after we finished Song of the Birds, they kept whispering to eachother how they never got flowers. So next time I go to a concert with either one of them, I’m going to get them flowers. Nyeh!

I say Carmina, you say Carmana

I say Burina, you say Burana

Carmina, Carmana

Burina, Burana

Let’s call the whole thing Orf

Ha. Haha. It’s funny!! Well…if you like opera, that is…

I play too many damn concerts! AH! I signed myself up to play this really small recital at Wesleyan on Saturday. It’s really funny, because at this point I’ve pretty much finalized my decision about applying there (ie, to not). I haven’t really been practicing things I should be. Steve sent me the Britten and Tchiak for our chamber concert and I’ve been hoarding those pieces crazily, I’m so fond of them. But I find that when I start off playing those and then some hardcore Popper etudes, I’m warmed up as much as possible for Saint-Seans. I think like half the time the time I practice, I’m not even approaching properly warmed up when I get to the big stuff, so the difference is almost amazing.

Rambling about practicing nulls the thoughts of the crappy school day. I’ve realized that if I could deal with like…minimal people during the day, in groups of four or less, I’d be perfectly comfortable with going to school. But seeing as that is not possible, muah. I think the root of all this is that I want attention very badly, but never seem to get any aside from playing the cello. Which I’m actually appreciating a lot, recently (although I’m still a little irritated by comments from a few young’uns that they’ll “buy all my recordings when I’m as famous as Yo-Yo Ma”. Geesh). I don’t know, at the same time I appreciate the attention I do get for my cello skills, things like CYSO are a good way to realize that I’m only just above average, and not to take “you’ll be famous” comments seriously. Statistically, I can’t imagine I’m even going land serious orchestral jobs, ever. Not saying I won’t try if I go professional as a musiciain, but there’s just this big cloud of doubt in my mind. I’m a solid player, but it’s hard to say if I’ll ever have what it takes musically or technically, to be one of the all-round dependable people. It’s possible I’m making a generally low statement about my playing, based on my lack of confidence, vague knowledge of how I compare to others, and the basis of my sister’s experience at a Conservatory. All I know, and want to say to the “you’ll be famous” commentating class-mates: There’s more room for improvement than you can imagine, and I actually do need to practice everything I can. *ponders* Well that was certainly satisfying *nods approval at self*

The West Wing was goooooood! So good! I want to watch it again! Toby and his dad! And then Will, oh I really do like Will! It dulls my bitterness about Rob Lowe and his not being there, that they have found this man as a kind of compensation for that loss. And though there was minimal Josh/Donna interaction, there was much implication and insinuation on the parts of others (And Josh, kinda sorta). And the Yale men’s vocal accapella group, singing “Girl From Ipanema”. What more could there have been to please me?!

Foul mood. With a good quote.

“I’ve never played the guitar, except throwing it against the wall cause it was pissed off I couldn’t play it.”

– Tori Amos

I’m so happy! Probably because I won’t have CYSO again until January! Today was our first rehearsal since the November 24th concert and AAAAAAGH! Well, first and foremost, the clarinet quintet had their first rehearsal in what might be more than three weeks. And it went well, since we had our new violinist there(Ben. Who rocks, quite simply, in every way. Yay for Ben). But then our second violinist left at like…1…so we pretty much sat around and talked dirt for an hour. It was all dirt that made me want to quit CYSO. Like Tinkham. Apparently he gets paid a crap-load for doing CYSO (ie, enough to live in Chicago through the year), but he doesn’t really do anything for the orchestra. He stands on the poddium, stops us when something is wrong and simply tells us to “fix it”. That’s all. No constructive advice on how to fix it.

Then rehearsal was sooooo long. We played some Verdi, which was difficult to sight-read *hides*, and then the Wagner, which I’ve played lots before. And then after break, we played “On the Water Front”, and oh excuse me Mr. Leonard Bernstein, WHY?! What was he thinking? If West Side Story is latin based music, then this must be Asian based music, but with a kind of “blah” about it. Anyway, it’s in an alternating 3/4, cut time, which um sucks. But honestly, it’s not counting in alternating measures that throws me off, but really looong syncopated notes that make me feel stupid. It’s really hard to count when my attention-span is down to practically nothing.

Tired. Want break. And LoTR. And HP. We were talking, at school, about the whole Hermione/Harry and Hermione/Ron thing. I came to a few realizations. First of all, I’ve come to my decision that I would like to see Hermione and Ron together. Initially, it was quite the opposite, but I think that was especially when I was first starting out reading the series. I could say at this point, I wouldn’t mind Harry ending up with Ginny. The thing is I just haven’t gotten to like her too incredibly well yet. I think she needs to be better charcterized. J.K. Rowling did state that she would have more involvement in the 5th book. So yay.

Reitteration: tired! Want break!

Renata and I have twin blogs today! I mean, the entries are…stop looking at me. WHy are you looking at me?! SHUT UP!

I’m blogging. In the library. Right next to Renata. We were both randomly like “Wanna go blog?”, and this is the result. So yeah, something very amusing that I feel the world should know: Renata and I plan to open a bar in England, called the “Seargent Peppers Happy Fruit Juice Bar”, where you can obtain the following juices and drinks:

strawberry fields

blackberry singing

fruit ont he hill

hey juice

let it be berry

dear prune juice

tangerine trees

marmalade skies

carry that watermelon

come together cranberry

the ballad of strawberry and kiwi

i feel lime

i wanna hold your plum

lucy in the sky with guava

being for the banan of mr. kite

sexy citrus

a hard day’s nectarine

can’t buy me mango

lemonade rigby

If you want whipped cream, you have to say “Yes, please, I’d like some ‘yeah yeah yeah’ with that”. And diet juice can be “she’s so heavy”. Somebody please shoot me now, I am too amused by this for words. Ha-ha. IN addition to the fruit bar, we decided that it could be an actuall bar by night, with actualy alcoholic drinks. We’ve only thought of three so far, but I’m sure between the two of us and martin (a large part of our genius), anything is possible. ANything, these drinks are as follow:

maxwell’s silver hammer

octopus’ garden

margarita metermaid

Indeed. Now laugh, you fools!

OH MY GO~~~~D!!!

For those who don’t know Japanese or don’t care to experience the wonder that is Shiina Ringo’s website, this is junk about her new album and single/dvd, to which I reply KYAAAAAH!

I just got back from my audition in Morton and it was…um…okay. I had the most random memory slip on a really long string of notes, so maybe only every other was accurate, but other than that it was okay. It’s funny, because during auditions or performances, the things that I’m sure will go wrong are always fine, and I screw up on absolutely idiotic stuff that normally wouldn’t be a problem. But whatever. Yeah, from the very beginning, i was anticipating totally forgetting big sections of the movement. Just out of nerves. I kept thinking “Oh god oh god, my fingers have no idea what they’re doing, and my brain doesn’t really, either! AAH!” But made it through with only one really stupid slip-up. I had a nice tone-quality, too. So maybe that made up for it. Anyway, stupid brain!

And…speaking of the cello…and teachers and junk, I have a really really big complaint and general statement to make. So, right, the teacher at IWU is kind of a rival with my teacher or…something. They have a “complicated history” of some sort, that took place way back in Kansas. Something to do with a teacher of both of theirs. Anyway, Greg, my teacher, came to ISU maybe back in ’96 or ’97. So he’s been here longer than Nina (IWU teacher), who came maybe three or four years ago. Well anyway, Andrew (who I miss very very greatly) took from Greg for four or so years, and was then offered a full scholarship at IWU, which he accepted. So in the middle of last year, he pretty much switched from Greg to Nina. Anyway, my current accompanist is really a big fan of Nina. She had scheduled me to have a short session on the Saint-Seans (the concerto I played today) with Nina. And that was great, the more input, the better, and I had actually been thinking about auditioning at Wesleyan for a while. So why the heck not, really? But when we finally met, Nina and my accompanist were so weird about it, almost like it was some sort of conspiracy, having a lesson with another teacher behind my own teacher’s back. There were a few “don’t tell Greg”s in the conversations, too. But after Nina left, my accompanist approached me and asked “was that too much?”, and I was confused! What on earth was she talking about, too much? So I asked her what she meant exactly, and her reply was “too much input from Nina!”, and AAAAH!

What I want to make clear is that at this point, I’m trying to take time with as many different cellists as possible, so that I may actually learn something from all of them, and possibly maybe become my own musician! I don’t want to be spoon-fed from an instructor for the rest of my life, or I won’t get anywhere! So this made me MAD! I have taken lessons with many different teachers in the past few months, and Greg has been nothing but encouraging of me! In fact, after this encounter, I told him straight up that I’d had a lesson with her. I told him the exact truth, about it, too, that I had gotten a lot of constructive advice from the lesson, but that she was not the type of teacher I would work best with. That I have a good idea of musicality, but my technicality needs more work, so I need a teacher who can aid me this way. He was totally understanding, and agreed that Nina probably wasn’t my teacher, but did not say anything more than this. So that’s one less thing to bitch about to everybody at school. Just one more reason I can’t wait until I leeeeeeave!

*frowls at X-mas break still being two weeks away*

Ah, here! I’m inserting something from my private book! This is random, but I thought maybe people would enjoy reading it. It’s from the 30th.

I’m really really bad, because I was just in the middle of cleaning my room, when I suddenly came across my old red book, started reading entries, and thought to myself “These entries aren’t bad. And the fact that I filled the entire book with them is too satisfying. So why don’t I write this very moment in my newer and empiter book, to make it older and fuller?” So now I’m sitting here with piles of room-rubble all around me, and it’s already 8:30. Guh. I did, however, find my incredibly missing Japanese composition book way under my bed. And I threw a mini-fit in honor of finding it, too. My mother did shake my hand and welcome me to the idiots club, though. I felt honored.

Two words: madrigals suck. And they make me want to turn time back a year so I can be together with Jeff, Andrew, David and Stephanie again. It’s too frustrating. I tried to help countless times, either to be ignored or have my helpful advice spit back into my face. Some of the members simply have…problems! Whether they be lack of focus, or utter pompous behaviour. Corpus hasn’t handled things firmly enough. But then, this is the first year that madrigals have sucked in this way. So I suppose it’s not her fault. It’s just, I get involved in things that are promised to be musically good, followed by enjoyable (which explains why I put up with CYSO. Music first, the fun comes later…much much later). So I’m really disappointed and junk. Anyway, pardon me while I begin this rant about how I’m afraid of becoming a pedophile…

I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets last week, and it was not only amazingly good, but filled with many British accents and boys playing with magic and…I’m worried I enjoyed it just a little bit too much. But then I shouldn’t be too freaked out, since others older than myself have said similar things. Those same others also added the fact that Rupert Grint is fourteen, so technically, it could work between the two of us once we were both of age. And then I yelled at those others, after clearing the same thoughts from my head. Then again, it’s nothing to worry about, I’m sure. I’ve only had this reaction to HP movies so far. It’s not like I’m stalking young boys in real life, because that would be truly sick.

Hmm. I thought I’d insert that just because normal entries aren’t too interesting right now, and most of this is pretty entertaining. And actually, when I started keeping a livejournal, it’s original purpose was to hold the more entertaining entries from my private book, and that was all. It’s funny how it’s morphed into the style of writing that currently is my blog. Anyway, that was my last lementing about madrigals, because they are now over with. Again, I will state that madrigals weren’t a drag, they were loads of fun for me, in fact. But being the irratable musician I am, I decided to keep that to prove my point, and have a sort of reminder for myself of how I feel about wasted rehearsal time, so such. Oh, and the “old red book” was my notebook while I was in Ithaca. I wrote every day in that book, and the result was more than 60 pages in about three weeks. Most of those entries are really great. Entertaining to no end. I used to entertain Nikita and others with its entries. Sigh.

Hello hello. I am alive, yes I am. But just barely. I have the madrigal virus. Actually, there are two viruses going through our group right now. I think I am the originator of the first one, which I came down with last week. This included loss of voice (not especially good timing, either), pain in throat, cough, moderate fever, etc. This let up for a couple days after Thanksgiving, but really got itself going again yesterday. It’s like it’s migrating throughout my body, trying to cause as much trouble as possible. Right now it feels like severe post-nasal drip. As for the other virus going through our madrigal group, it’s stomach-fluish, and really causing some problems. Yesterday was our last show, but Justin, Pete and Liz had the stomach thing. So Pete actually had to leave in the middle of a performance to go and vomit (he did it nicely, too, making up a line about having to attend to his horse…). Today in school those three people were home, which was a smart of them. But apparently, Megan and Anne were at home with the stomach flu as well. That’s five people in the same group, out in one day. Tony was out with virus #1, too. Then Michelle was feeling ill in a very similar manner to how I felt ill (and my shoes are still in her car, whoops). So yeah, that’s six people gone in one day, all in madrigals, plus two more who didn’t feel well. Sunday, admittedly, was fun. The crowd was into it, and we sang and played well. Yesterday was pretty miserable, but we somehow managed to pull it off, and I think were relieved it was over with, simply because we were pretty miserable. Madrigals have been incredibly fun over the past two years, but I’m thankful that I’m done for now, so I can move on with my life (ie, come to concentrate on cello junk, since that will be important very soon).

Okay, okay. Here it comes, what you’ve all been waiting for: a Tori Amos ramble. I just got her new album, Scarlet’s Walk, and it’s sooo good! It doesn’t beat out Pele on my list, which is my favorite album yet, but it’s oh so close. Then again, I can easily say that I pretty much adore any Tori album. But anyway, Scarlet’s Walk is a lot more interesting than the average album. It’s definitely worth a look here if you’re curious and have even the vaguest interest in Tori. Anyway, I go through albums slowly, and usually favor songs one at a time. Today my favorite song is Sweet Sangria. Yeah, and I remember seeing this Tori Amos sheet music book when I was in Iowa, and almost slandering myself for not having bought it immediately, but then it turns out, theres a ton of sheet music up for download around the ‘net. So I’ve beed doing that for a lot of the day. My piano skills aren’t really all that great, so it’s not like it’s something I can read and sound like Tori right off the bat. Though admittedly, Muhammed My Friend and Cornflake Girl are two songs that I can probably master in a fair amount of time. In any case, it’s really interesting to see her music written out.

Muh. I think I may want to go to U of Iowa after all. I’ve been thinking about it, and realize that if I don’t want to be in the Conservatory type of atmosphere (all music, all the time), it’s my likely choice of school. And, I’d be totally certain on this if it weren’t for the fact that I need to at least see how I stand with NEC and Oberlin, in case I suddenly decide that I want to practice for six hours a day and devote every waking moment to my cello.