See? I lied again and I’m really back. But only to say


Because you’re the assistant concert-master in the Peoria Symphony Orchestra!! Which is like…a kind of a real job! It gives me hope, that maybe my crappy audition will have landed me someplace not so bad! Yeah, and maybe my sister doesn’t read my blog, but I’m proud! Or…posessed by something that makes me feel like congratulating her.

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Sometimes…I think I lie…because I’m evil. I didn’t get hanakimi chapter 4 up. Oh well. I think I’m the only one who reads my translations so far, anyway. Just because I haven’t tried to publisize it to people who care. But I did burn two CDs for a friend who’s going off to school, which is fun.

Something amusing: my sister was leaving for Chicago around 5, and I wanted to see her before she left. So after madrigals I was saying “I have to hurry home or I’ll miss my sister!!”, and Allison shooke her head and said “I don’t know what it was you really just said, but it sounded to me like ‘I have to hurry or monsters will get my sister!!”. Teehee.

And now for something completely different (and stolen from renata’s blog).

12 things that annoy you:

-dubbed into english anything


-random people stealing people’s translations and using them for scanslations (i am not yet a victim)

-people who claim they know everything about japan, only because they’ve watched “dragonball z”

-annoying popular music

-bitter musicians

-psychotic conductors

-people in my sociology class who can’t seem to use any relevent points to back their opposing arguments in a debate

-hamasaki ayumi, hands down (wanna bet i’ll start getting referals for her?)

-mother mood-swings *agrees with renata*


-people who don’t have the attention-span to listen in orchestra for more than five minutes

11 people you’d want to spend more time with:

(in no particular order)









-sophie (ironic i’ve never met her in person)



10 things you’re looking forward to:

-green lake

-madrigal dinners

-kikujiro’s arrival at my home

-a morning to sleep in

-meeting new (cello) teachers

-another run to mitsuwa

-being in chicago a lot this year

-something actually happening in HanaKimi (and Koucha Ouji, for that matter)


-Eventually going back to japan

9 things you wear daily:


-t-shirt (it’s really always just a t-shirt)



-shoes of some sort


-um, apparently I can only think of 6..–oh wait!



-also a frowl (^_^ ask my friends. i scowl to no end)

8 movies you’d watch over and over:


-pride and prejudice

-kikujiro no natsu

-royal tennenbaums

-nightmare before christmas

-much ado about nothing

-lilo and stitch

-what’s up doc?

6 objects you touch every day:

-my cello

-computer keyboard

-some manga

-writing utensils



5 things you do every day:


-practice (um…usually..hehe)


-say something totally and complete irrevelent and/or idiotic

-listen to music

4 foods that you couldn’t live without:



-toppo (the pockey alternative)

-oh…i dunno. hummus is good. but apparently i just don’t like food or something.

3 of your favorite songs at this moment:

-shiina ringo – “momen no hankachiifu (cotton handkerchief)”

-stuart davis – “kid mystic”

-swim – “drought”

2 people that have influenced your life the most:

-my sister

-my…parents? but that’s three. just choose one of ’em

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

um…wow. my…own person (as in, me? I’m sorry I’m not creative or people-needy ^_^)

Aahaha..that was long. Well, off to do stuff and then slave over music in Wisconson for four days!

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I had to run really really fast out of the Thespian meeting so I could catch the ISU lady before it was too late. How sad. It would have been my very first planned gig, too. Sigh. Jenny had a tennis tournament that morning…and Molly said she wasn’t playing but going to “support the team”. I guess I’m selfish. But it’s not like I want to do it for the money (the money isn’t really worth much). I’m afraid it’s the start of a pattern of gigs we won’t ever play. Man, it sucks not having at least two extra string quartet members. It also sucks not being able to find the viola music.

Whoosh, there’s going to be a Thespian trip to London!! Wa~~n, I wanna go I wanna go! I’m sure it wouldn’t happen, though. Between NY and the CYSO trip, there will be no London for me. I guess it’s enough that CYSO will spend like twelve days in France and Ireland. Mmm. Ireland. Seriously, if I end up going, it would be first time I visit another country where they speak English. Wait, no, I forgot. I’ve been to Canada. Don’t get me wrong…I love dealing with foreign languages and stuff but…it would just be nice to go somewhere and…communicate. Mm. Communication.

Well, who’s a loser? We were supposed to prepare dialogues for Japanese today, which isn’t all that out of the ordinary. But I missed the first two days of class, and had no idea that we were supposed to write our own dialogues. Oops. Well, I made one up in five minutes, and although it did properly include grammar from the last two lessons, it was really really sad and pathetic. I apologized both before and after I went. That and I extremely loused up the homework because I missed it on the syllabus. Which was my own fault. So I’m going to give it a second try because it was so sad. Not a great way to start of the year in my most favored and importart class…but I’m sure there will be opportunities to redeem myself.

The translations to HanaKimi chapter 4 will be up before I leave for my excursion on Friday!

the velocity of time turns her voice into sugar water

Colds suck. “I’d rather have every other disease than a cold”. Sure you would, stupid room-mate from Ithaca. I feel the same way. I’m just DYING to experience the virus that is ebola. Anyway…

I think having two free hours in a row would be nice if I hadn’t had to run home to discover that the viola music I went for no longer exists. Oh, this will be interesting: the PE department is supposedly going to turn room 101 (the much needed second rehearsal room) into the new fitness room. But…they can’t do that! Because we need space and they had that damn other fitness room and weight room and other…room, right?! It’s sad how even a school like U-high’s music program is pretty badly off. Apparently, Ms. Ehrlich is already in debt this year, and she doesn’t even know how. Plus the dripping office thing. Sigh.

Ack, I have an English portfolio thing to do!

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Okay, “updating all the links on the archives and other pages” really translates to “in the process of updating all the links on the archives and other pages, but becoming sidetracked and not finishing reloading stuff through ftp”. So currently there is no “music” or “about” section, but who gives a crap, eh?

I got sick yesterday, and school today sucked (although the the idea of vomiting as “yawning with color” did amuse me), and I’m still sort of riled up about my audition. So I came home in a relatively bad mood. That is, until I saw that my DVDs came! And then I was quite the opposite! That is, until I tried and tried to play Amelie, but could not get the damn movie to play without Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s commentary going throughout the entire thing. And then I simply went crazy. But I yelled at the DVD player, walked away, and went to Nihongo kaiwa to calm down, which was okay except “kimochi warui” boy was there. Whatever movie we started watching was okay. It seemed somewhat comparable to Ghibli’s “Omohide Poro Poro”, but not as good and definitely about WWII. And my dad also got his classical DVDs, and has been sitting in the livingroom playing them at full volume since I got home. I like…really hate noise. Just…loud stuff hurts. Especially right now when my head is filled with more fluid than usual.

Oh, and I just figured out how to get Amelie to play without commentary. At least, according to Barnes and Noble. So yeah, I’ll try that once the irritating loud opera stops.

I’ve caught a cold. So I’m too fidgety to sit at the computer for very long. But anyway, I updated all the links on the archives and other pages and crap. So muah.

Whoa, yeah, so my audition was um…interesting. Once again, I never let it show the way most people do after a frustrating audition. I walked out of the room laughing, once again. So, I go into the room, the same room from the last audition, and instead of six people sitting at the table, there are just two. I’ve gotta say, as the second cello to go that day, and I was uncontrollably nervous. Nervousness does horrible things to me. My fingers end up going faster than usual and over-shooting, and my brain is unable to process anything. But yeah, they younger judge asks for the Rienzi, and I play the solo part, but not very well. I know my teacher knows what’s best and all that jazz but…I can’t produce a good sound that high up on the D string, especially when my hands are too stiff to get a nice vibrato. But I did regain my cool and get some very impressive notes out after the solo part. Then they ask for the Allegro. I thought they would want to hear like the whole page, but it turns out they just wanted two lines. And after I stop, the younger judge (who I’m starting to think was the conductor, how embarassing) well…here’s how the dialogue went.

Judge: Are you at all familiar with this piece?
Me: Ah…actually, yes I am.
Judge: Oh. Well, I should remind you that the Allegro goes much faster than that.
Me: (Internally: DOH!) Ah. I’m sorry. Would you like me to play it again?
Judge: No, that’s alright. I’m just reminding you for next weekend.

Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid. And then in the Holst, I really really loused up the beginning of Jupiter, so he actually had me start that again, which made me feel both relieved and embarassed. Everything else went okay. But…there wasn’t much else. It was a five minute audition. Oh, yeah, so, I walk out of the audition room, and there is the tall redhead cellist who was accepted to Curtis Institute at the end of his Sophomore year (IE, he’s one of the best young cellists in existence). Of course, he had no idea who I was, but I still said “good luck” for courtesy. I’m guessing he heard my entire audition through the door. I should have introduced myself with a smile by “Hello, I’m Talia, and I’ll be sitting very last chair this year *smiiiile*”. This also made me feel relatively moronic. But apparently my dad started talking to him while my mom and I were walking around Michigan Ave afterward, and according to him, this guy is really nice. Ah, psychology. I need to like…read books on auditions and stuff. I’d really like to make these experiences a little better than they are.

Oh, but somehow, I managed to get my parents to go to Mitsuwa. But it’s weird, because even though I feel like I’m totally bothering them to do it, they really like it there. Oh, yeah, so I finally completed my HanaKimi collection!! Naturally, at the point in time that I had all of it, Asahiya books had like four sets of that same series. I was scrounging for it just four months ago. I also got two Koucha Ouji, and the two newest Hana to Yume. Although I wish I’d been more careful. Hana to Yume 16 didn’t have HanaKimi OR Koucha Ouji in it, which shows I should go to the trouble of checking before buying. Those are, after all, the two main series in Hana to Yume that I pay most attention to. But Hana to Yume 17’s cover was HanaKimi and the furoku was a Koucha Ouji CD holder. So I guess that acted to balance out the lacking of 16.

And now I’m going to work on some stuff. And thanks go to Sophie for correcting some attrocious spelling habits and confirming that Judge #1 was indeed the conductor of CYSO.

Happy birthday to me. I figured, because I’m a really big dork, I’d upload a song for the occasion. So I did and there it is *points to the left* But yeah, I have to warn people, it’s in Japanese, but the lead singer’s voice is absurd and the chord changes kick ass. It’s maybe not their best song, but it’s probably one of my favorites. Brand New Upper Ground Wave is definitely my favorite. That’ll go up sometime in the future, I’m sure. I was actually also thinking of uploading “Birthday” by the Sugarcubes (Bjork), “17” by Shiina Ringo, or “Birthday” by the Beatles. But I figured, Judy and Mary binges make for Judy and Mary uploads. The next one is Shiina Ringo, I’ve decided.

Yeah, so yesterday was kick ass. It was just generally an entertaining school day. And on top of that, everybody was being incredibly nice about my birthday. *happy sigh* my friends are awesome. Megan H made me a very entertaining Elfquest card, and also gave me some sparkly lotion. She also paid for the Inuyasha I’m selling her in advance (I did tell her I’d be willing to wait for the money until I actually got the books to her, because that could possibly take a while). Then Renata gave me Neil Gaiman’s “Smoke and Mirrors”, and a very cute HP card! And if that wasn’t enough, Jamie and Megan got me HanaKimi 18 and the VCD set of Bokura no Yuuki!! AAAAAAAH! I’m determined to be a lot better with getting people junk. For X-mas this year, I will make cards and buy people gifts. I mean…really…this is my resolve!! *clenches fist*

Hmm. I have an audition today. And my parents are like…nowhere in the house. I just want to know WHEN we’ll be leaving. I think I might go practice for a while more. I can admit that I’m screwed, really, but I know none of the competition right now. So we’ll see. Without knowing what I’m up against, I’m going to guess I could anywhere from 5th to 10th chair, depending on the audition. Blah, but the more I rant about it, the less time I have to prepare *whoosh*

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I am…. SO happy right now! I cannot express how at ease I am. I dropped my Math class!! And since that was the class conflicting with Japanese, I can actually take that!! Kyaaa!! So I won’t have an extra half-hour plus of homework I don’t understand every night! I won’t have to deal with Smid, who obviously isn’t at U-high to be a Math teacher *glares at football team* I’ll have an extra free hour two days a week!

Ah, but I need to tell the story of my deciding Math was the wrong thing for me. Jeff is leaving for Juilliard tomorrow. And he’s probably my best guy-friend here. And I also skipped out of doing stuff with him last night. So we went out to lunch over my free hour, Bagelman’s. I didn’t have much time, though, and Jeff was kinda late, too (not his fault). But we ate and talked and it was all in very good time. So, Emily joins us at like…12:53 (seven minutes until my next class), at which point we leave and Jeff drives me back to school, Emily also with us. They asked what class I had to go to next, and when I said “College Algebra with Smid”, they both said “You have three years of Math!! DROP IT!”. At first I was like…”But…math now! Less work later!”, but after thinking about it, I realized that, especially if I go to a music school, there is absolutely no reason I should continue sitting in that classroom wasting 55 minutes of my time daily, trying to understand that man, even if it is worth an entire Math credit. I’ve filled my requirements and by far, what I’ve accomplished won’t bar me out of any of the schools I want to attend. So yeah, by the time we hit the door, I had a plan, and it was that I’d run to the counseling center and drop out of the class immediately, so I wouldn’t have to go to it today, and could hang out with Jeff and Emily. They said they’d wait for me by the band-room. I realized it would be a problem doing this, though, with only two minutes until my class technically started. And even though I knew I was going to drop this class, I’m also the most time-conscious person around (when it comes to school, anyway) So I was like…antsing around outside my classroom, debating whether or not I should just go to the counseling center and not have to go to class, or be in my class on time and drop out later. Miriam walks by me and I tell her of my predicament. And she goes “Oh! Don’t drop out of Math!” even though I don’t think she was 100% serious when she said. And i was like “NOOO! That’s NOT what I need to hear right now!”. And Mrs. Bills overheard everything and was like “What’s the problem, Talia?” (I’m scared of Mrs. Bills. Like, she scares me with her authority and junk). So I tell her and she tells me it’s fine I’m dropping, but I need to go to class. So I go, but I can’t concentrate a BIT. I tell you, it was the longest 55 minutes of my life. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it in time to drop the class (class schedules final August 22nd, 3pm, supposedly). So yeah, we get out five minutes early, I BOLT to the counseling center, and it turns out the counselors don’t give a CRAP about what I do, since I’ve filled the requirements. So I’m Math FREEEEEE! More practice/homework time!

The only thing that could have made my day better is not having had to run the mile in the stupid weather. But I’m not complaining…too much XD *skips off into the full moon*

Slight update! Check out the translation page! Not only did I redo some colors, but I actually figured out how to use TABLES!

I also created this lovely banner, since those seem to be very popular.

You just know he’s really frowling in that picture XD

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Hehe, and as it turned out, that “About the Author” thing was supposed to be an actual “about the author”, in 3rd person and NOT a narrative of all the writing I’ve ever done. Oh well. I tend to miss important details when I do homework past maybe 3 in the afternoon.

Guess who’s now manager of the U-high string quartet? I think I deserve 10% of the gross gig income. Except not really. I just hope people actually remember we have gigs when I tell them and remind them and pester them.

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I want certain words more than a thousand flowers.

My plan to change PE to 7 failed miserably. I’d be more upset about it had it actually been somebody’s fault in the counseling office *likes to place blame*. As it turns out, 7am PE has 46 people in it. So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m really unhappy with the way things might possibly go. I don’t want to inconvenience Thomas-sensei by having him teach me after 3. But I need Japanese to keep me sane!! Partly due to the fact that my classes this year suck. Maybe not the actual classes, but the majority of the people in my classes. I was spoiled wholly by having all but two classes with Jeff and Andrew last year. Sigh. I feel so different from everybody else. That’s a good thing that I’m very proud of, but why aren’t there masses of people who I could actually talk to, like last year? My free hour’s with some cool people, but they don’t really pay attention to me, anyway. Oh well. I’m pretty good at not paying attention to like everybody when I choose. I’m also very good at not bringing home my crappy moods. Teehee.

Justin was at school today. And I might have talked to him, but there were a few people who I don’t think particularly wished for my company around him. So I kind of avoided them. I hope I’ll actually get to see Justin before he goes, though.

It’s been decided that our musical for this fall will be: Footloose. Nobody tell TJ I think this but =__=. I mean, Footloose (I keep typing “footless”) is fun but…we’re U-HIGH! Meaning there is no Kevin Bacon or Sakamoto-kun! And then we’re going to do A Midsummer Night’s Dream this spring. Boy, I’d try out if I would actually possibly be there for rehearsals. Not that I think that’ll be all that great of a production, either. Ack, but I’m so pessemistic. I’m sure there are probably lots of freshmen who will be worthy of the stage. If only I could increase my amount of sleep by about two hours per night, I’d probably be fox-like right now.

Oh, oh, oh! I added Chapter 3 to the translations page, today! It’s not quite complete, though. I need to finish translating all the small text. I wasn’t very good about doing that until recently. But yeah, it’s there.

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Look, I’ve employed the “listening to” text again! It was stupid not having it, because I’m always listening to something while I’m blogging.

Reason for bad feeling confirmed. School suckage affirmative. It won’t be so bad, I guess. I think I may be begging the counselors to squeeze me into 7:00 PE so I can have 10 free and take my independant study during that time. Or else I don’t know what’ll happen to me in Japanese. Thomas-sensei said he wanted to keep all the independant study students together, even if the work we do is at different levels. So I might actually end up taking an independant study with Megan and Jamie!! Yay! Well, yay for me, anyway. I don’t know what they think of the matter, but I’m particularly looking forward to it! But yeah…and when I was walking out of Stevenson Hall, somebody yelled my name from a car…but me without my glasses couldn’t see who it was. Actually, judging from the way they yelled my name, I’m pretty sure it was Dan. It’s cool that I have a name that everyone says just a slight bit different, so I can usually tell who’s saying it from pronunciation alone.So, HI Dan.

I updated some stuff. The “me” page has like….a miniscule thing or two. I did some side-bar links on the main page, too. Such as the “translations” link *golf claps* and also a couple manga-ka pages added to random links. Yay, links.

Yawn. I have a bad feeling about school. As in, I’m worried I’m going to not really think of it as school. As in, I’m going to slack off big time. Meaning I do work and crap, but I procrastinate, don’t really care or think much of it. Oh well. That will at least keep me from stressing myself out too easily. With other stuff, I mean. Lacking graduated friends and auditions and…such. Yeah, my classes this year are not what I’d call stressing. Than again, that statement was merely suppositional. By the end of tomorrow I could already have pulled my hair out. We’ll see. I am hoping they’ll let me toy around with my schedule, though. I’m thinking of changing PE to 9, free hour to 10, and having taking Psych at 12. If that’s possible. If my mom doesn’t mind returning my Sociology book, because I won’t take that next semester if I take Psych this semester. I haven’t taken it out of the packaging yet, so I think that’s plausible. We’ll see. I’m not sure how much twisting I’m allowed to do once the semester has started. I technically should have done this last Thursday. “But I was um…busy?” I was. I don’t know. We’ll see. It would be nice to have a free hour with people. Yes, people.

Oh, yeah, last night. After the show, there was a cast party (ie, an everyone party) at the Holbrook’s. And Jeff, all enthusiastic and Jeff-like (who also needed a ride home), suggested that I stop by my house and get my cello, and that we could have a “practicing” party in the basement. Me, being me, said…well…”yes”. But I asked him first if I would actually get any practicing done and if it was worth carrying my cello down a flight of stairs, and to which he said, “oooh, of course you’ll practice!”. So I did the cello lugging thing, drove to his house, and managed to practice for a total of TWO MINUTES. The rest of the time, we sat in the livingroom listening to LPs with Emily, Andrew, Molly, and Adam. And I somehow managed to slit my finger open on something, and it bled a lot but I didn’t notice until at least five minutes after it happened. It’s probably bad to be so prone to finger injuries as a musician, too.

There’s an Iron Chef marathon on tonight!! I don’t know if I want to try to watch it all or tape it! I have to go for a bike-ride, though, because I do that the night before school starts, as a rule. But…BUAH! IRON CHEF!!

I wrote this really fecking long entry, but I made the mistake of walking away from the computer for five minutes, and bam, it was gone. Grar. But I’ll rewrite it, because I have nothing better to do.

Okay, now that the initial ten-hours-a-day of preparation are over, I can safely say that this is a great musical, and I really have fun playing in it. The performance last night was amazingly good. I mean, for the four main guys. I’m of very little consequence in this musical. I just play the bass-line. Poorly. But yeah, there was a pretty good turnout, and the crowd responded really well to everything happening on stage. It made it really easy for the actors to have fun, or so it appeared.

I didn’t really plan on doing anything after the show, just going home and vegging like I would on a normal Friday night. But then numerous people suggested I go places with them. So I ran home and was about to go to Megan D’s house when I realized, I had never actually talked to Megan herself, about a bunch of random people showing up at her house…so I called her, luckily, because it turned out she was actually kicking people out of her house. Ho hum. No big deal. I just figured it was back to my original plan of vegging. But not two minutes after I hung up the phone, Emily showed up at my house and said she wasn’t leaving until I came to Steak’nShake with her. So I went (but in my own car so I could be home relatively early), where I sat with Emily, Jeff, Andrew, Molly and Jill for about an hour. I thought Renata said she was going to be there too, but she wasn’t…sad ;_; It was very entertaining, though. Jeff shared his story of how he was almost kicked out of Interlochin because of some senile old man, and how Sophie started a rather inappropriate Chinese fire-drill (How appalling, Sophie XD). And then I shared all my stupid anecdotes from the summer.

And, whoa, Renata burnt me two CDs, one Tori, and one Swim, which I’d never heard of until last night. And…Swim is…amazing. Just…soo good. Every single song on this CD is amazing to me. So thanks, Renata! You’re very slowly and gradually creating a monster, I hope you know, but that’s not my problem, WAHAHAHA–er…yeah.

Sigh…I miss Megan and Jamie. I haven’t seen them in a week. And then they were gone the week before last…*sniff*

As much as I complain about Forever Plaid, it’s a really good show. I thoroughly enjoy the music (Perry Como my f-riend) and the acting, and the people acting. As well as the fact that I don’t have to sit around and watch people fix blocking right now. But anyway, if you live around here, and like classic music, and don’t mind paying $10, it’s really worth coming to see. Really, spending so much time sitting and being really tired in Stroud isn’t fun, but it’s almost over. Example: yesterday, Jill was carrying the “Mercury board”, which has “Applause” written on the back of. I saw the “applause”, but I was reading it upside down. So I was entirely confused when I thought it said “applesauce”. Yes, that’s my amusing story for today.

I put together a really quick “translations” page with no color or graphics. It’s very drab, but I was in a hurry and I just wanted to get the text in. I’ll make some pretty link colors or something. I’d make graphics, but I don’t have Adobe Photoshop on my computer, which is a sad and unfortunate thing. I do have PhotoDeluxe, which is the inferior version of Photoshop. So yeah. If somebody is really really bored and wants to put pretty text on a picture for me, tell me and I’d be very very grateful and give you credit ^_^ On that note, here’s Chapter 2 of HanaKimi! Woo, me, for having found a good method!

Wheehee, reasons chorus is going to be fun this year: madrigal script is based from Alice in Wonderland, 16 actual animated singers who will never ever have a problem projecting (also madrigals), the alto’s getting to sing “fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had no hair fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy was he wuzza wuzza…” as well as meow quite a bit (madrigals again), we will be going to New York City for our trip, getting senior privileges. Reasons chorus is going to kind of suck this year: STEPHANIE IS GOOOONE. (also problems, madrigals lacking any regard for blend or intonation). You know, I sometimes wonder what the heck Boosters are trying to do?! I tried to get my books last night, and I waited for a while in a line, and it turned out they didn’t even HAVE any of the books I need!! I talked to a lot of people who had been waiting in this line that extended into the middle of the lounge for HOURS today, who said they didn’t get any books, either. There has got to be a better system than this…I decided not to try and fix my schedule. I was going to try and switch two classes, and drop a second semester one (nothing that will affect me too greatly), but I won’t have time. And I figure I can just drop the second semester class closer to second semester. And Jesus…I should try to get ahold of Thomas-sensei sometime. Maybe tomorrow between well…whenever I’m not in rehearsal. I’ll tell Mrs. Thetard it’s urgent. I don’t think she really notices me much. She always refers to Adam whenever she even has anything to say about the music. Er…the non-vocal parts of the music.

So, Forever Plaid is still a pain in the you-know-what, but I figure, there could be actual people I go to school with involved in this. It’s really nice to work with so few people (and people who are alumni). Things run a lot smoother when it comes to blocking, tech junk. A lot more entertaining idle-time. Significantly fewer Thetard explosions. It’s nice seeing Rob Turner again. It’s nice getting to know Tim Holbrook a bit more. It’s nice that he thinks I’m a cute little high-schooler, inquiring after me often and patting my head. I wonder if people like him would even have associated with me had we been in the same class. Oh well. One good thing about being younger than many, I guess. And well, heck, I went to school with Andrew for three years. I’m guessing I’ll be seeing him pretty often because of Molly, at any rate. (Hehe…the rumour that I’m thinking of a possibly non-music career is getting out! Cover thy ears!)

I apologize to anybody who was even attempting to talk to me at any point yesterday. I don’t know what came over me, aside from the apparent urge to be a real bitch

Hmm. Yeah. So Mike from Forever Plaid hit my car at school this morning. It was parked in the U-High lot, and I’d already gone into the building. My dad estimates the damage is probably around $1,000. I don’t know why I feel responsible, but I do, somehow. Bad parking job on my part? Not really, one of the assistant madrigal people told me he just peeled right into that space next to mine without any hesitation, and hit our Aerostar in the process.

Hotmail’s junkmail filter is doing a kind of lousy job filtering my junkmail. I’ve been getting all of my mailing-list and personal emails filtered into the “junk” folder, and I’m still receiving junk in my inbox. So I guess it’s still working to sort my junkmail…in theory.

Yeah, I think I’m going to cut out of most of tomorrow’s Forever Plaid rehearsals if that is in any way possible (I’ve been informed that it is). It’s fun being with the actors, and the music could be one hell of a lot worse, but my fingers HUUUURT!

This Forever Plaid things. I’m honestly wishing they could have found somebody else to do this for me, because I’m worried this could turn into the biggest waste of time since 42nd St (bleh, 42nd St). And considering school starts next Monday, and then I have an audition like THAT, it really rattles my patience and nerves. So grar, really. This is pretty much pre-stress. I can’t wait to see how I hold up when I have actual symphony rehearsals in Chicago. I think it’ll be better once I’m used to getting meager amounts of sleep every night. I think I got like four hours last night, and that’s just because I couldn’t sleep. Yeah. Maybe that’s why I’m in such a foul mood. I don’t know, this rehearsal schedule is just ridiculous. I have madrigal camp from 9-3 for the next two days, and then I rehearse for FP until 5, come back at 7 and stay until 11 (mind you, the other members of FP have been rehearsing since like 9am). And I really just wish Thetard had told me for sure which reherasals I’d need to go to. Wow, and weekends coming up are looking parituclarly bad. I have my audition on the 24th/25th, and then Labor Day weekend is the CYSO Green Lake…thing. Bleah. But here I go getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been thinking, what would Ms. Johnson do to me if I decided not to do Jazz Band? I mean, we’ve lost everybody, and I do mean everybody. Knowing me, it’s not like I’m going to spend very much time with the music. I don’t know. Some days I wonder why I still own a bass…well for reasons other than playing in Jazz Band. I used to want to do more with it out of school, but now, I feel like I’d rather spend time teaching myself to play the piano than practice anything on the bass. And I’m becoming more interested in mandolin and accordion, which isn’t helping me concentrate on bass things, either. But, no, I couldn’t not do Jazz Band. But still. So much stuff this year…

It’s sort of funny how I talk about auditions and Youth Symphony and my future in music, when I still don’t know if that’s what I want to do. Of course, the thought of studying at Oberlin or NEC is a really nice one. But I doubt I could do it. With practice, I might be good enough to study at those schools but…I just don’t think I want to. Is that wrong? My sister went into music, aside from both my parents. Is there something wrong with my breaking loose and doing something that will pay just as little that may or may not require more school? You never know. I hate that I try to think about this kind of thing when I’m so goddamn tired.

I apologize. This won’t happen again.

Jamie and Megan are home now, yay (and they brought me fudge in the shape of Idaho!). So I spend my week’s remaining time before school starts bothering them! Yay! And I don’t have to worry about watering their plants! Yay! Actually, yesterday while I was watering the plants in the front, a car stopped on the street in front of the house, and some random guy walked up, said “hi” to me, and walked into their house like it was his own. Yeah. I was perplexed, but not wholly concerned, since he had a key. It turned out to be their eldest brother I’d never met. Done with story. Proceeding on to information that may be of interest to others.

I saw Amelie, which may be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. It was really strangly pieced, but that’s probably why I liked it so much. It was also very…how do I say…French. I felt lucky I didn’t see anywhere near as many uncovered body-parts as I could have. So anyway, I’m thinking of changing my birthday DVD-want agenda to include this movie. SOO GOOD. I was very very very taken with the music, also. I have this soft spot for the accordion. And also, I’ve been listening to so much Pizzicato Five and other Japanese music that tries to imitate French-sounding stuff, that it’s almost refreshing to hear the slightly more authentic French-based accordion. My mother says she’s going to bring hers home from New York (accordion, that is), so I’ll be able to play around with it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to consolidate my piano skills and my good ear, and really make something interesting happen. Haa…I haven’t gotten that much encouragement from friends, though. I think Rob was saying that accordionists are amazing people because they have to deal with people hating them. Thanks, pal. I don’t care, though. I’m too perplexed and filled with this incredible curiosity of how it works and why. If music costs me friends, well, wow. That’s unthinkable to me =)

Oh, and now I’m listening to parts of the soundtrack, so good. Somebody needs to lock me away from computers.

I watched Dancer in the Dark last night, for the second time. I have no idea why, really. It’s probably one of my favorite movies and all, but I don’t think I was especially in the mood for something of that particular type last night. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because I was at least in the mood for the music. Selmasongs is such a good album. I mean, it’s nice that Bjork sings them all herself, and not the actors, even if some of them aren’t bad singers. Admittedly, though, one of my ultimately favorite songs, “I’ve Seen It All”, is supposed to be a duet between Jeff (I can’t for the life of me remember who the actor was, so we’ll refer to him as that) and Selma in the movie, so for the soundtrack, they have Thom Yorke (Radiohead) singing Jeff’s part and WAAAAAH! I firmly believe that there is no other male voice that could go so well with Bjork’s.

I finally like…figured out how text wrapping works with the text-document stuff, and if you click on the HanaKimi chapter 1 link somewhere below, you’ll be able to see this for yourself. Now I just have to type out the other three chapters, and design (or throw together in five minutes) a translation page. So soon all those people who are referred to my blog HK translations may have something to go off of, even if the first books is available like everythwere. Yatto.

Aaahaha. My sister drives an ’88 Audi. And I’m going to steal it from her. I drove it for the first time ever, today, and oh my god. I can actually see what’s going on around me in this car ( <--has never driven anything besides a giant shoebox--er...Ford Aerostar for as long as she's driven). I'm just awe, that a car can move and steer and turn like that. And I know from my dad that this Audi is a particularly nice car. Erica named it "Hans". This originates from the name of her old room-mate from Oberlin, Erica HANSon, thus making the car "Hans". Similarly, Erica Hanson's car's name is "Dick". Hehe. Wait, I'm not done yet. Before my dad gave the car to my sister, he typed up a quick guide for the bizarre things the car did at random, and he titled it "Audi Doody", which I probably find a little too amusing for comfort. Alright, it's over. Well, I almost went to see Road to Perdition with Renata and Miriam. But I’m not 17 yet, and backed out of even attempting to get in, even though it was pretty certain I would have, especially having had somebody who was actually 17 buying my ticket for me. I felt really bad, too, because I told them I’d do it, but then about 20 minutes later, I totally changed my mind and backed out. On the bright side, I did get a good hour and a half of practicing done, and am pretty confident about this birthday-audition (yes, as in, an audition on my birthday). But I just hope that Renata and Miriam didn’t get the impression I was backing out because I had to practice, as I said I might as well do instead of going to see a Rated R movie. I backed out because I’m a wuss and would probably end up feeling bad about something that was entirely not worth feeling bad about, stupid as this may sound. But no, not the cello. I can’t remember who, but somebody from way back (8th grade?) said that they stopped trying to get me to do things with them because I was “always busy practicing” in their eyes, even though I didn’t practice especially much back them. So I’m always trying to avoid crap like that. Moving onto other things, I love Judy and Mary. A lot. I know most people only know “Sobakusu” because it was the first Kenshin opening theme, but oh my god! Music Fighter, Brand New Wave Upper Ground, Birthday Song! I’m just in love with all of their songs! Their music is really loud and incoherant, but so much more creative than any loud, incoherant stuff I’ve heard here (save for the Pixies). Like, chord changes I can’t normally imagine. I forgot to mention I bought their 3rd album when I was up at Mitsuwa the other day. I would have gotten their extreme Best album (The Great Escape) except it was $50. So yeah, this is my most recent music obsession. That and Cibo Matto. I’ve been getting a crap-load of their non-album covers and collaborations (with Beastie Boys, Buffalo Daughter). Mmm. So much good music around me.

Man…I dreamt that I went through madrigal camp, and then when it was finished, Mrs. Corpus laughed delightedly as she told me she had forgotten how she had intended on kicking me out of madrigals since I didn’t know the words to “Flaming Pudding” until five minutes before our first dinner. And then Allison was subtly trying to kill me, but I kept like…always being a foot out of reach of…whatever trap or poisonous thing that was intended to kill me. It was really odd. The part about not knowing “Flaming Pudding” is true, though.

I forced Emily to watch MST3k last night, such a good friend I am. We were going go to watch Dancer in the Dark, but when she showed up at my house around 11 without it, I decided it was my call, and that there was probably nothing else as entertaining (unless Japanese) in my cabinet. I didn’t expect her to really really enjoy it, because it is just a bad movie, after all. I was pleased that she appreciated the commentary, though, especially after she had first asked me if they were going to be talking like that through the entire movie. And then I went to bed and had my crazy madrigal dream.

Yoohoo, anybody alive out there? I must be really boring or something….moreso than usual. Whatever, though. It doesn’t matter how boring I am, as long as I keep getting weird referalls:

+”Buff Naked Guy”(naked)

+Mexican music Talia listening


Today I did what may have been the best thing I’ve done in a long time, and updated my game applications. SNESx9 was randomly freezing in the middle of Chrono Trigger. I could anticipate this every time the music cut out. So I asked myself when the last time I updated SNESx9 was, and realized that the answer to that is “never”. Hmm. So I downloaded the newest version, followed by suggesting it be a good idea to download gamesprockets. I didn’t really know what the hell gamesprockets even where, but went ahead and did it anyway. So let me say: OH MY GOD! Why hadn’t I installed any gamesprockets on my computer SOONER?! Yeah, the sound improvements are AMAZING. Like, the wind noise in Chrono Trigger that originally sounded more like a psychotic electric organ now sounds like WIND! The cat actually meows, the evil laughter sounds like laughter. Aah…so nice. I wouldn’t have known the difference between emulated and the original version until now, either, because I’ve never played the original. Damn, is the picture better, too. It’s not really noticable in RPGs, but puzzle and fighting games are just…*gasp* pleasing. Hehe. I spent about a half-hour playing the second Ranma 1/2 fighting game, just for the hell of it. It’s been so long and that game is so amusing! You can be Genma in panda form, and whack people to death with your sign. And instead of throwing people, Genma-panda SITS on them. It’s awesome, unless you’re opposite Genma, in which case you get all the HP squeezed out of you. I’m really bad at the game, too, so I never win unless I’m Ukyou and have the giant spatula. Sigh.

YAY! I’m actually going to Mitsuwa!!! My mom is nice enough to promise our getting there, although the fact that she wants me to get some manga for my cousin as a birthday present is probably part of the reason. Oh well. Manga for me. Hopefully Hana to Yume 17 will be there. I’d even vouch for getting 16 if it had Koucha Ouji in it. WAha, or both. 250 yen isn’t a whole lot. I’m thinking about getting my cousin some good ‘ol Inuyasha. First two volumes or so. Just because if he can’t understand the story, the monsters kick ASS. Possibly Rurouni Kenshin and Hikaru no Go.

My prediction was correct. Last night, I read books 1-4 of Elfquest. It took me till about four in the morning, but that was okay with me. Uwaah, it was totally worth it, though. It’s been so LOOONG. And I collected so damn much of it, too. Here’s my ElfQuest collection list:

~Graphic Novels 1-8 x2, minus book one book 2, plus one book 4. Two of these copies are first-editions.
~Continuing novels 8a, 8b, 9, 10, 12
~Hidden Years
~New Blood
~Rogue’s Curse
~Wolfrider’s Guide to the World of Elfquest
~15 individual comics from ’98-’00.
~Blood of Ten Chief’s 1, 4
~Text novels 1, 2.
~Special Edition Twenty Year Anniversary book

That is one heck of a lot of comic books. If I may add, when I was 13, i wrote a long of EQ fanfiction, too, although I didn’t call it fanfiction. I think most of my stories were more like side-story adventures, never even considered published on the internet, wherever else. Usually with the youths. Sometimes Cutter and Nightfall. Sometimes Skywise. I actually inserted my own character, Reah, into a couple. She was orphaned, parents killed by humans, who was the friend of Crescant, Strongbow and Moonshade’s daughter who was killed…god…somehow. I can’t remember. I’m going to dig all these up someday. Haa, why can’t I write stories like I used to. Really, they were very good for a 13-year old. I guess I sort of lost interest in EQ for a while, and it was really my big inspiration for that kind of thing.

And finally, here are some referalls that I think are worth sharing:

+teach me to make an envilope
Ahehe. Not here, my friend.
+calculating loves websites
I’m certain it does, doesn’t it.
+Takashi Sorimachi yelled at Nanako
That’s just…not right.

I’ve been getting like a billion referalls having to do with Matsushima Nanako. I don’t even remember mentioning her, either. Just GTO and Sorimachi Takashi. I must have, though, I keep getting her in search referalls. Well, whatever. Keep searching for nonsense, and melody of certain three keeps appearing.