Warning: Chrono Trigger rant to follow:

I started fighting Lavos I started fighting Lavos I started fighting Lavos!! I’ve procrasted at least two years, but I started fighting Lavos!! I decided I might as well just go ahead with it and go through the Black Omen, why the hell not. But bloody hell did that take a long time. And right in the middle of the Black Omen, I stumbled upon two of the Nu. One that sold me something, and the other one confused me and sent me back to the start of the Black Omen. Stupid Nu. At least I got to level up a little a bit more. Then I had to fight Zeal, the Mammon Machine, and then buffed up Zeal. I did pretty well with that, despite Zeal’s “down to 1 HP” attack. It actually gave me the chance to use Ayla’s “Dino Tail” attack (the lower your HP, the greater the damage). It did 4,000 some-odd damage and MAN was it fun. So then, so then, Zeal summons LAVOS >.< And I was all jumpy!! Yeah, and this may sound bad: I started fighting Lavos, I didn’t really do anything more than start. If it weren’t so late, or I had a computer in my own room and the firm belief that I won’t fall asleep within a half-hour, I would totally fight him. After all, he basically just copies the attacks of all the previous bosses. So it’s at least not hard for the first half, so much as tedious. But really, first thing tomorrow (or first sign of an empty house, since I mindlessly yell) I will start fighting Lavos. But actually, now that I think about it, I quit unable to save from like, way before I fought Zeal. Damn, that means I have to fight Zeal again. Oh well. Confidence building?! I don’t know!! I think I’m really just interested to see the endings and also obtain the New Game + status. Yeah, I know this will have to be better than Seiken Densetsu 3’s ending, because there’s more than one of them, and I know from spoilers and walkthroughs that there’s more than just a white screen and a promise of new mana, which was actually the main problem in that game plot, anyway. Sigh. SD3 is still really cool, what with the plot, graphics, characterization. The ending really sucks is all. And I haven’t finished Secret of Mana, which is pretty sad. I think I come really really close to finishing most RPGs, but just don’t have the heart. Especially when I experience the white-screen, empty promise ending. Sigh. There’s some really entertaining new Engrish. Someone go check it out. I actually used it in my AIM info, which I changed for the first time in like half-a-year.

I’ve found a slight diversion (I mean, aside from the only other two diversions I own, KareKano and Inuyasha) from HanaKimi while I wait most patiently for more chapters/book 18 to fall into my hands: Koucha Ouji. I really really like this series. It makes me want to go drink lots of tea. Especially at midnight on the night of a full moon (I WANT MY OWN TEA PRINCE!!!). I lurve all the main characters, and most of the side-characters (Ceylon randomly really annoys me with his hanging onto Assam). Yay, Yamada-senseii! I’ve noticed that Nakajo Hisaya (HanaKimi manga-ka) often refers to Yamada Nanpei in her free-talks. And now that makes a lot more sense, since I’ve read Yamada’s comics now. *pause* I hope that Jamie and Megan know they’ve created a monster.

Mrs. Thetard called me today, and asked me to play for some alumni-theater-production to raise money for Stroud Auditorium. Funny thing is, they couldn’t find an alumni bass-player, which is absurd because I KNOW an alumni bass-player. Mrs. Thetard said I was “close enough”, which I really didn’t need to hear. But I guess I’ll be playing bass next to Adam Bruss on piano which is AWESOME!! YAY ADAM! Tim Holbrook, Mike Ducett, Rob Turner and Andrew will be the main four in the show. It’ll turn out to be fun, one way or another, I guess.

You changed your blog layout right under my nose, Jamie!! I’m far from upset, because it IS Tonisen. And maybe it really was a while ago when you changed to that Il Mare one, but DAMN, if I could change my blog layout once every couple months, I’d totally do it, too!

Yay, being lazy. I’m sure I would have been much more lazy yesterday after my recital, had our power not been out for like five hours. Yippy skippy. I was so bored, I actually resorted to riding my bike around the neighborhood. Not even on the trail. It was sort of entertaining watching the power company try to figure out WHERE on McKinley/Clay street that there was a problem. I really think I could have told them that it was likely to be at our house, on the corner, because every summer when there’s a storm and the power goes out, that’s where the source has been. And sure enough, two hours after they began their search, they found the problem. Right on our corner. Sigh. So I sat outside on the gravel driveway (we have two, yay corner house) and watched them working. Until something slimy started crawling up my leg and I practically sprinted into the house. Then after calling about five times and getting so many random interferences, I FINALLY got ahold of Jamie. So we went out for ice-cream (without Megan, who stayed home and talked to her pen-pal because she’s a MUH-head XD) and by the time I got back, the power was back on again.

My sister has been reminding me for about half-a-year to burn her a CD with ROMs on it. So I did, finally, this morning, and she downloaded them from the disk to her laptop and sat there playing Tetris for a few minutes. And after that, I decided I absolutely HAD to make her play Super Puyo Puyo (the BEST puzzle game EVER, ranks the same as Tetris in my book). So I started playing a game to demonstrate, when I realized I had to run to my cello teacher’s house to get dog-sitting instructions. So when I come back a half-hour later, I find my sister playing Puyo Puyo, totally yelling and cussing at the computer the exact same way I do when I play. I was just so disturbed by this. I thought “I’ve created a monster…one so like myself”. But yeah. I also helped her with figuring out her computer, which honestly is pretty sad for a Mac user. It’s okay, though, I still love you, Erica!

So all day I’ve been sitting around doing pretty much nothing (well, after I got my snr pictures this afternoon). I did practice the cello for five minutes, because I got my CYSO audition music. But I really didn’t feel like TRYING to read the music, especially the Planets because it’s HARD. Speaking of CYSO, anybody want to buy tickets to come to my concert?! I’m supposed to sell twelve tickets for each concert which is, if you ask me, kind of absurd.

Okay, I saw Minority Report last night and

Killed my brain. I couldn’t even talk for like a half-hour after it was done. Emily and I just sat on the way home, and I don’t think I uttered anything more than an unintelligible “Huh”. I had a huge, red imprint of the metal tab underneath the arm of the theater-seat for the longest time afterward, I’d been gripping it through the entire last two hours of the movie. Just, GAH! If you have not seen Minority Report yet, GOOOOOO!

Uh…I have a recital in about two and a half hours. I’ve given up on really caring anymore, but have gone back to my original guess that I’m going to be eating Popper dust pretty badly. Oh well. I shouldn’t be too embarrassed. I played it pretty horribly in front of Molly, Andrew, Flynn and her four cello-playing friends last night, and I don’t think it could get much worse than it was. I don’t know. I used to be so good at it, it’s almost like I overplayed it. Haha, those of you who come will see why. Oh, and if I start smirking in the middle of that piece, it probably means I missed about 40 notes in a row or my arm is about to fall off. Haha, this will be fun.

I just finished washing the walls in our upstairs hallway. They have no paint on them, and I usually run my hands along them when I walk upstairs in the dark, so there was plenty of dirt to be found. I think I found more than I bargained. Once, in maybe fifteen years of living in this house, did I notice the name “Mildred” carved into the wall. I usually didn’t think about it, but I found ANOTHER one, and this time penciled in somewhere less noticable. I’m just going to use that as collecting evidence that my house really is haunted. Well, that is if I even half-way believed in ghosts. Sigh.

I ended up not going to the opening ceremony of the garden. I think I was half-awake when my alarm went off, because I have a vague memory of hearing it, and then I found it on the other side of my room when I was fully conscious. I suspect I chucked it there or something. Interesting. Oh well. Even though it would have been nice to see some of the committee members, I’m not sure I would have gotten than far, anyway. And I needed sleep. I woke up at about 3am when it was storming, and just sort of watched the lightning from my window for an hour, so yeah, I was tired, anyway.

New upload! I thought it was about time for some Bonnie Pink, so here we go. The non-sensical Engrish lyrics and the 5/4 time tell you to download this song.

I saw the Royal Tenenbaums last night, AWESOME movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it and invite me to watch it with you, haha. The soundtrack is what impresses me the most. I’m totally going to buy it. Yay, Elliot Smith, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle!

I guess this year is the 40th anniversary of Bloomington-Normal and Asahikawa being sister-cities. That means that a lot of the Japanese committee members are visiting B-N right now. In fact, they’re having an opening ceremony for the Japanese garden and Torii that’s been constructed along the Constitution Trail, tomorrow morning at 8. It’s open to the public so I’m obviously going. There are going to be a bunch of committee people I met while I was in Japan myself, and I really want to see them, even if they don’t remember who I am. Especially Kurusu-san! I read in the paper she’s here, and I remember she and one other member telling me they actually WANTED me to come back for a year (I think they actually told that to everyone, but that’s not an important detail). Happy sigh. She was hilarious. She actually made fun of one of our chaperones (the one we all detested) behind her back, and I laughed quite insanely. Good times. Uh…that reminds me that I should really be tracking down sensei so I can arrange for my independant study. Too bad I’m scared of people, hahaha.

WAAH! I got all of “Utahite Myouri”, Shiina Ringo’s cover album! Soooo good. I’ve heard some people complain that they wanted an album with original Ringo tracks, but I almost think this is better! I’ve heard a bunch of live covers of hers, and I think she does a really good job, even when they’re almost exactly like the original song. She did covers of songs by Radiohead, Sex Pistols, Spitz, Madonna before this album was in existence. And on the album there are covers of The Beatles, John Lennon, Janice Ian, Mr. Children, and a crap-load more that I don’t know. There are two tracks in German, two in French, and honestly I didn’t bother keeping track of how many were in English, because I don’t care much, anyway. And albeit, I don’t know what all the songs sound like when performed by their original artist, but…still, happy Talia.

This is the third time I’ve tried blogging today. My brain isn’t really in a good way right now. I sort of got out and did something earlier. Rob stopped by, and we drove around and very slowly collected a few people. It would seriously be SOOOO freaking awesome if he moved into that house on Lincoln. I swear it’s like 500 feet from my house. And I’m constantly forgetting that Justin lives 500 feet away, the other direction.

Whoa, crap, it’s late. I’m late. I’m going to miss my rehearsal.


Wow, the weather here sucks. Upstate New York was so pleasant and not humid. I knew I was back in the Midwest when my hair went “POOF”. And speaking of hair, dammit! I’m really blonde right now! It looks like I’ve tried to highlight it or something. Stupid sun. I stand out a lot when I’m with my family when my hair is darker already, because they’re all very dark, and I’m very not-dark. My sister used to tell me I was adopted.

Anyway, yeah. I don’t feel like detailing, but I’ll try. We spent maybe two days in upstate New York, before heading out to Boston. The drive wasn’t bad, since we came in on a Sunday afternoon of non-traffic, and managed to avoid the “big dig”. We circled around on all those stupid one-ways for a half-hour before we found our hotel. Which was an actual hotel, by the way. Nothing cheap when you want to be within walking distance of the schools in question. And HUGE. And very fancy. Our hotel room number was 911. Yeah. I was almost sure something horrible was going to happen, but it was quiet the opposite, really. The bed I slept in had the most amazing mattress, and I slept the entire night away. That’s amazing, because I always wake up like three or four times for no reason when I’m at home, and light-sleeping me slept the whole night away in a HOTEL bed.

Right, we visited NEC and BU. I really liked NEC. It would be the perfect place for me to get the most out of my music abilities, as well as take advantage of the surroundings (symphony concerts like crazy, art, metropolitan everything I’ve ever wanted to see. They don’t call it “Avenue of the Arts” for nothing). It’s bitchingly expensive, though, and I don’t know if I’m made for that kind of pressure/competition with other students. Boston U was okay. Not really what I want. Unless I get an insanely good deal, I would not go there. The guy who gave us our tour was awesome, though. He hopped around and walked into a door-frame. And I tried not to laugh for like five minutes after that, I’m so easily amused.

And then we went to Providence, which was uneventuful. I wrote some entertaining junk in my notebook while I was there, though. I’d be happy to post them or read them to people in person if requested. Eh, probably not, huh. Then we drove back to Upstate NY and spent five days there, where I spent a crap-load of time outside and watched Iron Chef. I’m going to write an Iron Chef rant later, warning. And now I’m here again, and god I have five days until this recital.

I’m screwed, basically, because I haven’t had the opportunity to really really practice in a long time. I’ll probably manage to pull it off, but it won’t be all that great. I wouldn’t feel in any way ashamed except that I feel I’m giving my teacher a bad name. But as long as I don’t think about it, I’ll feel better about it.

If you think you might possibly want to come and help be part of the crowd to embarass me, the recital will be this Sunday, the 28th of July, at Evelyn Chapel on the Weslyan campus, at either 2:30 or 3:00, I don’t know. Some of you might get official invitations. Others of you might get phone-calls. Others of you might get online prompts. Blah, I don’t know. And I won’t bite you if you compliment me, either, WAHAHAHA.


Hi, I’m in Providence and I’m also a loser–but that’s besides the point. Jamie knows why XD. Anyhoo, I was first in New YOrk, and then Boston, and now I’m here. And tomorrow I’mgoing back to New YOrk, and then Illinois, so it’s just one really big national circle we’re traveling in, YEEHAW!

I don’t really know what else to say. I finished Pride and Prejudice which made me just plain giddy. Now I’m reading Neverwhere, which is ssoooo good. I’m going to re-read Fellowship of the Ring on the way home, I suspect. Uh…I got….THIS many manga *holds up five fingers*. Inuyasha 4, 7, 26, KareKano 1, and Urusei Yatsura wide edition 9. Yay me.

That’s all. Bye, everybody.

All that crap I said I had to do for this trip–what was I talking about? I didn’t do a damn thing today. I think I played a Chrono Trigger for a total of two hours. That was nice, though. I’m right at the point where I face Magus, but I remember that he’s pretty hard, so I might spend some time leveling up before I fight him. That is, if I remember that I had ever started a new game when I get back in two weeks. I’ll either forget entirely or be aching to play it by the time we get back. Rachel called me today. We talked for two minutes. Rachel called me again and talked to my mom because I was outside. Then later I called Rachel and we talked for maybe 45 minutes while I was being bitten by my bird and she was shunning a bunch of people listening to Mandy Moore. We arranged my very very short visit to Encore, where we will romp for all of two hours before I continue on my way to New York. I also ran to the Credit Union and cashed a check and pulled some money out of my savings account. And I finally finished cleaning my walk-in closet! It only took me three days of sporatic work. Ooh, and I just put some chocolate-chip banana-bread in the oven. I know it’s probably not the best idea to wait around to eat it until like midnight when I have to get up pretty early, but I don’t care enough about sleep I guess.

Yesterday I planned my senior picture stuff with Megan H (if you go in pairs, you get money off!). Thank god, too, because I just know I would have waited until the very last minute if somebody hadn’t actually talked to me about it. So that’s good. Pictures are darnwell expensive, though.

So that about ends my story for today. Oh, and probably for the next two weeks. Unless one of my relatives in New York miraculously has a working a computer. Haha, not likely. But I might get to update from Providence, RI. My cousin and I are both psycho Mac-users, horaah! The trip goes a little something like this: New York, Boston, Providence, New York, Illinois. Tanoshiisou desu ne. So read some archives, I have a couple months of fun stuff. Or read Renata‘s archives. That’s what I do when I’m bored and on the internet ^^


I had quite a night on the town last night. I guess. Oh, and I played that stupid wedding this morning at the freaking crack of dawn (10am. I had to get up at 7. That’s not right). It would have been fine if my sister had told me she’d planned on staying for the reception, so I’d have seen it coming and brought reading materiel or something. Yeesh. We stayed for like two hours. Ugh, so boring. It was nice that it was outside (Funk’s Grove), though, and by a cemetery. So when the bride was about to toss the bouquet, and my sister tried to drag me to join the circle of unmarried females, I escaped to the cemetery. I find cemeteries really fascinating, probably because I’m a geek and have a fair appreciation for local history. There are tons of Funks and Davis’s and Stubblefields in that particular cemetary. The really historic cemetary in Bloomington is house to the graves of Jesse Fell, a couple Stevenson’s and a lot of other locally historic people whose names I can’t specifically remember without digging through some notes. Notes, you say? Pah, I’d never take notes if I didn’t need to. Cemeteries were my subject for the only worthwhile project I completed in the FIRST program at U-High. The McLean Co project. It was fun, and it sparked my interest (and I got an A), making it the only worthwhile part of the freshman program at my high school. But what was I talking about originally? A wedding, and a crappy reception. Both of these which placed my mood as very foul, early on in the day.

Then I had a cello lesson, which I won’t talk about because it was same-old same-old.

But then I went out for Japanese food and a movie with Jamie and Megan. Cheers for yakiniku-don. That was new on the menu, but very good. Is it a crime to love Japanese food but not care so much for sushi? My sister loves it, and I recall that last year she made about five servings worth of it. In fact, she and a friend from Minneapolis are going to have a “sushi-off” in Chicago, where first they go and eat at the sushi restaurant she deems best, and then go to the sushi restaurant he deems best. The idea of that much sushi seems really bad to me. I keep getting off subject. After dinner, we went to see MIB II *snickers, can’t think of anything but “Men In Bed” from Gakkou e Ikou*, which was…uh…entertaining. I can’t remember the first one that well, but everybody says it was much better.

Three years ago yesterday, I left for Japan. Three years ago today, I would be in Sapporo, hiking in the mountains. Sigh. But really this is nowhere near as depressing as it was for me, two years ago or even last year. I was having a rough time of it, having been turned down from the Sister Cities study abroad program. It was stupid of me to apply my freshman year, though. When I was up against a senior who was practically worshipped for all her qualities. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be worshipped for my qualities next year, and then get to study abroad *niko*

Grumble, whine, complain. So my sister came home today. She’s playing a wedding for her high-school friend tomorrow,with the assistance of yours truly on cello. So I had to be dragged along to the wedding rehearsal and then dinner at the Radisson following the rehearsal. During this period of three hours, I came to realize a few things about myself (or…am realizing again):

1) I will never play for any of my friends’ weddings. (I’m sorry, no exceptions. Unless you severely bribe me with money or…something very desirable. You may, however, actually invite me to your weddings.)
2) I’ll never have children.
3) I will NEVER smoke.
4) Animal fat is disgusting, and how can people eat it?!

Yeah. The rehearsal was fine, but outside in some very humid conditions, probably not ideal for my cello. All of the groom’s family were seriously chain-smokers. I can stand one or two people having to sneak out of a building for an occasional cigarette, but that’s because it’s their own business and I don’t have to smell their smoke. And the dinner was unnecessary. And really boring. There were a couple people my sister knew, but we were only sitting by one, so conversation was sort of vague. At first I was relatively complacent, but as my sister started talking to her friend about high-school and boyfriends and crap I generally didn’t care about, I became really really bored. Especially with the realization that there were so many other horribly pointless things I could do besides eat Radisson food, but at home.

This was a relatively long drive, and since I hadn’t really seen my sister that often, we actually talked. It was cool at first, when we talked about music and movies and Jehova’s witnesses, but I think I’m only entertaining for so long. Later she got onto the subject of relationships and MORE stuff I really don’t care about, and I’m dying for something relevent to say. So I give my opinion on sex, which was something recently thought-out when I was reading Cider House Rules. That I don’t care what other people do with their bodies, but that at my current age and state I have no interest. And then she asked me if I was feeling bitter about something. She didn’t have any other reply than that. I was floored by this! I mean, isn’t it okay for a 16 year old to think this? It makes me really glad I have friends who pay attention to the content of my rants, and not that it is me, occasionally timid me, ranting. I don’t know.

On a brighter note, I had lunch with Renata, Miriam and Renata’s friend Megan at Ming’s Wok. I couldn’t stick around for very long, though, because I had to meet my piano accompanist at two. I now know that it takes exactly 15 minutes to get from my house to the Doran’s going the speed-limit. Driving country roads faster than the speed-limit in our clunky Aerostar is really really frightening. Don’t do it. Blech. I feel very un-me right now, because I’ve spent three hours being polite and quiet and observing and MYOW! So I’m going to play Chrono Trigger to reconnect to my non-realistic self (aka, my true inner geek. Heck, it’s not even inward. I’m just a geek. That’s okay, mind you.)

What’s that, you say? Blogger isn’t PUBLISHING, you say?!

My Translation Anxiety

As some who pay vague attention might know, I’ve been doing some translating recently. I have all of HanaKimi volume one translated so far, and am about to start doing the same with volume two. I started out translating to appease my curiosity of all the little things I didn’t understand in the manga, having to closely analyze and test my language skill. Originally, I had no intention of posting these on the web, but then I started to really think about it, and I realized that people might actually really appreciate being able to read translations. Especially of volumes 4 and up, which you will not find any of translated on the web. And for a while now, I’ve been thinking that posting them would actually be worthwhile to both myself and other people. However, in no way, do I want other poeple to put a claim on my translations, or use them for “scanslations” projects (where they insert the english translations onto scanned pages of the manga). This poses as somewhat of a problem. I don’t know if other HanaKimi fans out there remember the “Ohsaka Gakuen” site, that had the most wonderful translations of volumes 1-6. Well, Ryuuen shut down her site because somebody stole her translations without permission, as well as numerous other people asking for permission to use them, some of them not exactly being nice about it. I actually came across Ryuuen‘s blog, which gave the detailed accounts of the encounters. And I think that’s my rationale for not posting my translations. I don’t want to have to deal with people. I don’t want to come to dislike my favorite series (for crying out loud, there’s Sano, right there! *points to upper-left-hand corner*). I don’t want to feel that my numerous hours of work for other people is worthless. So I’m still unsure.

There’s a site I’ve come across that has translation of HanaKimi for sale, and once one person buys the translations, it’s up to the person who buys them to post them, if that be their decision. There is no rule that they have to post them, and in fact, I think most of the people who have bought them, don’t. That’s an idea. But I really don’t want money for these. I’d post them so everybody who needs help deciphering what’s going on in the manga can get that help (Although I’m sure later in life, I might want money for translating ^^). So I’m thinking…maybe…sending them to the people who request them via email? That seemed like a good idea at first, people who really truly want to understand the manga will understand them. But then, there are the poeple who say they really truly want to understand the manga, but would just use them for their own purposes of scanslations, or posting them and taking the credit? I don’t know. I think any way I go about this, there are risks of having to deal with the thoughtless type, the inconsiderate type. Maybe it’s just worth it to post them and have a go, see what happens.

Anyway, this was the message I thought up when I typed out the first chapter in simpletext: “These translations belong to me. They are posted for the general enjoyment of those who do not understand Japanese, Chinese, whatever language their HanaKimi manga comes, or those who do not own the manga. Nobody may take credit where it does not belong, use them for scanslations, or any other purpose. If I find that somebody has ganked my translations without permission, I will immediately discontinue the posting of new chapters, as well as remove whatever translations already exist, and probably plague whoever it was that ganked them with nasty emails for as long as I have the tenacity to do so…GOT IT?! Good. ^__^v Enjoy.

Mind you, this is in the case that I actually decide to post them. And every word of that is true, too. I will save myself the trouble of getting mad numerous times if things go wrong once, and remove EVERYTHING the first time something goes wrong (oh, and I also intend to replace the made-up verb “ganked” with something more appropriate XD).

Yeah, input is nice. I’d appreciate some input. I’m actually thinking of emailing Ryuuen herself and seeing what she thinks. Or just continuing with these inner conflicts for a while longer…

Mindless Babble

Just got back from Jamie/Megan’s, where we watched more of Aishiteru to Ittekure and MM MM I love this drama. It just so happened we ended on a very good note, after a sort of bad happening with Kouji’s sister, surprise surprise. Anyway, sister-jealousy reminded me of Caroline Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, and I just had to ask Megan whether or not she was trying to aggrivate Mr. Darcy or just get some with him. It’s not quite obvious for one such as myself to pick up (haha). I hate the Bingley sister’s, and it’s very little comfort to me, that I know I’m supposed to hate them.

Ah, new download. Cibo Matto’s Working For Vacation. Sean Lennon is (or was) in this band. They’re awesome, and I love them. Two of the members are Japanese, but I think one reason I like them is that they sing in English. Freaky English. They’re under the same label as Luscious Jackson and Beastie Boys, so they have a few similar sounds going, even if their music is different. They’ve even colaborated, yay.

Made a Barnes and Noble run with Jamie and Megan today. This is good because I was in desperate need or something new and non-manga to read. Not saying manga is bad, but I tend to coordinate manga and English novels at the same time for some variety. So I ended up getting Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere”, because it was the first thing ranted to me as a “great book” (there were many during the period at B&N), and I really respect Neil Gaiman for “Sandman”, the only books by him I’ve actually read so far. Oh, and there Normal, IL will soon sport a Borders bookstore. Barnes and Noble is probably just as good of a bookstore as Borders, but I know that I will probably spend more time at Borders, because it’s much closer to my house, and they have a very good music selection (or should).

Today I had to inform Megan that the piece Yo-Yo Ma was playing in that X-mas episode of the West Wing after Josh was shot, did indeed belong to Bach. Not Yo-Yo Ma (Haha Megan. I’m just being obnoxious! XD).

Cheers For Working Archives

So my layout is up and working, and so are my archives, hopefully (we’ll see). And tomorrow’s the 4th, so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in and not have to do crap, or something. I not only called the office at New England Conservatory, but also Boston University, and Boston Conservatory. My mom just figured we might as well go all out while we’re in Boston. Apparently, though, according to the NEC lady I talked to, getting in and out of Boston is a big pain right now. I do recall that they were seriously reworking their underground stuff when we came in last year. I’m guessing it’ll be as bad, or worse than last year. Preferally just as bad or less. It took us like a half-hour to get into the city…but it was okay once we were in, nonetheless.

So last night, Emily called me, and we watched half of Pride and Prejudice at her house. I think I could probably watch it at least ten more times and not be the slightest bit bored with it. Ah, the wonders of my attention-span. I started watching the other half without her…because I’m a bad friend. No, because I really just want to watch the second half, even if it means my having to see it twice.

This was a test.

Protect Me From What I Want

Know what I want? Working archives. I had to manually insert the archive link, because the blogger code wasn’t linking quite right. I have this sneaky suspicion that my ftp archives settings are loused. I do have an idea of how to fix this, though, which is very good for the time being. Aside from archives, I have yet to transfer all my other pages to this same layout. It shouldn’t take long. It’s just a matter of copying and pasting and yada yada.

I’m going to be fairly busy today. I couldn’t find any email address for the cello guy at NEC, so I’m going to have to call NEC’s office. I probably need to peruse the website first, to see if they’re doing any summer tours. Let me say, if they’re not, then there’s absolutely no point in going to Boston whatsoever next week. And I definitely want to go. My mom is really pissed about this whole New York thing. I know she has her class to prepare for, and students to teach, and leaving means we’ll have to find a place for the bird and whatnot. And when she and my dad argue over it, it makes it sound like she had no plans of going out East at all this year (which we do every year, btw). And that makes me feel guilty, for being the only reason she has to go. I kind of wish my dad actually WERE taking me. But whatever. I don’t know. As much as I want to study in Boston, I doubt this will work out unless the cello-guy is really great, and I’m suddenly very keen on dropping the East Asian/studying abroad for cello. I guess having said this, it means I’ve crossed into a more serious manner of approaching schools. Maybe. I’d also be more enthusaistic about a conservatory if we had that kind of money. Since we don’t, and since I’m not entirely sure about music, why should I make them? If Constanza is really going to teach at U of I, that would be awesome. If not…well…then…uh, go DePaul! AAAAAH!

That’s all.


Emily came over last night, and I made her watch Edward Scissor-Hands (which she’d never seen before), one of my favorite movies. I’m really glad she liked it, but I’m still sort of irked that she’d never seen so much as clips of it before. After that, she inspected one of my manga, which I was sort of made fun of after trying to explain the plot, and who each of the characters were (“Wait, so that’s a guy, or a girl? That boy likes that boy?! Oh, i see, that ‘boy’ is really a girl”). Most of all, she was shocked that there were more than 13 volumes, and the story hadn’t been wrapped up yet. To say the least, I didn’t tell her that volume 18 is being released in a couple weeks. I definitely didn’t tell her that InuYasha is running on it’s 28th volume. I absolutely didn’t tell her that Ranma 1/2 had 38 complete volumes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of them in a series, but you surely can’t get the same amount of story out in one tankouban that you can in one novel. That and I have a really short attention-span or something. 18+ volumes don’t bother me one bit.

Um, yeah, so lately I’ve been completely ignoring my quest for a new layout. And now that I’ve realized I still have a lot left to do with it, I’ve come to dislike what work I’ve already done. Seriously, I’m going crazy, here. I need guidance. Would somebody like to guide me? I’m actually thinking of just taking the simple way out, using like…one table, sticking the Sano picture above it, and leaving it as is. Maybe that’s for the best. I’d really love to become a web-designer one day. I just don’t think I have the patience to learn. And by the way, I’m not using Frontpage of anything of the sort, because I don’t have front page. I own a Mac. I really don’t know any good software to use that I won’t have to pay for. Anyway, I’ll find a way out of that.

Myah…meeting accompanist in minus 4 hours. PRACTIIIICE!