And If I’m Wasting All Your Time This Time

I came home, fell asleep for fifteen minutes, and my parents were gone. Now I’m disoriented, and…alone. I’m starting to hate that word. Today was not fun, in any way. I spent most of today trying not to fall out of my chair in pain. Which actually reminds me of a moderate incident with pants that occured. It was vastly amusing, in it’s own way.

I’m a spoiled brat. My dad bought me a Kodak digital camera. I didn’t ask for it or anything. He just comes home “Hey, Talia here’s something you should like.” HOLY CRAP! I mean, really, it was nice, but I just don’t think I deserve stuff like that. He might as well not spend anything on me, and save it for the estimated $15,000+ cello. I haven’t used it yet, because I haven’t really been home to use it. But eventually I’ll find an opportunity.

U~~~hn. I’m starting to worry about school already. This is probably the last thing I should be worrying about, especially with where I stand right now, but I’ve come to realize that I have basically one actual friend at U-High next year. I mean, there are acquantances but…I don’t know. That’s sort of how I feel from how people have been with me this summer. I know I should actually try to go to the trouble of making phone-calls and arranging things instead of waiting to catch poeple online and be content to simply chatting, but I’m not fond of telephones, and I guess AIM isn’t really something a lot of people use. It seems like I’ll never see U-High people outside of school again. At least that’s how I feel. Oh well. It’s not as though I’m going to have too abundant an amount of free-time on my hands next year. Especially between auditions, practicing, and two youth symphonies…I’ll be busy. … But then who am I kidding? Companionship is something I really enjoy, and have come to want…I guess I’m nervous with people…and have always felt sort of unwanted, just from that nervousness. *whine* Geez. I shouldn’t even be allowed to post things like this. I should try to keep myself away from the keyboard when I’m like this, but it have such horrible tendancies to do quite the opposite, and almost depend on it. So I’m sorry. I’d delete that, but I really can’t do that, either. People who read my blog will really just have to deal with crap like this on occasion. Or even often. I’m going to blame this on how disoriented I am right now. But maybe I should just fess up and say that this is how I really feel.

On the other hand, I do have quite a few great friends outside of U-High. Emily and I have been around eachother all week, and that’s been cool. Together, we’ve experienced two great conductors, some really cool musicians, not to mention skipping three concerts and a cook-out. And I found a message from Rachel last night, from Encore in Ohio. It’s too bad she couldn’t have called 15 minutes later than she did, because I would have been home. My mom is talking about stopping at Encore and visiting her for a while, which would float my boat SOOO much. It will be like…exactly a year after we met if that happens, which would be cool. I’m seriously going to spend X-mas in Annapolis if we head east this winter. WHOOSH. Haha, Jamie and Megan randomly came to my house last night, and we watched two episodes of Aishiteru to Ittekure, which I like, btw. Great idea: wearing our yukata to the fireworks at fairview park. Man, would that randomly disturb some people. And just be really fun. Megan and I walked like a block of our neighborhood in our Yukata last Halloween. Er…the Halloween when Megan was actually in this part of the world. It was sort of difficult.

I want to never play the bass again. Like, seriously I want to quit. A member of BoA brought his BEAUTIFUL electric bass to BoA today. I played it for 30 seconds, but then felt embarassed and handed it back to him. Then he started playing and really did embarass me. He’s so good. That just shakes all my motivation.

My dad is like…swearing from the kitchen. That was after he came and looked very upset by the fact that the clean dishes had not yet been removed from the dishwasher. As thought I had been HOME to do it…although I have been home for a good…erm…hour. Yeah, I should go. Definitely go.

The Best And Worst Concert Of My Life

To come to my main rant, I’ll have to recount from where I left off last time. Tuesday. It was excellent. My opinion of the BoA Orchestra Symposium has gone up by at least 90%. I have this great new respect for Andy King, our conductor, plus a new realization: you can’t judge a conductor by his ictis. How he makes us hear the music is what we need to think about. This guy has a great sense of humour, and really connects with the orchestra members both individually, and as a whole. The orchestra members are all really a blast, too. On just the second day, we knew each other really well individually, and the company and music make-age. I don’t think there’s one strictly classical player, too. Everyone has something else, celtic, jazz, bluegrass. Good players, too, might I mention. Not the type who intimidate eachother by flaunting skills. Haha, apparently some of them thought I was the skill-flaunter at first, because a lot of them walked into Hayden Auditorium while I was playing Shostakovich. Oops. I immediately proved them wrong by laughing with my standpartner through the entire Tchiak as we missed half the notes together. I think that’s the proper way to bond with your stand-partner, TRYING to play an impossible piece together, but failing, and realizing how very funny it is. I recieved the most flattering compliment today, and it’s very hard to know how to respond to something like this. Tonight before the TISQ concert, I was sitting in the seats next to this kid, Tony, from Indianapolis, who is an excellent violinist, and has only been playing a year and a half. He turned to me and asked how long I’d been playing. When I said I’d been playing for twelve years, he told me I was the most amazing high-school cellist he had ever heard, that he had been totally blown away when he walked in and heard me playing. Now, I know there are tons of people who practice more, and sound better, and have that thing it takes that I don’t have, but hearing that was really nice. I didn’t know how to respond, although I immediately told him he was truly amazing for playing like he did in such little time. All he said was that he had “practiced hard”. Ah, such nice people.

Haha, Emily and I ditched a concert last night, outlaw style. We weren’t really sure how to just walk away from the group, so when nobody was paying attention, we just sort of muttered something about forgetting stuff in Hayden, walked back, and ducked underneath the bushes until the SWAGs were out of sight, pointless as that might have been to duck under bushes. Then we walked through Metcalf, Jaywalked across Main, Center, and College Ave (as well as jumping a 2 ft median), and went around the ISU police building to avoid more camp people/SWAGs. This, however, was only to be caught by two of them in a van. Then when they told us to get going to the concert, I spoke up that we were commuters who had work to do, and were skipping the concert for our own good. I seriously hadn’t expected that to work, though. Ah, just fun story from yesterday.

Anyway, Turtle Island String Quartet was here today, and OOOOH were they amazing. The YAMAHA man brought their electic instruments to our rehearsal yesterday, and I actually got to string the cello that Mark Summer would be playing. Well, before the bridge broke and it had to be restrung all over again, not by me. Actually, he played a cooler, different collapsable model. Anyway, we went to a masterclass in Braden, and it was just the 22 (we gained three more) members of the orchestra, sitting in the front two rows. They played Who Do We Think We Are, Skylife, On Green Dolphin Street, and some other great stuff. But there wasn’t time for much in an hour. And, yeah, I am practically in love with Mark Summer. I mean, everything about his cello-playing just seems beautiful to me. His sound is so pure, not over-done. His technique is amazing, like the percussive methods. As idiotic as all this may sound to any reader, watching and listening to him play makes me want to play the cello. And not just practice mindlessly, but think about what I’m doing and REALLY play the cello! That includes copying other tunes, and making up my own, jazz, everything. This would have been the most complete and contented day for me had it not been for the the concert that followed (enjoy my foreshadowing?).

The orchestra, because this was like…our event for the week, got the first two rows of Braden reserved for their concert. Right after rehearsal, Emily and I bolted out the doors and over to Bone (we actually both jay-walked and went through the construction haHA, swags!). We got the best seats, in the second row, so I was parallel to Mark Summer, and Emily was with the best view of Danny Siedenberg (viola). This might possibly have been the BEST concert I’ve ever been to. That’s far from the truth, I’m afraid, and the truth was a sad one indeed. I have to start off by saying, I’ve gone to what seems like millions concerts in my childhood, whether I’ve been dragged or taken willingly, I’ve experienced a lot of good music, one way or another. Concert etiquette is just something I’ve always known, and not following it makes me feel as though I’m truly going on forbidden ground. Those around me who have not followed concert etiquette have been looked upon in disrespect and immaturity, in my eyes. Even one cough-drop wrapper can go a long way to annoy me. This is probably why tonight was ridiculous, insulting, intolerable to me. About five minutes after Emily and I sat down in Braden, this group of kids came in, dancing, shrieking with laughter. They tried to joke around with us, too, and told us to move if we didn’t like screaming. I immediately took that for a bad sign, because the kids at BoA are, as I had noticed at the previous concert, rowdy. I have to mention, they tried to take the reserved orchestra seats. More and more kids came in, and there was more talking, yelling, laughing. People actually did push some orchestra reserved signs off of chairs. They got their just deserts later, though (I witnessed them being embarrassed by a SWAG afterward. It was rich). Finally, TISQ came out, and these kids stood up and screamed at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS. I could not stand it. I had a headache five minutes into the concert. TISQ couldn’t even start Night in Tunisia because these kids would not stop randomly shrieking. TISQ was very good humored about it, the kind souls (oh I love them). And the flash photography was..unbearable. The girl behind us must have taken an entire roll of film, and there were so many more kids doing it, too. The camera men in front of us were especially annoyed, and one of them even outright called two of these kids idiots to their faces after the concert. I mean, this was intolerable. It delayed the artists, it CERTAINLY bothered the other people, who actually came to the show to listen, and payed for it at that. And the BoA announcer encourages it. He said to them after the show “you guys sure did give a great Bands of America welcome to our guests. You make me proud”, and I wanted to cry right then and there. I waited to freak out until I got to the parking lot (this is like…halfway to my house, so there’s NOBODY there but myself), where I stamped my feet on the ground, and let out the most vehemently agitated yell I possibly could. That made me feel well enough to drive home. It’s just…they don’t even teach young adults proper etiquette to attend a concert in PUBLIC? I just…don’t believe it. I talked to my dad about this on the phone, and he says that’s the reason he won’t teach bassoon at BoA again. As much as I am loving the experience I am having with the orchestra, I would not think of returning next year. I want to let BoA know what I think, too. So does Emily. This is the severity of my agitation.

And with that said, I’m going to go cool off…


Bands of America started today, and what might be the end of what little sanity I still salvage. Band people are nuts, absolutely insane. The orchestra members are a bit more low-key, from what I’ve seen so far, so I shouldn’t complain much. After all, I could have done Jazz Band, and been stuck with the hard-core jazzers. None-improvisation me with hard-core jazzers is kind of a scary thought. Anyway, there are 19 people in the string symposium altogether, which is…uh…pretty pathetic. I managed 1st chair cello (out of four), which wasn’t really amazing or anything, but sort of…tiresome, because I didn’t even play that great of an audition. I’d at least like to go to a camp where I’m challanged by other, vigorating and energetic players and…stuff. There is a slight lack of energy coming from the section, the energy actually there coming from either the teacher (who’s really cool), or me, being a little too enthusiastic about playing the cello for the two who don’t really play the cello when they don’t have to. Sad, but true. One of them has a pickup on his cello, and likes Apocolyptica, so I’ll give him that. The orchestra isn’t great, U-High might be better, in my opinion. But this will probably be the last of my complaining about chamber orchestras or symphony orchestras or orchestras of any kind for a long while. All the more reason to complain while I have the chance, ahahaha. The conductor has the WORST ictis I’ve put up with since…certain conductors. He has a pretty decent tendancy to not keep a steady tempo, too, which can be painful with that ictis during the slower pieces (Elgar, GAG ME). Apparently he’s only conducting us tomorrow, though, and then the real kick-ass conductor (supposedly, according to Ms. J) is coming. So Whoo. So between Hovannes, Tchaikovsky, and Mozart, I’m a happy person.

SWAGs, bite me. Seriously. Take your Bands of America rules and stuff them someplace painful. Heading to dinner, Emily and I did the natural thing and started walking across University St, since there were no cars…and there was construction, preventing cars from going fast. “NO! STOP! CROSS-WALK, YOU TWO!” Maybe it’s just the teenager in me to be really resentful to that. But it gets better. At the intersection between College and School, the cross-walk light had just started blinking red. So, seeing as there’s still time to cross the street, saving many possibly-wasted seconds of our short lives, we start to cross. “NO! STOP! RED LIGHT, YOU TWO!” Hahahahaha. HA. Then they assigned us seats for the Yamaha concert, and they stopped us and asked to see proof that we were commuters and could leave the vicinity. It’s just protocol. I’ll bet there would be lots of abducted kids, or random freak-accidents in big bouts of karma if they didn’t do it. Eh. In my part of the world, there aren’t cars, or freak accidents, or karma. Or kids. Haha >D

Good things about this symposium: I saw Renata today, thrice! It made me so happy, because when I saw her, it gave me the sense that there was hope, amongst all these rowdy band people (Yay, Renata!); I’m only paying $110, which is nothing compared to the original tuition fee; I get to see Turtle Island String Quartet on Wednesday (if you reside near the area, I highly recommend you go see them. They’re AWESOME. My favorites); I don’t have to go to two of the evening concerts, which means random free-time at home; I get to work in improv and *jumps around insanely* FIDDLING; I will get to spend time with an important friend who is going off to Boston this fall; and finally, I will have a new appreciation for food cooked from the home.

FYI, I finished translating HanaKimi volume one in my own spare time. I’m highly highly considering posting these translations, because they’re good, in my opinion, i’m proud of them, and I understand what it is to have an unexplainable and very DIRE need to associate oneself with a particular manga/series, but lack resources. I’m hoping to proceed into volume two, as soon as I’m in proper mind to do so. Not now, I think. Now I’m going to go bed. Waaan.

Big Wednesday

I went on a very random X-files binge today. I don’t know what brought it on, possibly the dozens of X-files tapes in our video-cabinet, flashing themselves at me as I searched for something to entertain myself with. Lesse, I watched Kill Switch and Triangle, which may not seem like much of a binge, but I haven’t gotten to the actual me-obsessing-over-X-files part. I then spent quite a while sitting at the computer, checking out all my X-files bookmarked links from way back. Half of the bookmarked sites no longer exist, which comes as no real surprise. But I did revisit the X-Files Relationship Episode Guide, which I don’t think could be much more amusing than it already is. Wait, I have to make it clear where I stand when it comes to “shippiness”. I am, I must admit, a shipper. However, not a serious one. I’m generally more concerned with the conspiracy, the plot, the actual X-files. Shippiness is far from my main concern. That’s probably why I get along with this site so well. It’s not serious. In any way. That and it jogs my X-files memory regarding what episodes I’ve seen, or haven’t seen, in its very vague summaries. Here’s an example:

3.14 Grotesque
There’s a buff naked guy at the beginning, but he dies. A cat jumps on Scully. Skinner and Scully worry about Mulder, who is reliving his Violent Crimes Angst. Mulder sleeps attractively but unhealthily in the library. Someone gets shot and thrown off a wall. Scully cries, “Mulder!?” in her “Beyond the Sea” voice, but it’s not Mulder. Scully doesn’t care about the guy who’s really been shot; he is bald but nowhere near as alluring as Skinner.

I think it’s the vague-ness combined with the half-heartedness that attracts me. Now what does that say about poor Talia, huh? Anyway, right after I finished geekifying myself over the X-files, I walked into the kitchen to pour myself some orange juice, and was thoroughly irked when I skimmed the mail and found there was a random postcard with Mulder and Samantha. I was confused for ten seconds, until I remembered Renata had sent out an X-files postcard, and that this must be the infamous postcard. My supposition was confirmed when I turned it over and read the message–from Renata. Buahaha, thanks Renata. Your post-card had superb timing!

Jamie–I know you’ll read this, because I just do–Masanari sent you something in the mail! I wouldn’t have been looking at who sent you mail if it hadn’t been like…a large envilope with “Masanari Nohara” in big letters, fyi…so yeah. That is all ^_^

Ho Hum

Still no sign of Kubozuka-kun. Maybe he just hides really well under those damn rocks. Well, so far, North is happy, the cat (Prufrock, who is not my responsibility until tomorrow) is insane but happy, the plants are happy, and Kubozuka-kun is happy, if he’s still alive. I haven’t seen a fish carcass floating around the pond, yet. I’m not even going to try taking care of North tonight, because I just damnwell don’t feel like having to talk to, or even make eye contact, with Jon. And North was fine this morning, so I’m figuring two times a day is really what’s necessary, and three is just for good measure. Jon won’t be around at all Friday or Saturday, so I’ll end up going three times for those days.

I have been way too unproductive in the past week. Well, not necessarily unproductive. Bored. I know I’ve been practicing a minimum of about three hours a day, and I know I’ve been taking care of animals, and I know I’ve been helping my mom with gardening, and I even went running last night, but I feel so empty and even wasted. Part of it might be that I really want the house to myself. The last time I had time off of school, my parents were in Europe. I guess now I’m kind of deep-down expecting everybody to leave again, so I can do what I please, instead of trying to blot out my laziness. Whoa. Does all this skulking around mean I need a job? Buah. Well, it makes sense. I like money, too. Sigh.

Speaking of money, I have close to none. Five dollars left in my posession. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so little money. That’ll probably only contribute to my never going anywhere. No videos from Akemiya, no random trips to Barnes and Noble for books. How did that happen? Oh, right. Manga. And movies and other social-activities that end up requireing $$.

Uh, I’m not going to be on AIM for the next couple weeks or so, fyi. Email/comment me if there’s something important, I’ll still be blogging/checking email.


I got GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) last night, and I’ve already watched three episodes! It’s really really really good. I love all the characters/actors so far, even the evil ones, because they aren’t half bad at being evil, and we all know that they’ll eventually stop trying to destroy Onizuka-senseii, and become part of the happy class 2-4. What’s more, Sorimachi Takashi WAAAI! He’s great!! And it’s not until two minutes ago that I realized he’s in Virgin Road (doh!!) which makes me an idiot for not having watched it yet *is glad Jamie and Megan aren’t near any computer, or me, so they can’t maul me for still not having watched it*. I really like Matsushima Nanako (his co-star), too, who apparently is now married to him. Heehee. And best of all, Kubozuka Yousuke plays the brilliant (and possibly evil at first) computer hacker. At one point, he explains where some Ukyou-e gallery is to a random American man, and he speaks four sentences of English. I cracked up, because even though it’s not bad, it still sounds really rehearsed…that and he ended with “take it easy” and it sounded really wrong where it was put. Still. Not bad, Yousuke-kun! ^_^ Watashi to isshou ni eigo o hanashimashou ka?

Okay, done with stuff nobody else can understand. Jamie/Megan left for New York this morning, and I had my first visit to their house without them, going to their house for the purpose of taking care of their cat/dog/plants. I was so relieved that North recognized me as a friend, and was more than happy let me leash him and take him outside. I guess I’d be desperate, too, if I were alone in a basement for hours. I watered plants and fed the fish in their small pond, who’s name just happens to be “Kubozuka Yousuke”. Haha. Ha. I had NO hand in that name whatsoever, it was a totally Thompson thing, that. Anyway, I didn’t actually see Yousuke-kun. I’m half-worried. I’d feel horrible if he died while I was watching him *sniff*. Blah. Their brother, Jon, really is a muh-head. I tried to go back an hour ago, to let North out, but the dead-bolt was locked, and I only have a key to the regular lock. He was home, because there were lights on, and a TV-ish glow from the livingroom window, but knocking, and even ringing the door-bell resulted in nothing. North’ll be okay for tonight, because he’s been out recently and fed, but I’ll go back tomorrow morning when I see Jon’s not there (praying to the high ones that he didn’t lock the dead-bolt), and leave a note or something. If the I still can’t get in, this calls for some stalking on my part (phone-calls, passes by house, tracking down elder brother by any possible means) to tell him NOT to lock the dead-bolt. It’s lucky for me they live 30 seconds away, by bike.

Wah, I feel isolated and disconcerted by my inability to create proper html tables. I’ll figure something out, though. I’m just thinking of starting from scratch rather than messing with an already existent template, because I know I can produce something decent on my own, better than I can edit an already existent one.

Sigh. I’d better get my butt back to translating…

Stuff: Continued

Jamie and Megan are leaving for New York tomorrow, so I’m going to be kind of LONELY. I guess I’m going to try to be good to myself, rent stuff from Akemiya, watch drama, maybe be with some other other random people.

I’ve translated three chapters of HanaKimi so far, chapters 103, 1, and 2. Translating isn’t really HARD if you know the vocab/kanji (which I don’t, I guess. The hardest part so far has been chapter one, because it’s setting the story, and there’s a lot more information to deal with than a normal chapter. So I’ve been like, taking three or four pages, finding all the kanji I don’t know and writing them down into a notebook, and then tailing it down to the computer and looking them up on my computer”J-E Dict”, also known as the best dictionary resource. Very thorough, but very tedious), but it is hard in the sense that it’s grueling. I read through things and think “Oh, I know what everything on these pages means, even the small print text outside the main dialogue.” But it’s different when I’m actually copying them down onto paper. For one reason, because, because I’ve adjusted to the sentance structure, and I no longer translate things into English in my head, so sometimes when I write something down, I’m using the Japanese part of my brain, and things don’t quite come out sounding right. That’s okay, actually, because these are only first drafts, and I intend to edit a lot when I put them into computer text. In fact, I’m willing to bet it’s still a lot better than the only available (and not very thorough. I’m sure at least 40% of the actual text is missing from them) translations around, done, I think, by someone who’s original language was not Japanese or English, I’m guessing, in which Ohsaka Gakuen’s “dorm 2”, was called “dome 2”. Yeeees. Also, having to write everything down onto paper as you go is very tedious, and almost boring. I have yet to decide whether or not I’m going to continue translating past the first book.

Good news, I’m working on a new layout! And it includes one of my very favorite pictures of Sano. It won’t be super cool-looking or anything, but I think it will be better than the current one. So whoo.


Mitsuwa was a no-go. I was pissed about that at first, but I got over it quickly enough. It turns out that the friends we were going to visit who were having a string quartet party, didn’t have a violist. So my mom was a little less interested in going. And then there was a silent hissy-fit going on between my mom and dad at dinner, so my mom was like “Well, I have things I could always be doing at home, so it’s up to you whether or not we go,” and my dad just stared down at his plate in a very silent hissy-fit sort of manner and muttered “I don’t really care…”, to which my mom replied “Well, I guess that’s a ‘no’,”. They could have at least not done that in front of me, you know, saved it for a time and place where it wouldn’t shatter me to pieces *sob* Stupid parents. I guess I’m used to being disappointed about Mitsuwa by now. I’m figuring that they owe me, and will let me spend a year in Japan because they owe me. Yes, of course.

I got my acceptance letter from the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO, for further reference) on Friday. It was funny, actually. Phil called around 2 that afternoon, just to say he had been accepted, and to ask if I had gotten in as well. I hadn’t gotten the letter yet, though, and it hadn’t really occurred to me that we might have gotten mail already that day. So Phil was like “You don’t know…? Did your mail come? Go check to see if your mail came!”, so I ran to see if the mail had come, and of course it had. I was opening the envelope while I was on the phone with him, and I didn’t know how I should react over the phone, especially since I’m no good on the telephone (I didn’t really doubt my being accepted, considering Phil being accepted, and also my seniority. And perhaps even my decent audition ^_^). That will be fun. My parents are really enthusiastic about the tour next summer to Ireland and Italy. I was sort of doubtful until I heard it was only 8 days in June, giving me enough time to go someplace camp-like. Woohoo.

Last night, because of today’s free-ness, my liking movies and friends, and my still being quietly pissed at my parents, I went to Jamie/Megan’s, where Jamie tortured me with her flute, and then we watched “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. My mother and sister watched it, and absolutely HATED it, mom calling it “the most inane thing” she’s ever watched. I can totally understand how she would think that, from what I saw, but in all honesty I really liked it. And not just because Colin Firth was in it (heehee). Random dialogue between two/three of us in middle of movie:

Megan: So, Talia, who do think is more sexy, a guy who can cook, or a pianist.
Me: Uh…honestly? I’d just like the pianist because he be my accompanist. I mean, while I play the cello, obviously *thought they might take that the wrong way*
Jamie and Megan simultaneously: That’s so you.

It’s true. I’m so calculating, sometimes…oh well. No shame in that, wheehee

Gah! The bird (Pete) just bit the CRAP outta my finger…pain…

Worrying About How Much I’m Bothering My Parents

I’ve been considering translating HanaKimi for a while now. The reasons so far are thus: to test my understanding of Japanese, to improve my understanding/vocabulary of Japanese, I love the series, I’m bored and need entertainment. However, I have to inform you numerous people who keep getting referred to my site from searching for “Hanakimi Translations”, I have no intention of posting them to the web. I’ve seen people take down some really wonderful translations from the web for two main reasons. Critisizm and abuse. There are a lot of idiot know-it-alls on the internet, who will negatively or obnoxiously critisize translations. I have a friend who’s experienced something of the sort, and I’ve read the blog of somebody else who’s had to deal with crap like that. Ohsaka Gakuen, a site that had the most wonderful HanaKimi translations I’ve ever read, removed its translations because somebody posted them on another website and didn’t mention/talk to the original translator. The translator decided to stop translating HanaKimi, and even came to dislike the series because of that experience. I don’t want to be frustrated, deal with stupid people, or even come to dislike my favorite series, because I posted something that was supposed to be fun and productive for me personally, on the web, great as the joy of using my knowledge to help other people would be. *slight bow* Gomen!!

So I guess I’m going to Mitsuwa on Sunday. Great, except I don’t really have any money -__-;; I’m actually thinking of asking my mom to spot me, since she’s the one who deposited all $300 dollars of my hard-earned money at the Credit Union without asking me if I wanted any of it for spending cash of my own. I figured, I’ve got money coming for one gig I’ve already played, and two gigs in August, she can at least be nice. Things I’m really really looking for that I’m listing to remind myself for later: Inuyasha 4, 7, 22, HanaKimi 1, 13-17, Hana to Yume 12, 13, Kareshi Kanojo 1-4, 8-13, Shiina Ringo – Utaite Myouri~sonoichi~ (although I’ve downloaded half of it, and CDs are damnwell expensive). Oh, and “Feel Your Breeze” for Megan/Jamie. And maybe me. I don’t know. I’ll probably just pick up a random single for the hell of it, and I’m really only prioritizing Inuyasha, HanaKimi and Hana to Yume (latest HanaKimi chapters). I’m sure nobody really follwed any of what was just said, but too damn bad =)

Dad needs to use the computer, I need a new layout, everybody’s screwed over.


So uh, yeah. Yesterday, I drove Renata’s house, where we watched four consecutive episodes of the X-Files and played the X-Files drinking game (It’s the official drinking game, from the official unofficial X-files guides…oh, shut up, me). With diet soda, of course. I think we would have gotten to drink more if we had started off with an episode that actually included Scully, because half of the listed items are having to do with Scully or Scully/Mulder interaction. Also, maybe if we’d have been a bit more attentive to the list. I think we were good with bathroom attacks and appearances/squints by Cigarette-Smoking Man, but that’s about it. It was fun, though. Yeehaw!

I spent the night hanging around with Jamie and Megan. It started off sort of slowly (hehe…but driving around with “Ikinari Rythm” at full blast was kind of entertaining), going to Walmart. I was dubbed with the new nick-name “Chibi-Cha”, which has very little to do with Walmart, but too bad. Then we returned to the “abode” and watched the rest of “10th Kingdom” until like 3am. Then the power was knocked out. But I’m alive and well and practicing the cello. Yeehaw

Okay, I’ve gotten like 15 messages about “Author’s Voice”, in one way or another. You guys can STOP now. I’m coming. I’m bringing people. I have emails, blog comments, phone-messages. Really. I’m coming. I am, however, touched that you’re all seemingly desperate to get me to come. Now leave me the hell alone =)

I’m in desperate need of a new layout. I now realize that my blog-font appears totally different on my computer, because I have it set to japanese characters, so the font is “Osaka”, nice and small and compact and not ugly. I’ll find a nice compromise.


I swear, if I had my dad’s talent with a camera, I would totally travel the world and take awesome pictures and make money and not play an instrument, haha. Right. Anyway, Chicago:
My future (probably) home away from home every Sunday afternoon starting this fall.
Room with a view
My dad is really good with a camera
Navy Pier from afar *still hasn’t forgetten about Hagen Daaz scam*
My sister with some Green Slime
Me, playing with the 9-year-old violinist (damn, was she good for a 9-year-old)
Sibling Relationship: Mystery of DNA

That’s all. For now. To demonstrate my father’s ability with a camera, I’m thinking of posting some pictures from Austria. *loves taking up webspace*


Saw “The Mikado” last night. It was really good. Not quite as entertaining as “Pirates”, but Gilbert and Sullivan nonetheless. So the last two movies in a row I’ve seen have been under Emily’s choice. I don’t have a problem with letting other poeple choose good movies for me to watch, but it’s my turn next *evil grin*. Actually, I’ve had three movies in mind for a while: “Kikujiro no Natsu”, “Edward Scissor-Hands”, and “Dancer in the Dark”. I thought of Kikujiro because it’s a really entertaining movie with great music, that might give an example of what attracts me to Japan. Edward Scissor-Hands is my second-favorite Tim Burton movie (only bested by “The Nightmare Before Christmas”), with two of my favorite actors, Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp. Dancer in the Dark is great (if you don’t mind depressing), and I love the way it was filmed. I really enjoy the music, too.

I’ve come to the realization that there are friends who I’ve been drifting away from for some time now. I’ve noticed it during the school-year, but moreso since school let out. Realizations like that always make me really sad. I mean, I know it obviously shouldn’t be everybody’s priority to keep in great touch or spend actual time with me over the summer, but an occasional quick online “hello” would even satisfy me. I don’t even get those anymore. Sigh. Whatever. I still have some really great friends who don’t mind my bothering them nearly every night, or simply hissing at me online every night (waha, you know who you are). But enough about me. How about you get to know a little more about me?!

Whoo, I’ll post some pics taken in Chicago later! *runs off to finish practicing cello*

Entry In Less Than 15 Minutes

Played for two hours at the Panache in Peoria with the ol’ string quartet yesterday (Emmy, Diane, Beth, truly the “old string quartet” *sniff*). It was great, we entertained ourselves more than we entertained anybody at the Panache (of the maybe ten people who went in and out in the two hours we played. Keh). Sightreading for gigs is so much fun, especially when nobody’s there to hear you suck. We did this absurd fiddle-arrangement that switched tunes every four measures…oh, it was great. It’s really horrible how unaware of what’s going on I can be. I just randomly miss notes by half-steps sometimes. I think that for me, playing in an ensemble requires more than six hours of sleep. Anyway, we’d been playing for maybe 15 minutes, when this group of maybe seven people walk in the door, and just sort of stand and stare at us. Turns out that by total coinicidence, the Peoria Suzuki group (whatever they’re called) had planned on a meeting during the time we were playing. Ha ha. Ha. What I thought was funny about this is that all four of us were Suzuki drop-outs, shhh, don’t tell. And by the way, apparently I really am the only high-school cellist left in Central Illinois. Sheesh.

Yay, I’m having a joint recital on July 28th! I have no idea what time or where it is, but if you live close to Normal, do come! I’ll be playing two movements of a Shostakovich sonata, and this absurdly fast piece by David Popper (which made my thumb bleed last night), “Dance of the Elves”. And if you don’t come to hear me, come to hear Molly because she’s awesome!

I’m running out of headers! Somebody inspire me!

Oh my god….oh…my…god…I just accidently brushed my finger against a key and all the text of this took-me-30-minutes-to-type entry disappeared. Oh my god. I couldn’t just not post anything so….oh…why me….i hope i’ll feel inspired to type later *sob*

Some Updates

Uh, let’s see, for those of you who like narcissistic stuff, I replaced the main “me” picture on the “about” page. I also added a new section to the same page, which includes manga/anime/studio ghibli stuff. I know I could have separated them, but I figured what the heck, I’m not into that many different titles, anyway, so it’s sort of saving space and time. I know I probably could have kept Ghibli films under the title of “anime”, but I wanted to distinguish that they’re more movies and not endless series. I updated the “manga” (Mm. HanaKimi) and “music archive” pages, too, even though they’re sort of miniscule compared to the “about” page.

Also, my archives haven’t been showing up again. I’m hoping I’ve just fixed that, though. Whoo.


So my failed trip to Mitsuwa was not entirely in vain! When I first heard that I had missed the opportunity of HanaKimi 1-16, I wanted to bawl my eyes out. Then, Jamie very nicely offered to look for it for me when she went back on Tuesday (note: this is two days after it was spotted at Mitsuwa, and after I had to walk away at a “closed” sign). I was SOOO happy at this offer, and though I was providing money, I felt guilty that this still might have been for the expense of Jamie’s embarassment, for having to walk up to the counter with 16 manga, and pay for them all. I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Well, luckily for Jamie (and in no way sad for me because I’m happy to have ANY HanaKimi in my posession), there were only 11 of them left, and she bought them with the aid of her friend (who has the most amazing blog, btw) Katherine. It’s kind of funny to think that within a distance of a quarter mile are almost 3 of each copy of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Anyway, it’s very hard to convey the feelings I was experiencing as I unwrapped those tankouban and put them on my shelf, just a few minutes ago. *sob* Thank you, Jamie!

And then Utada Hikaru. Her single “Sakura Drops” is the theme for “First Love”, and it’s like…the perfect theme for this psycho drama. I remember I tried to download the single when it first came out, but I really didn’t like it. But the more I hear it, the more I like it. The coupled song “Letters” is really good, too, and apparently HISASHI from GLAY is playing guitar for it. That doesn’t make me anywhere near as happy as when I misheard and thought that it had been JIRO from GLAY, but it makes me happy non-the-less. Three excellent singles in a row. Whoo, Utada Hikaru. Yeah, Traveling, Hikari, and now Sakura Drops. And then last year’s First Love was the top single for 2001. Admittedly, the covers of the singles seem to be becoming more and more Bjork-ish. Just thought I’d add that for fun.

But no matter how much I ramble about Japanese artists, how much I critizise or praise, it’s R.E.M. I love. And so should you. Listen to that song!! GRAR! (^_^)


I’m bored stupid right now. So I guess I’ll just take some time and type my little heart away, make up for the time I’ll be in New York in advance. I’ll do it this way for now.

Shiina Ringo: She has a new album out. I think it’s a two-disc, entirely covers of other people’s songs. That makes me extremely happy, except I know that it’ll be hard to obtain it anytime soon. I was actually sort of surprised that Asahiya books in Arlington Heights carried Shiina Ringo, but not Bonnie Pink. Well, whatever. I was just happy they carried something I liked that wasn’t particularly POP-ish. It’s not like Mitsuwa actually IS Japan. But wow, what I wouldn’t give for a book-off somewhere nearby. Anyway, apparently there are at least three Beatles covers, which only proceeds to make me even more needy. And then there’s this song that’s been on the official sr wbsite, called Georgy Porgy?! I neeeed this song!! uWAH!

Currently Being Watched Drama: First Love. I have no real opinion of this yet, other than that it’s really sort of weird. Megan and Jamie rented it from Akemiya, and it’s something new, and I guess I’m just special that I get to watch it with them. Anyway, Watabe Atsuro, Fukada Kyouko, crazy crazy sister. I’m not a Fukada Kyouko fan in particular, but she’s a lot more tolerable than she was in “To Heart”, so I’ll give her that. And she hasn’t really cried once, thank god. I can’t wait until I get to see GTO, because it’s supposed to be really good, and KubaYous is in it. But then, I suspect that if I don’t watch Virgin Road anytime soon, I’ll be mauled by a certain two people….hahaha…

Still bored.

A Very Belated Upload

There’s been a new filed uploaded! Rejoice! I sort of lost my fire for uploading songs after Renata left for New York, because I suspect that she is one of the only perhaps two people who downloads what I put up. It just felt so pointless for me to upload a song that nobody was going to download. Sniff.

Anyway, this is R.E.M. at their extreme best, right around 1980 (my opinion on R.E.M.’s current stuff is less-than-awesome). This is probably one of my five favorite R.E.M. songs, and when you take into consideration that I’m a pretty gung-ho R.E.M. fan, that just proves it must be worth something. It’s actually a cover of a song by Pylon. It’s sort of funny because in the notes that came with the CD, Peter Buck explained that the group felt really stupid about covering this song when they heard the original on the radio, and I think this version is superior to the Pylon version. Right. Enjoy it!

Off to go eat Tibetan soup. Mm.

Audition Plus Family Outing

My audition was okay. I started the Bach shakily, just because I was sort of rushed in to the room and lost my cool in the process of being rushed in. Let me say, though, it was HOT in Chicago. I mean, I already break into a sweat while playing Shostakovich, just because of the piece. But this was absurd. I must have looked really bad, all sweaty and disgruntled. Ah well. I regained my sound after about five measures into the Bach, though, so it was pretty good. Shostakovich was interesting. I missed a few really stupid notes, though. It’s amazing how you never notice the more obvious choices of bowing and fingerings until you’re in the middle of playing a piece for an audition. This has happened to me before, which isn’t at all surprising. And then the sight-reading. Why does sightreading have to be last in all auditions? I always blunder horribly through sight-reading, and today was no exception. Because it’s last, it’s the last impression I have of the audition, and is directly responsible for the way I feel as I walk out the door. The feeling that generally makes me want to bang my forhead on the scroll of my cello, repeatedly (no exaggeration. i came amazingly close). I’m never like, really upset, though. More amused, than upset, and prone to maniacal laughter. Anyway, my family was running around Michigan Avenue shopping and eating while I was sweating away and working through my nerves in the warm-up room in the Symphony building. But they did bring me a sandwich from Corner Bakery, afterward, so hooray.

I miss Renata! Renata, come hoooome! *whines*