About The Current Download

This song is one of my particular favorites. Cornelius is one of those Japanese artists that has managed a few releases in the US. He has three albums available in America, and I think at least five in Japan, not including released singles. I think I’m so very fond of this song because of the chord changes, that and it’s loud, and I have to admit that I really do like loud obnoxious stuff as long as it’s got something to it. This one is really pretty engaging in it’s obnoxity. It belongs to the album “Fantasma”, which I have every intention of ordering online with some borders.com gift certificates I recieved over X-Mas. If you enjoy Cornelius, I suggest you do something of the same!! ^^ Leave some feedback! ARIGATOU~~~!

important note: this song is in Japanese!! I’m noting this because I know of one or two people who don’t like listening to songs without lyrics or with lyrics they can’t understand because of a language barrier. All I have to say to those people is: tough luck. I’m a Japan obsessee, so there will generally be Japanese songs.

My Brow Is Boken!!

Good god! I broke my bow!! Well, I didn’t actually break my bow. I’ve known for months now that the screw on the inside was wearing down, but man, talk about awesome timing! I’d been trying out a Coda bow. On Friday I decided it definitely wasn’t what I wanted, so my parents thought it would be a wise idea to return it. It’s too bad they didn’t think of returning it one or two days later. So yesterday was the final Central Illinois Youth Symphony concert. I got to Manual High School and started to unpack my stuff, and when I started to tighten my bow, I noticed a particularly strange clicking feeling that shouldn’t have been there. When my bow failed to tighten entirely, I was almost flipping out. There weren’t many people there, but first I went to Beverly, and was like “Um…my bow is…broken,” and SHE started flipping out moreso that I already was. She told me to go find Steve, and tell him, even though it was obviously pointless, since what the hell can he do about it?! But ten minutes later, I came back to the warm-up room, and like…ten people gathered around me like…”your bow is broken? Are you sure you can’t fix it?”. TEN. I was irked by this. Finally, another cellist showed up and happened to have an extra bow. A pretty damn good second bow, in fact. So I completely forgot about the fact that mine was broken in the first place, which actually turned out to be more trouble than not…

I got home from the concert (I had to hitch a ride to and from with the Morrow’s…which was innnteresting. At least I had good reading materiel with me) and found a message on our answering machine from Rob, saying that I should go and practice with the band. Well, me being the idiot I am went off with intentions of doing that, entirely forgetting that I didn’t have a working bow until I was unpacking my cello at Katie’s house. They didn’t seem to care or react that much, and I said I’d try to strum/pluck. Well, that didn’t go so well. For one thing, I simply couldn’t hear myself when I was pizzing. It didn’t help that they tune DOWN a freaking half-step. WHAT THE HELL?! It’s not like it’s not allowed. It just threw me off entirely. So I sat there feeling really useless. They all seemed sort of pissed off and in no way affected by my presence, anyway. I left soon thereafter, I was just too pissed off at myself. Grrr.

So, in my want to share unique music with the world, I’m going to have a weekly mp3 uploaded onto my ftp, for all to partake of. I’ll keep an online record of songs I’ve put in, in case anybody finds my music taste really intriguing or something, and wants to download some more from me, directly from AIM or something. And just to see what I’ve put up. Does anybody think blogger cares about that, because it’s illegal? Or do you think they’d think it was cool and my chances of being listed as a “blog of choice” would increase? Hmm…well, whatever. I’m getting on this mp3 thing, though. I should have a link on the sidebar by tonight. I’d appreciate input or something, even on the song. If you really like it, if you really think it’s crap, leave a comment (aka, “do you crash?” link). I love to know what other people think, especially when it comes to music.

This had better publish or I’ll cry…

I Survived Being Lost In The Nightaaahahaha–*whack*!

So, I survived prom. It was a lot of fun, though I have to say, I don’t think I was at all myself. I mean, I just felt so weird having to go. I know I was putting up a personality that’s not really what I am…so it was odd, is all. That and I have the definite “it’s prom night!…being geeky at home with friends!” attitude in me from the start. Knowing me I’m surprised I ended up going in the first place, except for the fact that I told myself I should go just once, seeing as I’ve never been to a formal dance and it could be fun. That and it’s Jeff, and there’s seriously nobody better I could have gone with. Except maybe Nagano *absurd laughter*

So, it started off with me coming home from Eva’s house around 3:45pm, freaking out because I needed to get a lot of crap done, as well as get dressed, all by 4:15, when I was to be picked up. AAAaand, my parents weren’t home. But then my mom got home, and cleaning crap up took a lot faster than I thought, and Jeff called to say he’d be about ten minutes late, anyway, and all was sort of well with the world. So anyway, Grand March supposedly started at 4:30, and Jeff didn’t actually show up until about 4:45, so we ended up 3rd to last in line. I have to say, whoever set up Stroud did a damn fine job. Very park-like, indeed.

So, we drove back to Jeff’s house for dinner. We ate while listening to Tchaik 6, Symphony Pathetik, performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and talked about CYSO, CIYS, music, people, etc. Neither of us are the dancing type, so we postponed going to the dance until about 9:30, giving us a chance to watch The Red Violin. Excellent movie. I’d only seen like…a scene of it before last night. I think if it’d been me by myself on a different occasion, it might have depressed the hell out of me. After that we went to the dance, at Miller Park, a really nice place for prom, I think (I just have to mention, it was ASS cold. Like, 40 something out and raining. I think it should have snowed, just to be really extreme in messing with our heads). Jeff and I are (once again) non-dancers, so we danced for one song, a slow dance of sorts. It was sort of weird to see all these couples being so serious when so many others were just having fun. My personality is the exact opposite of the serious-ness, which willed me to want to run around shrieking and throwing stuff to stir things up (WAHAHAH–*choke*). We sort of swayed for YMCA (*middle of YMCA* “CRAP! I can’t SPELL!”) and a couple other songs, and then just walked around and talked to people until we decided to head off to afterprom. We got lost on our way out from Miller Park. We took one turn to find ourselves behind an incredibly slow car, and then took another turn to get away from that incredibly slow car. The next thing we knew, we were on a narrowing road where the speed limit was 55. Oops. So we had to take two slight detours, but managed to get back to Jeff’s house with plenty of time to spare.

Afterprom was a lot of fun, too. We spent about an hour playing Black Jack with Mr. Reeser. I wasn’t doing too bad, I had over $500 worth of chips when Jeff told me that he “felt lucky”, and convinced me to bet all my chips. Yeah, that didn’t turn out well. But it gave us an excuse to leave and do something else. The go-carts weren’t really go-carts, but trash-cans with wheels. I got one that somehow didn’t want to turn at all, so I almost fell off multiple times while turning. I had to leave by about 2, so I didn’t get to see the hypnotist (imagine Doug Borst speaking gibberish, and Jen Dawson having to translate.

Yeah, that was prom. Good times…

The Master of Microfiche!

So, does anybody else in the world know how to use microfilm? I just learned, absolutely running around Milner library, first trying to locate the exact microfilm I needed to find, and THEN conquering the microfilm viewing machine part. So as it turns out, I’m an idiot, because it’s not that hard. I asked four different people on three different floors for help, and finally found the right machine. The lady who was helping explained the basics to me, and then left me to toil and probably almost break the thing by myself. Fortunately for me (and the machine…how very…very fortunate for….machine…rrr), there was some nice old guy sitting next to me, and he sort of helped me further, like when I had to unload and reload the damn thing, and had NO idea where the film went. And of course, I couldn’t find AAAnything I was looking for on the microfilm I had pulled out. I’ll have to run back tomorrow after the remaining portion of the PSAE. Stupid standardized testing…So my conclusion is that microfilm is for bizarre professors and timid girls who are screwed in their English classes. Blech.

Uguh. Prom is in three days. Would somebody like to add another four hours into each day, so as to provide myself and other with an extra four hours of sleep? Crap–I totally didn’t get the chance to look for a video for my U.S. studies project. At least it’s a cool subject–space travel and the Kennedy Assasination. And at least ONE of my group members will let me live for not doing work I should be doing. The other one will most definitely maul me as soon as I’m back in class on Friday. And then Youth Symphony concert tomorrow night…and then on Sunday at 2pm. I get to drive myself to the concert tomorrow night, which scares the CRAP outta me. That and the fact that I have to drive a college student who I’m not that familiar with.

This is one of those days where I feel that I bother everybody and I wish I could just sort of not exist at school. Oh well. At least I’ll know next year that I ONCE had friends in school. I’ll be too busy loathing my schedule to care, I think. But yeah, I’m sort of concerned with that matter of school and my schedule next year. I think the only thing keeping me alive will of course, be Japanese. Which…will be an independant study…maybe I could like…take it independant study for the first half of the year, and then drop out of orchestra after allstate (hooo hoo ha ha brilliant–no). Obviously a no-go. What I’m really considering doing is taking chorus for the first semester, so I can do madrigals, and then dropping it 2nd sem. Many options for me. Momentarily, I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Soooo.


Standardized Testing Got You Down?

Blaaaah. I just got out of Stroud for the Prarie State Exam (also known as the ACT plus some other test). Three and a half hours and OW! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The English part of the exam was incredibly easy, and I finished it with about five or ten minutes to spare. The Math…eheh…not so well. Between my lacking abilities and Math the material from two years prior to Alg II I’ve forgotten, there’s probably a lot of room for improvement. Everything else was fine, but sort of a push for time. I doubt I’ll get a very good score, though, first time around and all.

I’ve learned that some people you SHOULDN’T ask for advice when it comes to choosing a university. Such as musical people who…well…I’m not sure. It just so happens that I might want to go into something besides/in addition to music. So what classes I’ve taken in the past WILL have some influence on what schools think of me. So there. I WILL take four years of math for that reason. And then there are other people who give their most blunt and direct opinion based on their own very personal experience. That would be my sister.
Me: I’m interested in going to Oberlin.
Erica: Oh, no, you definitely don’t want to go there.
Me: Why? You went there, after all…
Erica: Because it’s a hippy school, and one of the cello teachers is retiring.
Me: Um…but I only said I was interested, right? You dealt with hippies…I can also probably deal with hippies. Besides, if there are TWO cello teachers, and a new one will be coming in, how do I automatically know it’s not worth looking into?
Erica: Because I say so.
Me: Oh. Thanks.

Then there’s the matter of parents, one who wants me to be happy, and the other who wants me to get the absolute most out of my college experience, and would send me to Russia for this, if necessary. The parents switch roles ever so often. That’s okay, though. I think that’s less a pain do deal with than more picky parents. “And your school has to be of the exact denomination of Christianity that we are…”.

That’s all for now. I’ll rant on non-future related subjects later.

Asian Obsession: How Far Is Too Far?

Well, Renata had mentioned something about going to see a movie last night, but she never contacted me about it. *sniff* How sad. I would have liked to have gotten out of my hidey hole. I figured the movie wasn’t happening by the time 8pm rolled around and I’d heard nothing. So then I started to hope that Megan and Jamie would get back from A-Cen at an early enough time that I could run over and bother them. I didn’t see Megan online until sometime close to midnight, though, and by then I knew that wouldn’t work, either. It’s all good, I had a semi-occupied night.

My parents got home from their Opera rehearsal around ten, at which point my dad said he was going out to rent a DVD. I said I’d go with him go get something, sort of having some stuff in mind. I was thinking that I’d especially like to see Kikujiro no Natsu again, because it’s such a cute movie and succeeds in making me Japan-nostialgic (a feeling i actually like). I figured that movie wasn’t out on DVD, but then I’m not too entirely sure. I don’t know the rate of which movies previously released movies are being put on DVD. I guess it’s a lot, but would they have made it to such an insignificant foreign film by this point? I’m not even sure the signifince of this movie in the U.S. at this point. *gasp* but as I peruse amazon.com, I see that it is released on DVD. And that it recieved four stars. That’s very encouraging. Well, some night I go to the Movie Fan and am not being entirely rushed, I’ll check out there massive DVD section. I’m sort of in want of seeing more Kurosawa Akira films. I own one, a collection of short and very disturbing movies. I haven’t even made it through the entire thing yet, if I recall right. Ugh…damn my Japan obsession.

Anyway, I looked and looked in the time I had, for Kikujiro, but seriously couldn’t find it. At least, not until my dad and I were leaving, and I saw it was in the most obvious place in the store. Bah. I ended up renting Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Ringo Princess Paranoia: The Shiina Ringo Obsession

So I almost killed the string quartet today. Seriously. But I think I have to start this story from the beginning. We had a wedding gig in Flanagan (you can tell just by the name that it’s in the middle of nowhere), which is maybe 40 minutes north-east from Normal. We decided to drive together in one vehicle, and I guess I was the special one who got to drive us. It must have been pre-ordained or something ( <--doesn't believe in destiny). No big deal, but it was my first time on the Interstate without parental supervision, so go me! Anyway, between my driving and Nikita's following written instructions, we got lost. Not seriously lost, just slightly detoured. We didn't play for the actual wedding (thank god, I think we ruined that one couple's wedding...), but for two hours of reception, that took place in the church. All went well, and we had enough music, technically. I felt like nobody was paying us any attention, until we left, at which point, the entire crowd yelled in unison "good byeee!" and waved. I was thoroughly disturbed by this. We inspected the check recieved, and as it turns out, get $50 each for this. I've been paid a lot more than that for weddings gigs, but since nobody else in the group had, and it's been probably half a year since I've made any money at all, I was pretty excited. Then comes the near killing of the quartet part. I was parked in an angled space on the side of the church, and the street was narrow. Me being the brilliant driver I am, started backing up with my tail-end pointing in the wrong direction, and when I realized it wouldn't work and tried to brake, I somehow managed to hit the accelerator instead (I swear ,I can't feel a damn thing in those dress shoes), coming within probably an inch of smashing into this nice, white SUV. I felt sooooo stupid. And then everybody was sort of teasing me about it on the way back. I don’t believe myself. I thought about that for about half the way back. Molly assured me that everybody has their bad encounters, and since that was my first, it just seemed like more of a shock to me (I would like to note that I have been licensed for barely a month). I realize that I dwell on things that never happened waaay too much. It took me until I fell asleep at home an hour later until I really got over that. And then I was mildly amused. I was like “I’ll tell mom and dad when they got home, and we’ll all have a laugh together, aaaahahaha!”. Never happened. I decided some things are better left being unsaid.

So, my dad got a new DVD player, which he got on sale for $82. I’m amazed by this thing. I only have one DVD in my posession, and it’s not even mine, but I watched it (“Much Ado About Nothing”…) anyway. Oh, boy, and it plays VCDs and MP3’s as well, so I’m going to be spending less time watching dorama on the computer! YAAAY! It makes me want to run and beg for Il Mare right now. Actually, Megan just got the dorama Itazurana KISS, so soon I’ll hopefully get to see that. I’m excited about that drama, because it’s based on a manga that I started reading yesterday. An incredibly cute shoujo manga. There are 23 volumes of the manga, but it was never finished because the author was killed in a car accident. That makes me so sad. I mean, what if Philip Pullman had been killed in a car accident before he had finished writing “His Dark Materiels”? I’d have gone psycho because of it, in addition to many other friends of mine who love that series. I waited almost four years for the last book to come out, but boy was it worth it. I keep telling myself I’ll reread the series, but I haven’t so much as touched the first book yet. I’ll probably wait and do it this summer, since I’ll be home with lots of free time.

How Would You Like 24-7 Fiddler In Your Head, HUUH?!

God damn…I just got back from NCHS’s production of Fiddler and hmm. Seriously, cast/crew members from U-High should go, just so they can come to feel good about the way our show went, if they don’t already. That was my compliment to U-High, right there. Lesse…NCHS had three different fiddlers, for a grand total of six fiddler appearances, in which they only played the solo theme. None of the other original fiddling theme, no prancing about while playing. It only makes me appreciate Emily more than I do already. True, though, NCHS had it’s moments. The Dream scene was awesome, probably my favorite scene from their show. And Motel and Tzietel were both excellent. Ivy’s really talented (she was Tzietel). But Ttheir Golde was NOT even comparable to Liz’s Golde. My ranting ends here.

So, Youth Symphony last night was in Metamora (aka, the middle of nowhere). The auditorium we played in was really nice, and oh my god, we could HEAR eachother. William Tell Overature was really good! I can’t stress how incredibly good it was, in fact (Um….the beginning cello quintet doesn’t count as being good in any way). The rehearsal started pretty badly, though. Steve wasn’t in the greatest of moods, and I started off as the only cello to show up, which might have had to do with Steve’s bad mood. Then pass ten minutes, and who would else would show up (as one of the hired cellos from Bradley/ISU) other than my old stand-partner, BRENT. That’s right, that guy. It was weird. Well, besides Brent, the two ISU cellos (Brian and Jenny) showed up soon-after. Followed by Dana. And the whole thing was….aaaaah!!

Mr. Risinger handed me my excerpt music for auditions in May, which I didn’t really have time to look at. It wasn’t stapled, and I haven’t seen it since last night, so it might be lost already. So, after rehearsal, Steve comes up to me and says “Oh, the last excerpt, it’s from Don Quixote. It’s a real bear, quite impossible,” before wishing me luck and walking off. So, then, what the hell?! Maybe that was just Steve’s way of emphasizing that he really likes Don Quixote, I don’t know.

Help me, Obi-wan Kenobosky!

Reading really really old pieces of mail from the InuYasha ml, listening to “Something Else”. Oh, btw, somebody out there who takes interest in J-Pop…What’s with the new “Arashi” thing? Did they randomly decide to start spelling their name in katakana, or what?

So, about those IYml mails from a month ago–HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! They’re talking about the end! More than just series end, like, the end of InuYasha, and what will become of Kouga, who supposedly would die at the end of the chapter they were talking about (and I’m too lazy to go to Chris Rjik’s site myself and look…goddamn it). There was even one person who’s opinion was something along the lines of “Everybody’s going to die, except for Miroku, Sango, Kagome, and Kohaku,” at which point I was growling because they were OBVIOUSLY forgetting somebody important. But then, two sentances later, this person says that “InuYasha’s toast, so he’ll go off into the after life with Kikyou.” Excuse me while I first bludgeon this person to death, and then gnash my teeth to bits. That will NOT be the ending. Because I damn-well say so. Even though Takahashi-sensei may be good at giving us ambiguous endings, I’ve noticed she generally knows how to make things end well, and actually letting characters live. Also, there’s just too much stuff to wrap up still.

Alright, I think I should catch up on the IYml emails before I rant anymore. Someday I’ll sit my ass down and read through the translations, too…

Well, today school was merely crappy, as opposed to butt-munch crappy. I can’t believe how tired I’ve been. I really need to go to bed like…right now, just because I’ll be exhausted if I don’t. I need to keep in mind that I have to turn in my Japanese composition on Thursday, and I’m determined to put actual effort into it, this time. This means I need to start it at least tomorrow night, instead of Thursday during my lunch-hour.

I went running again tonight. Really, I love running. It’s not like I do it because I think I need to lose weight or anything, because my body size/weight doesn’t really bother me. I just feel weak, unfit. I want to be strong again. Running is also relaxing to me. I ran from my house to the over-pass about 2 miles North, on the Constitution Trail. I like the trail, especially once you get out near the Interstate, because there are fewer houses. The trees are pretty nice around there. I usually listen to Japanese stuff, sort of forgetting about where I really am *long pause* Which is kind of sad.

Eva is awesome, and is letting me borrow her prom dress from two years ago, and it fits me very well. It’s REALLY nice. Oh, THANK YOU, EVA!! *dances*

Anyway, I’m off to um…not be constructive, for a while.

I Feel All Mystical And Magical. I Think I’ll Go Rip My Guts Out…

Wow. I blogged this entirely huge thing about the difference between my blog and my private book, and what goes in each. It was pretty bad, so I guess it was good that my computer froze before I got a chance to post it. Anyway, maybe some other day.

I’m sick of the standard teenage girls of this society. The main reason I bring this up is because I have this pet peeve, about how girls have a tendancy to talk about guys like they’re just pieces of meat. This just happened today, in fact, during intermission for Fiddler, as I was standing with two other pit members. Somehow they managed to go into a conversation having to do with Matt S, and how he’s hot. I hear a lot of that, but I really wish that people could admire others for more than just looks. It severely bothers me, and I don’t know why. Possibly because it makes me think that guys think of girls the same way, and that this society really does base itself on appearances after all.

So I decided it was time to start going running again. I went on the Constitution Trail, right before the sun started to set. Anyway, I ran out to the Interstate over-pass before turning back to walk the rest of the way home. On the way back, I passed Kate with her canine friend, and even further down, I ran into Ivy! Ivy and I just stood and talked for a while, until Kate passed us again, going the opposite direction. At this point, we headed back in the general Southern direction of our houses together, talking about everything from Fiddler on the Roof to what weirdos we were in junior high school (Oh, Ivy is the daughter of both the Japanese teachers at ISU…). So I walked past my turn on the trail, because I knew her house was very close to mine, and that it would be an easy walk. So anyway, Thomas-sensei walked past us with their dog, and god it was WEIIIRD! I only occasionally saw him before I took a class with him, and now that I take a class with him, it’s just sort of bizarre for me to see him outside of that class, speaking English.

I think it’s time to revert to my room after drinking some liquid. Oyasumi.

As She Drinks Her Canned Wassail…

No, I’m not really drinking canned wassail. I’m simply on an MST3k binge, which will probably force me to make my header a quote, every single day. Yeah. Hmm. I think I’m still living the effects of tech-week/no sleep. Last night after the show, I was standing with Renata in the hallway where the actors were meeting people, and I said to Allison Borst “Great job! My condolences to you–er…commendments…”. I was thoroughly laughed at for that. Still, Renata tried to spell “Ithaca” with an “f”. I think that wins. Just a little bit tired. Sad, too. Phil’s parents won’t let him sell his mandolin, so I’m obviously not going to have it by tomorrow. Oh well. I guess ISU Symphony Orchestra paychecks are good for something. I’ll look around some. There are some good used guitar shops that numerous people have recommended to me. I probably won’t end up paying all that much more than I had originally planned.

So I finally got my hands on parts of Bonnie Pink’s remix album. It’s erm…well, I can’t really give my full opinion because I’ve only heard half the songs. So far I’m not too impressed. I thought Cornelius’ remix would be especially cool, but it’s only moderately cool, making FISH sound like it’s meant for piano. The chords are nice, but it’s not too exciting. The remix of SWEET is a little too exciting. That song was never meant to sound like a dance track, methinks. “COMMUNICATION” is one of those songs that the more I listen to, the more I like, so in other words, by now it’s approaching the status of very well liked. I’m saving the best for last, to say that Towa Tei’s remix of “Orange” is amazingly cool. Towa Tei is probably the best remixer I can recognize on the list. I have two of his albums, and they’re not really the type of music I listen to frequently, but I still really enjoy them. And then there are the two remixes on this album which have been out for a year or more, the mix of Sleeping Child (it’s pretty cool, I guess, by Stereolab) and Reason. I seriously think that Reason will be the best mix on this album. I think the name of the person who remixed it is Inoue Kaoru, or something like that…from some popular group in japan. Anyway, that was my senseless spiel on music nobody’s heard before, besides myself and Chloe.

Wheehee! last night was cool. After the show, I came home and watched MST3k for about an hour (“The Touch of Satan”), and then around 11:30, Emily dropped by. We went to the lock-in at her church. Short explanation, this is a Unitarian Church, meaning um, no worship, and a ton of people I know from school, or for some reason or another. We sat in the kitchen and talked for a while, me listening to David, Emily and Steven talking about financial aid, and David almost making me cry (hehe, not really). We did that for about an hour, before diverting to the basement and watching ten minutes of Mallrats. Emily and I just couldn’t sit through it (*edit at a later date* What was my problem?! Mallrats is one of the best movies. Evar), so we went upstairs intent on leaving. Instead, we sat upstairs by the door and talked to Reagan and Neal for like an hour. I’ve never really talked to him much other than once or twice last year, so that was cool. Apparently he plays in a band with Grant, which floats my boat. I’d sort of like to hear them play sometime, especially because I’m not all that big a fan of Halogen Blue (Neal’s other group. Hmm…I think I’m going to be mauled by a few people for that comment…). Grant’s awesome. It’s seriously fun sitting right in front of him during ISU Symph. Or, it was until I was exhausted and sitting up two seats because other cellists were missing. He sort of feigned yelling at me on Thursday when I got up to leave early, which freaked me out, because I seriously couldn’t tell if he was actually yelling at me or not.


Nemurenai Yoru

So, out of 3 jazz bands in our division, we got 3rd. I didn’t care, honestly, but some people did. We’re definitely not the band we were two years ago, and there’s nothing we can do about it now. I understand what it is to be competetive, and why it’s important to some people for their own motivation, but there were a couple people who cared too much, and very blatently announced this. Overall, I’m jazzed out.

Oh, the Branford Marsalis concert was awesome…for about ten minutes. Don’t get me wrong, Branford is amazingly good, and so is his quartet, but somehow, listening to songs that are 15-25 minutes long, with chord changes flying too fast for me to follow bores me. I’m not meant for more than about three or four hours of jazz a day, so according to my jazz excess level, I was not meant to go to that concert. Jeff, Jill and I stayed until about 9:30, so I definitely got my $7.50’s worth. The balcony seats sucked, anyway, and only allowed me to discover that my eye-sight is worsening.

So afterward, Jeff wanted to go to Molly’s party, but had no idea how to get there. I gave him clear directions (not the hardest place to find), but he thought it would be good if I just went with him. I was really hesitant about it at first, because I was never invited, I hadn’t been home all day, and parties generally go late. However, after Jeff said I was good company, promised to get me home at a reasonable hour – and explained that it was a surprise party, planned sort of late, anyway – I decided that it wouldn’t hurt. It turned out to be a lot of fun, though. Most of my well-gotten-along-with friends were there, and we just sat in a big circle playing Scattergories for a long time.


No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn!

I am sooo tired. I can’t remember the last time I was this tired. Well, actually I lied, yes I can. It was after all-state in January, when Emily and I got a total of two hours sleep with a 7am rehearsal to follow. I slept for 14 hours the next night. But anyway, I guess I’ve been much more sleep-deprived than usual, because I’m nodding off (but not falling asleep) much more frequently during school, and just generally becoming fatigued at weird hours of the day. Last night, I was at Jamie/Megan’s watching Il Mare, and I was totally nodding off by 8:30. Jamie was in somewhat of a similar state, so we made a caffeine run (ah, junkfood) in the middle of the movie. It didn’t help much, for some reason. Usually caffiene will at least give me more awaked-ness. Hmm…I can definitely say that I go to bed progressively later each year. Ah, I sort of miss the old days, when I thought that 10:30 was late. Currently, I’m lucky if my light is out by 12:30. It’s sort of odd, though, because I’ve been getting about 6 hours of sleep every night this year, and I’ve been generally okay until last week. I guess now that I think about it, it makes sense that I’ve been so tired, because I have been getting up earlier with my parents gone. GAH! Tomorrow’s Daylight Savings time, isn’t it?! GAAH! The crappy one, too! fuu….

Wait, I mentioned Il Mare, did I? It was AAAWESOME! Definitely the kind of movie I like. Minimal information at the beginning, the figure-it-out-on-you-own type of movie. But it’s sort of weird, because my entertainment days have been entirely filled with time-paradox in the last week. That episode of MST3K from last week (Time Chasers), and then the weird paradoxish ending of Long Love Letter (which by the way, for those interested, Jamie does a good job explaining on her blog), and now Il Mare. There are still a few loose-tied ends in both of these that I’m trying to piece together with my feeble brain, like why Sung Hyun showed up when Eun Joo was leaving, and Sung Hyun was the one who was living there in the first place, like, had he not died, he should have still be living there. Same goes with the dog. But I guess that’s something I’m just not supposed to think about.

Uh…I have to back to ISU for Jazz Band competiton announcements and the Branford Marsalis concert pretty soon. I guess we did well. I know that, I, personally, didn’t play as well as I did during warm-ups, but by no means am I saying that overall as a Jazz Band, we didn’t do so well. I still know there’s absolutely no chance we’ll be opening for Branford (I mean, if we didn’t make it for the um…other trumpet guy two years ago, there’s no way we’d be able to now), but I always like to imagine, teehee. Jazz Choir didn’t do all that well, in my opinion. Jazzin’ in the Afternoon did REALLY well, and worked so well with the clinician, it was just worth being there to watch. I sang like crap. I don’t think I’m made for jazz. I can do regular acoustic things well, and especially madrigals, but somehow jazz isn’t something my voice is made for. It’s totally different from anything else I’m more used to/good at doing. I don’t think I’m going to do jazz next year, just because everybody I like will be graduating, and I know I won’t have time if I am going to be doing auditions and stuff.

*looks at clock and hurts self*


So this morning I got up before six, so I could be reasonably early for the field trip. Well, turns out, a lot of people almost missed the bus entirely, and all in all, we didn’t leave until 7:30. So yeah, Navy Pier wasn’t all that great. The food was expensive, the crowds were annoying. And then there’s the Hagen Daaz conspiracy. After lunch, Renata and I were in an ice-cream sort of mood, so our brains immediately turned to the Hagen Daaz we had passed on our way to the food courts. We decided to split a Rocky Road Dazzler, which was large and far too chocolately for me (in the end). And how much did this thing cost? $6.85, to be precise. So at first it was really good, but by the time we got to the center, we were both really thirsty and sick of chocolate. We still managed to finish most of it, but by the time that happened, we were in dire need of water with the realization that there were no water fountains, only bottles of it that cost $1.75 (it’s fucking water!) apiece. This, my friends, is what I’d like to call corporate ice-cream conspiracy. I decided we should break in at night and install water-fountains everywhere, to screw up the system.

But The Tempest was really good! Aside from the good acting, costumes, and simple but very effective set, there was the “flying”, and a good deal of “flailing”. I think I left my watch in the theater, though, which would explain why I haven’t seen it since I took it off in the place…I can’t feel too upset, because it was my fault. But nonetheless, I’ll miss that watch. Chicago was ass-cold, by the way. It was snowing while we were up there, and walking from the theater to the bus reminded me very much of January in New York. The drive home was slow and boring, until Jeff and David decided they were going to Taco Bell when they got back, and spent 15 minutes trying to convince me to go with them, thoroughly aggravating Stephen H. in the process (god…I was laughing so hard). I never directly told them “no”, because they would have stopped being complete idiots had I made it clear I had no intentions of going. And I didn’t want to tell Jeff that I couldn’t because I had to go home and be with other people, or watch a drama (both of which I did). I actually really would liked to have gone, but oh well.

So anyway, as soon as I got home, I stuffed some food into my mouth and ran over to Jamie’s, where we watched episodes 9 and 10 of Long Love Letter. Aaaah, episode 9 was so good. But things went way downhill in episode 10. The punkish girl I actually liked was killed by the “betsu no mono” (the other thing), and Yuuka was hurt. And THEN stuff started happening that really got me. It was the end of the episode, and Asami with his kids were running from the green cloud, back in the direction of the school, and Yuuka and the other punk-girl were running out towards them, because I guess they just didn’t want to be seperated, and so they’re like 30 feet apart, and all the sudden there’s this earthquake, and we only see shots of faces, no actual ground covered while this was happening, so I was sitting there saying to Jamie (and myself) “There had better not be this huge crack in the earth seperating them, there’s going to be one, isn’t there…Jamie, isn’t there? Jamie!”, and of course Jamie (who had seen the episode before me) didn’t say anything at all. This made me slightly more hopeful, but then comes the shot of the space between Yuuka and Asami, and THERE WAS A FUCKING CRACK! I was pissed. Extremely pissed, to say the least, and it was the very end of the episode. The promo for the last episode has only filled my head with more anxiety. I’m prepared for the worst, though. In fact, I’m going back at 10, to watch the last episode. !__! And warn Megan/Jamie of the Hagen Daaz conspiracy!


Another Day At The Salt Mines…

Just came home from another grueling pit orchestra rehearsal, which has made me sleepy and sick of people again. It was no better than it was last Wednesday, when I came home upset because people were being asses and talking, even when the orchestra was playing. I even noticed that the people who agreed with me that nothing got done during the rehearsals were talking. So now I just feel falsely consoled. I really feel sorry for the people in the choir who are talented, but hampered by their lacking ability to shut up and get work done. I feel even more sorry for those of them who might want to get things done, but are hampered by those lacking the ability to shut up and get work done. I’m not sure there are any of those, somehow. I also feel pretty bad for the people who miss very obvious cues from the conductor. Lah di dah. What else is new? I’m tired of this subject. And on that note, I give up. I’m just going to have to start ignoring everything but the music in front of me during these rehearsals. It’ll all be over soon enough, I guess.

I had a dream that my parents decided we were moving to Florida. I remember being very upset about this , and somehow making myself older by a year, officially moving me up to a member of the senior class. And it’s weird, because at one point I told myself in the dream “this is so real, there’s no possible way it could be a dream”, and then I woke up shortly thereafter like “what the hell?!“. I think I have a sub-conscious fear of moving, because I’ve had at least five or six dreams that I can recall, in which my parents decide that we move. I think we’ve only actually moved once, in these dreams, to the boondocks of Ohio. I notice that the dreams in which I move to another city, or somebody I’m family/friends with gets killed, I’m always totally convinced that those are real while I’m having the dream, many times saying that it’s “not a dream”, as opposed to the bizarre sci-fi ones in which I know it’s a dream and am convinced that I have to wake up or be stuck in a mental void, or be die, or…whatever. All the other dreams, I don’t know I’m dreaming, but I don’t actually come out and say that I’m sure it’s real.

Whoa-hoa! ElfQuest.com has redone their site entirely. The main page is now sporting an excellent original (ie, book 1) illustration of Cutter. I personally liked the image on the old layout, but I’m not complaining. Apparently, they have a new movie sponsor, meaning the movie might actually happen some day during my life-time. Meaning I’ll go all EQ obsessee again, warning to friends.

Is It Just Me, Or Did They Switch The Music Geek?!

I meant to post this last night, but blogger was unexplainably down:

According to Jamie and Megan, the last tape of Long Love Letter is going to be in their possession by Thursday, and maybe Il Mare. But anyway, this means that on Friday, I’ll be at Jamie and Megan’s house for at very very least, four hours. I’m sort of worried about the ending of LLL, though. If you’ll look at Megan’s blog, you’ll see why. Am I, too, destined to become an ending junkie? I’ll find out, possibly the hard way. I’m not sure Beautiful Life was enough to set me down that path, perhaps it will be with this dorama, too.

A really big congratulations goes out to Jeff, who was accepted to Julliard as #1 trumpet! Horaah! ^^ I now have two friends who will be famous someday, and lend me money and a place to stay when I’m playing my cello on the streets! I love my friends!

I find it odd, that I am of no specific religion, sixteen years old, and I still get an Easter basket. And no it doesn’t bother me, it makes me happy, because I get postcards like that!! *points to above* Also, that postcard was one three non-chocolate things I got. The rest: chocolate. About 60% of what is chocolate is German, which makes things even better. Enough with my Easter basket statistics, allow me to ramble.

Okay, I was supposed to be cleaning my walk-in closet (which I’m hehe, proud to say wasn’t really walk-in until I cleaned it), but was really reading HanaKimi. God, I love this manga, so much. I can’t imagine not having been exposed to it. But anyway, I was reading one of the more erm, intense chapters in which there is much Sano/Mizuki angst, and Nakatsu is trying to be all sly and get the upper hand in his cute way. But it’s obvious that Nakatsu has no chance, and it’s not like I want things to change with the Sano/Mizuki pairing, but I can’t help feeling bad for him, just because he’s Nakatsu and he speaks kansai-ben.

Gah, so yeah, with my new nifty Japanese-English dictionary, I’m going to try and translate “Do You Crash?”, because I think my Japanese is good enough to possibly translate some songs, and I’m just generally curious as to what that song is about. From what I’ve picked up without the aid of dictionaries, I think it’s pretty random. Anyway, FWEEE~~!