"Your Planet Needs To Comb Over It’s Baldspot…"

So yesterday, Renata picked me up around 5, and went to Trina’s house to finish the last fifteen minutes of “The Emperor’s New Groove”. I’ve maybe underestimated Disney, because the little I saw was extremely entertaining. After that, we went to Renata’s house, where we watched Jay&Silent Bob Strike Back and the MST3k movie. Jay&Silent Bob sort of sucked. Renata explained it pretty well. MST3k I love, always, so of course it was good. On this subject, I successfully taped from the Sci-Fi channel yesterday, so I get to start my own archives of MST3k, at least for however long the cable promo lasts. Anyway, yesterday’s episode was “Time Chasers”, which was an ultimately horrible movie. But anyway, I had just told Renata that the title was “Time Chasers”, and the remaining part of the conversation went something like this:

Renata: Oooh! The one with the guy from the Addam’s Family!
Me: What? Who are you talking about?
Renata: The main character! He was Morticia’s husband!
Me: You mean Gomez Addams?
Renata: Yeah!!
Me: No he wasn’t!!
Renata: He was, he was!
Me: Really? The guy who played Gomez Adams really has blonde hair?
Renata: Dude, no, Gommez Addams is the one with black hair!
Me: But…the main character in Time Chasers had blonde hair! What are you talking about?!
Renata: But…Gomez Addams…!
Me: Are we talking about the same movie?!
Renata: Um…apparently not.

Anyway, rambling ends —-> here.

The Resulting Inner Conflicts of Square-Soft RPGs

Uuuh, I have so much Youth Symphony music to practice. I wouldn’t feel so tense about it were it not for the fact that I am now the cellist now, since everyone else has dropped out. I’m going to have to practice more. I’d say that last concert, I knew the music, most definitely, but I didn’t really feel it. As in, even though I knew all of the notes on the page, I still needed cues, and there were definitely a lot of shaky parts between sections because we weren’t 100% solid on our parts. Well, there’s no way we can get away with anything being shaky for the final concert. My goal is to know the score, thoroughly, so I can concentrate on other things besides just notes. >___< Just four years ago, there were at least 12 people in the cello section, and now it's down to two. I don't even know other really good cellists from around central Illinois. Even the IMEA situation for next year seems bleak to me, unless we'll have a ton of new-coming freshman who kick ass. Anyway, after Youth Symphony, Jamie kidnapped me for a bit, and we picked up Megan from work and went to Kinko’s. It was the most pointless trip in the world, but it was still very entertaining to me, personally. I think Jamie just wanted me to go with her so Megan would be less pissy about getting dragged along to Kinko’s. Haha, actually, I know this for a fact because Jamie told me. I’ve been told that I’m good company, too. I’m trying to fight the urge to start a new game of Chrono Trigger. I know it seems stupid to fight it, because CT is the best game, ever, but I know that if I start, I’ll never want to stop. I should probably finish the game of Seiken Densetsu 3 that I swore I’d finish during spring break, but never did. I think I played through the first half of SD3 in about four days, and then just stopped and forgot about it. Actually, I just didn’t feel like having to deal with the God-Beasts, which is all that happens in the second half. I’d say the thing I like least about any rpg with a good story is the ending. I’m not saying these endings are bad, but they leave a lot to be told, and I just don’t deal with extensive plots coming to an end in one battle very well. That might be the real subconscious reason that I’m procrastinating finishing SD3. To be honest, I haven’t fought the final Lavos yet in CT. I don’t have the heart to. I’m determined to one day, but I’m too worked up about one of the possible ten endings, or, eheh, losing. FWEE!!

My Mood Is Like Thin Ice

Well, I don’t think I can really blog happy thoughts right now. I thought things were getting better, but then like two minutes ago there was an onslaught of various stupid stuff that thoroughly pissed me off. LOOK, EVERBODY. ALL MY PREVIOUS POSTS ARE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, SO IT LOOKS LIKE I’M YELLING ALL THE TIME NOW. Grrr.

Anyway, homework sucks and I have a crapload left. I’m just a big frickin pile of complaints right now, but I don’t care. Anybody who actually cares can go fall down the stupid tree and hit all the branches, for all I care, and I’ll still be doing my US Studies homework.

I have to mention to all my friends: I love you, and I don’t know what in the seven hells I’d do without you.

It would appear that YACCS commenting ate itself or something. I’m inserting something simple in case people feel like yelling at me…

Pit Orchestra Purgatory

I just got home from the worst Fiddler pit orchestra rehearsal ever. In an hour and a half, we ran through three numbers in their entirety. The only even slightly entertaining thing that happened was that Tim H. accidentally flung a pencil at me, and hit the cello I was playing. It was only a school cello, so I started laughing really hard, just because of how much he apologized about it…But aside from that, GAH! The meek part of me would feel bad for blaming the chorus for how horribly it went, but the frustrated part of me just wants to blame them as much as I have to in order to clear my mind. It’s not that they couldn’t sing, oh no, they sound wonderful, but when they’re not singing, they WON’T SHUT UP! I’ve always had problems with noise, I don’t know whether I just like quiet, or what. We had to stop frequently because of glitches with vamps, lines, whatever, and whenever we would, there’d immediately be this chatter, that totally blankets everything Ms Ehrlich says, and causes her to knock up the volume to a sort of ear-ringing point. At least for me, being directly in front of her. Yeah, Ms. Ehrlich didn’t exactly help, since she didn’t seem to notice that everybody was giggling and chattering, and I guess assumes that people can hear what she’s saying through the noise. She becomes easily exasperated both in conducting and speech a lot of the time anyway, so it’s really hard to deal things going on without the noise. I just…I just like getting things accomplished, working thoroughly and sounding GOOD. We don’t sound good right now. The fact is, the pit hasn’t run through half of the music in the entire musical, in addition to not sounding good, and the choir doesn’t follow us too well, since we still don’t know exactly what we’re doing. I feel like I’m wasting my time. Like I feel useless, in fact. Let’s put it this way, it’s that kind of rehearsal which discourages me from wanting to do anything.

Guess who else is going to be kicked out of Youth Symphony? Emily. I don’t blame her, because it’s another scholarship program thing, and she’s just busy in general. But that leaves me almost entirely alone. Well, not entirely. Jeff is still there. It’s sort of hard to allow yourself to get kicked out when you’ve won the senior-solo competition. God, I want to get out of school right now. I just feel like there’s no direction in my days, like I’m just endlessly living through copies of the same day.

My comments appear to have deleted themselves. I find this very interesting, considering I haven’t changed anything in my template for two days. Oh hell, I don’t really have the heart to complain about anything else right now. I’m going to go and start my hellish amounts of homework.

Of Souls and Junior High School (Hell)–Strikingly Similar to Recent Discussions in My Eng Lit Class

Dammit! What was I going to say?! Well, note to self: take theory book to school or Corpus will have you soul. Wow, I hear the greatest stories from the U High music faculty on trips. Mrs. Corpus says if she ever has a boy, she’ll name him “Habeus”. Frankly, I can’t see any of the music faculty have kids. But then, I forget that Ms. Ehrlich already has two. One of whom was my best friend from the ages of 6-11. That’s weird, now. I can’t remember why we aren’t really friends now. Possibly just the growing of age and junior high school chewing up my soul and spitting it out in the dirt for me to claim, maybe two years later. Somebody told me that I’d have turned out a lot different had I gone to Metcalf (Uhigh’s K-8 counterpart) for junior high, and I think my response to that was “What, less traumatized from fake meat and kids who like to poke fun at the unpopular?”. Admittedly, all the horror stories I picked up are now great ways to entertain people when I’m out of stuff to say. Anyway, I’ve forgotten a lot of junior high, just because I have this belief that the mind blocks out painful memories. At least P.E. kicked my ass several times (in a good way) during that period of time. Freshman wellness destroyed me thereafter, though, what with all the sitting in a room. So I feel like that was a wasted two years, anyway.

One more thing to mention: obnoxious people bother me endlessly.

You Can’t Spell Failure Without "U-R-A"

I think school is going to make zombies out of myself and several of my friends. Things are getting to be so incredibly sucky at this point. Not only am I getting more homework than usual, but standardized tests start in like two weeks. I really wish I were good enough at test-taking that I could get away just taking the Prarie State exam, because then I wouldn’t end up taking the ACT a million times. And SAT didn’t occur to me until now, either. Hopefully I will do not horribly the first time around. Oh well. At least I can revert to playing cello on the streets of Europe, if all else fails. I don’t know, should I really worry that much? I may not be in the most interesting of classes this year, but I’m getting straight A’s. That means I’m understanding SOMETHING, even if it’s not AP materiel. I guess I’m really into understanding English Literature and Japanese, which are both worthy subjects. Hm, I’m theorizing that the less I contemplate this stuff, the better off I’ll be.

My shout out to Rachel, who needs to start a blog of her own, or stop leaving comments that confuse me to death. It took me a while to figure out exactly who had left those, even though I should have figured it out immediately when Normal, IL was referenced.

*goes to scrounge up food*

currently listening to: rem – half a world away (MTV unplugged)
currently eating: ovaltine bar (all the way from Austria)

Ovaltine bar. Thought you’d never see the day? *snort of laughter* Thought you’d never start to care? Heck, most people I know don’t even like Ovaltine. Well, if you are one of the people who happens to like it, you’d love this. It’s like a condensed bar-form of ovaltine covered in milk chocolate. It’s really good, if you can stand that much at a time. I can’t even tell that the milk chocolate is there. Imagine you’re eating great big spoon-fulls of the dry form. Well, that’s the Ovaltine Bar for you. Mm Mm enjoy.

Haha, guess who’s going to PROM?! Me. I’m so thoroughly amused by this. Jeff casually asked me to go with him today. We’re only going as friends, obviously. I have no interest in finding a DATE date. And besides this, he has a girlfriend on the West Coast, and is actually flying out to San Fransisco to go to her prom, later. But I guess he felt the need to come to U-High’s anyway, so I was the lucky one he asked to accompany him. I figured I might as well just agree and have done with it, because it’s not like anybody else is gonna be asking me anytime soon, anyway. And if it weren’t for somebody asking me in the first place, I never would have even thought of it. I guess I’m anti-social enough that it just never occurs to my brain that I could possibly go without somebody talking me into it first. I’m determined to spend as little money on this as possible, because I’m cheap, lazy, and hate formal preparation. In fact already know what I’m going to wear (thank god for my sister’s closet). Blah, the only downside to this is that both of us (Emily, too) have a Youth Symphony concert the next day. I’m guessing I’ll be relatively okay for it, though. I can deal with particular nights of no sleep. It’s just when I go like entire weeks without much sleep that I go insane.

So, I watched episodes “7 and 8” of Long Love Letter again last night. I don’t want to say that the episodes improve as they go, but I sort of have to. The story-line is formed sort of intricately, so it ensnared me almost immediately, and proceeds to ensnare me the more I watch into it. ;;_;; It’s really sad that Ikegaki dies. It made everybody cry, and I DO mean everybody (including the men). Honestly, it’s safe to say I’m amazed by the actual group of students. So far, they’ve managed to produce electricity through use of bicycles, perform a minor surgery on a dying teacher, and build a bomb. The promo for episode nine just about killed me, it looks so good. In fact, I need to return that tape sometime soon.

*kicks self off of computer*

current listening: shiina ringo – rinne highlight

Okay, so because of this Japanese iTunes thing, I was searching for a Shiina Ringo discography which included the kanji of the song titles/singles so I could insert the proper characters myself. So, if you search google for Shiina Ringo, all you get is her English site (no Japanese characters whatsoever. Everything which is is a part of the Japanese language is romanized), which has no link, or easy way to the main Japanese page. So, I used googles language setting, which allows one to search through pages which are ONLY japanese. Bingo, I found the main page. All I have to say about this main page is: SO EFFING COOL! Seriously, everything is like a movie format thing, which doesn’t take all too long to load. And it’s just so well set up. Seriously, if you can read/understand a slight bit of japanese, and take interest in Shiina Ringo, go here! Unfortunately, I think the one person who fits into that category that I know would be Mai, and how, or why she would ever find my blog is totally beyond me.

From what I’ve gathered from the site, I think (I use this word carefully) that Ringo’s going to be releasing something. And, from having browsed under a page in her site labeled “karaohke”, I’m under the impression that it could be a cover album, which is just as good, if not better than something original. However, it’s also quite possible that it could just be a list of songs she likes to cover in karaohke -_- I have no idea. But then again, there was this flashing TV image saying something about a release on May 27th, and I did happen to hear a minute of a song I’ve never heard before, called “Georgy Porgy”. If it had been released (especially officially, this was her official website, and I caught something about this being on sale) I would have known already *points to self as a BP/Ringo obsessee to the core*

There have been more changes. I regret to say that Blogger templates don’t float my boat, not even this one, so this is probably just a temporary thing until I figure out how blogskins REALLY works *frowl*

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Um…so I changed some stuff. I got a new comments host (because the layout of the old comment box was entirely too gross). I changed my template, most obviously of all. I have no idea why the old one was grating on my nerves so much, every time I brought up the page. I tried to get a template from “blogskins”, but that didn’t work, somehow. So, I figured I’d go with something green that just screams “Talia was here”. I mean, that’s the green talking. Anyway, in the next couple days, I’ll figure out where to put links, how to possibly maybe get another fake archive link up (it appeased me more than no archives/no archive link).

I downloaded the Japanese version of iTunes, which froze my computer the first time I tried to use it, but is now running smoothly and allowing me to type in Japanese characters (the whole point of my downloading the japanese version). I was getting sick of having to romanize the titles of japanese songs/artists, or deal with unreadable jcodes. And then there’s this feature with the Japanese version that doesn’t apply to the older, american one, in which you put a given CD into your computer, and it goes to some database (I don’t know what the thing is called, I get all these bizarre pop-ups in Japanese now, and obviously don’t understand them all) and looks up the artist, album, and tracks and inserts them for you. What I find amazing about this is that it does it for burnt CDs. Now, if they’re working off of the actual track materiel or length of tracks/album time, I guess I’m less shocked. But still, this left me irked. I inserted probably all of my Japanese CDs, I was in such awe of this thing at the time.

La la la, posting to see what happens…

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I understand allergies, I do, but why cats, why cats?! I love cats, all of them, everything about their personalities and their physical characteristics (well…almost all cats…there was this one on the farm in which I was a working student that would jump from the ground to my shoulders, using my back as an in-between with it’s claws. I HATED that cat). I got really unlucky with two things I love…cats and chocolate. It’s not even all the time that my allergies get the better of me. I think because I’m still in the midst of the virus from hell, I’m more reactant…unfortunately. Oh, and chocolate? Keh, I still eat it. It’s just a throat-irritating thing, so I can’t eat huge portions at a time. Damn you, genetics. Thanks Mom.

I just saw “Long Loveletter” episodes 7 and 8, and I am now so ready for the rest of it, right now. I came across the realization that this is the first drama I’ve watched as it has come out in Japan, episode by episode. All the others have been pirated copies, all 11 episodes together, so I haven’t had any trying periods of time to wait. Akemiya should get the next tape two weeks from yesterday, which is the same time that Jamie and Megan have estimated that their friend is going to have sent them the remaining three episodes. I can’t wait.

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Wow, all of the sudden, people are linking my blog right and left! Well okay, two people, but I consider that to be quite a majority. Haha, it’s too bad that nobody can seem to get the exact title right, though. Kellie put me as “Melody of Certain Time”, which is not the title, and I think megan got me as “A melody of certain three”, which is close, but no cigar (btw, if you’re Kellie and Megan, you don’t have to change the links. I’m actually amused). I’m such a jerk.

Well, what a pointless entry this has been. I suppose it’s late and I have to figure out how to work Algebra before my quiz tomorrow.

current music: the pixies – digging for fire

Nnnnnn…my stomach chose the wrong time to be hungry. I just came from a dentist appointment, and the flouride treatment prevents me from eating for a while. Well, I’m effing STARVING. At least I didn’t get the lady who apparently has the secret map to the most sensitive areas in the mouth of the human being. God, she’s made me bleed before. Whoever it was that did my teeth today went pretty gently on me. She did poke me once or twice, but I generally prefer poking to gouging. So all’s well. Actually, I was sort of hoping that I’d get the evil lady, so I could spread my virus to her. Haha, I decided to try and take the “nice route” home, but it turned out to be the most horrible and obscure route in all of the B-N. I encountered the two worst intersections, after illegally making it through one incredibly confusing one. Let’s hear it for being licensed three weeks ago!

I must have had the 36-hour virus of doom, I feel just fine now. My throat was really swollen this morning, but by about 1 in the afternoon, it was normal. My head was the slightest bit stuffy after that, but by now, that’s gone, too. It’s like the thing migrated to different parts of my body, and wore itself out traveling. First my lower body hurt like bloody hell, and then my chest was hurting and breathing was a problem, and then I had a major headache, and then the throat and slight head thing. I’m just fine now. In fact, I was *”genki” today. Even, **”chou genki”.

God, I love soccer. At least in my PE class. It’s so violent, but in a funny way. I laugh continuously when the guys get hurt. It’s horrible of me, but I can’t help it. Unless it’s a serious incident, I can’t stop myself. It’s really dangerous, playing with all those freaking power-houses in my Personal Fitness class, but I guess I’ve gotten used to it, and am good enough at dodging the ball, especially when it’s harmless and my time to kick it -___- Haha, I used to be so afraid of Rob when he joined our class, but all’s well now. Rob and Andrew are like…the antithesis of each other in soccer. It’s entertaining. Oh, Rob, if you read this, HI! ^________^

*genki is literally “energy”, so it means energetic, or happy, even a combination of both.

**chou is a prefix, meaning super, ultra, hyper. Get my gist of “chou genki”? =D

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Ah, I’m so relieved that my parents are home. It was really pleasant without them, but especially when I have school, it’s nice to have other people around me so I have more motivation to do things (actually, it’s not keeping me motivated so much as keeping me from being horribly lazy, and my parents sort of spur me into doing things I’d be likely to procrastinate to a troublesome point if they weren’t home). Anyway, they brought home all kinds of cool crap for me and the rest of the world. I got two really awesome shirts, a bumper sticker for my cello (Union-Chor HORAAH), and a lot of delicious food things. The only real points of displeasure that have been noted was the smoking and the pick-pocketing. I guess Europe is just as bad as Japan (if not worse, I heard that there was smoking during their concerts) with the smoking, so it’s sort of a lose-lose situation for my family. My mom was pick-pocketed in Budapest, which sucks. I guess she only lost a hundred or so dollars, her license, plus all of her credit cards.

So, I am indeed sick. I went running on Sunday, so I expected to be sort of achy on Monday, but it was a lot worse than it should have been. Combined with the two hours sleep on Sunday night, it made me feel sick enough. But by about 4pm, I was feeling horribly bad, headache, chills. Thank god I only make three left turns from school to get to my house, because when I checked my temperature as soon as I got home, it was about 101.5. In the next hour, that increased to almost 103. All of this combined with the fact that I had no idea when my parents were going to be home made me want to cry. Also, I think I’m a hypochondriac of sorts, because I was asking my self all sorts of things, like “Is it possible to get pneumonia within 24 hours from going running in 45 degree weather?!”. In a half-conscious sort of state, I crawled up on the couch and started watching something on the discovery channel (I had NO idea where the remote was, and I was not getting up to find it once the TV was on) about poisonous animals/symptoms and stories of close shaves with them, and THEN I started wonder if I’d had any close encounters with any brown recluse spiders, explaining the sudden fever. I was especially upset/paranoid because I haven’t been this sick since eigth grade or so. I didn’t get much sleep last night, either, because my body was so stiff. I woke up around 5am, and went downstairs at 5:30 to find both my parents totally awake (let’s hear it for jet lag) and preparing for their classes. I spent all day either half-sleeping or reading HanaKimi.

Whoa, my parents are totally wiped out right now. I don’t blame them at all. I think they need an actual spring break at home to recover. Wah, I’d like another spring break, too. Man, I love HanaKimi. I’m going to go and read more of it before I do the homework from last night I didn’t do (eheh heh).

I’m thoroughly confused as to whether I should continue to use Netscape Navigator for posting, because it delays like a day to post whatever I’ve added. I guess looks can be deceiving. Because all’s fair in love and war…and web browsers…

One point of yesterday that I forgot to mention, I was about ready to plop myself down in front of the telly to drama-fy myself oh say around 11pm, and the phone rings. I totally assumed it was my sister, but guess who it actually was? Emily. She was at NCHS, having watched her brother perform in some talent show, and wanted to disturb the peace of my neighborhood by causing a scene. No, actually, she just wanted to come over and hang out until midnight. So that we did, me getting a couple great Washington DC stories.

The only point of this entry was to test the IE vs Netscape posting thing. I’m fed up with the quality of the actual writing, so I’ll likely delete this entry. God, my entries have been horrible. I might delete a few, for my own sanity, because I occasionally read old entries, and generally marvel at how much they suck. If I can eliminate a portion of sucky ones now, I’ll be much more entertained later.

current music: Hisaishi Jou – Tonari no Totoro (moonlight flight)

Aaaahaha, I went to see LoTR for the second time today. I love everything about that movie except for maybe the music. What was entertaining was the kid sitting behind us. At the very beginning of the movie when Gandalf first appeared, this kid was like “Ooh, is that a Wizard? Like Harry Potter?” and Renata and I sniggered continuously. It was even better when Aragon and Arwen were standing out on the bridge, reminiscing, and then she hands Aragon her pendant and says she’ll take the mortal life, and then they kiss. Right after this, the kid is like “Oh, they’re married now! They got married!”. But later it got sort of annoying, because people were getting hurt and stabbed all over the place, and I’d randomly hear from behind us “Is that the bad guy?” or “Is he dead?”, and of course the parents weren’t paying the slightest big of attention to this kid.

I’m in no way ready to go back to school. I need another three days at least. That’s some pretty heavy wishing on my part. I’m actually going to be feeling really sorry for the people who had sports practices, other big things going on…whoa, wait, who am I kidding. The people who do sports shouldn’t complain unless they’re involved against their will. The people who had obscene amounts of work to do, I will feel sorry for. I’ve done nothing in the past week. I’ve practiced less than I should have. I’ve been sitting around reading, watching drama and playing stupid SNES games. I at least wanted to get out and go running. In fact, I’m planning on going out running in another hour. So all’s well.

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Well, I’m very pleased to say that my blog is now sporting a working archive link! Ha-ha! Eat it, Blogger template. Man, I refuse to even tell people what the problem was. I knew it would be idiotic from the very beginning.

Anyway, I’m not all that pleased with the fact that I deleted a really long and entertaining entry before I got a chance to post it. It was basically the summary of my eating dinner at the my teacher’s house. It was really no big deal (although it had it’s amusing moments, but I already told the other person who would be in any way amused by it). In any case, I’m not anywhere near as full of entertaining things to say as I would have hoped.

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WAhaa…today *looks at clock* er…yesterday was peachy. Renata came over and we watched Help and A Hard Days Night, the best of the Beatles movies. I’ll have to give my spiel on the Beatles sometime, because it’s neverending. Their music is some of the basis for the other stuff I like. Well, mostly. I think I just generally had a handful of really weird music in my childhood to influence me in my current weird tastes.

So, youth symphony was eventful. I found out that Andrew’s missed too many rehearsals, and is going to be kicked out (more than likely). We both played an ISU concert on Valentines Day, and missed rehearsal then. And for the past two weeks, he’s been in … Puerto Rico. It’s a bummer that we won’t be constant stand-partners anymore. I’m going to miss him.

I feel so incoherent and tired. I shouldn’t write when I’m like this. I think I’ll go chain myself to “Subtle Knife” before I lose consciousness for the night.

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0_________0 I’m going nuts trying to get into the blogger discussion forum, mainly because Internet Explorer is being an ASS MUNCH (pardon the ehe term). I mean, what with the error quitting every time I so much as type in “blogger.com”. Anyway, I’m using Netscape, which is so much different from the current mac version of IE. I generally prefer IE because it’s slightly faster and more Mac OSX-esque (*kicks OS 9*), but it’s always a big shock to me to see how like…compact and efficient-looking netscape is. It’s kind of like the “ooooh, shiny” reaction, but in the ways of web-browsers. Admittedly, IE is frequently a big pain in the you know what, and I sort of like the blog edit windows in Netscape better. Hmmm.

So, I finished Bokura no Yuuki. It was SO good. I love buddy stories. That’s part of the reason why I’m such a big Harry Potter obsessee. I just love the whole “working together to destroy evil and/or government” thing. I guess I’m ready to admit to being a sucker for that sort of thing. That’s also why some “kids” stories are appealing. I still like the extensive sci-fi books, such as Wheel of Time, but it’s really nice to have a more light-hearted option for those times when I’m not feeling so “hey-ho, we have a really extensive plot to cover, it’s bound to be pretty serious, and take up four or more books”. Trilogy’s are perfect *hugs His Dark Materiels*.

Oh, god I can’t WAIT for more of Long Love Letter to show up at Akemiya. This is the perfect drama for non-drama fans, I think. It’s tendencies are more those of sci-fi, but it has all the other elements of a family/love story, too. Not to mention the choice of actors. Tokiwa Takako has my vote. So does Kubozuka Yousuke. Really, it would be so much more fun if ALL of my friends and acquaintances knew basic japanese. It’s so hard to share the language quirks and cute oddities that make things unique, entertaining. Most of the things I find entertaining, a lot of people might find difficult to grasp, not just because of the language barrier, but the cultural barrier, also. Ha, I’m not saying that people need to learn japanese at my whim (although dammit maybe they should), I’m just….complaining that it’s boring this way. In any case, I shouldn’t continuously complain about my having worked at being knowledgeable of a language that most are…eheh, not (boo, Latin/Germanic based languages!).

We don’t need no education.

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Humph, cello lessons. I had one today, and I’m scheduled again for Saturday. Saturday as in three whole days away from now.

I have this obscenely large craving for Japanese food right now. For the past three days, in fact. I’m going to see if there’s any random meat I could cook to go with rice. We have instant udon in our fridge, anyway *drooools, udon*. This may sound stupid, but I love the boxed food that you can buy at Mitsuwa, like gyuudon. GYUU-DON. Hmm, I’ve never had mochi. Heck, I’d like to. If I can find instructions for making it (or just prepackaged stuff), that would be awesome.

Hmm…I guess I’ll save my Bokura no Yuuki obsession for later, when I’ve finished it.

I just spent 15 minutes on an entry which deleted itself. Just…um…for your information (“you” really being “me”, as I shouldn’t dare to hope somebody else besides myself reads this *sob*).

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I’ve been trying to change my template for a good portion of the day, but I’m getting crap from blogger and my computer, and other things. I hate computer frustration. I’ve made note that I swear the most when I’m at the computer. Okay, fine, probably more when I randomly drop things.

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Bah, it’s too early. I really should still be asleep in the deep, but I had such freaking weird dreams all night, sleeping more would have probably resulted in more freaking weird dreams.. Anyway, this isn’t an entry. Just a statement of how I’m changing the format to show thirty days of my latest post, instead of 7 days current post, which I guess is the next best thing to actual archives. Who will want to read old stuff, anyway? *whines*

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I don’t get it. I seriously do not understand why blogger logs me out every twenty minutes, whether or not I click “remember user”. I wouldn’t be complaining if I hadn’t just lost a decent entry, THANK you very much. Anyway, I think the first part went something like this: Akemiya tried to con me into working for them once again. It wasn’t Mike this time, though, it was the younger employee who tried to talk me into it. Unlike Mike, she seemed more interested in me personally, rather than as a prospective employee. But let me tell you, unless I am in the utmost need, there is NO way. I thought it was funny when one of my Japanese class-mates got up in front of the class and announced that “Akemiya needed a waitress badly, the pay is good, and you’d gain experience in japanese”. Oh, entertainment.

Anyway, I rented Long Love Letter eps 5 and 6. Oooh, the cute-ness is overcoming. Let me say, I totally love Kubozuka Yousuke. I’m pretty fond of Tokiwa Takako, too. She’s just good. Hopefully this will be a drama in which she’ll end up fully functional in the end. And my last comment on this drama is that Yamappi is GROSS!

Gah…I don’t think anybody actually reads this blog. It makes me sad. Oh well, I guess I can only keep on plugging away, and eventually somebody might take interest. GANBARE!